Yo Gotti - Live From the Kitchen

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From the title alone, you can guess what the Memphis-raised Yo Gotti's studio debut is going to sound like - and as it progresses it confirms every suspicion.

Yo Gotti deserves a medal, because Live From The Kitchen is just about the most predictable rap album you could ever listen to. That's quite a dishonorable achievement for most, but in Gotti's world, predictability plays heavily into a fan base that wants the same kind of songs to slip into rotation. From the title alone, you can guess what the Memphis-raised Yo Gotti's studio debut is going to sound like - and as it progresses it confirms every suspicion.

Being that it's called Live From The Kitchen, you know that Gotti is all about his trap raps and talking about the white powder world he was so successful in. And that's largely all he can be bothered to write about, right from the opener, "Testimony," which he kicks off by talk-rapping, "If I should die 'fore I wake/ I pray the streets my work to take." (Now that's a legacy!) The producers he's procured beats from include (of course) Lex Luger, Drumma Boy, Lil' Lody and Shawty Red. While it's a lofty enough set of names, they hand Gotti beats that largely sound like half-assed takes of any random Southern drug-centric album to have been released since Jeezy first got on his thug motivational regime.

You also know the guest list for this one before you've even scanned the credits. As is mandatory these days, it has to feature Rick Ross on a track ("Harder" ). It does, and it sounds exactly like every other track the Bawse has been paid to rap on in the last six months. It also features the annoying 2 Chainz ("Cases" ), who has already plagued mixtapes by T.I. and Rick Ross this year. It cobbles together some of those hotly-hyped young uns - this time Big K.R.I.T., Big Sean, Wale and Wiz Khalifa, on the bouncy "Go Girl." And, just to prove that Southern rappers don't discriminate against Hip Hop's birthplace, Jadakiss is roped in for a cameo ("Red White And Blue").

On the plus side? Mercifully, at least Live From The Kitchen is only 11 tracks long, and there are enough cameos and singles to fuel your party bus. That's something, right?


  • tuvi

    Trap rap sounds the same, you listen to one song and you've heard them all. Unfortunately, there is no room for improvement in the South.

    • Not North

      the beats we make down south kills up north beats and to be honest if rick ross didn't cosign meek mill he wouldn't be hot and he raps off south beats. Up top will never reclaim the game. the labels just fucked over yo-gotti with the release date.we don't need the north to sell cuz we have more people living in the south than up there,so you cats lame and yuh females to easy to smash.

  • Louis Giorgi

    Why are you hating on 2Chainz????

  • Peaks

    album was not what i expected. the Jan 10th mixtape went hard tho...

  • Kevin

    Some songs were good but those were a YEAR OLD seriously TM 103 was better

  • Josh

    Good timing in release but nothing was impressive about this album

  • nah

    Wack to me. Miss '04 Yo Gotti.

  • Anonymous

    now if we would of have paul and juice on it it would of went platinum true shit

  • chris

    oh and btw - the writers on this site are whiteboy lames that got bullied throughout highschool, soft ass faggots. save your 2cents for someone that cares, the songs that were on the album were tight tbh just they were old and only 11 songs is bad.

  • chris

    people waited for this piece of shit? why is the mixtape always better then the album? 11 songs really lmao. half of em been out for like a year. i love trap songs dont get me wrong and i like yo gotti but dude u gotta come harder then this on a fucking album. embarrassing.

  • applebottom booty

    yo peep out this must see video on utube http://youtu.be/D_Y8NOLrfuo

  • Kayleigh

    I fucked Yo Gotti last night. His cock is really huge and he came all over my face. Hope he calls me for another date.

  • YoungOutlaw

    I actually like this shit, used to hate Yo Gotti, but this album made me like him, of course it's no classic, but it goes hard, harder than that fag Wayne !

  • theRealistishIeverWrote

    yo, so, i'm in the culture of hip hop straight up. I've dabbled in the game pitching. I never reached big boy status and i'm glad I didn't. Stole cars and all that until I felt cuffs. My point - I wouldnt glorify the ish I did to make bucks. That aint real hip hop son. Its black genocide. Its sell out music. It hurting the culture, giving the goverment/the man the firepower to shoot us down by letting us pull the trigger. 30-40 year old men putting this ish in the heads of our seeds son. These niccuhs get no respect for that ish. Jeezy and this fool are sell outs. Coke rap aint good for the hood unless its saying yo, don't do this, it wasn't lovely, its not nice being shot - or shot at - and nearly dying or having to kill someone cause i'm making dirty moves to make profits. I don't want my seeds trying to do what ive done or coke rap. Yung Jeezy and fools like this need to get their minds right won. That's on everything.

    • Nicki

      Boo, you could have saved that comment for a more relevant thread. Gotti weak ass has never gotten so much as a speeding ticket; all his wack rhymes are fiction. He isn't glorifying anything he has lived, so this is no different than watching a movie. A poorly written movie no less. Live from the kitchen? What is he in there doing? Making ramen noodles? He needs to go ahead and cash in his chips and learn a trade like construction or auto repair cause this rap shit is not gonna pan out for him much longer.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is south version of

  • Anonymous

    Fish - At the end of the day Drake's "emotional" album stands well over a million sold while Yo Gotti's stands at.... Several hundred lol I don't mind trap rap, but the reviewer has a point. It's all the same.

  • Anonymous

    man this rating it way off this album is 4 stars easy!

  • Anonymous


  • Fish

    havnt got this yet, but I WILL be getting it. Drug raps may not be everyone's taste, but Jeezy proved you can make it work and i think Gotti's mixtapes prove that too. Don't like it, then fuck off and put your Drake CD back in bitch.

  • RA

    The author just sound like a hater when it comes to the coke-rap community in hip hop. Granted the album prolly wasnt "amazing" but ya tone is just one of a hater.. chill out

    • Anonymous

      Evidently the buying public agrees with the review as they aren't burning up the stores to cop this..

    • no one

      agreed and I haven't listened to a Gotti song in over a year. Hate for gotti, 2 chainz, ross, and the "over hyped young guns"

  • Anonymous

    its no lie its not as good as any one would have hoped but yall kno that if his mixtapes hot that dam sure his albums can be too

  • Anonymous

    man ya niggaz hatin when yaw dont kno his label made decisions with out him...so before yaw talk yaw have to kno the facts if anything

  • Anonymous

    Red, White and Blue, Best song. Album: 3.00

  • thafranchise24

    Stop giving away all your shit on mixtapes!!Its like he gave his fans quality songs for free and then makes them buy trash.


    I picked this up and was impressed. I have been around sense Yo Gotti albums were advertised on the back of Kingpin Skinny Pimp CDs. Lyrically this is standard fare for Mr. Gotti(which is good!) but the beats are big budget and really layered well. (sparse but complex) Its a real treat for me, and it would be for you if you cop :)

    • TEXAS


  • Anonymous

    again some wannebe gangsta rapper talking about coke and money. god damn it booooooring.

  • wtf

    yo made us wait all these years for a new album and then with he do put something out its this. he could have kept these songs in his head. 0.5 out of 5 stars from me. trash!!!!

  • JayDee

    This review would've been better if you didn't sound like a hater at the same time. Excessive shit talk overpowers the validity

  • sad

    Sad, but true. His street shit with TVT back in the day was better-produced than this. That KRIT shit was so disappointing.

  • Micah

    i think the label had more to do with this, but second chance killa and letter are standout tracks letter being a very good track, its not great but it is good

  • Anonymous

    nothing great very average his mixtapes are better