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With Weekend at Burnie's, Spitta continues to give his supporters what they enjoy most about him, but also shows why some still think he's a new artist.

Curren$y has been buzzing for several years now, but hasn’t been able to take his career as high as he tends to be. With Weekend at Burnie’s, Spitta continues to give his supporters what they enjoy most about him, but also shows why some still think he’s a new artist.

Spitta’s most successful when he crafts melodic, laid back tracks (“What’s What,” “On G’s”), smooth enough to make fans lean without being under the influence. Monsta Beatz and Havoc & Magneto7 all craft the instrumentals to let Spitta work, albeit to mixed results. Still on the positive side, one of the album’s most outstanding cuts, “She Don’t Wanna Man,” showcases more depth to Spitta, something that is truly missing elsewhere. While tackling a serious subject matter (adultery) in a nonchalant manner, Curren$y flexes his versatility over one of the album’s most stellar beats. This leads a listener to feel more of this should have been provided.

There’s an inconsistency on Weekend at Burnie’s that keeps it from being fully successful. At some points, Curren$y shows why he was given the Spitta moniker, but other times, he shows how limited his flow and subject matter can be, slowly pushing through tracks with no real focus. Sometimes, he doesn’t even try to rhyme creatively. “What you wish they would played on the radio at least one time. It’s cool, though. We getting major paper on the underground. You thought it was them other fools, though it was us the whole time,” he says on “You See It” . When not faltering in this manner, Weekend is enjoyable but this type of work diminishes the album’s value. 

“You know I speed, minus the bus and Keanu Reeves,” Curren$y says on the introductory “#Jetsgo" . The line is somewhat indicative of Spitta’s skill. While the line is average at best as it stands, it is also extremely dated. See, Curren$y is not devoid of all talent on the microphone as his longevity can attest, but he’s also not supremely gifted, as his nearly decade-long “new artist” tag can prove. To this point, Weekend does little to help this tag go away. Longtime fans will enjoy and support the album justly, but it will be understandably missed or ignored by many.

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  • Michael Williams

    Spitta is one of the best slow burn nigga

  • aight

    covert coup was dope but after that listening to this shit it starting to all sound the same, shit is aight, covert coup was better, 3/5

  • Corey Weston


  • Anonymous

    over rated rapper... Dude ok but gets boring as fuck... Tired you dumbasses crowning the newest fresh act out

  • Corey Steir

    FIRE BEATZ FOR THE SUPER LOW!!! TAKE A QUICK LISTEN IM DEAD SERIOUS Any artist who leases a beat and records a fire track not only gets 1 FREE lease..i'll also upload the track to my soundclick page(FREE PROMO) also..send mp3's to!!

  • akmob78

    currensy is killin it right now,y'all could at least give him another x for this one.....its not covert coup.....but its still bangin..peace!!!

  • yellowredblue

    terrible fuckin review, probably one of the worst ones i've read on this site, spittas been kilin shit soooo hard in 2010 and 2011, smokie robinson both pilot talks covert coupe and this are some of the best projects we've gotten to hear recently, this dudes grindin so hard and actually giving alot of QUALITY music, and then gets this sub-par review...smfh

  • PiffDaddyKane

    Spitta killed this shit. He doesnt care about mainstream, the nigga just made a mill of touring. His fan base has only grown. Real niggas fuck with real niggas. WAB is different from his Covert Coup. PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO TITLES...its the rappers aim.

  • jc

    whoever is writing Curren$y's reviews are dumb AF !!! do they not know he doesnt want to be mainstream? he said on Pilot Talk 1 "Refuse to major and stayed real.. i kept my promise" so y'all can shut that shit up "jetlife bitch

  • rekz one

    this is insanity. this album is a masterpiece. phraynkh knows what im sayin

  • Ventura

    Surprised to see so many mixed reviews. Spitta isn't for everyone. Other than album sales what separates Spitta from Whiz??? My opinion Spitta is trapped under a glass ceiling, i hope he can find a way to get through it and still maintain his integrity

  • phraynkh

    if u dont like this album u dont deserve to listen to spitta

  • Paris

    Cmon guyz lets be honnest, if Spitta got dope beats on this album, his flow still remains limited on THIS CD. Listen to Covert coup's smoke break he made a real good shit. I think 3 is a good rate for this shit because Currensy did'nt get a great rhythm . JETS LIFE TO THE NEXT LIFE but big sean's shit shouldnt receive a 4 stars gay tracks though jets life. From Paris okaayyy

  • Anonymous

    he star 2 decline

  • Dee

    All Around Dope Album!!!!!!!!

  • dope

    dope album currensy always has nice beats his subject matter may not go deep but its ok . i can vibe off this 3.5 stars

  • Anonymous

    Forget his site, real reviews here Weekend at Burnies is on its way.

  • Anonymous

    Planet Pit got a 3.5, this got a 3, I just lost all respect for this site. If you a spitta fan this is a great album, if your not, I'm sorry.

  • pienman

    indeed the homie leonard is right... its a dope joint

  • Leonard Jackson

    this site is weak for these ratings!!!! Spitta, You no u the truth!!!! True Story

  • pienman

    it is a dope cd...

  • hmmm

    I bought this and was deeply disappointed.

  • Welldone

    Shit is dope. Sumthin you can ride and smoke too.

  • gwalk

    this album is tight af. the production is crazy

  • naijaboi

    I feel like slapping myself for missing this by a week. I'm gonna roll up and give this a listen over the long weekend.

  • AtlantaZoneBoy

    This shit fire..I don't know what HHDX is smokin on..How Big Sean wack azz get a higher rating?

  • Sssssssssssssssss

    get that Dom kennedy.this site hyped it with interviews with dom but days after it released hiphopdx cant get around to review it.but can review pitfull..bullshit.and knowing these writers they'll hate on dom for the plain fact that he's a westcoast artist.i got currensy and dom's albums on the same day..good good shit from both car sounds nice

  • Mely

    Definitely a strong supporter and fan. W.A.B gets a 4 for me but have to say it wasn't as great as previous albums and mixtapes. Was expecting a lil more from him now that he's becoming a lil more publicized. Regardless this a blast-in-your-car album

  • ____________________


  • amchri3

    Like Spitta said "My independence remain cause I aint working for the radio station like Martin Payne." Clearly he don't care if he gets all the hype.The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the album was short but it was so dope...Jet Life!!!!

  • realnigga

    Yo this shit is hot bro. One of the best albums of 2011...only one mediocre track. Great music from spitta. 5 star

  • Sour Headbandz Thats lil wayne rapping every lyric of curren$y cause he knew talent

  • Sour Headbandz

    Man this is the smoke and ride album of the summer the reviewer needs to load up some blue dreamz in the volcano nd listen to this again

  • xavier jackson

    how can hip hop dx even come at spitta like this? he is the only artist that is stayin true to his OWN music he has no outside features he does what he wants and thats make classic music

  • Anonymous

    only fitted its user rating is 4.20

  • samie

    the reviewer clearly doesnt get currensy the album is one of 2011s best

  • kushface818

    dope album i just got it on tuesday in the mail with a jet life weed grinder nice!!! JET LIFE...#JETSGO

  • swag

    If curren$y had some complex lyrics on just one album which he is capable of,would all you reviewers get off his dick? u aint gotta be no multi syllable super duper lyrical monster to be a good rapper spittas right in the middle u cant be goin crazy when your music is meant to be laid back....

  • NJ

    Pilot Talk - 3/5 Pilot Talk 2 - 3/5 Weekend A Burnies - 3/5 What does HHDX have against this dude? The production alone gets this album up to a 3 and minus a few stale tracks, like Televised and This Is The Life, it's another solid 4 star performance from Curren$y.

  • Chris

    I heard Pilot Talk, Pilot Talk 2 and Weekend at Burnies and I gotta say that Curren$y makes music that you can just chill to at the crib but I find him really boring at times. I'll go with DX on this one. 3 outta 5.

  • Brandon

    Spitta is ok to me in small doses. He gets real boring to listen to after a few spins, with his lazy, laid back flow thats pretty much the same on most of his songs. He will never be big because he doesnt know how to gain that mass appeal. His style right now isnt appealing to many people outside of hip hop heads that hate mainstream. But if he ever does gain a larger fanbase, yall will hate him for it, sayin he "sold out". happens to every artist.

    • Anonymous

      Couldnt agree more with you Alex and just to add Spitta has a good ear for beats..Every beat on this new album are great

    • Alex Hayford

      His place isn't in the mainstream, but his support borders on a cult following. I don't even think it's his goal to gain mass appeal anyway otherwise he would have still been with Cash Money. Besides, who cares if he never gets big? As long as this guy keeps putting out music that appeals to his core fan base, he'll be straight. In my opinion, he's been mad consistent ever since the first Pilot Talk, and he's getting better. He's not for everybody and that shouldn't matter anyway, it's music.

  • dcd525

    solid release by spitta.. jet$ fool

  • Anonymous

    3 is fair for this. Currency needs to change it up more. He releases the same albums over and over.

  • Stan Kiama

    On rotation!!!!.. You have to understand Curren$y's concept of rhyming to like his music. To me this is as good as pilot talk II... Classic shit that stays on the ipod indefinately

    • lol

      yea man, clearly some reviewers don't speak that pilot talk... C$'s rhymes are VERY creative.. the pace throws ppl off, but dude is RIPPING it.. an MC's MC *imo*

  • interracial gang bangs

    i bought this album and danger dan's album last car window got busted out side the bestbuy while i was inside the store.

  • allcopssuffer

    bachmann vs palin vs mfdoom

  • dr.arnold gregory

    let me diddle your hole

  • WOW

    lol see the highest editor rated section?finally famous is that high?now look at the user rated section.i mostly go by what the user's rate.the editor have a fucked up taste for rap.beyonce?

  • sssssssssssssss

    got the cuurensy and the new dom kennedy on the same day.the 28th was a good day.

  • just

    bought Weekend at Burnies and Finally Famous the Album, both were sold out everywhere i bestbuy i went to, finally found both at different stores.

  • Caveman

    @jimmie, read your post a little off, thought you were tryin to state Curren$y produced this lol. #jetsgo

  • Caveman

    Jimmie, you mean....Monsta Beatz, they did over 3/4 of the production on this one. Excellent effort from spitta, he's been killin it in 2011, return to the.., covert coup and burnies. all fuckin top notch. Hopefully we will finally get to hear muscle car chronicles sometime soon, shit's been pushed back long enough..

  • Jimmie

    Very impressive my first good listen to Currensy beats are outstanding solid lyrics if not innovatve they are clever and solid.

  • LaMar Gch Walker

    kool...he needs to stop making 11 track albums wit only 2:50 mins songs...still good album tho...maybe a good 15 track album wit 3:50 mins songs at the minimum

  • dre

    everything i expected. nothing but classic music. #JetsGo!!!

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Spitta will be a freshman rapper (almost said "artists" but realized who I was talking about) 4eva. He is just not very talented, and because of his inability to connect with more fans, he will remain in the back drop of rap.

    • nox

      Spitta was also sign to No Limit Records back in the day that were he got his independent hustle from #justsayin

    • Stan Kiama

      Spitta a freshman?? do you know spitta was once in Cash money back in tha day?? Not very talented? Tell me who else in tha geme sounds like Curren$y.. Why Im I even bothered? cmon mayne

  • 718rob

    Both this and Big Sean's album SUCKED. I like Spitta too. He needs to stop making cover art better than the LP.

  • Inept

    When yall gonna understand that a review is subjective. It is listened to by and individual who then rates it on how successful he thinks the album will be. There is no doubt that Big Sean will sell more albums than Curren$y. That doesnt make it a better album though. Just gotta see how the reviewer is reviewing shit, maybe actually read the review. Comparing Curren$y to Big Sean is a shit comparison, tho IMO both killt it.

  • Anonymous

    Craptastic reviews as always. Really hard to take this site seriously anymore.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO they rated Finally Famous better than this....HHDX yall slippin forreal

  • Anonymous

    My current top 5 Killer Mike Apathy REKS Curen$y Royce 5'9

  • Neazy

    A rapper who raps about weed is lazy? Gee thanks for the info.