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Blu and Exile are without doubt a couple of super-talented Rap chaps, but they need to step out of their snug comfort zone.

One balmy afternoon back in the mid-to-late-'90s, Q-Tip likely lost a beat tape he was hawking around. This probably happened while he was on his way over to his new pal Jay Dee's house, wherein the two would sit around, sip chamomile tea and grumble about Phife's contribution to A Tribe Called Quest's faltering output. Tip and Dilla would do this while listening to a soundtrack of their own making: clipped beats, noodling jazz-style piano lines, and a vibe you might kindly call "coffee-shop-nausea." Somewhere along the line though, it seems that this mythical beat tape fell into the hands of Blu and Exile, who've used that formula to cut an album more likely to cause narcoleptic head nodding with lofty hopes of cerebral introspection.

Opener, "A Letter," sets the tone of Give Me Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them - or G.M.F.W.I.C.S.S.T. as the hip kids on the message boards are most definitely calling it - and it's one the 17-track project never recovers from. The listening experience is laid back and cosy, but it never sparks into life like the greater whole of the "experimental" Hip Hop catalog Blu has provided in recent years. By the time you've hit "Ease Your Mind" (another mid-tempo, broadly jazzy production) and "Maybe One Day" (yup, another dose of Blu's daily witticisms about the evils of money), the only expectation drummed up is that somewhere, at some point in the album, something ear-rattling surely must happen. But it doesn't. Instead, the songs are content to meander on, unaware of the peaks and valleys that imbue an album with its momentum.

As the closing track, "Cent From Heaven," winds up, you're left with the impression that Blu and Exile have largely spent the recording process treading water. For the Blu and Exile aficionado, this is all both expected and welcomed. However, for the occasional ambient Rap fan, there's nothing to startle about the music or the lyrics and there's little that isn't coated with a whiff of having heard it all before. Blu and Exile are without doubt a couple of super-talented Rap chaps, but they need to step out of their snug comfort zone - and sharply.



  • mike

    your comments imply that an album has a stencil to follow, that a formula must be for a hip hop album . Blu and Exile of Emanon both have plenty of other projects and they all vary. This was their 2nd collaboration and they carried on the atmosphere of their 1st , maybe due to it's success... but the point is as a review... all i need to say is don't expect anything just listen to it.. it's different, yet your ears seem quite accustomed to it fast. dope.

  • triller

    Killed it, back to his '07 form. Mans been missing and he's back, but clearly his talents haven't changed.


    Dope lyrics and smooth beats. ill album, can never go wrong with blu and exile.

  • hustlah

    un magnifique album je le recommande. Des beats gnreux et trs travaills. je ne comprend pas pourquoi vous dtes des artistes paresseux. cet album est tellement bon que je met 5 toiles et je l'ai achet en 12 inch

  • acchaia

    Very well written article!

  • marquis

    he gives me insperation

  • Joe

    Very fair review, I agree.

  • itdontmatter

    @Phillip Your "opinion" is unqualified to review hip hop music, based on this review. This is as PURE and original as hip hop gets in '12. Something "ear-rattling" doesn't NEED to happen.

  • Ryan

    Easily a 5 in my book. Just more tracks that I can kick back and vibe to. Not to mention it has keeps the jazzy roots intact with Blu's weavable flow.

  • Phillip Mlynar

    You guys do understand that this is just my opinion, right?

  • itdontmatter

    I'm SOOOOO pleased that people are so upset over this review. I never write on these walls and rarely read them. Yet after reading this I was appauled and had to check if anyone felt the same way. I just a few days ago bbm'd my crew and said to check this album, cause it could be a certified classic. Get the fuck outta here with these reviews. Lupe and Blu & Exile both made exactly what their fans were waiting for and delivered great albums. 4.5 to 5 for both. Nothing less.

  • mikie

    This reviewer is wack and doesnt know shit about hip hop or life... Blu paints pictures of past love he wishes he could return too in which I know some of us can relate and are going through that know. Respect to blu and exile still making music for the soul.

  • abe

    Hip-hop cannot be judged by those who don't understand it.

  • jtruth

    I find it ironic that the reviewer criticizes this album for being lazy and unimaginative. The record was strewn together in '09 using some old material that wasn't initially intended as a major release. Blu and Exile have each done much more experimental work since then-- Blu's "No York" was viewed as a polarizing album because of its departure from his jazz-inflected styles while Exile's "Radio" relied heavily on vocals sampled from the archives of dusty LA radio stations. The existence of these records (since '09 and '11) make the reviewer's charge to "step out of their comfort zone" laughably ill-informed. Overall, it's clear the the one one guilty of laziness is the reviewer.

  • Jihod

    almost 30 days later and this review still annoys me. Reviewer needs to be vincent Van Googhed!

  • thatswhathappens

    They can keep blocking it as "spam" or "offensive content", but I'll keep posting it. "Instrumental Hip Hop Sucks, Ban it Forever" By Phillip Mlynar

  • rain81

    Thank you BLU and LUPE for ALBUMS OF THE YEAR!

  • bkue boy band

    why he only got 3?? should be 2

  • thatswhathappens by Phillip Mlynar

  • Anonymous

    Ok I just read Phillip (I'm a fucking retard) Mlynar article about how he hates hip-hop instrumentals and how he feels like they are boring. This dumbass used Jay-Dilla, MF Doom and RJD2 as examples. Really Phil? Doom's "Special Herbs" projects are what made him popular you Weezy dick rider. It's not your fault I blame hip-hop DX for giving you the opportunity to review such a great album. Obviously your deaf, dumb, and wouldn't recognize hip hop if Pete Rock was mixing right next to your bitch ass.

    • Jade

      So I read the article in question to see what the big deal is about and as a female backpacker that article discredits anything this bitch nigga (Phillip) reviews in the future. Youz a clown for even bad mouthing instrumentals when that's the jazz of hip-hop. What are samples mother fucker? Instrumentals!!!! You are a journalist wanna be like NFL replacement officials, suck a dick Phillip foreal.

    • butternut squash

      right? now just wait, your comment is gonna be taken down soon because you referenced that article. when it's one of the first things you see when you look up Philip Mlynar, it might be time to give up hip-hop journalism. your reputation is already tarnished.


    bm cgmbm cbgcccfnk kkk

  • thatswhathappens By Philip Mlynar


    Great album, I really enjoy it.

  • Nathan

    Blu has stepped out of his comfort zone - with NoYork - a dope album yet most people hated it. Warner didn't even release it. Flowers is dope and caters to Blue & Exile's niche. The experimental shit is great but doesn't benefit them in any profitable sense and people seem to hate it.

  • Steve

    I read reviews on HipHopDX all the time. ALL the time. I have never been moved to comment on a review, I figure it's pointless and even if a reviewer sees a record differently than I do, I can suck it up and move on. This review is TERRIBLE. I understand where the anti-backpacker-yet-too-cool-to-be-mainstream writer is coming from, but he does not understand where the artist is coming from. For several years after Below The Heavens, a holy grail for us "hip kids on the message boards" (Fuck You.), was released, Blu was stuck between the criticism of soulful rap fans begging for another BTH and his own personal drive to create something different. This spawned his new-wave/electro shit NoYork, a collab effort with Mainframe, etc. etc. That being said, don't be mad at him for returning to his roots with Exile and giving all those soulful fans EXACTLY what they had been asking for. This is as close as he has come to another BTH, so I'm really not surprised that HipHopDX lets some fed-up, pretentious chump write a review for it. The funny thing is, this dude is probably crying "Where did real hip-hop go?" while he writes this. And if you're going to shit on the album for 3 paragraphs, don't pull out at the end and give it 3/5, be a man about it if you really didn't like it. This is what I don't understand about rap reviews: if we wanted one opinion on it, we would ask a friend or just check out the record; the main goal of a reviewer should be to open up the listener's ears to something new, allow them to get a sense of the artist and music, and take something away from the review other than a measly score.

  • nanofcb

    this album is great, can't understand why this got a 3, FFS

  • jack johnson

    The more I listen to this album and enjoy it, the more I realize how horrible and off this review really is. I mean even the way he starts it off with the Q-Tip stuff is just so unprofessional I looked up the name of the reviewer, and every single review he's ever done has been negative, the guy is more into his own ego and writing than he is into the actual music. HipHopDX made a mistake by letting this douchebag do a review for them, next time get someone who actually likes music to review an album, not some cynical douchebag who just wants to crap on every song he ever hears in order to sound smart

    • thatswhathappens

      the last two posts of mine have been about his article "Instrumental HipHop Sucks, Ban It Forever", and they've both been taken down as offensive. that's not offending anyone but him, but whatever, this site is going downhill anyways, has been for a while.

  • thatswhathappens

    Here's a story in the SFWeekly blog by the author, Philip Mlynar, titled "Instrumental Hip-Hop Sucks. Ban It Forever." Why would HHDX let someone who is obviously not a fan of instrumental hip-hop review an album by a duo revered by many because of their beats?

  • Anonymous

    Blu has been pretty average the last year or so, 3 is fair for this project, it sounds ok but absolutely nothing better than ok. As usual the user rating is way off.

    • Chicago Rilla

      This is the best blu album since the first one with exile, second best as Her Favorite color, u straight tripping

  • Anonymous

    so good everything blends really well

  • thatswhathappens Here's an article from the same author Philip Mlynar, calling to ban instrumental hip-hop and it's "snooze-inducing form of music" Somebody at DX, find someone that's not biased against instrumentals to review this album. And I know I'm just saying what everyone else has said, but that first paragraph is extremely irrelevant.

  • mr. tibbs

    WTF? The reviewer must be like 16, wearing skinny jeans, and idolizes Lil Wayne or some shit because this album is super dope. You should have your reviewer card pulled Phillip Mlnynar because you suck Pitbull vinyl. Blu is the best new artist out now next to Kendrick Lamaar, and Jay Electronica thats making this new hip-hop shit happen. Its reviewers like you that promote the Rick Ross's and Lil Waynes and Nicki Manaj's thats got this culture fucked up. In fact Hip-Hop DX is 90% commercial and 10% underground to just throw us a bone to keep us from not visiting this sight. I don't care about 50 Cent or what he thinks about the rap game. But you guys continue to put the spotlight on has beens and 1 hit single would have beens. Hip-Hops in the toilet and you have to take responsibility for what you promote and push. Right now from my point of view you guys push and promote the cancer killing our culture. Fuck you Phillip!!!!

    • wade

      Hip Hop is not in the toilet. You just have to know where to look. So many good artists out there. Kendrick Lamar and the Black Hippy crew. Jon Connor, Chris Webby, XV. Murs and Fashawn just dropped a new album I'm about to get down with.

    • thatswhathappens

      So I get my comments hidden for talking about the author's past work, but this guy's comment gets to stay? This is ridiculous. Give this album a second review, from someone unbiased against instrumental hip-hop. And oh yeah, here's a piece from Philip Mlynar, titled "Instrumental Hip Hop Sucks. Ban it Forever"

  • youngweedy

    Haven't listened to the album yet. I'd just like to point out that 1/3 of this "review" is a bizarre (deprecating) fantasy about Q-Tip and Dilla. Fuck Phillp Mynar. Fuck his mama for not swallowing him when she had the chance. Herb ass nigga.

  • chiefzs

    slaughterhouse 4.5 < blu 3 WEAK this is a much better album no below the heavens tho

  • NotAgain

    I really enjoyed this album the review is terrible though i think DX should purge the staff.

  • david

    just checked out the review for Open by Blu and wasn't suprised to see it was reviewed by the same guy AND he gave it a bad review too

  • david

    'Need to step out their snug comfort zone' Obviously didn't listen to NoYork or Jesus and on top of that Blu's handled production on multiple albums such as Open, and when hip-hop artists step out their comfort zone and try and progress musically they get shot down by critics and a lot of fans, look at Wu-Tang, all their albums are ill but too many people say 36 chambers was classic and then it was all down hill from there, my point being if an artist puts out albums and keeps a constant theme/style they get shot down for not steppin out their comfort zone and if they put out albums and switch up the style they get shot down for not stickin to the status quo. I hope Blu & Exile stick to their style and put out more albums like this and Below The Heavens, they're the ONLY hip-hop producer and MC with an original style and high quality lyrics and beats these days, yeah there's nice MCs out and nice producers but they're not as nice as Blu and Exile and not half as original

  • Tim

    staughterhouse gets a better rating than this? wow worst review ever

  • rafael

    Outstanding effort from blu/exile. Definitely a biased review and completey unfair. 5 stars.

  • Hkan

    Nice album the only one top track

  • Anonymous

    DX sucks ass chicks

  • NegSee

    Fuck you DX! Lil wayne or Rick Ross didn't step out of their snug comfort zones and yet you didn't say shit about that did ya? You even gave that fat-ass a 4 ?!?! Are you out of your mind ?!?!?

  • Hank

    Blu & Exile deliver another gem. Not Below The Heavens, but not too far off. Every track is quality and Blu's lyrics are unreal

  • Almar

    The Unfinshed version is ill, but the mastered version is classic, "The Only One", "Don't Be Jelly", "O Heaven", "A Letter", "I Am Jean", & "Maybe One Day" have been on repeat since January. This album was a vital part of my life in 2012.

  • darcwonn

    So, I purchased this album on Itunes just to see if it was as mediocre as this reviewer made it. After a thorough listen, I have come to this conclusion: this review is pretty bad. For an album that flows smoothly, stays audibly on point, and is musically can't expect to slide with a "3" rating. This album? I would give it a 4 and that would be a low-ball rating.

  • Tony

    a 3 really? Come on know this album is one of my favorites, been jamming this since he leaked it on Bandcamp, and know that the official version is out it's even better. SMH, bad review, just like what they did to Blu's Open album.. 5/5 I enjoyed this more then Below the Heavens to be honest and that is a beast of a album

  • Ramy

    So this and 2 chainz album are the same rating? FOH!

  • This review sucks.

    So disappointed in HipHopDX. Youre going to make me get a new favorite site!!!

  • p. dom

    @Assassin221's 2/5 review of philip mylnar's 3/5 review gets a perfect 5/5 review from me.

  • Anonymous

    horrible review..this album was very good..yes, i understand that this website is a lot more about rap then hip hop, but least have a man that knows more about music...the lyrics were dope, beats were sick, and the most important aspect of this album, they stuck to the elements of hip hop, instead of selling out just to sell some records

  • ay

    this review is awful, this is classic blu and exile and you cant fault them for making good ass music, if they stepped out of their comfort zone theyd be stepping into the comfort zone of the rest of the game, id much rather them stay where theyre at and keep this shit up

  • jack johnson

    The beats are all amazing, however Blu's lack of energy lets it down, there are some awesome songs and the songs that aren't are only let down because of Blu's lack of energy. I think the album is a 3.5 - 4 and this was a terrible review lol, this guys got some kind of agenda against underground fans so he was shitting on it for irrelevant reasons

  • KiD Reef

    This album is a classic just like below the heavens.

  • cjayp1231

    this reviewer is tupac without the nose ring.

  • Nahlidge

    LMAO @ "by the time you've hit 'Ease Your Mind' and 'Maybe One Day' ". As if it takes so long to get to tracks 2 and 3 of the album. Fire this bullshit reviewer. He mentions the intro track, tracks 2 & 3 and the outro (which are probably the only tracks he listened to) and decides to downplay the album like it's not dope. gtfoh. I really hope y'all are paying the reviewer in shit dip and tortilla chips cuz reviews like this don't cut it with people who have actually listened to the album. The album is a good 4-4.5/5 imo.

  • Anonymous

    DX keeps coming with these bogus reviews. Steadily falling off.

  • Phil

    Wow, this is one of the worst reviews I've ever read. Haven't even listened to the album, but this review didn't give any insight whatsoever except the reviewer saying "I'm better than people who like Q-Tip and Dilla".

  • jihod

    outstanding album but bad review

  • DiscoCat5

    z grade review. starting to wonder why i bother with this site anymore.

  • Freshman_Woes

    Y'all fucked up with this one. This album is at least 4/5. SMDH.

  • Anonymous

    This site has the worst reviews off all time

  • AAA

    fire the talentless prick who wrote that

  • J

    This album has some nice cuts on it, but overall, the pacing is a little flat and monotonous, and probably 3-4 tracks too many. Feels like Exile rushed to put this out after Blu released it prematurely and unfinished on Bandcamp, without his blessing.

  • DoubleR

    What kind of idiot gives this 3/5 stars?

  • Andre

    NO artist goes further from their comfort zone than Blu, have you heard NoYork & BTH in comparison... totally different, but as any Hip/Hop enthusiast would know, many loved BTH and the combination of Blu & Exile, so they made this album as a follow up, this album is similar to BTH, but thats what a lot of people asked of Blu. RIGHT??? So how do you decide to give him a 3.00 on that basis. No disrespect to REKS, Im a big fan of REKS, but REKS "Straight No Chaser" & REKS "R.E.K.S." album sound familiar yet you dont say he needs to step out his comfort zone... Nor do I hear a damn thing when you panzy's call out Wayne, Drake, &Nicki when they release the same Mainstream Beat, with the same dumbed down lyrics with the same subject matter... So how the fuck are you going to call one artist out on NOT!!! Stepping OUT THE FUCKING BOX!!!! Blu's FANS!!! asked for this album because we wanted some more of the BTH type music and this is perfect follow up... So since every reviewers excuse for giving wayne & drake a 4.0 is because "You have to take it for what it is... Mainstream & party music" Why the fuck cant you take this album for what it is... A FUCKIN!!! FOLLOW UP!!!! To Below The Heavens!!!

  • FOH!!!

    DX has to let this twink go. He dissed Blu last time too...

  • Robert Lemanski

    I breathe rhymes and beats.. Hip Hop is my 1st Love! Philip Mylnar is being really harsh on both Blu and Exile! A 3 star rating is extremely harsh.. Sure that cat is not employed by Pitchfork.. Hey, Philip take the sticker off of your hat and unpop your collar.. Cuz I'M A HEAD AND LISTENED TO THIS ALBUM FIVE TIMES TODAY// GO VOTE FOR ROMNEY AND WAKE UP HOMESLICE.. BLU AND EXILE ARE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR/// PEACE ONE LOVE

  • Dear DX Album Reviewers

    After this, the Dope Sick review, and the slaughter house review it is obvious you have an agenda that is alterior to an honest judgement of a work of art. I suspect it is some kind of payola and would actually be more surprised if it wasn't and these were honest reviews. This would mean you are genuinely ignorant to what you are talking about and this shitty blog is as far as your talents should ever take you. Fuck off and stop writing hip hop reviews, if not that's cool cuz I won't be reading um anyway. My review of your review is more credible than the 3 paragraphs of ignorance to great hip hop that is written above.

  • @CJonno90

    Reviewer must've been busy or doing something while listening to this album to give it a 3/5! I mean come on 3/5!? FOH...

  • jack johnson

    hiphopdx reviewers are still mad they got called out on their bullshit rating of the slaughterhouse album

  • DJJ

    This is the purest form of hip-hop there is, seriously nothing compares to this album. This music they created is pure art from the soul and it only gets 3 stars? Then a cookie cutter Slaughterhouse album that was a horrible let down to me and probably all of hip-hop gets 4 1/2 from DX....WOW that is all I can say....WOW. Anyways when I think about it, it doesn't matter what other people rate stuff as long as we know in our hearts its a 5 star classic from BLU AND EXILE... They are making music they actually want to make not radio jams. ALBUM IS INCREDIBLE AND I mean Blu raps circles around anybody as a lyricist. Definitely the top poet breathing in the game right now. PEACE AND LOVE HIP-HOPPERS!

  • Calibeatbox420

    Hip hop DX = The Source after Benzino raped it.......I've read some bad reviews, but this tops them all. Go fuck yourselfs DX

  • todd gack

    horrible review! please dont give this kid any more reviews until he steps his review game up. dilla + tip drinking tea?!! cmon son! also starting to think this site is either taking bribes and/or just washing hands of certain artists/labels... i love slaughterhouse as a group but theres no WAY their album is a 4.5. more like a 3 even.

  • mahmed162

    if you are going to review the album. Please review just that; THE ALBUM. Bringing up shit about Dilla and Q-Tip is just stupid and unneccesary, passive aggressive shit.

  • J

    Embarrassing review of a great album.

  • shitfunny

    Dude, just review this album. This one. I dont need to know about tribe and j dilla and how this relates. I got they cds. Are they featured on this album? What are you talking about? If you're gonna reference, at least reference Below the Heavens. Clear your mind of previous years of built up music baggage and listen to this as it

  • Assassin221

    How was that, DX? Let me know if you have a job lined up for me. By the way, I'm not some crazed Blu fan, haven't even really heard any of his stuff. I just have too much time on my hands.

  • Assassin221

    Mlynar's review of this album: 2/5 Mlynar begins his review by evoking an image of legendary hip-hop artists Q-Tip and Jay Dee drinking tea together in the late 90s as he describes the laid-back jazz loops which provide the musical background. While this is effective in drawing the reader's interest, Mlynar makes the puzzling decision to refer in a rather negative and disrespectful manner to a time which most hip-hop fans would look on with reverence and nostalgia. He continues this theme as he compares Exile's production to a lost Q-Tip beat tape from the past, yet frames this as a weakness rather than a praise. The description of the album's content itself is brief and dismissive, providing only a few descriptions such as "laid-back, cosy, broadly jazzy, mid-tempo" and little else, accusing the album of lacking in energy and diversity. While the criticism may be valid, the reader can't help but feel that on a 17-track album there must surely be more lyrical content and aspects of Exile's production worth mention than what Mlynar provides. The review has the tone of being written by someone who listened to the album one time, perhaps in the background of some other activity, and could not be bothered to explore the experience a more dedicated listener might receive on repeated spinnings. Subtle barbs aimed at the duo and their online, "message board" fanbase (a demographic you would think Mlynar would want to endear himself to, as it likely represents most of his readership) suggest a dismissal of Blu and Exile's brand of hip-hop which likely existed prior to having heard the album. At a short three paragraphs, the review actually comes off feeling bloated as it's analytical content could have been summed up in one. The reader comes away feeling they have learned more about the reviewer than the album, and with little sense of whether or not this would be a worthy purchase.

  • Rain

    Typo- needs to be fired The subject matter on this album is awesome, it's something everyone can relate to. Even if Blu rapped more laid back on this album it's still very smooth. This album is in my top ten best albums of the year.

  • Rain

    WTF Hiphop DX, this ALBUM is damn near perfect.... Who ever wrote this review needs to fired immediately. Every song is good and the production is good. Plus since it's remastered it's icing on top. I give this album 4.5

  • 5Ft.Deep

    Definitely not a flawless album but it deserves more than 3 stars. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this album. But being a huge fan of both Blu and Exile my opinion may be a little bias.

  • RC

    Jesus Christ Hip-Hop DX starting conucting some quality on your reviews!! Obviously Mr. Mlynar is entitled to his opinion but he hardly goes into to detail as to why he doesn't like it or what doesn't work for him, instead he makes passive aggressive back-handed comments like a teenage girl. The dollar menue at McDonalds is longer than this pathetic exscuse for a review. It lacks detail, insight & depth something even an amateur columnist should know.

  • Jay

    Lmaoooo hiphopdx reviews dont mean shit anymore dawg this was consistently dope...SH was trash

  • Chicago Rilla

    Hating azz bytch azz site. So slaughter house is light years ahead of this release, gimme a break. Sites like these are ruining hip-hop because they rate albums low where people obviously put their heart & soul into it. Blu has a handful of garbage releases but this album isn't one of them. Top 5 album of the year & Hiphopdx needs to fire the person who did the review.

  • yaboyabe

    Really? 3/5? Okay the reviewer probably didn't listen to songs like "O Heaven", "The Only One", "A Man"....

  • Poopoo butter

    People, like the reveiwer here, are all going to compare this album to Below the Heavens and be disappointed because it's not as exciting and upbeat. But since when does nice chill and laid back music get bashed? And why are their no comments on Blu's lyricism (besides the one on Maybe One Day)? You reviewed four songs, two of them being instrumentals. Blu is always doing something different from each album, you will hardly find the same sound. Also this album was recorded in 2009, NoYork! and other albums you might consider experimental were released after. Just my .02$

  • dirtmcgehrk

    Kind of expected a review like this. I'd rather listen to the subject matter that Blu spits than the guns and money shit most rappers have been shoveling down listener's throats recently. Sometimes you just wanna listen to a laid back album, not some overproduced cornfest, which is just as monotonous as they seem to think this album is. I dug it. Not as good as Below The Heavens but a worthy followup.

  • lol

    blu is the most boring rapper ever and exile makes the most repetitive sounding beats i've ever heard. please play more slaughterhouse because that music is awesome!

    • chicago rilla

      eminem is awful now, sorry fella lol his music is most definitely lazy & he tours oh wow thats where the big bucks are now

    • Anonymous

      Eminem... "lazy"? 04-08: Drug problem, still put out D12 World, Encore, Curtain Call: The Hits, Eminem Presents: The Re-Up & did the Anger Management 3 Tour. Executive producer for albums like Loyal to the Game, The Massacre, Second Round's On Me, The County Hound EP & Curtis. 09-present: Relapse, Relapse: Refill, Recovery & Hell: The Sequel. Executive producer for albums like Before I Self Destruct, Radioactive & welcome to: OUR HOUSE. Giving going around the world and shit to promote his projects on top of that as well... Now whether or not you like the work he's done he's certainly worked hard to make it as dope as he thinks it is.

    • Chicago Rilla

      Man gone shady records hasn't put out out a project i would consider giving a 4 outta 5 to since "encore". The fact that Eminem ghot extremely lazy the last 8 years doesn't bode well and it's extremely dissapointing that HE MANAGE TO HELP RUIN slaughterhouse's album. I used to Live eminem but this album (blu/exile) is better (way better) than em's last 3 albums

    • Anonymous

      JESUS! Albums like "welcome to: OUR HOUSE" ain't killing Hip Hop, there's a lot more worse albums coming out nowadays. True it ain't doing much to save it but I don't think acts like Slaughterhouse are truly capable of saving Hip Hop. What would help save it is if albums like Watch The Throne, Recovery, Tha Carter IV, No Mercy etc. were better.

    • lol

      my post was sarcastic

    • Chicago Rilla

      big slaughterhouse fan but that album is trash , this album is beautiful. Do you listen to the music or are you just hearing it? Lazy albums like "welcome to our house" is what's killing hip-hop