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Picking up where Dipset's swagger has stumbled, A$AP Mob is today's reckless force to be reckoned with.

A major part of the discussion surrounding New York Rap's resurgence has been Harlem's A$AP Mob since the viral success of their most prominent member A$AP Rocky's earlier singles "Peso," "Purple Swag" and the more recent "Goldie." Though under scrutiny for an off-kilter obsession with the musical culture of Houston, their leader's strides have paved the way for his less heard teammates to become established within their own right. Lords Never Worry is at once the group's formal introduction and a precursor to A$AP Rocky's hotly anticipated next release LongLiveA$AP. Picking up where the rock star swagger of Uptown's Dipset has stumbled, A$AP Mob is today's reckless force to be reckoned with.

Sticking to an already working formula, A$AP Rocky's solo opener "Thuggin' Noise" finds his trademark cockiness and slowed down vocals accompanied by gun sounds, contrasted by companion A$AP Ant who provides a fine ode to women and cars with the Southern bounce of "The Way It Go." Whether intentional shock value or art imitating obscenity, the straightforward "Coke and White Bitches Chapter 2" (featuring outlandish counterparts Danny Brown, Gunplay and Fat Trel) and linking up with the rowdy Flatbush ZOMBiES for "Bath Salt," mix insane reality and ambiance to enjoyable results. The crew's true ingenuity lies with their secret weapon A$AP Ferg, who steals the show with his harsh delivery and undeniably catchy harmonies on "Persian Wine" and "Choppas On Deck." Stirring up further excitement, the hyperactive party starter "Told Ya" and the throwback East Coast feel of "Underground Killas" (guest starring Raekwon) demonstrate that the squad's overall vision is vast despite narrow subject matter.

Where A$AP Rocky and his Mob mostly offer a good time, close comrade A$AP Twelvy and associate (nephew of Hip Hop mogul Damon) Da$h fail to hold interest with their grandiose boasts. As well, the raunchy "Freeze" (finding Jim Jones sounding out of place) and sensual trance of Rocky's "Purple Kisses" make for rare dull moments of filler. The often misunderstood A$AP Mob has created a unique path for themselves, combining inspiration from the likes of the legendary DJ Screw and UGK with their youthful purpose of breathing life back into their hometown The title Lords Never Worry reflects their carefree disposition as they live for the present, contributing violent entertainment that is more cartoonish than threatening. While the projects lags at points due to redundancy, A$AP Rocky and Co. are developing an enthralling movement that may flourish if listeners can overlook the continual blatant homage paid.

DX Consensus: "Free Album" (the highest possible praise for a mixtape)

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  • anon

    solid album, some wack ass songs but there are some SICK songs that make up for them, ferg spits hard same as nasty, check this album out 4/5

  • Anonymous

    good songs: bangin on waxx coke & white bitches chapter 2 bath salt persian wine work ynre purple kisses choppas on deck wack songs: thuggin noise underground killas jay reed freeze rocky and ferg are dope, the rest pretty much suck. i wanted to hear more nast, but his verses on whatever the songs he was on were called dissapointed. the beat ruined the raekwon joint. araabmuzik gets boring real fast. i would say 3 or 4. i'll give it a 4

  • bob jameston


  • 6661irrelevant

    A$AP Rocky is the only good rapper on A$AP Mob. A$AP Ty Beats is tight too but he is the producer. Other than Purple Kisses. I was disappointed in this mixtape. A bunch of no name nobodies trying hard to be rap stars. Too bad he dissed SpaceGhostPurp. Because he lost a big oppurtunity there. But even Rocky falls short of being a true success & being original. He is lucky he actually has talent on the mic. And is able to paint vivid pictures with words. He is from Harlem, saying he Trill & stealing Houston, Tx's SWAG, switches his flow to Bone Thug-N-Harmony's from time to time, Concepts like Wiz Khalifa, & beats like Three 6 Mafia. So he has some BIG shoes to fill to match up to the legends he steals from. Regardless I am a A$AP Rocky fan. But he is not Rap's savior & A$AP Mob is trash. Maybe they should collab with the White Girl Mob. They would probably be a success just off the controversy. LMFAO!!!!!

  • Jacob

    A$AP rocky is the truth. The future of rap. He can do it all.

  • Hey im a white guy

    First off, who cares if this guy apeals to a white crowd, if the beats are solid everyone likes it. The hip hop movment is taking over the world, because everyone wants to live the life style these guys talk about. I personally think Rocky is making the same mistake tyler the creator is making though. both are the best in their groups, but both want to help their boys get out, and get hurd. I think this dude should just promote him self and stick with that. Now having white, black, asian, and ect... fans should not make an artist wack or not. Music is music, just enjoy the ride. Kanye brought rap into the subs and and look what happened, Hip hop is now the biggest brand on the planet. So yo homie your welcome.

    • I hate haters

      HOMIE: also homey, by 1970s, slang, short for homeboy (q.v.). The identical word is recorded from the 1920s in New Zealand slang in the sense recently arrived British immigrant. Now shut up and let the big boys talk

    • Anonymous

      A white guy saying "homie".

  • Anonymous

    This mixtape is too great. I liste to it everyday 1-18, all the way! Their style is just so great it's hard not to like! #ASAP

  • Anonymous

    rocky needs ride dipset now that he got caught ridin sgp

  • Justin x Jayy Maadniss

    Strong 4 'nuff said . .

  • Anonymous

    A$ap is always stupidly underrated by the dipshits on this site. Ferg & Rocky are brilliant on this tape and what the rest lack in mic skills they make up for in personality. The production is almost perfect from back to front. This is a strong 4 in my opinion. There's more to music then lyrics sometimes.

    • Justin x Jayy Maadniss

      I completely agree , the beats ad features are both awesome . . Rocky and the A$AP Mob are mad talented as a group and indivually . . . They can bring New York Hip-Hop back , Strong 4 also .

  • Anonymous

    oh and any u hip hop purists hating on this didnt hear the drum break they sampled in the back of Underground Killas,,,,yea its Pete Rock and CL smooth-THe basement beat before the song. check it out some substance there

  • Anonymous

    i give it a 5 too balance the hate and cuz its not that bad something refreshing about it espec. the beats

  • MP

    These guys are pretty lackluster. None of them really stand out. Anytime A$AP Rocky is the best emcee, there is a problem. NONE of these guys stand out. There are some dope-ass beats on here though. 2.5/5

  • Anonymous

    Honestly A$AP Rocky is better then everybody in A$AP MOB if he leaves an go solo the mixtape would've been on point. Lords Never Worry 3/10

  • Anonymous

    Zero.Point.Zero A$$WIPE are fucking abominable, probably the worst "group" ever from NYC, which is saying something in 2012. If white people didn't pander to these bums (and get their cocks sucked by the biter A$$WIPE ROCKY), they'd have zero fans.

  • Anonymous

    I think Asap Rocky is ok but just cnt get w/his whole group's style. To me, all dat trap down-south shit is gettin played out

  • DAA

    I have no idea why people hate on asap mob, especially asap rocky

    • Anonymous

      They are young and they're not a bunch of obnoxious prats trying to "change the world". Nobody can make hip hop that is just dope to listen to anymore.

  • Charlie

    There are a few decent trax on here but for the most part this "Free Album" sux.

  • eddie Rodriguez

    WUTANG BABY! fuck these houston biters. wanna be a real rapper do your own style pussies.

  • Anonymous

    the lords never worry about no rating nd haters A$AP gnna be the next bone thugs

  • Anonymous

    sickest mixtape nt wait till the next one Asap niggaa

  • c4 triple plat

    i didnt think i would like it, but it was alot better than i was expecting

  • martinmawert

    A$AP is da future

  • CecilRhodez

    I didn't like it, extremely redundant nothing special. There were a few things on there that were tight but for the most past it was just basic.

  • AKiOa

    Idk why all the hate.. this shit dope

  • DXhophip

    i thought it was a refreshing gritty, and credible street sound.

  • realtalk

    smoke an L n load some shells to diz... trill life

  • a$ap.youngnigga

    this was all it was expected to be. a$ap runs everything, they kept it real to themselves and told u wat they bout. step forward in rap, y'all wana be ciroc boys n tlkn bout $$$ u never seen. trill shit be that real livin

  • Avery

    doesn't live up to the hype, 3/5

  • Marathon

    it was a cool mixtape, it reminded me of a watered down 3-6 mafia.

  • trooth

    I really like ASAP Rocky. After hearing Bath Salts I thought this mixtape was gonna be sick but its a major disappointment. Only other song thats worth a download is thuggin noise. Im only checking for this nigga rocky's albums. And DX don't you dare compare them to Dip Set. It makes you wonder about the morons at this website.

  • cheeba

    something sounds like its missing...could it be spaceghostpurrp???

  • Anonymous

    I think this was ok, but just as a mixtape. The beats were pretty much FIRE on this project but these ASAP niggas really don't do them justice on the mic. All these guys need to desperately hone their skills cause some of them are straight ASS on the mic. You don't have to be super lyrical but at least learn how to ride a track properly, goddamn! I have a feeling that some of these dudes weren't even rapping before Purple Swag dropped. I appreciate the fact that this dude is trying to bring his niggas up with him but you can't just allow all your friends in the studio just because they're your boys. I enjoyed ASAP Ferg a bit, even though he sounds like he's biting too many styles sometimes (Bone, Pac). I don't mind that tho, it's refreshing to hear some old school flavor but he definitely needs some polishing, the hook for that Choppas on Deck track was ass but the beat was too ill. I'll definitely bump this in the whip only for the production, I'm pretty good at tuning out the artist when the beat is on point. 3/5 from me, the beats were that good to me. Hopefully that Rocky album turns out better than this. PS: Those Flatbush Zombies completely outshined every single rapper on this mixtape.

  • Anonymous

    youre retarded, this mixtape is trash. and dont EVER compare them to Dipset, Dipset was 10000x better than ASAP. Dipset made their own sound, ASAP stole theirs from the south.


      co-sign... ... even fucking Jim Jones is like Big L compared to A$$wipe!!! Hell Rell is goddamn Ice Cube & Chuck D. combined compared to these idiots.

    • Worldwide

      Co-sign. Heatmaker beats + Santana and Cam in their peak>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This houston bitten shit.

  • Willmatic

    I think Rocky is really underrated but I haven't heard any of the others that come close to having the potential he does.

  • swageezy

    yo you guys give trash reviews. Like straight up, garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Was quite looking forward to hearing it because of all the hype around ASAP but gave it a listen and was not impressed at all but i come from the 90's era and expect more unlike kids today who like anything you give them

  • Anonymous

    'DX Consensus: "Free Album" (the highest possible praise for a mixtape)' wait a minute so why the fuck did you guys review and rate that Hitboy "Free Album"/Mixtape??? DX is fucking up...

    • Anonymous

      Because Hit-Boys record actually WAS a free-album and was also labeled as one. This one however is a mixtape, but HHDX says it is as good as a free-album.

  • Afterwork

    Disappointing mixtape. Turns out ASAP is all hype.

  • m.black

    This shit was weak...I really don't see what good DX saw in this one other than the Bath Salts joint...A$AP MOB is straight hype and this mixtape is proof of that. Rocky is the ONLY one who can stand alone and make it. This mixtape was in desperate need of SGP...His vibe woulda fixed all that filler and made the project sound legit.

  • Anonymous

    No rating? just give this shit the one X it deserves. nothing special here

  • BearSavageness

    was disappointed with this. the only ones with any real ability are ferg, twelvy and rocky. beyond that the others can barely rap in time with the beat

  • FOH

    DX's reviews suck terribly anymore.

  • Poohcaneasy

    This is the first "real" group album I have heard in quite some time. I will admit that I thought A$ap Rocky would have to carry the whole project for it to gain traction. However, A$ap Ferg proves otherwise. He is obviously the next from the group to blow!

  • NYC

    1/2 STAR AT THE MOST ASAP IS SHIT. Fuck what you say.

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx falling off with their reviews lol

  • Anonymous

    "Free Album" Really? TheNeedleDrop reviewed this and gave it a 3/10 when he gave A$AP Rocky's mixtape an 8/10... That just shows how much of a disappointment this tape is.

    • Worldwide

      The Needle Drop's reviews are really good. Sometimes, Its evident that his scope of knowledge Is too broad. Which means he lacks the depth in genres like hip hop. But yeah, I trust that this would have been a poor release, from when the writer had to bring up Dipset from the offset.

    • Shame

      But this mixtape is a 3/10 in this case, its some ass

    • Shame

      Dont base your opinion on some else's just have your own. He's a good reviewer but its true when it comes to hip-hop he has some silly justifications

    • pfft

      The needle drop is a decent reviewer, but he doesn't know shit about hip-hop. This tape is a solid 6.5/10

  • firealarm

    most of these guys have nothing interesting/special about them. There's a couple good tracks and A$AP Rocky is sick as always but not all of them have that "something special".