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While it feels like "Master of Ceremonies" could have been more, it's a solid effort worth checking out both for fans of Styles and New York rap in general.

Having dropped a long list of solo LPs, group albums and mixtapes since debuting with The L.O.X. in 1998, Styles P has firmly established himself as a top-tier lyricist. While he may not show up on as many “Top 5 Dead or Alive” lists as he may like, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would deny his skills. Of course, Hip Hop History is full of great rappers who couldn’t convert those skills into a complete album; so even after all this time, Styles can’t rest on pedigree alone.

Master of Ceremonies starts off a little slow with “How I Fly” but doesn’t take too long to ramp up. The Sheek Louch assisted “Street Shit” raises the energy level with a hard break and dark pianos, paving the way for “It’s Okay” with Jadakiss, where the two go back and forth in classic fashion, this time over a loud club track. Styles also reunites with Rick Ross on “Harsh,” (with Busta Rhymes) contrasting the explosive “B.M.F.” with a more relaxed backdrop for their stunts.

Pharrell helps provide an eighties Miami vibe on “Don’t Turn Away,” and while Styles doesn’t go full on “coke rap,” a little Scarface still makes it through. In addition to those already mentioned, Lloyd Banks, Pharoahe Monch, and Sheek (again) also show up, making the 12-track LP a little crowded, even without counting a handful of R&B singers. Each guest handles his duties appropriately, but as a group, they take a lot of time away from the star.

Styles does a good job being introspective on “Keep the Faith” and expressing his thoughts on the state of our youth on “Children,” so it might have been nice if a few more tracks were dedicated to definitive concepts instead of directionless collaborations. Added to production that’s a little flat in spots, the emphasis on guests reduces the longevity of what might have been a much stronger album.

While there’s no telling how much closer this brings us to a new L.O.X. album, Styles is doing his best to represent the collective properly with his latest solo. While it feels like Master of Ceremonies could have been more, it’s a solid effort worth checking out both for fans of Styles specifically and New York rap in general. Admittedly, Styles still hasn’t quite hit the height of his potential, but he’s far from falling off while he continues the pursuit.



  • Hubcapface

    This shit was perfect NY shit....My favourite album of the year!

  • P


  • Madness

    Good Albums, We don't Play my favourite

  • this album is hot

    you little niggaz dont no about real music album is hot

  • unbelievable

    how many bad albums are we gonna get from this fucking guy. fuck off already wannabe gangster, go back to putting pampers around ur baby.

  • Whack

    Dude can't make a decent song for shit. Terrible album.

  • carAnthony

    Average album, but I still love you ghost! 3,5/5

  • Lil roc

    This album got some joints u can ride to and listen too on your way to work. We dont play wit banks and harsh are my favorites, and what he spit on children was real. Its a good album it reminded me alot of the green ghost project. I still like gangsta and a gentleman and time is money significantly better, but thats just my opinion

  • thetruth

    some of the worst hooks i ever heard in my life.

  • Swordz

    Mixtape P > Album P although there were some heat on this I feel like it fit together right,

  • jeremy

    Super letdown. Last album in '07 was good. This shit sucks.

  • Bizzalls

    Holy shit! "it's Ok" beat is fuxkin disgusting!! That whole track is bananas! Sick shit how styles and Jada trade lines back and forth, the beat sounds like some old swizzy shit when he was fire!

  • The Truth

    word up beats scream pop music

  • Brian

    album is as soft as a teddy bear...the "P" in Styles P must mean pop

  • Brian

    styles p is the hardest right...what's hard about stabbing someone in the ass??? that's what he went to jail for - stabbing someone in the ass.

  • Sunspect

    HipHopdx has listened to this album and commented on its most profound cuts. Styles does a good job being introspective on Keep the Faith and expressing his thoughts on the state of our youth on Children, so it might have been nice if a few more tracks were dedicated to definitive concepts instead of directionless collaborations." This statement is sufficient and satisfactory. But what hits the most, is the lack of understanding for the spirit in the album through the verses besides the productions. The production could've been more stronger, so it would've been more collective and more powerful as an album. The critic is pointed at the commentators who does not consider or even feel or the touch the lyrics. Styles P delivers original statements about street life, personal affairs, faith and for almost political issues. It's not that we haven't heard these topics before, but the deliver is different and real: Hit the spot for cocaine measurin Got a Desert Eagle, need a city eagle Tryin to tell my niggaz the whole city evil And all I know is murderers and gritty people But it is what it is - Ryde On Da Regular" Should statements like this be considered as carelessness? We've been hearing this the from the beginning of Hip Hop, from mad artists like 2Pac, who opened the book of thuggin'. 2Pac's definition of a thug was, that a man had nothing but himself. You can hear the loneliness on "Keep the Faith" track. But let's rewind to the above. He's telling, that the city's evil, filled with criminals and so on. Than he concludes - but it is what it is. See this hits me, when I consider how important the lyrics is for the judgement of a specific city or society, that still haven't got better. Harsh" isn't what a man should consider himself to strive, Styles P paints the picture of how he is raised by the mentality of being strong and harsh, when the city's evil and the only way to be at the top is to play the boss. In the music video you can see Styles plays the role like Michael Corleone. This not only paint an image of him being a gangster or whatever, but the harshness that it is a necessity to keep yourself at the top of being a boss, when the politicians do the same, and do not provide the good, but the regular. Which is suppression and the balance as we up till now have seen. I could go on interpreting the album, what a review a different thing, so I'll keep it short. One

  • Leo

    really impressed with this album, styles p out did himself with this one. i didnt think he would be able to top super gangsta and extraordinary gentlemen but he did. definetly an album to have and definetly a classic for hip hop. D-Block!!!!!!

  • King Aus

    Salute...solid. My favorite out of the Father Son and Holy Ghost of hiphop.

  • Lex

    Y'all haters Hate too hard,this Nigga got all kinds of music out if you don't like his sh#t why even click on it?.. Oh so you can say you don't like?.. sound like a hater to me. Styles is tight though I saw him preform in Manhattan with Drag-on,Swiss, and Remy Martin and he was the only one of them I seen drive there and walk in thru the front door thru the crowd by himself and get on stage smoking the same blunt he walked in smoking. I guess you just gotta like gangsta music to feel this nigga

  • J.H

    album is one of the best of the year least my nigga S.P has done everything he ever rhymed about and he doesnt give a fucc about fame he,s just a hood nigga who loves music...yall rather support fake rappers who never lived shit they talked about smh...S.P is one of the only niggas in the game who can do shows in other niggas city with no security and not get tried and thats a fact

    • J H

      If you a real nigga it means a lot...rap is entertainment but at the end of the day practice what you preach, you may not be one but real niggas will always take that shit to the grave whether its in music or real life point blank period

    • box

      what the fucc does doing shows without security have to do with anything? especially if you making songs that's not beef'n with a city? come on my equal,ain't no rapper did everything he rap about,get the fucc outta here with that shit. some shit but not all. and it's nothing wrong with security that shit is smart,who wouldn't want to be able to pop someone and have an alibi? get that broke mentality outta here,being surrounded by goons is nothing but security without legit qualifications my equals haha. styles p is cool tho much respect to the equal, hope the album sales well so he can continue to feed his fam yell

  • Anonymous02

    13 years in the game and he still hasn't hit the height of his potential?? Sorry, I'm not buying that. This is as famous as you'll ever be, P.

  • Anonymous

    Reks ripped this dude a new one. One of the most limited rappers I've ever heard. Switch your flow for once, god damn. His lyrics are so fucking simple and repetitve, it's a fucking disgrace that he can't flow properly for once with so much nursersy-rhymed shit. It's a fucking shame that such a whack project like this receives 3.5 stars. This deserves one for the dumb title.

  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    this album is solid... tracks i really like the most are "Don't Turn Away" and "Street Shit"... but all songs are good, i say 5/5

  • Nico 3

    I could never stand Styles P, but dude came with some heat. Not many of the songs are high on repeat value, but at least 3 are - 3 1/2

  • psycho

    styles p doin it for real hip hop heads

  • hollwoodj

    I love the truth teller that styles p is. Keep the faith, ride on da regular, children, and Ohh-uhh all bang over n over in da whip n my hears. Miami nigga talking

  • yonkers g 5 star salute me

    'im from a part of new york thats fouler than pork'

  • johnny

    Album is hot. Stop hating...............

  • Big CHill

    Now that I've played the entire album five times, I'm skipping over tracks. This is an average collection of songs at best. 3/5

  • JG

    def some hot tracks on there, its a quality release for sure...ill be bumpin this, 9th and Phonte til the new year

  • brenda

    shit is smooth sp doin his thing

  • Anonymous

    All u nigga don't understand the G styles P u bitch azz nigga is house nigga y'all don't kno about the streets or the struggle so stop acting like y'all could relate to the Homie 2guns up u fucking faggets SP what up 6ig homie I see you keep doin ya thing my G I fucks wit you no homo since I was 11 now I'm 27 kno dat keep doin ya thing u hatein azz fags kill ya self POWPOW

  • MCEihtcmwNmyneighborhood

    could have been better . its decent tho 3 stars

  • Daman

    Real music, the ghost showing u how to MC! He even flip the wordplay and flow on a Warren G track damn! If u hating on joints like We don't play, I'm a gee, Ryde on da regular, keep the faith, children, street shit, harsh and UH-OHH. Peep the last verse on UH-OHH and get at me. These are the over head bars!

  • Grind Extraordinaire

    Styles is the truth. Listn to that children track esp. I heard 3 or 4. Everything i heard bang. Never did favor interviews, esp. if niggas aint followers, everybody should have their own opinion. I love real nigga music! Salute!

  • d

    sp the ghost showing these rappers how to mc

  • soccmade

    hiphopdx fell off!! Way off!!

  • red rum

    To me this is a classic Album i dont wanna hear that soft draKe shit

  • youngvito79

    Dude fell off!! Way off!!

  • TheBossG

    4.5 Stars. One of the Greatest Albums of the Year (Top 5). No Filler; Many of you Niggas need to get off the High Horse. "I'm a Gee," "Keep the Faith," "Uh-Ohh," "How I Fly," "We Don't Play," and "Don't Turn Away"!!!! Styles P: Hardest Rapper Alive, Master of Ceremonies, Mic Controller, Microphone Checker, Music Commentator, and One who Moves the Crowd.

  • Cheddah B

    yoooo foreal fuck that.... this album is a straight classic im sick of ppl talkin down on real hip hop...ppl dont respect or no whats real no more its sad the era i grew up on i miss it dreadfully i would trade todays blasphemy of hip hop for back then

  • jp

    phonte album way better than this shit

  • jp

    styles p sucks thats it why people be saying hes 1 of the best ever nigga hell no

  • Ali Lafayette Rhea

    No question the kid is nice and no doubt he gets busy- I'm not talking about him but Ali Lafayette Rhea. One Love

  • Let Go

    Big Styles P fan but def not his best work. I give it a 3, its nothing special. Beat selection was sub-par not his usual. People that keep saying G&G was his only good album MUST have never heard of Time is Money. That album knocks from begin-end! 12 Solid tracks.

  • P

    Nothing speacial about this album, shitt is real boring.

  • Anonymous

    dissapointment. styles made 1 good album a gangster and a gentle man. Lox is 13 years in the game with average releases. they just cant bring it.

  • Anonymous

    A gangsta and a gentleman. shit! that album was a classic

  • Brandon Caminero

    always hard shit!

  • vern

    Styles albums sound way better in theory than they actually do. This dude is so lazy. I'm sorry, massive disappointment.

  • nobody

    that was the most pathetic review I have ever read, waste of time Zero effort MC is awesome and is appropriately title well done Ghost!

  • Mike Pilgrim

    the reviewer said styles cant make a complete album like a gangster and a gentleman aint a classic

  • tre

    That Ryde on da Regular joint is on repeat.. dope as fuck...album rock solid one of the best of the year

  • Up North

    I think The Green Ghost Project and Invincible were both better, but this album is still rock solid. You know you'll get consistency with Styles, and if your a Styles fan, you won't be disappointed. "I'm a Gee" and "Keep The Faith" go extra hard.

  • Powerphi

    This is a solid release. "Children", the song produced by Pete Rock, and "Harsh" are dope. The rest of the album is solid, but not super-crazy. 3.75/5

  • Anonymous

    ive been high as hell since i got it..its on heavy rotation,gets better with every listen!!! ghost

  • DaFlo

    The Ghost put together a no-frills, CRAZY album...NO weak tracks from beginning to end...Should've been a 4 at least!!!!

  • Hod_guy

    I'm a big lox fan anyone else think time has passed them up, it's been more of a decade since their last group, This CD is subpar & so was the last styles album, Jadakiss & Sheek have gotten progressively worst. I still love them though but the truth is the truth. They pick the worst beats & that plagued this album & has plagued them throughout their careers. 3 stars for me, really 3 1/2, I guess.....

  • ItsTheTruth

    I gave it a 5. This album is a damn near classic to me and I do NOT throw that word around often. 12 tracks, no filler. I can listen the whole way through, and Styles P goes hard. One of the hardest out amongst all the skinny jean/Women pant wearing rappers talkin bout some soft shit. I'm a big J Cole fan too, and I like Master of Ceremonies better, but I just prefer harder material, cole sounded too mainstream and raps about bitches way too much. Bottom line, this shit is for real hip hop heads. Styles keeps it lyrical, and just keeps it real throughout the whole record. I'd like to give HHDX a big Fuck You, they give this a 3.5 and give Big Sean a 4. But, I never take their reviews serious, the people's votes speak for themselves, and with that said, this album is at least a 4.

    • hod_guy

      This album & big sean's are on the same level, u want commercial & focused, or hard & sloppy. both are 3.5 to me. J. Cole's CD was better than both those guys disc(both don't crack my top 10)

  • Anonymous

    so ... Juices 4 life is a fruit drink cafe for the hood? ......

  • Edwin BigMichigan Logan

    Great review decent could have been better

  • Anonymous

    a very fair review. i share similar sentiments with the reviewer. still a good album but i was expecting a lot more since styles has really evolved as an MC

  • DUKE

    Album is pretty good but it would've been better if he included songs NYC, and Brothers from the MOC mixtape. Styles P is a beast though. Best songs are the ones with Lloyd Banks and Uh Oh.

  • Rhys 'Rhysey' Hamilton


  • Anonymous

    Haven't heard anything from him that has made me want to listen to him again (apart from Pharoahe Monch collabs.) He seems like a ok rapper...

  • Anonymous

    styles is vary underrated

  • Anonymous

    Styles P track with Lloyd Banks is fucking hot, fireeeeeeee, shit is too dope, Banks too underrated. D Block/G-Unit the best in the rap game


    offcourse this is a great album, Styles P D block never dissapoints me