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Despite Gunplay spewing what could be considered obnoxious to impatient listeners, there remains an engaging quality to his craft.

Similar to the trajectory of 2 Chainz starting with Playaz Circle, Gunplay bided his time as a member of Rick Ross' passion project Triple C's before unleashing his ongoing wrath on Rap. Now amongst Def Jam's next crop of hopeful breakout sensations, the Maybach Music Group affiliate has become a walking controversy as of late. With last year's "Rollin'" and the more current "Cartoons & Cereal" with Kendrick Lamar beginning to put him on the map, a shameless public cocaine habit and recent bizarre explanation behind a swastika tattoo ("Mass murdering the bullshit") greatly factor into the present attention fixed on him. 601 & Snort is Gunplay's latest mixtape, steadily building anticipation for his debut album Medellín.

601 & Snort is short but sweet, largely comprised of "freestyles" (likely written over popular instrumentals) finding Gunplay fearless in living up to the wild reputation he has built. Though reliant on shock and awe tactics with a voice louder than his already noisy South Florida neighbor Plies, there is an undeniable charm and strength within his deranged delivery. Screaming about violence, hard drug usage and general dysfunction, he breathes refreshed life into Dr. Dre's classic "Deep Cover" with his "187 Freestyle," and also revives "Guillotine Swords" and "Criminology" from Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album (which seems to have impacted his character to date). Showing appreciation for his state's musical legacy, the remake of Trick Daddy's hit "(Nann) Nigga" gives new light to almost forgotten Trina while Future's "Same Damn Time (Remix)" shows Gunplay's range isn't just limited to the past.

In a game built off of personality, Gunplay is poised to make a statement in a manner that few prior have as his unexpectedly captivating energy separates him from the pack. Despite spewing regressive banter that could be considered obnoxious to impatient listeners, there remains an engaging superstar quality to his craft. Over the top lyrics and clever marketing (as the artwork for 601 & Snort remodels the logo of BET's weekday countdown) make for appeal and entertainment value that is complemented by Gunplay's brash presence, leaving one fascinated and puzzled as to whether this routine is performance art or truly troubling debauchery.

DX Consensus: "Just a Mixtape"

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  • Jon

    Gunplay went in. Most of da tracks are freestyles. He was going ham! Then the songs that aren't freestyles are pretty good. REal niggas iight. The last track is my fav. He went in. You can only understand if you know bout that life. Shit aint for everyone. Im excited to see whats next from him.

  • OUCH!

    My don says we gone be rich one day. Lay it down. don't say a sound, gunplay!

  • Lowdown

    If gangster rap aint ur taste don't fuck wit it period. Been waitin on dis one 4 a minute now.... Can't say I'm disappointed at all. Bible on da dash was sumthin serious. His delivery is crazy as hell. The guy definitely got words... All u gotta do is give ur ear up for a minute

  • The Cosigner

    More like a 3.5 or maybe four, but a five to balance the bullshit. Like the one guy said, he ain't Black Thought, but this dude is snappin. Rather listen to him than to any of his "labelmates"

  • TigerPawRaw

    If you're into Gangster Rap, this shit is for you. Obviously, if that type of music doesn't appeal to you, you probably shouldn't have downloaded a mixtape playing off of 106 and Park by referencing cocaine, by a guy named "GUNPLAY". Seriously, grow a pair. Personally, I'd never been that impressed by him, but when I heard him on "Cartoons and Cereal", something about his verse had me taking notice. This mixtape did for me what it was supposed to do. I wasn't expecting the hip hop version of "OK Computer" or some shit. Dope shit to gutter beats.

  • Anonymous

    Richard needs to stop making music and become a comedian

  • Rob Del Medico

    it's amazing how out of touch with rap half of the commenters are. as if soft serve, backpacking crap (which admittedly, I like too) is the only 'real' hip hop. Drug talk bother you? Gangsta rap was largely responsible for hip-hops ascendence in the 80s. Half of rap fans today are hella revisionist. Gunplay's Bogota Rich is one of the best mixtapes I've heard all year. only asher1985 seems to have much of a clue in this comments section.

  • asher1985

    this was one of the better written reviews I've seen on this site. i know gunplay is capable of much better than this. his inglorious bastards mixtape is the one i would recommend if you are new to him, or the triple c's album, which to me is highly underrated. nevertheless i think he was just messing around on this mixtape, when his album comes out i have no doubt it will be outstanding

    • Robert Del Medico

      go listen to your backpacker rap about aliens and airplanes, then. If you don't think Gunplay can rap, then maybe you're listening to the wrong genre. Whether or not you like his topic or subject matter is irrelevant. The dude isn't Black Thought but he is sick.

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay is sick man

  • bizzalls

    601 and SNORT? Really Funplay? Fuckin crackhead with the worst voice on this planet.

  • hip hopper

    Dude defiled some Raekwon classics. Like one or songs I could relisten to. Disappointed. Back to the Joey BadA$$ 1999 and Rejex mix tapes.

  • boy'o boy

    There is not really much to gain from this mixtape. If you are a fiend of rap and constantly search for that new shit, I guess it's cool to give it a go, but you need more then some freestyles over old beats that were killed way harder to get my attention. The affiliation with Rick Ross doesnt help with the credibility much either, along with all that drug talk ... I cannot relate.

  • ...

    Reviewer is spot on, unlike a lot of HipHopDX reviews lately.