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Two decades after their formal arrival on Dr. Dre's seminal debut "The Chronic," DPG's latest release is a testament to the group's prolific tenacity.

Of the relatively few notable historians within Hip Hop's life span to date, few have retained relevance and fandom in 2012.  Amongst California's leading torchbearers of the '90s, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt played a significant role in Death Row's tumultuous coastal clash with Bad Boy Records that extended to conflict with the likes of Queens generals Mobb Deep and Capone & Noreaga. Two decades after their formal arrival on Dr. Dre's seminal debut The Chronic, Tha Dogg Pound's latest release DPGC'ology is a testament to the group's prolific tenacity.

As is the case with most veterans seeking a large platform for furtherance of their careers, Tha Dogg Pound has come to face the quagmire of reaching today's generation while simultaneously pleasing already established subscribers. This gives reasonable explanation towards the departure from their once trademark cohesive sound, as they collaborate with the presently ubiquitous 2 Chainz on "Where I Know You Like" and Southern vet 8Ball on "I'm Ready To Smoke." Furthermore, the group utilizes the instrumentals of Tyga's "Rack City," Meek Mill's "I'm A Boss" and other recently popular backdrops, indicative of a possible identity crisis and arrival at a creative crossroads.

Setting aside Tha Dogg Pound's ill-advised drawbacks of adjusting their sound to fit today's mold, DPGC'ology manages to make intermittent concessions to long familiar listeners. Daz & Kurupt's motley crew including Snoop Dogg & Kokane make appearances throughout the tape and songs such as "Day 2 Die," "We Ain't Feelin That," "Let It Be Known," and "No Love" remain mindful of their Gangsta Rap roots and the element that originally built their legacy from the ground up. Never recording for the faint of heart, Daz and Kurupt's odes to crass promiscuity, marijuana consumption, and looming violence on DPGC'ology are suitable for the experience of left coast Hip Hop enthusiasts. Despite the DPG's stagnant musical growth and standard tunnel vision, it stands as a solid enough release to know that modernized compromise backed by lyrical consistency still promote longevity.

DX Consensus: "EP-worthy"

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  • JayJayNN2

    I like DPG of old more but this mixtape is still dope

  • Anonymous

    Haters need to recognise

  • mdkeren2

    BELOW on every new video article and basically any new piece of content

  • CABJ

    Straight West Coast dopeness. Cant understand such hating.

  • dynastym

    Kurupt is the only person among these 3 who has improved over the years. Daz is not even close to consistent and it shows how much people care about his lyrical skills given you almost never see daz featured on songs conversely kurupt makes it on features nation wide. That said snoop should have retired after R & G came out.

    • John

      I really don't think that this is the case; they have all gone downhill pretty much simply by sayisfying the mainstream cults. The group and Snoop worked best in the years '92-'99, in which gangsta rap was rife. As a massive Snoop Dogg fan, however, I believe that between the above years, (most notably 1993), he was the best rapper to have ever lived. Certainly the most laid-back and laconic. Who Am I (What's My Name)? and Gin ad Juice enforce this. As for Tha Dogg Pound, even their debut Dogg Food was somewhat of a disappointment.

  • Bryan

    Fuck and Day2Die.CLASSIC.

  • bryan

    im sorry.If you voted less than 4/5 then you must listen to some shity ass music.This tape goes HARD. What Ya Smoking On Going Down No Love 21 Gun Salute Thows tracks alone are worth buying this tape let alone download it for free.Straight West Coast Classic tracks.Had them on repeat all 4/20. 5/5

  • Anonymous

    2 stars? west coast hate...

  • Bigg Mike

    Although I agree Tha Dogg Pound is not what that once were, you have to consider one fact...IT'S A MIXTAPE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! lol (excuse the CAPS). Have any of you considered maybe just maybe that's the reason they used others beats on a few songs.

  • datnigga

    worth listening to

  • Anonymous

    I think Daz is more capable than Kurupt at this point, but using other people's beats? That's garbage.

  • yeahhhhh buddy

    I give this review a 5/5! Perfectly articulated. I'm glad that this tape is making waves, but I don't think any of us expect Daz and Kurupt to ever make any real effort together again. Daz is in it for a check, and Kurupt smoked himself retarded.