Young Jeezy - The Real Is Back 2 (Mixtape Review)

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The 11-track short "The Real Is Back 2" sounds like Jeezy distilled down to his dopest form.

"I was a boy in the 'hood before I ever knew Puffy, bitch," spits Young Jeezy right from the jump-off on his latest pre-TM:103 hype-stoking mixtape "The Real Is Back 2." The boast is Jeezy in capsule form: The content in his raps still hails from the trap, but now he spits his stories of slangin' from a superstar status. But while your favorite trapper's most favored rapper's upcoming Def Jam project will call on a bigger budget and bring in his new A-list rap pals, the 11-track short "Real Is Back 2" sounds like Jeezy distilled down to his dopest best. From the brooding opener "Trump" with its talk of "niggas pulling home invasions" to the marginally more introspective closer, "Real Nigga Anthem," the mixtape unravels as a concentrated blast of Jeezy's street sermons layered over productions patched together from the triple threat of beastly bass-lines, searing snares, and sinister synth lines. At under 45 minutes, it's an undeniable ride.

Beyond "The Real Is Back 2's" buzz-building function though, it also introduces the subplot of Freddie Gibbs' role in the CTE empire. Granted verse time on a quartet of tracks, the blend of Gibbs and Jeezy works stylistically, with the Gary gangsta's fleeter flow often flipping into double time and embellishing Jeezy's economic and guttural voice to smart effect. But too often Gibbs still sounds like a rapper yet to find the voice he's comfortable with. As singular in subject matter as Jeezy's trap raps can be, he always sounds like he believes what he's spitting, even when he's one-upping Kanye by claiming to use "Louis Vuitton toilet paper." In his new mentor's shadow though, Gibbs still veers between wanting to establish himself as a new generation Scarface who pens nuanced gangsta narratives and going with his baser, street-centered instincts. His contributions here don't offer a solution, but at least rolling with CTE will give Gibbs the benefit of a consistent production sound.

But Gibbs is just the secondary story here, and "The Real Is Back 2" comfortably underscores the strength of Jeezy's all platinum rap formula. The only drawback? Someone's yet to invent an app to surgically remove DJ Drama's voice from mixtapes.

DX Consensus: "EP-worthy"

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    The Real is Back 2 is the TRUTH !!!

  • dwight

    lol @ the choice of Birdman as a feature.

  • Aaron

    Jeezy is da Realest dis will hold me over till TM 103

  • Gig

    If you saying this mixtape is weak, you obviously are 1. Young and DUMB 2. Probably would say "Wacka and Gucci are better or 3. You simply have never HUSTLED, and due to that fact you don't understand 95% of the mixtape!!!

    • Anonymous

      I guess I didn't understand hustling. I just didn't like the beats loved the intro and outro though. Production had that same type of beats these as my neighborhood mixtape rappers in my town. Jeezy comes in though more power to the people that understand trapping cause lord knows Rick Ross, and Wayne have turned it into a gimmick for white kids. lol #SMDH

  • Al Carlton Jr.

    I stopped checking for Jeezy since his first album and I thought this was going to bring me back over...nope

  • Dariel Hamberlin

    I Like the mixtape but.....WHERE THE FUCK IS TM 103?

  • jack johnson

    did they put the big 2 like that and in that font so it looks like a 2pac album from a distance?

  • Anonymous

    His album will sell about 20k.

  • Scotty Curtis

    real is back #1 is better

  • Big Chris

    Now a nigga back on his shit nothing can touch me, I can buy 116 bricks move to Kentucky, might buy a big house on the hill, might buy a farm, bitch I'm im buy so many watches might buy a arm. lol The hardest mixtape this year. 5 Stars


    I Tell You Tha Truth Tha real is back Real fake at that You may have cooked crack, made a couple of stackz But, a “G” in tha real streetz Fool you’re not that Rappin’ don’t make you real, jus because someone squeeze the trigger, don’t mean they’ll kill Loyalty is to die fo’ I recognize you read that Now Duncan Blocc raised you Tha truth lies, you’re a fake image of the Gangsta Mac Real hood dwellerz in tha city don’t respect that I Tell You Tha Truth You rap clownz fabricate so many lies in tha booth You can shake the light, but fool you can’t shake tha truth Now you got DJ Drama shoutin out Pookie Loc(L.I.P.) name in tha booth “B” fo’ real Oh, I forgot you can’t “C” fo’ real One minute you don’t know tha Loccishmen Yet, when tha realitytruth Loyalty is to die fo’ spoke on your fake sins Now it’s love for my love one again Your lyrics express you have no love jus loyalty Loyalty is to die fo’ free versed Love is tha strength that bondz loyalty For those that run behind you, in tha real streetz that’z fake juice You know what’s up with me, it’s reputable on minez and real I define This is not a dis, jus tha blue blooded truth I Tell You Tha Truth You rap clownz fabricate so many lies in tha booth Sleezy this is tha real Gangsta Mac, Mu’Cunja Jungle is where gangbang rumbles enact Tha city helped you climb tha rap scene Now you’re emulating our Loccish image Your locness is blemished Tha Mac Town is hard liquor, very hard to swallow Your style is like a woman, who ass wallow Telling Luc Rugah to transcribe loccishably hardcore, due to tha Byrd Gang and more knoccin at your door You didn’t morph from tha gangbang, so it’s evident you don’t know how to loc-tain BloodRaw know you fake kick it, so he moved his plate Don’t insinuate your fame I hate This realitypoem was transcribed, so tha real street “G’z” can relate If it wasn’t for Pookie Loc (L.I.P.) demise this realitypoem wouldn’t have your heart skippin a beat My loccish brotha lost his life, being loyal to your beef Yet, you can’t see to it his youngstas forever eat That’s not real street Now everytime you get beef You call on tha Gangsta Mac entourage for your defeat Even tha DVD you shot in Mu’Cunja Jungle is not of truth- you’re fake all tha way thru’ Wanting cred from tha real streetz, as though you actually hanged and banged Tha truth is you came thru, but on a scavenger hunt that’s not of truth It’s morelike you’re the hunted, now that’s tha thorough truth Thus, I can care less about your fame, as a blackman continue doin’ your thang Likewise, as a LoccishMen your locness is fake game I Tell You Tha Truth You rap clowns fabricate so many lies in tha booth Sleezy you’re actin’ like a breezy Jealous of Rick Ross rappin about blowin’ money fast Are you mad that your rappin time has passed You should’ve been a good businessman, and brought out your C.T.E. cohorts You want all tha shine, you dared to let your lyrical artist shine Roccet C’walked BloodRaw left to successfully incline Luc Rugah didn’t even get put on tha rap frontline Sleezy you’re a front, who like to hold artists back Even your bodyguard turned his back, due to you not wanting to pay for your armor of protection I am no rapper These are jus realitytruth spokenworded facts Business is business, but after taxes where you at A good businessman knows, he must invest in his acts Don’t think I am in your pocket This is jus some game, from a businessman with facts I am on one with mines, as I financially incline Financial literacy got me intact From tha pen to tha streetz Expect me soon, tha Loccishmen MR. BIGMANN is back FO’LOCCISH (Forever Loccish) I Tell You Tha Truth You rap clowns fabricate so many lies in tha booth Contact: or Bigmann Poetry on

    • MrMalik

      Damn, callin out names. Does it ever end? A real nigga would do what he got to do and keep it moving instead of taking time to focus on ruining another mans cred. And i fucked with bloodraw from Tally- ho, he was a real nigga but he was neva gonna blow, nor any of them niggas from Boyz n the Hood. Except, well Jodi. Jeezy been doin his thang for sometime and now that there aint a team no more, well fill in the blanks. Maybe I'm speakin outta turn, but shit nigga its the web! Call that nigga up... real recognize real

    • illegal ass foo

      can u not type like that and just spell the word correctly without puttin parenthesis on them and all that other stuff, wut the fuck do they mean

  • koth561

    I have a lot of respect for Jeezy as a person, but I just find his lyrics to be plain mediocre.

  • Azhar

    jeezy been dropping hot music all year long... TM103 gonn abe a classic!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Review L.A.B.O.R., the true Hip Hop shit and not this.

  • jann hammer

    jeezy killed it on this one, good call

  • Dat'Whoa Bagdad

    Jeezy has held it down all these years while still keeping true to who he is and keepin it real to the streets ay wat you will but i bump this over that skiiny jean wearin shit yall listen to follow me @therealWHOA

  • Mr.Mean

    Monotonous trash. No thanks. No wonder his album got postponed again.

  • rudy

    This review made me check this out later today. Nice to see a dope mainstream mixtape pop-up. Game really let me down.

  • Micah

    Liked this and the first one. Hope def jam release this album

    • Arcy P.

      lmao, did you just refer to Young Jeezy as jizzle? that sounds terrible haha

    • geocuntlover

      @Micah , you have plenty of jizzie to hold u over? sounds like you need a towel to wipe off the jizzie. gay porn must be a rough job

    • Micah

      alright if it got postponed i have plenty of jizzle to hold me over while i wait. like i said i hope def jam release the album, whether its 9/20 or wheneva. Your negativity is not needed. and Def Jam never changed the date

    • Anonymous

      Hope you know the album has already been postponed #trash Young Yeezy

  • PiaN Flocka


  • Ryan FreeJay GstringGford

    Good Mixtape!