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For every reference to his phallus, there's a punchline worthy of a rewind or some syllabic creation convincing all that Royce is not to be fucked with.

Riding the wave of critical acclaim which resulted from his collaborative work with Eminem as one half of Bad Meets Evil, Royce Da 5’9 is about to keep his audience talking with his new solo effort, Success Is Certain. As if Hell: The Sequel and a major label deal for Slaughterhouse weren’t enough to make 2011 a great year for the Detroit emcee, Success Is Certain is only continuing his impressive run.

Lyrically, Royce isn’t holding back, and he’s also holding his own. Guest features are minimal but important (including the appearances logic would lead one to expect, like Joe Budden and Eminem), leaving all attention on Mr. Nickel Nine. And he deserves it. For every bar he drops which has a reference to his phallus, there’s a punchline worthy of a rewind or some syllabic creation so hardbody that one would be convinced that he’s not a guy to fuck with. The Eminem and Futuristiks-produced “Legendary” which serves as the opener to the album, features a menacing Royce over Travis Barker drums, threatening, “as far as killing I’m forever willing and ready / I will make my children’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a machete / You marry the streets then we will kill at your wedding / Tell every guest at your reception they gon’ get more than just hit with confetti.” He wastes no time and transitions from “Legendary” right into the lead single featuring Mr. Marshall Mathers, “Writer’s Block” .

Standing up to strong lyricism is an equally strong production effort. Notables such as Nottz, Alchemist, Mr. Porter, and DJ Premier stop by to lend their hand to Royce’s musical backdrop, and the results are exactly as should be expected from the aforementioned names. As Royce brushes off the haters over some signature Alchemist sound on “I Ain’t Coming Down” , he even takes a time to make a playful jab at himself as he jokingly rhymes, “You talking shit about me at your barbershop, you obviously politicking wrong, niggas need to stop PMS-ing / I hope your barbers give your ass the same hairline as me and DMX’s.”

Certain offerings are more memorable than others, with tracks like “My Own Planet” (the closest thing to a club joint on the LP, not that one ever should have been on the album anyway, featuring Joe Budden) falling short in comparison to bangers such as “Merry Go Round” where he once again brings weaponry into a reference to his kids with the simile, “Like leaving only guns to my kids when I’m killed / I got an iron will.” But even the very few tracks which aren’t five-star quality are still worth a listen or two, or maybe even more.

Success Is Certain should certainly be viewed as successful if Royce Da 5’9’s goal was to rap his ass off over knocking production from legends to create an album worthy of quite a few rewinds and replays. Royce’s latest will undoubtedly increase anticipation for fans waiting for a Slaughterhouse album, and it’s also going to keep Hip Hop fans wanting more of his solo work. It may have more in common with Rock City 2.0 than Death Is Certain, but it's nonetheless a re-energized Royce, the same emcee that dominated Discmans a decade ago.


  • LukeKHipHop

    Completely underrated and lyrical to the FULLEST! Pick a copy up and stop sleeping on Royce!

  • Jimplz

    I Very good Album in my Opinion, deserves a lot more publicity

  • welcome to: Hip Hop

    And still underrated it's unbelievable...

  • Shady 2.0

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE!! Man this is such a 4.5 album if ever there was one.

  • Jim

    Royce might actually be the most complete MC right now. Flow, lyrics, voice all that BUT idk how he chooses such shitty beats lol He makes the best out of a lot of these songs tho with his crazy flow

    • Matt

      I totally agree with you about the beats. I think the only beat I liked was Writers Block. If he had better beats he'd be unstopable.

  • carAnthony

    very solid album 4/5

  • S

    One of the better releases to come out last year, although it sort of loses momentum in the early-middle.

  • Anonymous

    punchlines that make you say ooo shit & play it back

  • Quentin Taylor

    True Hip-Hop!!

  • Big C

    This is a good fix to hold me over until the Slaughterhouse album.

  • royce da 6'5''

    dis album is dope...fuck y'all haters

  • triPAUD

    Dope album, but don't expect Bar Exam.

  • Ken Dabeatmaker Taylor

    Real Hip Hop

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck people saying verdicts in this album is classic, it's just a starter royce da 5'9 most under-rated mc he's bringing back real hip-hop

  • Uh

    Yo the cd is bad. Just a bunch of throw away, no time put it, thoughtless tracks. Like " eh, here release this" Royce, Get back on you Death is Certain.

  • Anonymous

    If you think that the punchlines presented on this album are anything more than average, you clearly haven't heard much outside of it. Take a sit, type Vakill ft. Royce into the YouTube searchbar and get a reality check. But don't cry that your mainstream ''punchline master'' got outshined so far that the sun couldn't top it.

  • Drew Jones

    royce is the best rapper alive

    • Anonymous

      What so you gonna put somebody with the rapping ability of Royce da 5'9" over a DJ Premier beat and say that, that has no appeal?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, with no musical appeal. That makes his skills worthless. There might be a dude who raps as good on the next city corner, who's meaningless bullshit is as worthy as Royce career.

  • kingseanington Detroit RAW

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    I might buy this bitch

  • anonymous

    Don't know what some people are talking about. this is great

  • Kashif Ali Akram

    Too much damn singing.... Same complaint I have about Em and recovery

  • deuces_sk

    Fire! Nuff Said. On to the Next One

  • G Man

    This album is fucking awesome.

  • Andrew Sass

    CD is dope cop it if you haven't yet, and if you have cop it again for a real artist.

  • Joe

    Very good album. Sounded better and better the more I listened to it. This is Royce's year

  • Kaz Money

    Royce is a monster. His beat selection is iffy at times. Anyone who is featured on a track with him usually ends up sounding stupid. Royce delivers every time but if you listen to the entire album it's just too inconsistent. A strong 3.5

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and Royce sounds stupid when he features Eminem, Elzhi or Vakill (whom he has been scared of ever since he destroyed him).

  • Bovis

    Fuckin dope drop, Nickel gets a dime. that shits twisted gonna be a big year for Shady records

  • Sharp Pargament

    Relative to what gets put out in this day an age, it's a 5. Easily. NICKEL!

  • Jay

    Great album five stars. Really impressed wit wat his capable of.

  • Yall wrong

    YOu shouldnt be hating on should be lucky we still have people like royce doing real music now days...i would give it 4/5

  • toppa shot

    Security is fire!! Easily the best track. The rest of the album is pretty weak. A couple good songs, but this shit is forgettable. This is a huuuge drop off after Street Hop. Coming from a big Royce fan. 3/5. I don't see how anyone could give this a perfect 5. Those be gettin' thrown around too easily these days.

    • Real

      That is exactly what I said ... def not that good of an album, not sure what happened to Royce. I erased the album off the Tunes, like you said it was forgettable.

  • ju.ri

    this album is the shit

  • Real

    This joint is Wack and I am a Royce fan. His mixtapes are way better than this album. Disappointed.

  • ac

    Underrated album. There are some soft tracks but there is some absolute dope too. I like the beats and production.

  • TrojanHorse

    I been listening to this guy from back in the dayy, always impressive, flippin beast flow. He needs to collab with Tyrael Sterling, shit wud be crazyyy

  • real talk son i know son its gonn be ok sonny cuz daddy just got a brand new 50" flat tv plasma sony sitting on them chips and macaroni turn on my ps3 fifa 12 on the way bout to score a free kick with van persie from 40 yards away

    ill give this a four but 3.5 was if dx had the real fucking rating like back in the day

  • Anonymous

    just another fkn ill drop from one of the illest of our time

  • JG

    Though I'm a a Royce listener (banging Rock City and Hell the Sequel all day) I wasnt too interested in this album cuz of all the hate abd mediocre reviews it was recieving. But my trusted people at DX are teling me that SiC is more then worth a good listen? I am now curious enough to give it a downlaod

  • Lyricism

    As usual, Royce brings the fucking fire bars here. But I wanted to see more from him, and the only real track that got that deep, emotional feeling is Security. So in order: Legendary-great. 5/5 Writer's Block-fucking...insane. 5/5 Merry Go Round-such fucking great verses Ima give it 5/5 despite that annoying hook. Where My Money-meh. 3/5 ER-ILL. 5/5 On The Boulevard-Just...bad...Royce is a much better storyteller than that. 2/5 I Ain't Coming Down-meh 3/5 Security-YES. If only Royce didn't do the hook. Still 5/5 Second Place-Love it. 5/5 My Own Planet-Nice club track. Budden started his verse amazing but ended it with a stupid line. 4/5 I've Been Up, I've Been Down-WHY THE FUCK did Royce put this track last? This is NOT the fucking way to end an album. Ugh. 3.5/5 Overall some bad tracklisting and a few annoying hooks. I don't know why he didn't just get some singers to do the hooks considering now he has a deal and a decent budget and good buzz. I wanted to see a couple more features though and a few more new songs. Production wise it's insanely good. Merry Go Round is fucking insane. But Royce delivers some great verses though and that makes the album great. Overall: 4/5. I actually calculated that shit.

  • Anonymous

    Check out Armor Of God, if you like this. Vakill & Royce did a track together back in 2006.

  • dubs

    This album is sick, "Security" is the tribute Em should of gave Proof

  • 42O

    Very good album from a godly rapper. I've been listening to royce for years, and his talent seems limitless..This album may not be his best work,(Some of you niggas have high standards like women) but the shit wasn't wack.

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    This album honestly deserved a 3 outta 5...I don't know if it was his beat choices or what but there were only so few standout tracks on this album...or maybe it's because we've heard Royce go's a 3. Shoot Independence Day was better than this album honestly

  • tj

    awesome album, so stoked on his comeback. first bad meets evil comeback together for another colab album now this, royce the success is certain lol. best move in his career, thats just my opinion though

  • Sam

    its funny how ppl act like hes new lolol idk pretty good cd i didnt like him cuz of the line he said about bugz ha but yo that shit was forever ago he sounds aight

  • Les

    loved it!! success is certain!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This was disappointing.

  • getoffshadysnuts

    how the fuck are you gonna promote 4 tracks from canibus lyrical law album and not review it? evis got hhdx on the payroll? lyrical law > success is certain .

  • yopmsa

    wtf niggaz, this shit was average as hell. royce could have done a lot better.

  • Nico 3

    Some of the Itunes reviews were making this out to be the worst album ever. Royce brings some heat, and while not consistently, he shows that Bad Meets Evil wasn't a fluke.

  • Cubano

    This was a cohesive well executed album. There's something to learn in each of these songs you gotta look beyond just a beat and bars with punchlines. Each song and each line had a purpose and that's just brilliant songwriting.

  • Anonymous

    royce is legendary if you truly value pen to the pad, design flows out of mid air, emcee work. this album is dope as fuck. just solid. its not death is certain, but royce is opening his brain up to the listener and there is some incredible material here. SECURITY is DOPE! thats a motwon thugs cry. the way he paints the picture of the funeral, and ties it into wanting to see em and d twizzy. boy came a long way from death is certain. royce has many styles. he rarely raps to a beat the same, he fucks with pitch, deliveries, flows, and his word play is always working. nice little album. SECURITY is a dope ass tribute to proof, WAYYYYY better than that bullshit eminem was crooning on recovery.

  • Anonymous

    Great rapper, terrible music.

  • Rocc

    Success is certain? this nigga been around longer than eminem. overrated garbage. no personality. gay voice. unwanted eminem beats. worst one in Slaughterhouse.

  • projectpat

    royce is not legendary your right , but this cd sounds good


    Royce da 5'9 is where near legendary . but he has time to prove he is though . good cd Hell The sequel wasnt a good album . Royce da 5'9 rambles alot about how good he is too much . the beats sound cool though

  • koo

    Cool album...incredible way to describe it

  • bizzalls

    yo, for the most part, I was really happy with this album. The thing that stood out to me the most was how good Royce's punchlines are. You know how it seems like a lot of rappers' punchlines seemed way too forced and almost corny? Royce's are amazing, man, not like that at all. And for the most part, the production is pretty good too. There are definitely a couple tracks towards the end that coulda been left off; Like that club joint DX was talkin about, the beat is almost a complete knock=off of the Neptunes/Busta Rhymes "Light Your Ass On Fire" track..The only other downside to this album is how Royce sings a lot of the choruses. That came off a little bit corny to me. Other than that this album is pretty fuckin decent. And the beat on Writer's Block is fuckin bananas!

  • Jason Nash

    this album might not have been his best but for as long as royce has been in the game.....he still got it.

  • anonymous

    Doesnt sound like death is certain, but still hot.

  • Charles ExSavior

    There were way more highlights in Street Hop than this album, but it's still a good listen. 3/5, 3.5 if I could.

  • Anonymous

    weak royce can do better

  • aj

    this album is so underrated!! this is hip hop.. as much i love wezzy.. royce is jst makin him luk wack.. compared to the singles from c4

  • Anonymous

    Dope album, but not his best work

  • poloregal

    IDK y a mfer got to cosign for a nigga to be hot. I been listening to nickelnine since '01, nigga been tight, I don't know if this is fucking with Bar Exam 1 cuz strangled that lyrically. But royce been dope and he don't need Em for the cosign, Hater alert!!!

  • Smash Adamz

    Dirty Mit is killin' the game right now!

  • Juan

    dope album. a few tracks really stand out (second place is classic material) and everything else blends very well i've been listening to all of his albums and i like the direction he's going. can't wait for the new slaughterhouse lp and his future solo stuff

  • Dante

    Idk what the hell half of u people are talking about. This album was dope as hell. Not one song i didnt like. Yea some were weaker than others but none were bad. Most beats were crazy some were decent, and Nickle never has bad lyrics. Open Your fuckin ears people. Dope ass album 4.5 out of 5.

  • CAliKushBlunt

    How can this be sold as an LP with only 11 tracks? Weak amount of songs. Bad Meets Evil had 11 track too (at Best Buy) and was only sold as an EP for like 5 bucks less. Bad choice Royce, I'm not goin to pay for an album that costs as much as a normal album but has half as many song, WTF?

    • youMoron

      What the hell is the clown talkin about? First of all, a good majority of albums usually are around 10-14 songs. The BME album, yeah, I don't really get why they called that an EP because in actuality, it is LP length. EP's are usually like 4-7 songs. But 11 songs is a normal amount for an album. A lot of times, albums with more songs become too long. AND, alot of the times, there a bunch of skits and interludes..

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i dont know what the fuck your problem is retard. go back to best buy quick before sunday and get that shit for 7.99. thats how much i paid for this at the best buy near me.

  • aarontodavis

    im becoming more of a fan of royce da 5'9 cuz I used to think he was the weakest in slaughterhouse(and he still might be)but he's a good artist. Albulms good too but cnt wait for da slaughterhouse LP

    • Nahh

      Royce probably the best overall member with the best catalog....people say budden has the best catalog but his albums SUCKK only his mood muziks are good

  • Andre Cooper

    4/5 good album

  • Eric Evans

    Better than watch the throne

  • nice

    niceeeeeeeeeeeee ppl hating cuz a lot of it leaked..but still good 3.5-4.....only 2 tracks wasnt feeling

  • McNulty

    Great album, but this review sucks.

  • Anonymous

    fucking dope.. enough said

  • mat

    one of the best albums shame people keep hating bcoz the like fake rappers 5/5 SLAUGHTERHOUSE SHADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK EVERY1 ELSE

  • Azhar

    Good but not as good as I was expecting from one quarter of the Slaughter... Right now only Joe Budden is holding his own as a solo artist and member of the group...

  • James Anthony Gardiner

    album was whack street hop is way better

  • Anonymous

    i don't see what all the hype is about... all technical no content saying alot of nothing really fast is not impressive to me i'd would just as much like to hear a lazy rapper say something real that i can understand .. go ahead and buy it so shady can cash another check...

    • dum dum

      This album wasn't put out on shady, dummy.

    • bizzalls

      WTF is this guy talkin about?? IF anything, I was surprised by this album BECAUSE of the content. A lot of times I look at Royce as a battle/punchline rapper but just about every song on here was about an actual topic. Did you even listen to this?! C"MON SON!

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. Music you can feel >>> the most technical advanced shit.

    • rain

      well if thats the case shady raps about nothing as well, Me personally I like Royce better as a rapper.

  • Michael Lebron

    "the wave of critical acclaim which resulted from his collaborative work with eminem"? c'mon man, how you gona shit on all the buzz that royce has gotten for himself over the years? BME got him commercial recognition but this dude has been critically acclaimed since "Boom". his buzz since the bar exam mixtapes has grown into something enormous. eminem shouldn't get credit for that

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Thank you, thats whats up. its nice to see another royce fan who knows his shit and the true workings and ways shit goes down. you have to have intelligence or have been down for a long ass time to know these types of things. salutes michael lebron

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    This have to be the best EP i have heard all year Royce has really improved through the years after hooking up with Slaughterhouse. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Anonymous

    Allmusic--4/5 XXL= 4/5 Dx----4/5

  • raine

    You guys are tripping man this album is dope. Even though it short there's not one bad song on the album. 2 of the songs are 3.5 the rest are 4's. Last song is crazy, cant stop playing it.

  • Maxwell Harkness

    Royce has a fucking tin ear on almost every song, but every good song is mindblowing, so 3 stars.

  • Canibus

    Dope album, Royce stay killin it!

  • Eirik Hoel

    royce is killin it lately. good rating. DOPE!

  • Anonymous

    It was a good album, only problems were a lot of the songs leaked way back, and it was short as hell.. It was his last album under gracie anyway so he probably just meshed it together with good songs..

  • Dr.Dre

    Two good tracks on this turd of an album.

  • Anonymous

    "Yes I, am a firm believer that the naked truth looks better than the best dressed lie" - Legendary feat. travis barker

  • Anonymous

    The beats don't have to knock me down for me to enjoy an album , but most of these are really average. His last album had much better beats.

  • Ramon

    Ok album but nothing great. 7/10 only tracks that stand out are Second Place and Writer's Block.

  • Erstwhile

    "but would you rather be underpaid or overatted" Jay-so appalled

  • filthy

    I liked Street Hop more, but I'm a big Royce fan and enjoyed most of this album. That said, I say 3.5 although I really wanted to give him more.

  • Ok..

    Not fucking with Street Hop, Rock City or Death is Certain of course.....but decent nonetheless.. beats sucked but he was lyrical as hell...only 2 tracks i really disliked were Merry Go round and ER only cuz kid vishis just sounds like a fake ass royce lol but yeah 3.5 probably...

  • pDASH

    I don't understand these comments at all. this is royce's strongest album since death is certain. My only complaint is i wish it were a track or two longer. Hating on the production? What are you listening to? And these are the best choruses royce has ever done, it's a huge step forward for him in making complete songs. i just don't get what you guys are rambling about...

  • Anonymous

    "Stop! There's no such things as writer's block. Look at all these motherfucking biters going pop"


    nice try but no 2/5 get em to write your song (unless he's already doing that)

    • Michael Lebron

      2/5? cmon son, this album could be acapella and it'd be better than that. and royce bodies ems flow on BME. that said, i'm pretty sure royce never ghostwrote for em. where did you get this info from?

    • Biggs

      Dude go shoot your self. Royce's lyrics are some of the hardest in the game.

    • Marco313

      you love hip hop huh ? then you would probably know Nickel Nine used to ghost write for eminem. So you can stop talking now.

  • Anonymous

    This was fucking terrible, expected much more, especially after he praised it so much. The lines are beyond corny and sound forced and nothing else, besides his flow, is there. Hope he'll take some lessons in song-writing. Sorry, a few good lines don't deserve a rating of 4. This speaks volumes about the state of hip hop if such an generic and average album like this gets 4 stars. Anyone knows he can rap, but rap about rap will always be shitty.

    • ehh

      Both deserved a 3-3.5 lol watch the throne was corny to me..a lot of good joints but jay just sounded old and cheesy in a lot of other tracks

    • spowers

      completely agree. the beats were average and royce wasn't spitting very hard, not to mention he ruins every song he attempts the hook on. There is no way in hell this album is as good as Watch the Throne (which got the same rating)

  • Mike

    I think he really needs to stop talking rapping about Eminem. We all know by now that they were beefing and now they're not. There have been like 10 songs about, and only two people in the world can relate to it: Royce and Eminem. For the rest of us, it's really not that interesting. There are some good songs here, but I don't think he's capable of carrying an album. That's all right, though, because not many rappers are. He's better in small doses.

  • Vocab

    one of the biggest disappointing of the year. I never, ever wanted to hear Royce singing on tracks. and his punchlines sucked. Not to mention dude is always yelling now. oh well. maybe next time

  • j

    Wow comments really? What rappers are you listening to?

  • Nickel9

    Just not a good album at all. Weak beats, Have the time i don't know what he is talking about. Been A Royce fan since Bad Meets Evil (1990's) heard almost every album since...This is truly a step back from teh Bar Exam Mixtapes

  • OK

    It was decent but i dont think if anyone will remember this....Rock City was cool, Death is Certain was great, and Street Hop was VERY good...this was just okay...3-3.5 he needs that TRUEE classic though

  • rudy ray

    Nah. I think you commenters are missing it.

  • youngvito9

    I like Royce, but this album is garbage... Terrible lyrics and beats...

  • ali

    BME was good, but this is just terrible. writers block is the only good song

  • Nico

    Only 'second place' deserves 4.

  • Charles Benévolo Singletary

    I'm probably the biggest Royce fan in Bham (not saying much, Bham music scene blows) but this album disappoints. As a mixtape I would have enjoyed it more, but to make it an album, a sequel to my favorite Royce album noless, I'll pass.

  • Anonymous

    eh...not his best shit by far but i enjoy it

  • Beast Mode


  • Kaan Özel

    This is whack and if you compare this to Death Is Certain this is DeAndre Way

  • donny

    Some track i have to keep rewinding so i can hear those hot punchlines

  • David Kore

    i respect and appreciate the 4 deserved a 5

  • Marquise

    I like at least 7 tracks on here

  • Killmatic

    3.5 would be enough but it's a good album anyway.

  • J.Coal

    lol...Royce has been making maaad references to his dick size lately. not sure whats up with that? (no pun intended). still have to get around to listening to this. Judging by this review DX played half the album...smh. Success is not certain.

    • r

      Royce enjoying the most exposure of his career and getin his true props and u say success aint certain? think again

  • Anonymous

    i think a 4 is fair but ima give it a 5...tracks like "merry go round" the hook sounds like a 60s sample..classic shit! "seurity" is the best proof tribute song ive heard..period! "i aint coming down" the beat is crazy aaaaaaaa alchemist! royce's verse's are flawless."ive been up ive been down" the beat sounds like eminem has to do a remix to it but royce kills it and makes it his own.and lastly"second place" primo beat, and royce kills it,nuff said... FIRE! i give it a 5 because i like 5 songs on it..its as simple as that!! peace

  • ricky bobby

    This is soooo much better than "Street Hop" and I love DJ Premier. This feels like Royce's third solo album. The rest of the shit is just mixtapes, and dope at that. Agreed about "Legendary."

  • HipHop

    is this fucking serious? I no longer take hihopdx reviews serious. this album was 90% filler, bullshit tracks, there is only like 2-3 good tracks on this. gtfo with the 4/5 rating.

  • raj_g12

    top album, shame there wasn't more tracks. but glad to see he killing things. Merry go Round is a crazy track! hope this isn't slept on.

  • Anonymous

    i liked the album especially the proof tribute one and er and legendary and a whole bunch of them

  • Rell

    Hip-hop dx really? With out eminem to balance him out he's ass

    • anonymous

      *should be mutually exclusive

    • Anonymous

      Coming from a true fan, this is probably my last point because I've been arguing with you at work and this don't pay my bills. To bring this thing full circle, you are making too many sweeping generalizations that don't hold water. I purposely took what you said out of context to help you see the error in your ideas. If you honestly find Royce boring then that's you homie, but to discredit his skills and call him ass is weak, and I can argue that those terms should not be mutually exclusive. That's like me saying the SA Spurs are ass. IMO they are not fun to watch but you can't say they aren't a skilled team.

    • RELL

      I got a fan now. SON...SON. YOU just took what i said out of context. I said they are punch line Rappers. and that royce had no progression since his beginning( HEAR THIS PART: Like most Rappers do, cuz what you dont understand kid is the same gets boring). EITHER I'M TALKING TO A DUMBASS OR A TRUE FAN BORING = ASS

    • Anonymous

      Well if you are going to associate progression/new sound with being a good rapper, then Lil Wayne should be at the top of your favorite artist list as he has definitely changed and progressed his sound. Critics would agree that he has grown since "The Block is Hot" as a rapper; but that couldn't be the case huh Rell? Since ass=Royce and Royce=Lil Wayne.

    • Rell

      and I SUCK A FAT DÄ°CK

    • Rell

      I'm not giving full credit to em to start this of, i didnt even like BME: sequel, and me saying that he is like lil wayne is true because he sounds like he should be part of young money, simple and not complexed. Clearly anonymous you have not noticed he hasn't made any progression from the first album(In which your rap or hip-hop game is always suppose to have something new up your sleeve). He is a one trick pony, as you may say. YOUR ARE DIMISSED YOUNG STUDENT

    • Anonymous

      To say he is ass is just disrespectful and I wish people would stop taking the easy way out and giving the credit to Em all the time. If he was ass, all these years well known and highly talented producers would not have messed with him. Also Royce and Lil Wayne have very different styles. Royce has a rhyme scheme and delivery that is really his own, and not duplicated by other MCs. He is much more diverse in his ability to be a storyteller while still hitting punchlines; along with more pure rapping ability. I just don't see how you could have honestly listened to all his material and not any of it hold your attention. I think you are trying to go way against the grain on him as a rapper and making yourself to appear unacknowledged about hip hop

    • Killmatic

      LOL,he saved Hell the Sequel,otherwise it would be just another album with em singing and screaming.

    • Rell

      Dick sucker, I've been listening probably before you (slim shady lp), listened to the albums and mixtapes. And none them kept my interest. He has the same style as lil wayne.

    • Anonymous

      lol you probably started listening to him after bad meets evil go eat a dick


    Royce is puttin in work. As always entertaining mc Quality hiphop