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This 23-year-old may have been searching for answers, but that journey allowed him to find one of this year's most outstanding albums with Section.80.

“I spent 23 years on this Earth, searching for answers, ‘til one day I realized I had to come up with my own,” Kendrick Lamar says on his new album, Section.80. The Compton, California native delivers one of the year’s sharpest, smoothest albums - a testament to a well-crafted rhyme style, solid production and inspired lyrical swords. His journey for answers seemingly led him to find much more.

From the introductory track “Fuck Your Ethnicity,” Lamar showcases an intriguing perspective. On the piano laden intro, he shows an awareness of division lines that must be blurred for unity in the world. This awareness also includes an understanding of domestic abuse as heard on the somber “No Make-Up (Her Vice).” Another side of this is shown with Lamar’s potent pen on the powerful “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain),” where he describes a piercing journey a young woman travels after being sexually abused as a child. “Sure enough, don’t see a dime of dirty dollars/ Just give it all to her ‘daddy,’ but she don’t know her father,” he rhymes over the haunting track. It’s this type of narration that sets Lamar apart with depth that matches the deftness of his delivery.

While he shows a knack for observing those around him, he proves he can rhyme into a mirror as well. To show this, the RZA-assisted, hard-hitting “Ronald Regan Era” speaks about the environment that little Lamar saw while growing up. “Poe Man’s Dream (His Vice)” also demonstrates this. “I used to want to see the penitentiary way after elementary/Thought it was cool to look the judge in the face when he sentenced me/ Since my uncles was institutionalized/ My intuition had said I was suited for family ties…Heaven or hell, base it all on my instincts/ My hands dirty, you worry about mud in your sink.” Later, “Ab-Souls Outro” finds him speaking about this generation and his goals over stellar jazzy instrumentation after Ab-Soul rhymes. “I’m not on the outside looking in. I’m not on the inside looking out,” he says. “I’m in the dead fucking center, looking around.” In doing this, he also shows he can look within.

There are minor bumps on the journey through Section.80. “Spiteful Chant,” “Rigamortus” and “Blow My High” all seem out of place on the album. The tracks aren’t necessarily terrible, but placed alongside the rest of the outstanding cuts on this album; these stand out for the wrong reasons. Still, the positives outweigh the negatives here. Listen to the horns on “Hol’ Up” or the piano keys on “No Make-Up (Her Vice)” and complaints are muffled or muted.

“Y’all be calling it Hip Hop,” he flows. “I be calling it Hypnotize.” Perhaps then, it’s appropriate that he drops an album that will help define the Hip Hop narrative for 2011. This 23-year-old may have been searching for answers, but that journey allowed him to find one of this year’s most outstanding albums with Section.80.

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  • jimmybarlow

    If this man keeps it up he will end up with the all time greats.

  • MusicFan

    classic that led to the ultimate classic in GKMC

  • N

    if kendrick is able to make this better for good kid m.A.A.d city theres no question we are witnessing the goat rise

  • JM

    This deserves at least a 4.5 honestly this is in the top 3 of 2011 for hip hop

  • Varun

    One of the best recent hip hop albums. Kendrick is definitely my favorite modern rapper. His lyrics, flow, and message are all fantastic and they make him a great artist. Unfortunately people look past this and listen to artists who are ruining hip hop but Kendrick is great for hip hop and I just hope he blows up soon so more people can know about him and his music.

  • jordanldn

    people gassssed on kendrick

  • Lil Be

    Modern day classic. TDE.

  • welovehiphop

    They say it's one of the years most outstanding albums but they still gave it a 4... Section 80 deserves 5

  • hellyes

    i gotta say, i knew this was good from listening to a few songs on youtube. But I usually have a strict no itunes policy and an even stricter no illegal downloading policy. Today I just couldn't resist getting it. In the 6 or 7 hours ive had it, ive listened to it 5 times. It is a classic. Album of the year? I don't think so but very close. A fraction below Undun, right alongside The Dreamer/The Believer and Charity Starts At Home. I still dont understand how this got 4 stars here but was given album of the year by hhdx

  • Jim C

    HiiiiiPower is in the best songs of all time! Album is incredible aswell

  • ill will

    DOPE!!! Content of substance! What hip hop has SORELY been missing

  • adam_dz

    I am kind of wary of all these blog rappers coming out and to me K.L came off as such. The only newer generation rappers I was feeling a lot was J. Cole, Big KRIT, Jay Elect, and Fashawn (ELzhi too but he been around a bit longer) because of the quality of their music, rapping ability, and production value/choices. These individuals didn't really follow the hottest trends of the day and can spit some rhymes that the normal everyday person could relate too. Around this time last year I downloaded O.D mixtape to see what the fuss was about. Honestly, I wasn't THAT impressed, despite all the hype all the kids on 2dopeboyz were making out to be. I listened to it a few times but overall was nothing mind-blowing to me. Section.80 has really impressed me. It took awhile for me to really get into it. I bumped it for a week or so back in Sept. and thought it was pretty tight, better than the mixtape.. but toward the end of the year I started playing it again and I realized it better than I originally thought. Realistically speaking, I believe the album falls in-line with the 8 out of 10/4 out of 5 ratings it's received from hip-hop publications/reviews across the internet. Album of the year? I personally don't think so. However, the overall quality of the album combined with the right timing and placement has me unable to completely disagree with one who thinks it is. I do feel that it is Top 5 (maybe 6 or 7) album of the year, just underneath Common and The Roots, maybe Saigon, and right up there with Phonte, Reks, and even a better top-to-bottom album than J. Cole. I am really looking forward to dudes next project.

  • Slake

    Definitely gonna be looked back on 10yrs from now as a classic. Kendrick is a mad lyricist and the true definition of an MC

  • Thermos

    This is the rap album of the year.

  • Hip Hop head

    If you don't like this, you're not a real hip hop head.

  • Shawn

    This album is the worst album of the year and styles p's album was a million times better

  • Anonymous

    I can not find this at all is it an album? My friend says it isn't an, but a mixtape.

  • theLupe

    Section80 is a HipHop calssic, all it lacks is the huge media hype. If u dont think so, u dont really like HipHop. & thats some real talk

  • Seth

    fuck your ethnicity, ronald reagan era, hiiipower are three of the best tracks ive heard in a long time. oh and rigamortus

  • J

    One of the only albums to drop that can actually last a year of constant replay. Best album of the year

  • Anonymous

    he is a great artist, I dont see how he can get album sales unless he market his album a lil different. Make a vid for rigamortus or something like that yo. Still a good album, I felt a lil uncomfortable while listening to some tracks.

  • Big C

    Kenrick said Section 80 was just a warmup 0_o

  • Clem

    The best album I've heard this year! It renewed my faith in raps future. It's all about content people.

  • jerry tooonnny

    kendrick lamar is just about to blow !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony montanna

    kendrick Lamar can rap about anything thats why he is one of my favorite rappers can not wait for that debut album.........

  • gabe57

    where can i download this album for free??????

  • eddy o

    this album ABSOLUTELY HATE PROOF ..beautifully constructed

  • Stunt Hard Daley

    Insanely good.

  • Rich Britton

    Is this an album or a mixtape? I cant tell man. Its good enough to get a Grammy but I dont think kendrick refers to it as an album.

  • gobberpooper

    This album is beautifully constructed with amazing production and ridiculous rapping. The most noticeable thing about his rapping is that he uses circular breathing like jazz musicians, so that he can rap continuously without stopping, most strongly showcased on "Rigamortus." I really liked his use of repetition to show change in stages like in Tammy's Song or Keisha's Song. It's a fantastic method of storytelling that works amazingly. Keisha's song stopped my heart for a few moments. Hopefully hip hop will continue this trend of heavily emotional and artistic rapping like in Coss's "Before I Awoke" and Reks's "Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme"

  • mohamed

    lyricism at it best...peace to K.Dot!

  • Kimbo

    this is just what we need nowadays. . .true skill

  • Andile

    The west coast is back. Kendrick just keeps gettin better with every project he puts out. I'm loving the mixtape

  • TySlacker

    This, is by far the best album this year... No other artist has put this many concepts appealing to different audiences along with keeping his street cred. I want to give it a 5 but that would dub it a classic and it's not, but close. "Blow my high" should have been off this album substituted with something different. Doesn't flow with the rest... But the rest is STELLAR 4.6/5

  • Dumpology

    Favorite album of the last 3 years.

  • Mylie


  • pierce

    superb but not perfect

  • Reggie

    5/5 for sure. Section .80 is the conceptual piece that Hip-Hop desperately needed

  • Chris Thomas

    Section .80 is by far my favorite and thee best album of 2011. 5/5

  • vczell

    nice album, i like it very much, good texting and fine chilling beats, perfect for summertime!

  • christyle


  • Colton

    This is amazing, I "hear" this non stop. You have to hear this album to understand. Don't just listen.

  • Pugz

    I have this shit on repeat all the time.. 5/5

  • Steve Vartanian

    I love This Album

  • Stu

    Best album I've heard since Lupe "The Cool". Crazy production, lyrics, and concept. I wish more album were made like this. Props to all giving positive reviews for this album. It's cause of you'll that I gave this one a listen.

  • unclesam

    Lol, this is probably the only review that complains about Rigamortis , other reviewers have called it one of the best songs on the album, others one of the best songs of the year. Blow My High is obviously only more of a song to chill the mood since the album can get too dark if you listen to it in one go and that way it serves a cause, to relax the mood a bit. If Kendrick's name was Kanye, Jay-Z or Common you'd given it a perfect 5 and called it album of the year already. Instead he gets a 4. The same happened to Blu with Below The Heavens, that should've gotten a perfect 5, but in that case you gave it 4,5.

  • beatrixkid

    love this album!!!!

  • John-Boy

    Purchased this two weeks ago and I havent been able to listen to anything else. Even when I try I go right back to this album. I love a rapper that talks about shit I can relate to and not that fake poppin bottles in my Aston Martin fantasy shit. Best song is No Make-Up. Every chick I play this for loves it.


    No fuckin' doubt this is flames, 5 stars all day. Best album of 2011 so far! Top 5 rapper with Curren$y, Nas, Elzhi and someone else bitchessss

  • Lupe Espinoza

    The lyrics are dope just needs that spark..its not very interesting.

  • Dangertime

    This album is average at best . Nothing special about it . 3 Stars

    • dumptruk

      your on my wavelength sir,this album is just ok nothing special

    • Stu

      I wish this was average, no this is fire! Straight refreshing.

    • DangerTime

      lol at this loner with my name. who the fuck are you, trying to keep the score down on this great album? go listen to that trash lil wayne and don't come here knowing fuck all find a knife and fall on it. dickhead!!

  • Rue Jordan Smith

    Best album ive heard in a while

  • DangerTime

    CLASSIC AlBUM! replay value is off the chain.

  • luizinho

    Solid album. some tracks are a little boring.

  • ChuckTaylor

    aha people expected way more from this album:/

  • B Rock

    Best Hip Hop Album / Project this year

  • leghedge

    "do u listen to music or do u just skim through it?"

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    uhhh frequent rotation gotta give it a 5

  • Ali

    Some great songs on here, but overall the album is highly overrated


    a couple weak songs , the rest is good 3 stars

  • Anon

    Blow my high is the only whack track. Album is dope though.

  • ChronicBeyonic

    Grrreaaat ! No skipping...A.D.H.D's my fav !

  • Vencire Damones

    Album is solid fun, nice smooth beats with good lyrics from Kendrick , lacks powerful vocal energy IMHO though beats could be more forceful and his delivery could be stronger

  • graff

    shit..almost a whole month on top of the Rated list..for those who havent heard the album you are missing out on hiphop history.its a must have.its not a mixtape.20 years from now you will thank your self for coping this hippy

  • Fem Sweatpants

    this shit was tufffff

  • Maurius Mustin

    Damn Kendrick. 5/5

  • Devin Hicks

    the only rapper nowadays with the ability to influence the mind. 5/5!!!!

  • TaZzZ

    Album of the Year? Fuck that, album of the decade! This project cannot be summed up in words unless their K. Dot's on some dope ass instrumentation. You are my hero... Dare Nas to tell me hip hops dead after he hears this shit...

  • Mu

    That "Say Whassup" joint with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, SchoolBoy Q and Ab-Soul is fucking DOPE too!

  • Mu

    This, ladies and gentleman, is what hip-hop music for the soul is supposed to be. Honest narration of the world around us from the perspective of a real person and not a caricature of what people assume a young black male from Compon is supposed to be. Most of the music that gets reviewed and discussed by us on this site seems to polarize us... young vs. older, mainstream fans vs. underground fans, hipsters vs. new school. It's sooo refreshing to see an artist create an album so good that it unites the hip-hop community. I've never seen this much love for an album on this site, and it's well deserved. The positive comments from all of you has been changing my perspective on how many people are out there that can appreciate this kind of music. HiiiPower!!

  • DNO

    Great listen. Not 1 skippable song. My least favorite is "Blow My High (Members Only)". And I would rate that a 3.75.

  • arryboi

    actually amazing album, fuckin loved it from start to finish. best of 2011 without doubt

  • Anonymous

    The second coming of Tupac Shakur.

  • Derek Stephenson

    11/10, that's how perfect this album is.

  • Jonathan A. Cooper

    I'm feeling this, the music & lyrics are amazing.

  • Kawika Stoner

    This album is the best album of 2011, 5 stars I love his music and if you dont you dont understand

  • Edgar Echevarria

    Praying that we make it to 21

  • Guppy

    pretty much the only album i've bumped the entire month of July...lookin out for that Jay Rock next though!!!

  • AK

    Production is tight as mentioned earlier, its more of an easy listener but nothing too hardcore, i think the beats suit is rapping style and ability so overall pretty good album

  • John Behan

    nearly a 5 star album but defiantly one of the best releases of the last few years about 3 tracks overlong that i dont think it needed

  • WHOA

    i love how this album took over the reviews and the most discussed..real music, no fillers, needs to be recognized.a true west coast classic.The Game has i sick ass flow.easily can switch from a westcoast flow to a eastcoast flow....BUT Kendrick Lamar IS the greatest rapper to step out of Compton,CA...and quite possibly the greatest rapper in CA and the rap game in general.

  • lamar kendrick odom



    2 for effort. O for everything else

    • dizz

      youre gay.i laugh at your hiphop knowledge.keep collecting those rap/electronica/house/pop/rock albums.lil wayne with nerd glasses ass nigga haha BBBBBBIATCH!

  • Liapollo

    Seriously... Can we petition for a bump up to 4.5-5/5? A four out of five is great, sure, but it might stop passersby from listening to this album right away! Smh... Kendrick must flow too fast for this reviewer. And that, my friends, is a serious offense. For a better review of the album, check out the most recent post on the site attached to my name.

  • Liapollo

    Seriously... Can we petition for a bump up to 4.5-5/5? A four out of five is great, sure, but it might stop passersby from listening to this album right away! Smh... Kendrick must flow too fast for this reviewer. And that, my friends, is a serious offense. For a better review of the album, check out the most recent post on

  • Lamertis


  • Corey Steir

    FIRE BEATZ FOR THE SUPER LOW!!! TAKE A QUICK LISTEN IM DEAD SERIOUS Any artist who leases a beat and records a fire track not only gets 1 FREE lease..i'll also upload the track to my soundclick page(FREE PROMO) also..send mp3's to!!


    Bumps in the road???? Kendrick calls it like he see's it. Spiteful Chant is talking about all the phony's. Same on Blow My High, and he gives a tribute to Aaliyah who was my favorite RnB artist back in the day. Rigamortus is a track that's on another level, he straight up rips it. Kendrick spits the truth. He's talking about real life on this album. Like he says on HiiPower, "I don't want a plastic nation." I liked this album after 1st listen. Now that I've listened to it a few times, it may very well be a Classic. There are no bumps in the road on this album. This is emceeing at it's finest. Kendricks content and his lyrics are deep. Probably gonna be way over the masses heads, but I highly recommend giving this album a listen and really try to break down what he's saying. I give this album 5 stars.

  • Maxwell Harkness

    Decent review, and this is a fantastic album, but how could you criticize Rigamortus, that's the ultimate wordplay song from this album. It's the highlight of the album. Eh, difference in opinion i guess.

    • Mu

      Thats EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read that part of the review. "Rigamortus" is clearly one of the best songs on the album. It may be sonically different than most of the other songs, but it's dope as fuck so it's not "out of place"

    • Anonymous

      He murders Rigamortus.

  • Royal

    section.80 is a beast! And even the track that I wasn't feeling I was feeling his direction. Kendrick is getting love out here in the 'stan!

  • d.hey

    fuckin unreal album

  • nash&

    Best Hip Hop Album of 2011 as of release his July release date. Check out if you like to hear more good Hip Hop music like Kendrick's

  • Andre Cooper

    oh yeah 5/5!!!

  • Andre Cooper

    Classic album.....I wasn't expecting this album to be that good. But once i got to listening to songs like fuck your ethnicity,spiteful chant,I was blown away!!!! This album is a true west coast classic!!!! As the years past this album will be more greater than what it is

  • Luzh

    Nothing like a Dr Dre cosign to fast track any career.He made a career out of foreseeing the next great artist. If you look at his track record, it is hard to argue that he has an eye for talent. So when he put out a statement saying that he wanted to take time developing a new artist by the name of Kendrick Lamar, I knew I had to check this boy out. However I half expected that it would be 2015 before he actually released some material. It was a welcome surprise when Section 80 arrived so soon after that statement was made. Outside a couple of features and the J Cole produced single young Kendrick waspretty much unnown to me. And to be honest he never made much of an impression, good or bad, on the material I heard. So upon 1st listen to the raspy voiced MCs album debut or retail mixtape or whatever it is, I was taken aback by its content. From the raps about ethnicity to his use of strange accents on ADHD, he sounded nothing like what I expected or any other artist that had received the Dre Dre stamp of approval before. In fact I even thought I had paid for the wrong downlaod. I had to fast forward to Hiii Power just to make sure. After the product check I went back to where I left the album and began to open my mind and ear to KL. To my surprise I found a multi dimensional artist who is somewhere between gangsta, conscious, emo etc. without being neither. Comfortable in any skin and clearly an artist 1st ad a rapper 2nd Lamar takes you on a wonderful journey into his neighbourhood, loves, lusts and his mind. There is so much to the seemingly simple No Make Up where KL painfully describes the moment when one is patiently waiting for a lady who either too vain or insecure to realise that she does not need make up. K Lamar has to complement her while reassuring her that she is beautiful au natural. But the story gets deeper than that. The tribute to Aaliyah and Pimp C is also an exercise in contrdiction. I am not even sure it is a tribute or just his way of crediting those that influenced him. It could even be a slight to those who disrespect the legacy of the fallen. He has songs about the 80s that double as his testament to his hood credentials. He later criticises to be a thug but shows smpathy to those who chose to walk that path. The songs are all interesting even he is simply doing the mandatory F the world track. After all it is the same track where he declares that he will not even accept a hand out from Dre. A bold declaration indeed. On Rigamortis which is meant to serve as his Lyrical Exercise or Emcee Murdah he kicks things off by confessing that it is his 3rd take. An impressive feat I am sure but when other rappers are bragging single takes it makes for another head scratching moment in an album that is filled with many such instances. I am not sure what Section 80 is meant to be... A mixtape, a debut album or a sophomore release given the previously released Overly Dedicated. Either way it sets a high standard for other artists as well as his own future projects


    This album is Dope! Front to back. From the content, to the production, to Kendricks lyricism, K. Dot goes deep, his word play is insane. That Cole production on HiiiPower is ridiculous, I hope he comes with beats like that on Cole World. As good as this album is, it is the type of music that the mainstream should be listening to, it's probably not gonna appeal to the masses. Hopefully I'm wrong. 5 Stars!

  • Rob

    I'm just stunned by this album. Absolutely amazing.

  • Kendrick Lamar

    Great album, #HiiPoWeR we can change the world people.

  • Rueski

    Best album this year by leaps and bounds!!! Shit is flawless. From beginning to end he entertains you with flow, concepts, amazing instrumentals and thought provoking lines. 5/5 This is going into my classic vault with Get Rich or Die Trying, Food and Liquor & the Kendrick Lamar EP

  • Mike Meraz

    This album is too DoOoppee! The beats are on point and Kendrick's got the voice and the charisma/creativity/originality.. he does kinda sound like K-Os tho lol

  • dave

    real shit (blow my high)


    I can't believe this album didn't get 5/5. Every song is flawless. Amazing lyrics, delivery, content, story telling etc. So much variety and pace! Bridges the gap between soulful and hard perfectly! In my opinion I feel this is the best hip hop album since Food and Liqour and there have been some solid joints

    • chitown

      This album has me feeling good about where hip hop is headed. Best shit I've heard in a long time.

    • DEZ

      thats what im a hiphop head.since 93.from deathrow and WU to big krit and j.cole..kendrick has created a flawless album.the intros arent pointless.they actually are thought prvoking and relevant to the songs.the album has a theme...babies of the 1980's become bitter through the section 8 system .real life shit.20 years from now this album will be hailed as one of the the DJBOOTH.NET review...5/5

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    Rigamortis is ILL

  • Sandro Abreu

    great album!

  • Farhan Ul Haq

    Best album of the year!!

  • jDOT

    Fantastic flow! Good job.

    • Mu

      I usually try to respect people's opinions, but fuck that, your opinion doesn't matter if you think this album is "whack"

    • kk

      you should stop listening to rap, bow wow fanboys should be banned from this site, what do you know

  • andrew

    fuck this website. Honestly i think the 3 songs they called "bumps on the journey" through the album are some of the best on Section.80

    • sssssss

      dont judge the album based on the songs posted dont get to appreciate the complete work like listening to the album from start to finish.

    • doja28

      Didn't like Rigamortis, but I thought the other two were decent...Blow My High was one of my favorites.

  • jeff

    album of the year!!!

  • CJ

    Let me get this straight. Joel Ortiz's Free Agent is still the only hip hop album to get a 4.5X this year, while this only gets 4X? Something's wrong with this.

    • DEZ

      thats because hiphopdx hates westcoast artists.theyre notorious for giving low scores to west coast albums. the modern day Tim Dog.

    • GJH-BOL

      Agreed man! That free agent had no lasting appeal. I thought it was dope for a week then moved on and havent heard it since. Section 80 has been on repeat non stop and don't see that changin anytime soon

  • Lucky Lucciano

    K-Dot Dont Ever Stop or Change Up!!!!

  • chyea

    i think this dudes good but overrated, and ab souls better .. i knw underground dudes arent usually called overrated, but half of this cd is boring and the beats suck ass. i was hella waiting for this cd too

    • arrybwaa

      you're fucking retarded! clearly have absolutely no idea what k dot was trying to get across to his listeners. suck a dick motherfucker, hiiipower

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      You are high on drugs if you feel this way.

  • DNO

    dis nuggah good! will be great. his style keeps you interested.

  • samsneed

    poe mans dream..sweet sweet hiphop.welcome back

  • link to section80 full album (mostly)

  • 1891 love adhd.

  • Anonymous

    ADHD is a remarkable track as well. Kendrick Lamar J.Cole Freddie Gibbs Slaine Big K.R.I.T.

  • Paris

    DOPE ALBUM !!!!!!! MUSICALLY PERFECT, Hope Lamar could have a better voice. What a dope shit! 5/5

  • michael

    the album is worth a 5

  • how?

    How does this and big seans album get the same fucking rating? Fuck hiphopdx.

  • wow

    This reviewer obviously didn't take the time to actually listen to the album more than once. Every song fits perfectly into the concept of the album. If you take the time to dissect and analyze each track you'll find that out. This deserves a 5.

    • yupp

      yea what you said. In the article he said “Spiteful Chant,” “Rigamortus” and “Blow My High” don't fit. thats bull shit! Blow My High and Rigamortus gotta be 2 of my favorite songs this year

  • davis25

    Refreshing, couldnt ask for much more!

  • Azhar

    refreshingly good... Roll up!

  • Average

    Ronald Reagan Era is 10x better than every other song on the album. the rest is wannabe commercial rap. hes better than that

    • Really?

      Bitch Sean? Gay Brown? are you serious? those were some really lame ass disses. I can think of a hundred better names than that. Faggot

    • paris

      Commercial album ? Get your head out of ur ass bitch . How can u think that one of these tracks could be on the radio?? Impossible. Only Bitch Sean's tracks or Gay Brown one are commercial.

    • davis25

      You are wrong on soooo many levels its crazy! This album is about as far away from commercial as it gets! I do agree the RRE is a great song, but the rest of the album except for a a song here and there is as fresh as you could get at this point! You want to talk commercial, lets talk Drake, Lil Wayne, Wiz, etc. Then maybe we will talk real hip hop. Great album 4 stars from me.

  • riotlife

    Wow! KL kills it with this. Dre betta make him the new showstealer on detox like snoop, em and game was...

    • Anonymous

      @YO KL has to sign with Aftermath first, in order to be the big showstealer on Detox. But then again, don't count on Detox ever coming out. Dre's new singles haven't been that great. He's doing too much Eminem. BTW please stop with the comparisons to Illmatic. There is no way any rap album can even be compared to Illmatic. You do have an argument that there is always something new found in the album but you can't put it on the level of Illmatic. Illmatic is light years ahead of every rap album out there. Section 80 is yet to be officially claimed a classic. A 4.5/5 is the best anyone should give right now. Don't get me wrong. Section 80 is by far the best of the year. But please don't compare it to Illmatic.

    • YO

      this album may be even better than Detox.its that good..first off it mostly consists of inhouse big big big label. independent all the way...and its still one of the greatest commercial debuts in hiphop history..this is to kendrick lamar what illmatic is to nas.i listen to the album on a daily basis and always find something new in his lyrics.

  • Alfonso Frausto

    classic album

  • phil

    innovative production, catchy and witty lyrics

  • Salim Nadir

    Kush & Corinthians track gets heavy rotation. This is a gem. I'm appreciative of this cat's artistry.

  • Dangermouse

    very special album

  • thatnigwitabigcig


  • O

    this shit is amazing. "And you aint gotta tell the wise how to stay on beat because our lifes an instrumental."

  • Daniel Begay

    You can't say Blow My High is out of place.....everybody drops a legit tribute track. Honestly? How many people have dropped a fresh tribute to Aaliyah? Besides....K.Dot appears to be a gent who enjoys a good time. No lie, when I hear Blow My High....I drive ten mph below the limit and recline my chair. It is one of those tracks that an artist must have truly enjoyed. Obviously Kendrick must have loved this track because he let it make the final cut.

    • 80 doobies to the head

      right.thats exactly what i mean.i grew up on smooth ass cube on "today was a good day" kinda shit.the westcoast vibe that will always remain."blow my high" is one of the best tracks on section80.when Aaliyah comes on singing,damn!. 5/5 classic

  • Pugz

    I agree with the rating but not with the trashing on "Rigamortis" and "The Spiteful Chant". Those are my two favorite tracks on the whole album. That was shocking as hell to me.

    • chitown

      They're way off on rigamortus and spiteful chant. Rigamortus is as old school as they come, just kendrick spitting. Spiteful Chant is new school with a great beat and something to ride to. Both are good songs and Hip Hop Dx fucked up with that rating. This is damn near 5 star.The more I listen to this CD the more I like it

    • PD

      i gotta agree with you man. how can they say rigamortis doesn't fit. thats definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. his flow and breathe control is bananas on this track. section.80 is a classic album


    really cant feel his rap style , maybe it will grow on me


    why yall be calling it hip hop , i call it hypnotize " OK speak on it ok mixtape 3 stars

    • Anonymous

      what I like is the whole album is real revolutionary, and intelligent. The Aaliyah thing seems like it doesn't belong, but what is DOPE is you start to realize who revolutionary and intelligent and just downright incredible Aaliyah was, if you haven't already.

  • 1984

    Album is great n all but damn that one girl gotta ghetto booty!

  • Stakes Is high

    I sortta have a problem with comparin any emcee comming out of the left coast to Blu so i surely just end up disappointed. maybe its just me, but this album kinda blows.


      cuz you and the reviewers on this site refuse to believe that your coast isnt putting out talent like the west.young fresh talent.pacdiv,fashawn,blu,UNI,domkennedy,ab-soul,nipsey hussle,jayrock, and so on.the masses are wanting that true hiphop but when it gets here they greet it with bullshit reviews and stuck up ass comments.#section 80 is the album of the year PERIOD.dont talk if you havent heard the entire album.

  • bkstylz

    not sure what all the hype is about. This album was not that good to me. Definitely not worth a 4. There were a couple of tracks I liked...but one of them (Hiipower) sounds like he jacked Kanye's So Appalled. Dude doesn't rhyme all that great and the beats are subpar (imo).

    • DIZM

      hear the whole album.i hate when cats mention the tracks posted above.BUT FAIL TO MENTION the thought provoking intros AND outros.hii power was all talked about when it came out...nigga,its the last track on the album!the rest of the album doesnt lean on a single like most rappers releases do.the ENTIRE album IS a single.get it?

  • Quese

    WOW! nothing bad i can say but sex wit society should be on there

  • Ramon IsAi Franco

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR 80/80!!


    without a doubt this album is a modern classic so groundbreaking and revolutionary, this should at least be a 4.5

  • taylorp103

    just recently started listening to kendrick and gotta say that quick hes moved up to my top 5

  • KendrickLamarJcoleK.R.I.Tda future

    Tupac would be proud

  • CalHipHopHead

    This album is at least a 4.5, if not a 5. The reviewer says that tracks like "The spiteful Chant" seem out of place. This shows that the reviewer did not spend adequate time trying to understand the album. The album is a story based upon the children who live in "Section 80" and as "Chapter Six" says, the song is illustrates the lostand spiteful ways of children who were born during the Ronald Reagan era. All of the tracks fit into the mold of the album. This is one of the best albums in a long time. If you actually listen to Kendrick, he does things that have never been done on the mic. This album is a classic!

    • yess

      "If you actually listen to Kendrick, he does things that have never been done on the mic." I second that. When he does that shit with two voices rapping together on "ADHD" and "Fuck your Ethnicity" shits sounds soo crazzyy

  • a better review from a different site

    "Section 80 is a modern day classic, conceptually brilliant, and well executed. The line between substance and contradictions is a very thin one for artists to balance along but Mr. Lamar doesnt come off preachy. He offers up himself: a flawed, socially aware young man, who enjoys liquor, the temptations of pussy, and gives it to us over instrumentation; that in and of itself makes it easy for you to identify with him. ”I am not the next socially aware rapper, I am a human muthafuckin being…” Worth every dollar" -

  • a better review from a different site

    "Kendrick Lamar’s voice has a consistency that borders on monotone. True. Kendrick Lamar has a long way to go before he can stand next to the legendary artists that inspired him. True. It’s also true that in the midst of a hip-hop renaissance Kendrick’s emerging as our best chance at salvation. #Section80 may not be a sacred text but I’ve got the feeling that in five years it may just prove to be prophetic" -

  • a better review from a different site

    "#Section80 makes a powerful statement to people from all walks of life. In every song, Kendrick Lamar paints an intense picture for us with his words, just as an artist should. It's the sort of work that makes you wonder, How could he possibly outdo himself again? But we can rest assured that he will." -

  • a better review from a different site

    "Every track on Section.80 has a message for the people, weather it be that Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, or What Really Happened To Lesane Parish Crooks On That Fateful Day In Los Vegas, or Rejecting Mediocrity; Kendrick has crafted a Mona Lisa." -

  • a better review from a different site

    "The whole album should be listened in order in its entirety. It’s easily the best album of the year from the standpoint of production, lyricism, message, honesty and passion. In 2011, no one in rap’s elite has come close to what Section80 offers." -

  • samsneed

    by the way album of the year.people want that good music.complaining on how rap is in a decline.but when shit like section80 drops they talk shit about how their stale ass idols are way better.rappin about the same shit year after year...1000 doobies to the head ......fuuuk dot

  • samsneed

    WHOOOA...hold up! this site has a rating scale with 10 possible outcomes..from 0.5 to 5..but yet every album apparently gets a 4.5's or a 5..weird ass ratings there hiphopdx.

  • tammy

    i fuck with other bitches cus i'm tired of my nigga

  • thabet

    so smoothhhh, so rawwww

  • A.S.

    Rigamortus is the purest example of lyricism on the album...can't see the reviewer's problem with it.

  • Dorian KingLouie Roberts

    Don't know what yall talking about..the spiteful chant is actually a good ass song..other than that..album is fucking amazing..WHAT YOU GOT COMING J.COLE?..WAITING TO BUY THAT NEXT

  • >

    only found kendrick a very recently and in my eyes he's one of the dopest artists out

  • Eddy

    HHDX missed a good chance to give a 4.5 with this one. Insanely good album.

  • Alan Singleton


  • CaliKushBlunt

    Is Kendirck smoking weed these days? O.verly D.edicated was weed smoke free thats 4sure (H.O.C.)...

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Good review for a Great album! But I kinda figured hiphopdx wouldn't stick their neck out and give this album a 5 outta 5 (which I am yet to see from this site). This album is the best album that has been put out for purchase all year. Keisha's Song brought a tear to my eye...

    • PD

      gotta agree with you man section 80 is the best album out thus far for 2011. keisha song is such a fucking tough track. words cant explain. i sit my niece down and every other female i know n let them hear this

  • Big Dek

    Dope album OD is better in my opinion. Nigga sounds like a young K-Os the more I listen to him

  • Joey Palack

    Don't get me wrong I love this site, but the writing in some of these reviews is terrible.

  • Anonymous

    4 out of 5... totally agree with Blow My High being out of place. but Rigomortus and Spiteful Chant were both dope and well done. really really wasnt feeling Tammy's Song tho.. only track i had to skip. its a breathe of fresh air, original lyrics and as a listener you can connect to it. definitely one of the best of 2011 for sure

    • B. Mysaac

      blow my high is one my fave...i agree its kinda outta place though its just something about that Pimp C sample on that beat that gets me...but i agree fosho on skipping tammy's song...i done listened to this entire album at least 20 times by now and i just don't like the one cut

  • Anonymous

    y yall punk hhdx into giving dis i ite album such a high rating lol

  • Hip Hop Addict

    Dope As Fuck

  • Anonymous

    5 all I have to say

  • Anonymous

    I would have liked to see a fashawn feature...I think they would make some dope music together. havnt listened to every track but so far no dissapointments. not that I expect any

  • nudime

    about damn time they reviewed this, wow

  • casey anthony

    Album of 2011.true shit.

  • mike

    IF YOU HAVENT PURCHASE THE ALBUM YOU HAVE NO VALID OPINION ABOUT THIS ALBUM.just cuz you clicked on the link above doesnt mean you have experienced the classic that is #section80.from beginning to end, pure fire.very deep and soulful.keishas song,at the end,when kendrick mentions his little sister..thats fuckin deep.

  • Phuck Yiu

    am i the only one who thinks Rigamortus is one of the best songs on the album

  • Anonymous

    this is my last comment and trip to dx... 4 stars... no comment

  • F33

    "I am not the next politically aware rapper, I'm a fucking human being!" Damn straight man, this dude is real in every sense. This and Returnof4eva are the tops for 2011 imo.

  • MICrophone Tone

    4/5 and that's after 50 listens......It's an understatement to call this man a lyricist! Ronald Reagan Era my favorite track on the album by far. Dude just goes in on that track and it's all relevant. TDE's beats sound great with exellent drum and horn work! Only reason I don't give it a 5/5 is because of some of the hooks are a bit too basic. Best thing about Kendrick is that he will give you exactly what he's feeling in every song on the album and doesn't give a rat's ass who criticizes it or tells him different. He's an MC's MC and as a hiphop head I can do nothing but praise this project! WIth that being said, "My lil' sista eleven I looked her right in the face the day I wrote this song sat her down and pressed play" REAL AS IT GETS

  • Joey

    Wow. I don't know how he did it but he may have out done Overly Dedicated. Guarantee at year's end this is gonna hold a lot of people's #1 spot.... support on iTunes for only $8 or $15 for a physical copy (signed) on the TDE store.. HiiiPoWeR!

  • gordo

    this guy gon' be mentioned with big, pac, nas and jay one day. ya'l sit back and watch !

    • Dorian KingLouie Roberts

      Lupe is still dope..that album was the atlantic records album

    • yup

      yall said that about lupe fiasco that dude is doing shitty ass songz with trey songz and made one of the most disappointing rap releases for the year...lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet


    kendrick lamar is the revolution.

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    Had Gibbs, KRIT and Cole above this guy for awhile, but this album has made me a full believer in this guy. Very complex album with tons of content and strong beats. 4/5 for now replay value could take it higher

    • WA


  • yugang

    Kendrick knows how to make dope albums from top to bottom cohesively!

  • TDErunninIT

    been bumpin k-dot since his first "EP", he's da truf

  • T'Challa

    Album of the year so far..

  • McNulty

    I wonder how much it costs to pay one person to write 30 "5 star" reviews on this site. Ask Broth Lynch Hung, too

  • aarontodavis

    not a big fan of Kendrick Lamar but he had a solid albulm (every rapper isnt gonna be for everyone and I think dats me in dis case)im not sayin he's garbage or nothing either cuz he's me his voice can get annoying and hard to understand, idk if he has da best albulm of 2011 but i can see y he's in that discussion my fav's: Hii power and Ronald Regan Era rating:3.5/5


    Lol i know im that corner store spitta im just made cuz niggaz dont give me more than 10 seconds to spit for that 1 dollar,and this nigga gotta album out,how fair is that mane,fuck kendrick lamar im'a go practice my flow by mikeys liquor store n cop a 40oz with dis 5 is earned sucking that paki cops dick

  • YoungalQeadaGeneral

    this shit is too tight and some good mood muzik if you be poppin them vicodin pillz and smoking on that ganja at the same time ,this shit right here will do it.u killed dem kendrickkkkkkkkkkk

  • @last

    he's good. the way he enunciates reminds me of an Andre 3000. his topics and depth are believable. he dosen't seem to put words together just to match (jay z esque). he also knows how to be inclusive with his songs. like the way he has people singing on the songs to break up the fact that his lyrics are that profound. good album. best ever, nah...4.5 to be a classic you have to alter those that come after. i do like him more than i do j.cole for some reason though.

  • Dale P. Oats

    Best this year... so far!

  • B. Emerson 909

    All 16 tracks are DOPE

  • OneNaTrillion

    Rigamortis, Spiteful Chant and Blow My High are three of my favorites. I'd say 4.5/5. Seriously, Joel Ortiz album is better? Psssh gtfoh

  • You Know

    Pretty easily the best album I've heard this year. Not many albums get a 5 by me but this is damn close. Amazing shit.

  • brannenGee

    best album I heard in a min! no flaws

  • brannenG

    the best album in 2011. no flaws on it to me.. lets see what watch the throne and cole world do. bottom line 2011 is a great year for hiphop!

  • Anonymous

    I wrongly judged Kendrick Lamar by basing him only off that one song,"Michael Jordan". I listened to HiiiPower and was immediately convinced that he was different. And Section.80 is one of the best albums of 2011. Not a classic but is still an incredible album. I think it is more deserving of a 4.5/5 though.

  • Anonymous

    It's very good, but LMAO @ anyone calling this a classic. You can't call an album a classic that has been out for a few days. I bet most of the people on here won't be playing this year from now.

    • Stan Kiama

      Ive got 3 albums that will always live on my ipod.. Overly Dedicated, Kendrick Lamar lp and now section 80.

    • haters gonna hate

      I can honestly say I will. I'm still listenin to overly dedicated and kendrick lamar ep most days.

  • Rueski

    Cant wait to hear it

  • Mylie

    great fuckin album. very unexpected

  • Micah

    hot album i had never heard his music before and he got talent it is a very good album for this time i give it like a 4.5 he sound like pusha t a little on that hii power track

  • Mario Pumper Walton

    amazing album best one this year so far

  • Bob

    The reason why I think this album is good is because I wasn't expecting much. I was assuming that this album was just something he was going to throw out there and then he would release something more serious. With his first album though he delivers a good quality album that will be one of the better ones of the year. Now he can start bringing out those Dre tracks and if Detox ever comes out then he'll get even more recognition.

  • notYOU

    By giving this a 4, you're saying that "Free Agent" by Joell Ortiz was a better album??? GTFOHWTBS, someone deserves to be smacked.

  • ac

    damn this dude tricked everybody into thinking he's deep and smart. 3.5/5 at best...every hook he does himself is horrible

  • Shuttaman

    Shoulda be none less than 4.5 DX yall fuckin up THIS A CLASSIC RITE HERE WESTSIDEE

  • ZV


  • Mark Anthony Harris

    This album is damn near a classic. I can't say one of the best albums ever. For it to do that, we would have to look back over this piece of work and see how it affected the industry/media/culture in relation to the quality of the music. The music is original and great in its own right. Now, will it stand the test of time?

  • that real shit

    best album ive heard from an artist in a few years as far as theme, lyrics, depth, production, and social impact. incredible album

  • Ameer

    This album has set the bar for these rappers who are releasing their artwork this year. Its way better than big Sean's shit and that guy's apart of one of the greatest Hip Hop music groups. I think would be a way better asset to any of these lame ass groups now of days


    I just went and listened to the album to see if this is a fair score and I have to say he will probably not gain any new fans from this. I listened to the 1st 4 tracks to give him a fair chance and did not feel anything other than someone is trying to be deeper than they are able to be while articulating well enough for people to follow him. He good for a underground rapper though.


      go listen to soulja boy cuz u too retarded for what he is saying u fucking pussy ass bitch gsoni ass nigga suck a dick hoe ass faggot

    • vicodin mane

      u didnt smoke no kush thats why bitch nigga

    • GSONII

      When someone is trying to gain new fans they have to come out swinging. 4 songs is fair chance enough, most of you little internet pussies would not give a real raw spitter at the corner store 10 seconds you would run like the little bitch you are.

    • thatrealshit

      listening to 4 songs isnt giving this album a chance, u gotta listen to the entire thing to get the full perspective on the album and then listen about 3 more times for the lyrics to soak in. imagine if u listened to the first 4 songs of illmatic or lifestyles of the poor and dangerous and said "oh yeah i gave it a chance". sounds like you were a hater b4 u even played it

    • Ameer

      This album is great if you can relate to it and clearly your dumb ass does not relate. I respect your opinion, but you don't know how to listen so really your opinion means nothing.

    • Anonymous

      Just cus you aintlike it dont mean he wont gain any new recognition

    • pico presi

      deeper than he really is...? damn, sounds like you know this man personally. thats the prob with rap fans. we bitch and moan about fake rappers then a real emcee comes out and its a nick pick festival. respect ur opinion tho.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Haven't stopped listening since friday. A must hear album!

  • KillaPussyClott

    Dope album! I'll be bumpin' this for a minute!

  • JFranks

    A few really great songs on here. Others not so much. 4 stars.

  • D90

    dont hate me for sayin this but i think kendrick lamar is boring... thats jus my oppinion i realize hes extremely talented as a lyracist, but i jus perfer jay rock from the TDE fam, no knocks on K. Dot its jus my oppinion im not into his kinda shit

  • blubb

    4 Stars bcuz I don't like the production. Though, will be one of the best albums in 2011.

  • fddssftt

    5/5 Kendrick absolutely killed this album. Only two songs I didn't like were Spiteful Chant and Blow My High, if he could've replaced those 2 this would be album of the year so far, but I still think Returnof4eva by Big Krit is album of the year.

  • Son of Accra

    Best album of 2011. Modern hip hop classic.

  • datdude

    Let's get this strait for 1 this is a good album. Now I'm not even gonna name albums that's better than this bcuz its too many. You dudes are caught up in the moment, imnot being funny or anything but get off the internet and see who is banging K. Lamar *seriously* but I fuxxs wit dude I agree this is a top 5album of this year but to say best ever man that's amazing you guys are some big K. Lamar fans.

    • Mohith Subbarao

      to hh...he actually only song 5500 for the whole first week

    • samsneed

      no one said best of 2011.and i dont give a fuck who bumps kdot.i bump pacdiv and dom kennedy in the got to give credit where credit is due.production is flawless.lyrics on point AND meaningful.thought provoking rap.seems strange to hear Thought Provoking and Rap in the same sentence nowadays.but its true.8 bucks on itunes well spent

    • Hh

      this guy sold 5500 on the first day, he's on pace for about 30-40K in the first week, yea, nobody listens to this guy..

  • Section.Classic

    By far the best album of 2011.... 4.5

  • J.T.

    I never heard of this guy until this album dropped and yes it deserves the money. Really unique album for hiphop. Production was great and the lyrics were meaningful. Only one song i didnt love but i wont knock the score cause of that cause Lamar is really good.

  • Charles Benévolo Singletary

    Forgot to rate it....

  • itsacoleworld

    12 dubies to the face nigga fukkk dott

  • datdude

    @Yo this will be In the top 5-7 albums of this year, but for you to say this is one of the best albums ever I will come through ur window like bruh man and snub you, if you say some crazy shit like that again. Now go to sleep and wake up smarter

    • yo

      go swallow dicks to a soft niggas music.big sean groupie.the best of 2011.mad cuz dudes signed to a major are taking your money in exchange for doctor suess rhymes and fruity loop beats. go columbine your school.

    • Charles Benévolo Singletary

      Before you get in "fuck-your-opinion" mode, could you explain WHY you think it shouldn't be considered one of the best ever?

  • CW of SplashJOY

    Should be a 5, I think. It will go down in history as a gem

  • Anonymous


  • Xeno

    5 people have voted 5 is the most popular ranking 5 people gave it a perfect 5!


    anything other than a perfect 5 is utter bitchness.steady rotation.from Fuck your ethnicity to Hii power.straight fire

  • Jordan

    Hmm, not a huge fan on first brief listen. Ronald Regan Era Kiesha's Song My 2 favs so far. Weird production imo, but I guess thats Kendrick's style..

    • yo!

      listen to the whole album.not one track here and there.keisha's song ties in with the intros and other songs.the whole album ties in completely from beginning to end.look up "review #section80" and count how many times "album of the year" is mentioned.hiphopdx is notorious for their blatant hate for any westcoast artist.this album is one of the best albums ever in hiphop.PERIOD!the messages is powerful from this talented black it

  • sssssssss

    every track is classic.the album as a whole is perfect.the concept is refreshing in this stale ass music of 2011


    one of the best albums out in 2011

  • John Lynch

    Rigamortus was my favorite track, I don't understand how it was out of place. I agree with the rating for the album though.