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"Channel Orange," according to Frank, succinctly defines him as an artist. Good news is he followed through.

The Frank Ocean we know came to us after a membership into Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All. It was there that Ocean began to adopt OFWGKTA's do-it-yourself attitude that would ultimately propel him from an unknown already-signed artist to the biggest oversight in recent record label history. Through OFWGKTA, Ocean learned the important lesson of taking control over his own movement, resulting in the flourished and realized Nostalgia, Ultra. mixtape. That project came not just from heartbreak, but from the gumption to come out of the shadows, dig deep and write what would essentially become his artistic destiny. All that became even clearer after Frank published a heartfelt letter on his Tumblr on July 4th, citing the exact inspiration behind Nostalgia, Ultra. and the much anticipated debut album Channel Orange.

Channel Orange, according to Frank, succinctly defines him as an artist. Good news is he followed through. The album is a storyteller’s album. In fact, it’s an immensely inclusive R&B album. Ocean runs through a gamut of stories and situations in this album - untimely parenthood in "Sierra Leone," the ignorance that often times comes with financial privilege in "Sweet Life," crack addiction in "Crack Rock," dating a stripper in "Pyramids." As schizophrenic as the album may sound, the stories fall neatly in place with the tripped out sonics put in place by the production team that includes Frank Ocean, Malay, Om’mas Keith, and Pharrell Williams.

Even the tracks that are heavy on the social commentary ("Super Rich Kids," "Sierra Leone," "Monks," "Pyramids," "Sweet Life") are done off the soap-box. In particular, "Super Rich Kids" and "Sweet Life" both tackle the concept of a privileged life, and considering Frank’s humble beginnings, at no point are the lyrics judgemental. If anything they’re compassionate: “Parents ain’t around enough.” The laid back rap from Earl Sweatshirt tells a story of a crashed Jag and drug purchasing ending with, “Don’t believe us, treat us like we can’t erupt,” leaving us with zero appetite for the silver spoon. In "Sweet Life," he places no blame on a pampered life having no interest in seeing the world, because their life is chock full of things that are considered beautiful. As far as he’s concerned - you live and you die in it. No judgement.

Vivid imagery and complex melodies come together on the best moments in Channel Orange: "Sierra Leone," "Pilot Jones," "Monks," and "Pink Matter." The latter gifts us with a rich feature from Andre 3000: “I’m building y’all a clock, stop. What am I Hemingway?”

At the very end of Channel Orange, we’re left with audio of someone getting out of a car, leaving us with a very nuanced picture of Frank as an artist, proving he’s got the chops to write about anything. The bad news is that we’re made to believe that out of these incredible tracks, only two are blatantly personal ("Bad Religion" and "Forrest Gump"). But if we look closer, all of them are personal. Frank’s appeal is his own personal take on whatever it is he wants to write about - take the groupie love story in "Monks;" it’s gritty and witty.

In the age of DIY, we’ve seen artists come and go, never measuring up to the power of marketing conglomerates and record labels. We've re-learned something imperative, yet basic, from a child of Hurricane Katrina, a child of the Hollywood dream, and a child of lyrical ghostwriting who used to go by the name of Christopher “Lonny” Breaux: It’s all about the story.



  • Nader

    Just waiting for next album!

  • Anonymous

    5 out of 5 and it's a classic to me

  • Ocean Fan

    Amazing Album 5/5

  • BTMoney

    Now this right here is the best thing I've heard in a loooooooooooong time when it comes to R&B or Pop music in general, there's nothing right now that can touch this. This is in another level, this is flawless and epic. I can listen to this everyday for years, a perfect album, before I listened to this, I was about to say that popular music was dead, but this guy brought it back by himself. I got a lot of respect for Frank Ocean, if he keeps this level for his next albums, he'll be a legend, a musical hero, just like MJ was. This is an instant classic, a 5 star album by a 5 star artist. I wish him the best for his career, he deserves to be the most successful artist today.

  • Corian Moore

    Its pretty good. Think a few could have been cut just so it plays smooth the whole way through. I listen to it on the regular. its great for r&b. not a classic like nostalgic:ultra. but great in this time when there are no good r&b. other singers wanna b rappers. i.e. chris brown, trey songs, and raheem devaughn.

  • olczi

    Could be even better if there was only 10 best tracks chosen

  • dpg

    to all of you saying stuff like you "can't connect with frank's message..." i'm a white australian but i still listen to american hip hop. i can relate about 0% to most hip hop lyrics on a personal level. also, i'm not gay but i love this frank ocean album. i also listen to mewithoutyou who are old testament-style christians, and that ain't me either. bands like mewithoutyou and albums like frank's rule precisely because they are so personal and honest, and that's a billion times better than what we get from most "artists" these days. i enjoy hip hop for it's lyrical prowess and it's narrative aspect, not because it speaks to me personally. art is art and it doesn't know any social boundaries. gay people's emotions are every bit as real as anybody else's and it sure as shit doesn't affect their ability to write great music. if listening to frank ocean makes you "feel gay" (like someone below said) you've probs got some of your own identity issues going on. and what would even be so wrong with that? if music has the power to awaken feelings in you that you didn't necessarily know you had, then that is just more proof of its universal appeal. likewise, if you can't separate your appreciation for art from your own weird prejudices, i honestly feel sorry for you. you are missing out on so much.

  • Carlos

    Dis niqqa gay yall!!!! WHy should any human listn to dat??

  • Arun

    best R&B album i've ever heard.

  • Clark Kent

    im not gay so i wont be listining to this album but This is a free country and i am a liberal so i wish him the best!

  • WH


    • BeeRock97

      Agreed. Album is ok but not all that people would have you believe. Gotta give it to Def Jam though, they're def pulling out all the stops on marketing and promotion lately.

  • Jason M

    This album was amazing! 'Lost' has one of the best beats I've heard in a while. The lyrics are truly genius!

  • Jsal

    This is a classic! You don't hear Rnb artists this creative and original, I love this. Need to go and buy it soon.

  • HipHopSince00

    This is a Great Album! It took me awhile to get into Frank Ocean's music but always heard good things. Great Album all the way through.

  • Anonymous

    Best R&B record since The-Dream's Love VS Money.

    • ChitownJ

      Good observaton. I couldn't agree more because that Love Vs. Hate album was pretty dope. This one is better due to it's originality and Frank's singing ability, but both are definite classics.

  • Timmy Carter

    Frank Ocean is Musical Genius and this album is a perfect example to his formula..To anyone who comes up here talkin about his sexuality....StFU n stop ur bullshit...He makin $$$ while ur here lookin like a dumbass...Just accept his talents..not his output on what he prefers between a man or a woman.


    I'm scrolling down this list of commnets and noticing how the majority of you are lacking intelligence/reasoning. How can someone coming out the closet, affect the way you listen to their music? I just don't see why it should change your mind, unless you have something to hide yourself. To those of us who are completely fine with our sexuality, we all know, music is music, regardless of sexual orientation. I bet Ocean, bisexual or not, gets 10x the amount of play, that half of you "straight" people claim, or even hope to get. Its sad that our culture still feels the need to shun and outcast people because of such trivial things, such as sexual orientation. If you don't enjoy this cd because of his sexual orientation, then you need to educate yourself, and let go of hate, or either come out of the closet yourself.

    • Wang Long

      I could care loss about his fling with a dude, this album is dope ass fuck and one of the best folk/rnb/pop/hip/neogaysoul/country/soul. albums i have heard in years when he came i was a bit shocked but i was wearin that nostalgia album out and couldnt wait to hear more material can somebody tell an album that can hold a candle to this?


    Hahaha, all the people taking time out of their days to post ignorant/homophobic comments towards Ocean, need to get a day job, or either come out themselves! hahah, why is everyone seem to be freaking out aobut Ocean being homosexual? haha who the hell cares man. Are you that insecure that you're afraid that Ocean's lips will jump out through the track and land on your laps?? haha if not, ya'll need to shut the fuck up, and either read a book, or grow up. I'm sure either will suffice, seeing as half of the people who comment on this webiste, seem to be a bit slower and closed minded than the average person. Half of ya'll hiding your own homosexual insecurities by hating on someone for being true to themselves. I love women, but i'm not afraid of listening to a person's music, regardless of sexual orientation.

  • CT

    Best r&b album since D's "Voodoo"?



  • Anonymous

    Album OF The Year ... Hands Down!

  • Phoenix

    Amazing album. Lots of soul and depth to the lyrics, great melodies but I think there needs to be more versatility. Alot of the songs have the same feel to it. Definitely a great debut though, hoping theres some more Odd Future collabs on the next one.

  • ieio

    This album has every aspect of being a classic album. HHDX obviously has some issues related to the man's sexuality, whom just reflects the homophobic feeling attached to hip hop, a genre often known for the lack of creativity and often supported and listened by close minded fans that believe what they ''see'' in the media is a true attachment to the culture that only limits people as human beings (to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, listen a certain way: in other words to be fake and fabricated by the music industry whom wan't us to consume and be like them by believing what is sold to us) going back to the topic, I believe that this album will survive the test of time with it's timeless melodies and very poetic and often strong lyrics. Frank Ocean has shown that he has the ability and talent to be a true legend in MUSIC as whole, to bad HHDX can't see that it's just frustrating to see how their review's take you on a journey not related to the actual star rating since there wasn't a single negative aspect reviewed.

    • BradZuk

      1. From a history major, Pheonix, your writing is just fine. In fact, it's quite a bit better than lelo's. Btw, Lelo, "whom" is a direct object pronoun; you were looking for "which," and "who." 2. Are you really coming on here to bitch about DX giving it 4 stars and then writing a positive review? Ok, I'll grant they should have justified the lack of a fifth star. But, if you read music criticism regularly, you'd know that this is extremely typical. The rating is typically assigned through some committee-based process. In DX's case, the editors rate it, and assign a writer to succinctly reflect that rating. More often than not, the review is an entity unto itself, focused more heavily on telling a story than covering all its critical bases. Certainly, I'd like to know why it didn't get five, but four is very respectable and the review fairly conveyed that. Both are positive, and nowhere is there any evidence of homophobia. So please, step down from your soapbox.

    • Phoenix

      wtf are you ranting on about, Hip Hop DX gave it a pretty solid review. Hip Hop lacks creativity?, It happens to be the most creative genre since it's constantly changing and saying something deeper than the usual love songs in every other genre (with the exception of Rock) so I'm pretty sure you're the ignorant one here and don't reply saying "you sound like a child, learn to write proper English", I am a child and really don't give a fuck how I type. I won't disagree that many Hip Hop fans do expect people to act and dress a certain way but I'm PRETTY sure that's how society works. Not just Hip Hop fans.

  • Chitown J

    Frank Ocean's career goes downhill from here, because there is no way that he can top this album. This is how you are supposed to do an album. A small production team to help build the theme and keep things consistent. Oh and the writing, forget about it.

  • Anonymous

    R.Kelly still king of RnB

  • Anonymous

    nothing special

  • Anonymous

    Society has a long way to go if a persons music is judged on their sexuality. Someone made a good point. Out least he was man enough to come out and say who he is. Lil wayne be kissing Birdman, and wearing skinny jeans and still be stunting like he and young money, cash money be the G.O.A.T

  • Anon...

    Look at every single review this guy has gotten, fucking ridiculously good.

  • Mortis

    album so good i blew myself

  • Solomon

    Actually, better than pretty good

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't matter he's gay, he makes great music

  • Omar

    I ain't never seen Frank Ocean kiss no dude or wear any women's clothing. Some of y'all are real hypocritical.

  • Stinger Bell

    Time done change. I hate gay people but i fuck with this album.

  • jajad

    Channel Ornage is dope in a way music has not been in years. BTW: James Baldwin was gay too and one of the most important writers of the 20th century. Overlook him and you overlook black history and genius. Enjoy your one man crusade of ignorance but I want to hang with the interesting ones with love and life on their minds.

  • Anonymous

    would u listen to a persons gay thoughts and make them your own? how much openminded ness do you need until its right up your ass


    lol i caint listen to this shit. this nigga gay. sorry but god aint fuckin with this 1, so neither am i. straight niggas out

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn't put the words God and the F-Word in the same sentence

    • 100

      wow.ignorant.just ignorant.the funny shit is the guys who are gay bashing are callin people gay for calling them what they are.ignorant.if anyone needs to come out its "vizualizer"

    • Vizualizer

      You a homo Sean hahahaha This nigga Gay Ocean

    • sean

      Thats the most ingnorant thing I've ever heard what is wrong with you? I'm sure you were riding with him before he came out so what has changed. I suggest you grow up, your never going to get anywhere in life with such an ignorant perspective on life your a fucking child. Your no true fan of hip hop. your just an asshole

  • ThatOnePakiKid

    Smoothest voice in RnB right now

  • Yamz

    I don't care what the man does during his private life, the album is dope. PERIOD!

  • Anonymous

    hey aren't allowed to call frank ocean gay even though he is gay yet you can all call drake and nobody says a word

  • Anonymous

    This was honestly one the few times I really appreciated an R&B Album. An R&B album that doesn't rappers on every song to make it a hit, and had no air play (P.S. the Radio sucks even more). But seriously never have there been an album this true to its craft for a while. Might sound like I'm exaggerating but that's a legit statement. Frank Ocean and The Weeknd are saving a dying genre. Usher is trying to save it but Frank proved you can stay to its true form for a great album. 5/5 at worst 4/5. Don't ruin this because of his sexuality. I'm pretty sure allot of R&B artist were gay and never came out. (Luther, and Teddy had allot of heat pertaining to that). Classic Album (actually worth saying for once).

  • Dolo

    just because it's different doesn't mean that it sounds good, which it doesn't. the only decent song on here is pink matter. all in all, this album is pretty gay. (pun intended)

    • tvesrb

      nah this album was full of great songs. maybe you should stick to your Chris Brown. he's bisexual btw and only like 2 of the songs are about guys. the rest don't specify a gender or are about chicks

    • The_Observer

      Pink Matter should have featured Charles Hamilton as he's the pink panther and struggling with issue of not knowing whether he's a man or girl

  • kennyken

    album is tight. it's listenable for any audience. the songs about the guys sound kind of funny to listen to, but it's interesting, honestly. Album is a breath of fresh air from anything r&b out there

  • Anonymous

    It is a greater crime in America to insult or hit a perverted sexual deviant than it is to shoot and kill an innocent, unarmed Black man. Sodomites already have all the rights!!!! They are just recruiting now!!!!

    • Mike

      That's factual. The shooter of Trayvon Martin is awaiting trial on murder charges. You just insulted Frank Ocean because for some odd reason you care what he does in his private life. No one's arrested you, dog. If it really bothers you what someone you don't know does sexually, there's something seriously wrong with you. Why do you care? It's gross? So is the fact that my grandfather is sexually active; doesn't mean he should be celibate.

  • Anonymous

    t is a greater crime in America to insult or hit a perverted sexual deviant than it is to shoot and kill an innocent, unarmed Black man. Sodomites already have all the rights!!!! They are just recruiting now!!!!

  • MarkyMarkMane

    his shit is wack!!! I thought fags could make music??? Not this one. smh

  • Anonymous

    THEY DON'T HAVE TO BRAINWASH OUR KIDS WITH THIER "GLEE", "PRETTY LITTLE LIARS" & LIL B!!!!!! I DON'T HATE GAYS BUT I DON'T THINK IT IS ANYBODIES PLACE TO PUSH THIS ON A GENERATION. Civil Rights != Gay Rights. Gay Rights is a cause/movement giving a man the FREEDOM to commit sodomy. Civil Rights to simply live in his/her skin color without getting lynched. Gay Rights:that a man and man could make passionate love then adopt some poor child later. Civil Rights:that two people of different color could create naturally a beautiful offspring and make society a muticularal facet of modern life...GET THE PICTURE?

  • Anonymous

    Trayvon Martin didn't get followed and killed because of his perceived sexual preference so get out of here with this black should understand fags bullshit. The govt. is just trying to reduce the population. They don't care about fags either. This gay rights shit is really a spread gay movement!!!! That is why it is on kids TV programs. To program their minds. That is why it is on Hip-Hop DX too.

  • Eric

    truly great music... the honest expression of human being

  • Anonymous

    "GOD DONT LIKE UGLY " MAN FUCKING ANOTHER MAN IS UGLY. IF GOD MADE 2 MEN INSTEAD OF A MAN AND A WOMAN,THUS WOULD BE NO ME OR U,THUS BEING A FAGGOT IS A CHOICE I am not a "homophobe", I believe the practice is a choice just like drinking. I think the gay community is using this episode to "cram" homosexuality-as-a-life style down our throats. They are not a race or ethnic group; they are a group of people that choose a lifestyle that is contradictory to nature and God's word. Nothing more.

    • dpg

      lol, of all ludicrous comments here, you saying "i am not a homophobe" is probably the dumbest.

    • tvesrb

      "MAN FUCKING ANOTHER MAN IS UGLY. IF GOD MADE 2 MEN INSTEAD OF A MAN AND A WOMAN,THUS WOULD BE NO ME OR U" this is not a valid excuse for your homophobia. stop it. you sound like a f***ing caveman. homosexuals are a minority. having them around is not gonna dwindle the population out of existence. being gay is no more a choice than hating the color yellow. no amount of self suggestion is gonna make you like yellow. you'd only be lying to yourself.

    • ugay4religion

      sounds like your gay for God and Jesus. Shits all fake, only thing thats real is BAD RELGION. WOLFGANG

    • Human Being

      no matter what you declare yourself as, you are an ignorant homophobe. learn about people, life, existence, and change your ways. you depict all that is wrong with close-mindedness.

  • Anonymous

    new frank ocean

  • Anonymous

    new frank oceann

  • Anonymous

  • Whoseverpine97

    I just can't listen to someone who is openly gay like this; i don't have anything against gay ppl but by listning and connecting w/ a gay person i can't not feel gay myself...and i'm 100% straight..i just can't listent to him anymore..

    • Riggs Repking

      Thats possibly the most close minded thing ive read on here. You cant appreciate his music cuse he sings about a man? HOW do you listen to rap at all? You dont have the chain and the benz im sure. Get fucking real

  • YOLA

    Man we talking about this man's music. All I can see is wow. I can't see how nobody can not like this album. I knew it would be good but it's better then then good. This album is too dope.

  • Chitown J

    Plain and simple this is a dope album. The production is nuts. Most music is based on simple loops, but these tracks are ever evolving, except for Thinking Bout You. Honestly I ignore the content of some of his lyrics, just like I would when listening to female R&B singers. This album has more of a Jazz/Neo-Soul sound. I wouldn't call it R&B and the writing is very interesting. It grabs your attention because he's not exactly singing the lyrics. If Nas doesn't come better next week this will probably be the top album of the year.

  • Mike

    Greatest thing that's happened to R&B since R. Kelly... 4.5/5 at least in my book.

  • ?

    funny how the same niggas worried about this dude's sexual orientation go beat their dick to lesbian porn all day

  • double standards

    its funny how u losers say its alright for Frank ocean 2 be gay yet u start dissin lil wayne for kissin birdman and wearing tight jeans

  • NYC

    Homosexuality is ABNORMAL. Bestiality is ABNORMAL. Pedophilia is ABNORMAL. Incest is ABNORMAL. Just because you are either brainwashed or homosexual doesn't mean your acceptance of an ABNORMAL behavior is correct.

    • NYC

      Obesity & High School dropouts are normal & so are black on black crimes, black men going to jail & selling crack but that doesn't make it right or the standard!!!!! WRONG IS WRONG!!!!

    • Jonathan

      I am wrong. Shit pushing is shit pushing.

    • NYC


    • NYC

      Woah, I never thought about it that way. Sorry for offending you, Jonathan. I was only saying that shit because I was having trouble coming to terms with the fact that I'm an incestuous pedophile

    • Jonathan

      Normality is completely subjective, so let's break it down. Bestiality is wrong because there is no way for an animal to express consent. Therefore, often sexual practice with animals is simply traumatizing the animal. Similarly, children do not wish to engage in overtly sexual behavior. Pedophilia is so wrong because it only damages the child and often requires years of counseling to overcome. (note: pedophilia has been highly common practice among a church that condemns "abnormal" sexual practices). Incest is frowned upon because the children of an incestuous couple are often severely malformed. Also, the practice confuses familial love with sexuality... which can often lead to very confusing situations. But why is homosexuality "wrong"?? because it makes anyone unhappy? no. because it's non-consensual?? no. because it is emotionally scarring?? no. The only reason it is looked upon in this way is that the Roman practice of homosexuality was often non-consensual, and therefore the christians who wrote the bible decided to condemn it. However, in this day and age homophobia exists for one reason alone... because people are trapped by a tradition of intolerance. think for yourself and you can only reach the conclusion that homosexuality is simply different. I came to this conclusion on my own, without the influence of past thinking. For this reason, I am correct, and you are in fact the one who is brainwashed.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I WAITED dis album so MUCH.... but... Frank Ocean was ma favorite singer. I listened to his shit err day all day. den dis nigga annonuced he is gay????? I was like WTF? I deleted all his shit from ma iPod. I know SHAWN "JAY-Z" CARTER wuz his first love. Jay-Z needs a strap on to fuck Beyonce.... dis niggas are gay as hell. its disgusting. death to gay people! Jay-Z, KANYE WEST, EMINEM, 50 CENT all dese niggas are gay. ma idols Weezy, Baby, Drizzy, Ricky, Nicky and TYLER, THE CREATOR and MAC MILLER are straight at least. Tyler should fire Ocean from da label. just sayin. swag

  • 2da9thpwr

    Frank is bisexual not gay and Hip Hop Dx just reviewed two non rap/hiphop albums in a row. Pitchfork reviews more Hip Hop than DX and gives more relevant and apt reviews when it isn't even their speciality. I like Franky O besides the fact that he's softer than a pair of 2ply twin savers but you would think that there aren't enough hip hop albums for DX to review when pitchfork has one everyday (sometimes even two).

  • Anonymous

    This went right over DX's heads, the album is easily a 4.5 at very least, possibly even a 5. Let's just hope they give Life Is Good the 5 it deserves.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      you religious homophobes are the reason this world is going to shit. We're all going to become extinct one day because there's too many people and not enough food thanks to religion. GOLFWANG

    • call me li

      It is still illegal in many African countries such as Nigerian and Tanzania. Homosexuality is indeed scarring to both the individuals, the children, and potentially the community simply because it represents a skewed unnatural damagaging view of love. There is a universal creator/energy and there are principles or "natural laws" of the universe. Love is the strongest force in the universe and homosexuality teaches non-prinicipled/natural form of the which is in direct contradiction to the universal principles and therefore can be considered Evil. Homosexuality is simply a tool being used to decieve man and keep them from knowing their true purpose and potential. OUT

    • Anonymous

      homo used to be illegal.

    • Anonymous

      Same reason every other teen is. From the unpopular to the popular kids at school. Teens have issues.

    • such false logic, my friend

      Why are gay teens killing themselves?? because clearly homosexual citizens in the USA are indeed oppressed. Weed is a separate issue, because it is an illegal drug... whereas homosexuality is in no way illegal. Acceptance of homosexuality isn't a "celebration". The disrespectful attitude portrayed here is close-minded and uses completely flawed logic. In recent history, homosexuals have indeed been lynched and discriminated against in the job market. As far as levels of unemployment, however, maybe weed smokers can't get jobs because they are too busy smoking weed. I agree that we should not be arresting anyone for Marijuana possession, but that's not an argument against treating everyone equally.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      your dicks in Jesus and "Gods" ass obviously. religious freak

    • Ignorance is not bliss

      This is so sad. I hope you can articulate your concerns differently. Why do you want to make other people unhappy... maybe because u are unhappy?

  • MightyMike27

    Havent been this interested in some R&B since Usher first came out lol n since TLC was running shit lol. Frank is mad dope. I like a lot of the songs on here. Theyre all good but half of them I can't really listen to. I need a little more Drums in there mang. Nastalgia was bumping, in half the songs in Channel Orange...the drums come in half way through the song and before that its just him and some strings. Wasn't diggin that but I still admire the talent. Its still good, just wish it had more drums in darr!! so I could bump dat shiat! haha 4/5

  • anyu89

    album of the year so far 5/5

  • Yessir's son

    What is frank doing the most ? is he more of a catcher like moises alou or a pitcher like that steroid nigga roger clemens?

  • Anonymous

    had this album on repeat since da release. real talk

  • doc

    Apparently all you have to do if f--- the editors on hip hop dx to get a 4/5.... illuminati-lovin a$$, pyramid worshiping idiots. Frank ocean is /\

  • Jake

    Niggas are the most discriminatory people on this Earth. Funny how we go from being oppressed to being the oppressors. I'm straight, I've bought and enjoy the album and any man that's afraid to listen to it or disses it because Frank is bi is just insecure in his own heterosexuality.

  • sun_god7

    Nas is right. Most people are reacting to the album and not even listening to the music and talent. This album is without flaws. It is modern Black soul music. The writing is better than The-Dream, Drake and Musiq. And those dudes can write the hell out of lyrics. Ocean does that plus has stronger metaphors. Don't know what to say - I was shocked that it's that good. Enjoyable listening to it with my woman. The girls really love the album - that is what counts more in my book.

  • Gr3yMar

    Closest thing to a perfect R&B album I've heard in years.

  • Luis

    Did not enjoy it one bit

  • Anonymous

    Nearly perfect album, 5 stars

  • DC

    Why did you guys only give it a 4/5 if you guys couldn't really name one bad thing in your review? Give that man a 5!

  • Anonymous


  • The Observer

    Where is the R Kelly Write Me Back review?

    • Anonymous

      ^black people can relate cuz you guys go to prison a lot

    • sun_god7

      That's a dope album too. People are sleeping on R.Kelly's new LP. He has a track where he's going to prison and he's asking his woman to wait for him.

  • Really???

    Dude should have just pulled a Luther and sold 10 million over his career. dude is too talented for these lil b gimmicks. alienated 70% of his fan base, bey can call it brave all she wants but she know her and hov aint smanging to dude on dude love soundtracks...

  • Gabrielle

    Channel Orange is an incredibly amazing album. Frank Ocean is one of the most talented artist, he's such a beautiful human being, inside and out. Definitely rate this album five out of five!

  • Anonymous

    better than most hip-hop albums this year

  • Anonymous

    He's bisexual idiots, either way music is how you interpret it. I can sing along because I know I'm straight. You closet homos need to be comfortable with yourselves. No offense

    • Bfhdhd

      Your an idiot ! Disorder? No mothafuckas born that way like wen u here a lil boy talkin like princess Barbie ! You just base your views a fake book written by man saying sex with the same sex is wrong when in nature many animals fuckin do it.. Ignorance at it's finest ... Educate your self and research shit with facts not fake scriptures

    • Jake

      Co Sign to the 3 people above me

    • Anonymous

      there is no difference. all mental disorders actually.

    • sun_god7

      Bi-sexuals are greedy mofos.

    • ReALLY??

      Bisexuals are JUST lazy homos...or greedy.

    • slid

      thats just not true. if you really dont know the difference between being homosexual and bisexual then just shut the fuck up, no one wants to hear you spew more ignorance

    • Anonymous

      If a person eats another person once...They are a cannibal. If a person molests a child once...They are a child molester for life. If a dude gets his fudge packed occasionally....He is gay.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all are a bunch of dumbasses do your research, Luther Vandross Gay, he's the reason a lot of you dipshits are here. Teddy Pendergrass got in a car accident with a tranny lol.. R. Kelly a Pedo haha. It's R&B y'all, just enjoy the art, as long as you're listening to it with your lady its all good. If you play this in the whip with another dude then yeah, That's Gay.

    • sun_god7

      I only listen to this by myself or with my woman. I put on Biggie if another dude walks into the room - immediately. I'm dealing with my homophobia - it's a process. It's like trying to kill the white supremacy in our minds.

  • fo

    all gays must be send to another planet so that they can choke on each others dick and die

  • Anonymous

    on novacane he sings, "fuck me good fuck me long fuck me hard". you telling me you can sing along with that knowing hes gay?

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry I just cant listen to love songs knowing the guy who wrote it wrote them about another man. too gay

    • MightyMike27

      Damn Slid, take a fucking chill pill lol. Smh. Anyway, then don't listen to it "anonymous". That's all. Frank's one of the biggest new talents and if you wanna miss out on em because your not comfortable with your sexuality that's on you. peaCe.

    • slid

      i'm sure your fucking parents are proud their child is such a big macho man he cant wake the fuck up. this is the motherfucking 21st century, not the damn dark ages. if someone wants to be a gay, let them. the only damn reason you'd be this anti gay is if youre a insecure little pussy. go jump off a building

    • @slid

      You motherfucker go choke on a couple horsedicks your parents must be proud of you knowing their child is a fucking gay lover

    • slid

      shut the fuck up. attitudes like yours make me sick. frank ocean's sexual orientation has absolutely no impact on the quality of his album. if you think it does then you're the biggest fucking idiot this planet has ever seen.

  • Devin

    This is a masterpiece, this is how art sounds.

  • Chicago Rilla

    Dopost album since's Maxwell's last joint a few years back

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait to here his features on WOLF

  • Anonymous

    sounds to gay for me

  • YouSerious?

    Great album, probably 4 and a half out of 5 for me, for some reason I just have a problem with the sound of Pilot Jones. Its a dope song for storytelling, but I wasn't feeling the song. Bad Religion gave me chills though.

  • ps

    hip hop album?? really??

  • Eddie

    Dope lyrics, catchy melodies and classic beats.. What more can you ask for?

  • Trypticon

    Great, traditional R&B album. I'm so sick of these artists like Usher and Chris Brown piggybacking off of this bullshit dance-pop craze. Nice to see somebody sticking to the tried and true formula. Great album Frank.

  • joaozi8

    5555555555555555 instant classic

  • S.Roz

    Instant Classic!!!!! A vintage musical masterpiece. A must have for music lovers....

  • YeKan

    he has an excllent voice.

  • Mortis

    Big KRIT, AbSoul, Killer Mike albums are BETTER than Channel Orange according to HipHopDx. Lost your cred card, Reyes

    • Jon Reyes

    • Anonymous

      John Reyes can suck on 5 baby dicks.

    • Jon Reyes

      Hmm, at no point in this review was Frank referred to as a Hip-Hop artist, BUT he does reside under the wide Hip-Hop genre. I'm siting his membership in Odd Future and Jay-Z and Kanye's co-sign and collaborations. In regards to Frank Ocean being a faggot...well, don't know what to tell you there, but I'm sensing that you are huge Hip-Hop fan, and it's looking the like genre is embracing Frank. Actually, the people who are behind the genre you love very much are supporting him. Faggot or not, he's winning.

    • @JonReyes

      Then why the fuck do I always see ''the hiphop artst frank ocean....'' Since when is this faggot considered hiphop when you specifically mention it as being an rnb centric album? This is the problem with this supporters want to include gay niggas as being in hiphop as well while this gay ocean nigga doesn't even deal with anything in rap

    • Anonymous

      Killer Mike's album is better than this one (which is also pretty great). That's why they gave it a higher rating...

    • Jon Reyes

      This is hardly a gay album. It's more about stories than personal reference points about Frank's life. This was rated as a body of work and without taking other writer's take on an album, especially when they are in different genres. If you want to listen to a gay album - OR want to learn to tell the difference, listen to George Michael's Listen Without Prejudice, Gossip's Men In Love...those are gay-centric albums. Frank wrote a stellar R&B album, pushing the genre forward.

    • @A-Game

      No, this is a gay album, not rnb

    • A-Game

      Dude you can't compare them or say which is better, KRIT, Soul, and Killer Mike are all rated as HIP-HOP albums. This is rated as a R&B album, two completely different genres bruh.

  • Anonymous

    good shit frank

  • me

    best r&b album in a while

  • Anonymous

    Best R&B in the past few years. 5/5

  • Domo

    I think 3/5, but nearly everybody I talk to likes this more.

  • Anon...

    Shit man, I thought this was dope as fuck man... Although I liked nostalgia, ULTRA. better because it was more experimental.