Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5'9") - Hell: The Sequel

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They may have gone through Hell separately but it's Hip-Hop Heaven when they're together.

Eminem and Royce da 5’9” have been through quite a bit over the last few years, but here on the other side of the deaths, beefs and arrests, each man has recently come back into his own. With Royce having signed to Eminem’s Shady Records as part of Slaughterhouse, it’s only right that they celebrate with Hell: The Sequel, a new EP from their group, Bad Meets Evil. Luckily, the intervening years haven’t slowed either man down and the EP finds both emcees fully in touch with what first attracted us to them.

On Eminem’s side in particular, Hell: The Sequel is reminiscent of The Old Shady and his battle-rap origins. While as long as many albums, the “side-project” nature of the work allows Eminem to break away from exploring every corner of his psyche and just have a good time getting high (“I’m On Everything,” with Mike Epps) and teaching kids about violence (“A Kiss”). There aren’t many left who doubt Eminem’s skills in general, but those who might be concerned that an EP means “throwaway verses” can rest easy.

There shouldn’t be any doubt about Royce’s abilities either, but trust that he more than carries his own weight in the partnership. He has just as many standout verses as Eminem, even on “The Reunion,” which initially seems built specifically for classic Slim Shady antics with its sing-song-y hook and horrifying lyrics. Royce stays sharp throughout in the spirit of friendly competition, carrying over to the rest of Slaughterhouse on the frantic closer, “Loud Noises” and never feels like the afterthought that other emcees might.

There some selections that feel a little out of place, particularly “Lighters,” a pop offering that should be familiar to anyone who’s heard any other rap song with a Bruno Mars hook. This kind of thing has a place on an Eminem album, but it seems like an unnecessary tactic for an EP that’s more a gift for the hardcore fans than a direct attempt at a platinum plaque.

There’s no telling what the future holds for two men whose pasts have been so complex, but hopefully their plans will continue to involve occasional collaboration. Eminem and Royce Da 5’9” are perfectly capable of standing on their own, but it’s clear that even after all these years, they inspire something special in each other. They may have gone through Hell separately but it's Hip-Hop Heaven when they’re together.

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  • The real rating

    Genius PERIOD.

  • Manc

    Lyricism on a hundred thousand trillion!

  • Anonymous

    i like eminem alot

  • Andre.CO

    Definitely Em's best lyricism since Eminem Show, yes it's a bit above Recovery, which was dope too. Yeah some of the beats aren't the greatest, as with Recovery. But it's clear that Em and Royce are special together, they always have been. Scary Movies, Nuttin' To Do, Bad Meets Evil, etc. It continues here. Welcome to Hell, Fast Lane, I'm On Everything, Loud Noises, and Echo are my stand outs. All great and they go in. The only tracks I wasn't feeling was Lighters, but they still spit solid verses on it. The Reunion is solid, a nice story going on in it too. Above the Law, Eminem's shouting gets to me a bit, but his lyricism is raw. Decent track. A Kiss really grew on me, they both have very clever rhymes, solid track. Take From Me is alright, just alright. Living Proof was very good too, both went in. I would give it a 4.5 but it falls to a 4.25 because of some of the ehhhh production, just like Recovery. On Eminem's next album, I hope he uses a bit of different production than Recovery and Hell The Sequel, which were their only faults in my opinion. I'd love to see a track or two with Premier, a few Mr Porter tracks (stuff like Loud Noises and On Fire), maybe another track with Havoc (Untitled and Welcome to Hell), a track or two with No ID, a few with Dre of course, than handle the rest himself. Some of Em's best produced songs are from himself. He handled or contributed to many songs on Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem Show, and the 8 Mile soundtrack stuff he did.

  • suchal

    this deserves nothing less than 5/5

  • Rel

    God damn they tore this shit down. Royce was nice on these tracks and Eminem's demon noodle is fillin' up these speakers even now!!!

  • Jordan S

    Eminem brings us fast, funny, and witty lyrics while Royce brings an amazing flow and lyrics that make you think as well as appreciate. AMAZING duo.

  • Anonymous

    Very very cool musik

  • johnathan

    sweet music you guys

  • marshall

    all the very best to bad meets evil n my man eminem!!!!

  • Anon

    Fucken AMAZING! Royce did his thing And Em well hes Em he fucken kill it!

  • ..

    Man this guy never seizes to amaze me!


    LOVE IT keep it coming EM!!

  • Anonymous

    crazy how Em after all these years still got it..royce def does his thing too..amazing album top5 this year

  • Anonymous

    one of the best albums of the year simple..real rap

  • Danny

    Some of the beats on this EP aren't the best, some of the choruses are dreadful, but Em and Royce are incredible in every song. Some better producers/featured artists could make this album much better.

  • k-ron

    This shit is dope i think there should b a shady compilation ep while we wait fo slaughter house yelawolfs albumn is gonna be dope em did the rite thing especially for us hardcore hiphopers bad meets evil is a classic in a sense maybe we kan get a part 2 of this hopefully lo shaaaaaaaaaaaady! BITCH!l

  • Lil roc

    Best album of 11 so far. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that royce and eminem together have acheived a new level of greatness. They also have a good sense of humor throughout the EP. Im not gonna lie though i've gotton tired of lighters. I give this EP a 4.5 its addictive

  • killa 1212

    who betta jay and west or em and royce

  • TonTon

    While Jigga and Kanye watchin' the throne, Em and Royce sit on it.

  • Kanye West

    Ima let royce & Em finish but uhhhhhhhh Watch the throne was the greatest album of all time, OF ALL TIME!

  • IAmControverse

    This is why all hip hop feuds should be squashed immediately: artwork like THIS. Thank you, Em and Royce, for getting past whatever crap drove you apart and giving us this masterpiece. The lyricism is, as my niece would say, "on point". Everybody just went in like they had a gun to their head and that is exactly what we need in hip hop.

  • ciiph3r

    flawless album. lyricism at its best and truely being competetive, the "best rapper alive" concept is the best thing to happen to hip hop the genius are at work and with a purpose giving it all they got. we all win. em is still the greatest in my opinion this and watch the throne are my fav albums of the year

  • Anonymous

    This, ''Armor Of God'' and ''Elmatic'' are the best albums of the year. Best lyrics by far.

  • Anonymous

    CLASSIC! 5 STARS!!! Some of the best straight rapping ever, it's unbelievable. They mastered every single aspect of rapping, the breath control and cadence was inhuman. The flows were sick beyond belief. I can't get over how fucking amazing and well they rapped.

  • Adam Newman

    Bad Vs. Evil is da bomb! I think Eminem was the best. I especially liked the songs "Lighters" and "Fast Lane".

  • Ken Dabeatmaker Taylor

    mad things!


    everbody says best album of the year like it is selling like WTT, C4 !!!

    • Lil roc

      Sure wtt and c4 might be sellin more but thats not what determines who has a better album. Lyrical skill, delivery, concept, and creativity does, and royce and eminem have plenty of that. I haven't heard c4 but listen to wtt then listen to hell the sequel you'll notice a sizable difference.

  • David Levels

    If you don't get this album, you are missing out. This is hip hop. Album of the year. I missed lyricism like this

  • Anonymous

    One word dope album.Buy the album.Buy original be original.

  • Drew Jones

    best album this year so far

  • Star

    without a doubt the best album (all genres) of the year if not the last few years!

  • Hailey Jade

    Damn my dad kilt this album LMAO

  • Eminem's ex wife

    Omg! this was soo dope i shoulda never left em omg!! haha

  • j coles cousin

    DAMN!! it was dope

  • bob tha axe murderer

    this was off tha hook

  • Ricky bobby

    fuck the free world this shit was dope

  • hakeem

    yeee this album kilt it

  • Kristijonas Rastauskas Fussman

    Absolute rap heaven.

  • Sharp Pargament

    Why watch the throne when I'm listening to the kings already?

  • NONO

    The sales of this album compared to Eminem's other albums pretty much proves where 85% of his album sales come from, and that it's not just lyrics they are supporting. Guess he had too much "chocolate" on this one. SAD...SAD indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Well the others are ALBUMS this is an EP. Also this was barely promoted so only those who really followed Em actually knew about it's release. Yes it would have sold more w/o Royce on it, but its more because people don't know what Bad Meets Evil is or who Royce is. Oh and theres the stans that think Eminem is the only good rapper. It has nothing to do with race.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing worldplay , metaphors, and punchlines - but mediocre production.. 4.95/5 0.05 off cuz of bad production and subject matter. True rap is all abouut worldplay , metaphors, and punchlines that is real lyricism and thats all i care about i dont care about beats or subject matter because lyrcicism shows the skill and talent of the rappers best hip hop album to be released since the eminem show

  • Damien Dsoul

    Friends back together again, nothing beats a Hip-Hop reunion like these two. Just like Meth and Redman, Royce and Eminem have such a tight flow with words its almost as if they were both cut from the same womb.

  • Dj Tee

    The Punchlines and metaphors on this album is too much. Am lost already ! 5/5

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to hell is legendary. Fastlane is a classic Reunion is Genius Above The law is damn good I'm on everything is damn good as well A kiss is genius Lighters is ehh.. Take from Me is legendary Echo is legendary Living Proof is legendary. 4.5/5(Near Classic)

  • Gee Money

    It's better than Jay-Z and Kanye West's album

  • Jake

    Listen I'm one of the biggest 96/97-02/early 03 Em Stans you will ever meet, but i'm also a realist and ANYONE calling this a CLASSIC or more than 3.5/5 you're on crack, a blind fan, or don't know about all the other amazing emcees out there who are slept on. Em himself said after being drugged out for 4-5 years (04-08, almost dying twice of 2 ODs) that he had to "learn to rap, write, flow, perform again and now w/out recreational drugs like weed/liquor" (which always helped with natural creativity/sense of humor/performing/saying crazy dope ish). I'd personally give this a 3/5 as an EP. There are some nice tracks, but again if 97-02 Em and Royce @ his best on this would of made an 11 track EP, that would be a 4.5-5/5, so how could this be that? Also Em is close to Dre, Royce is close to Primo, they're both close to Alchemist and you're telling me they couldn't get 3-4 beats from these ILL producers? How about Black Milk for a good look to Detroit? How bout a feature from Elzhi (although I understand why they didn't since he's much iller than them in 2011, then again he's iller than basically anyone)? Take out the 4 weakest songs and put in beats by Dre, Primo, Alchemist, and Black Milk maybe would of bumped it up to 4/5. And again Em just isn't as smooth with the mulit's/tone/god damn rewind that moments as he used to be. Facts are facts people and again this is coming from someone who thinks Em from 97-02/03 is one of the GOATs in my personal top 1-10 along w/ Nas, Kool G Rap, Pun, Big L, Elzhi, Andre 3000 (94-2000), Black Thought, Kweli (he gets in there for his best ish and being amazing live), Pharoahe Monch (been super dope for 20 years)...Honarable mention to prime Jay-Z (96-03), Rakim, Prime Ice Cube, Prime Canibus/Redman, Pac/Big, Tonedeff, Louis Logic, Diabolic, Crooked I (needs an LP), Copywrite, Apathy, Slug, Masta Ace, Common, Mos Def, Prime KRS-One/BDK. Please try and keep things in perspective people...ELMATIC IS A 5, LIAR AND A THIEF IS A 4.5, SSLP IS A 5, ILLMATIC IS A 5, REASONABLE DOUBT IS A 5, READY TO DIE IS A 5, WU TANG'S FIRST 2 ALBUMS ARE 4.5-5s, BLACKSTAR AND MOS/KWELI'S DEBUT LPs are 5s, PUN'S CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS A 5, CUNNINLYNGUISTS "A PIECE OF STRANGE" IS A 4.5-5, OUTKAST'S 2ND/3RD LPS ARE 5s, DE LA AND TRIBE EACH HAVE TWO 5s, IT was Written is a 4.5-5, MMLP/Em Show are 4.5-5s, Stillmatic is a 4.5, Elzhi's The Preface is a 4.5, Roots have 4+ 4.5-5 albums, Pharoahe Monch Internal Affairs is a 5, BLU "BELOW THE HEAVENS" is a 4.5-5, One be Lo's "S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M" is a 4.5, LOUIS LOGIC/TONEDEFF/MC JUICE all have 4.5-5s. I could go on for days, but bottom line is THOSE are 4.5-5 albums (along w/ many i didn't mention) so how in gods name could 2011 38.5 year old way past his prime Em w/ some filler tracks and no all time great producers on there be a 4.5-5? Get some perspective ppl

  • Ivan Grgona

    Copped it, loved it

  • gabriel

    great meets greatness

  • Lorraine Asfour

    EMINEM is the best fking artist in history ... with my respect to all the other people. The best song on this album is Fast Lane ...

  • rob

    one of the best cds in the last few years

  • luizinho

    Really dope album!

  • Fly

    This website has the worst fucking reviews ever. Seriously. Whoever reviews this shit must have discovered rap like 2 years ago

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    Best Tracks(In order of preference). 1. Fastlane/Welcome To Hell 2. The Reunion 3. Take From Me 4. Living Proof 5. Echo 6. A kiss 7. Loud Noises 8. Am On Everything 9. Lighters 10. Above The Law.

    • asd

      Are u fuckin kidding me? The best song on the EP is Above the Law and u put it on last place AFTER LIGHTERS?!?! SMFD@U

  • Anonymous

    Old School Shady spitting lyrics at blazing speeds with Royce complimenting perfectly. This offering was a very pleasant surprise.

  • Patus92

    Looks like hip hop isnt dead after all mofkz!! Great album, great hooks. LOVE Royce's dark side and how he disses Kanye and T-Pain. Eminem, hes changed alot but hes still great and comes up with whack ass lyrics just not as controvertial as back in 99..Em shouldve definitely dissed lil wayne in the album too..that wouldve made my day

  • Adam Rapology Aldo

    This album has some solid lyricisms, strong concepts, supported by a very entertaining flow from both Eminem and Royce. They both complement each others flows, on many exchanges, throughout many tracks. 'Em and Royce's chequered friendship is finally reconciled in the best possible way, with the creation of this album. Hopefully bygons will be left at just that, and these two top billing artists can continue to make hot music for some time to come. "Lighters" and "fast lane" are the obvious standouts of this album. A must buy for not just fans of Eminem and Royce, but anyone that is a fan of good music.

  • FathaGoose

    been waiting for this album longer than detox.... over 12 years

  • Jah

    This is possibly the first time I have found HHDX to over rate an album. I guess I just don't feel albums that aren't talking about anything other than meaningless fancy wordplay.

  • matt

    Big all my haters!

  • Black John McClain

    Eminem reminds me of another great white guy who should have retired when he was still great...GRETZKY! yeah man, he the Gretzky of rap.

    • White Barack Obama

      Yeah, he should retire and walk away from his millions of fans because a couple of people on the internet arent fans anymore I bet you wouldnt either

  • Anonymous

    em da mf greatest

  • ResidentHipHopper

    The Art of Yo >>>>>> Anything on BadMeetsEvil

  • White Boi

    I'm White ANd Eminem Overrated 1 star

  • Da Hook

    Finally Been Waiting For This Sense Slim Shady LP Bad Meets Evil Song...!!

  • Mu

    This album ain't for those with what I like to call "radio ears"... meaning those that only care about hot beats, and don't take the time to LISTEN to the lyrics (as opposed to just hearing them). Both Em and Royce gots some clever lines and metaphors. Royce even outshines Em on some tracks, like "Above the Law" "... I stay violent, yall go the peace route, you got a mouth like Kanye I'll knock your whole bottom row of teeth out; No disrespect to Mr. West, shit, I'm just nice wit mine, and it's just rap, I'm just like Ricky Hatton, I just like the line." Sick

    • dsfasdf

      now i lay me down to sleep/i do this shit in my sleep/i'm sleepin now/imagine if i awake/i'm champ bitch/i'll never taste no canvas/could never be no damn wuss/not a pussy/neva mushy so you can't squish let's see lil wayne do that!

  • Mac Mo

    @overrated rappers u must be one of those cats listening to gucci mane waka flocka soulja boy and jeezy talking about cocaine all the time...cmon son! we know they aint living that life that bull is played come some lyricist n u wanna hate fuck outta here u know better than that! go bump some wayne and drink some syrup..

    • Patus92

      Agreed with Mac Mo 110%!! Honnestly wtf is up?? why is the radio letting weezy and all them gay clubbanging converted rappers play those gay ass sex songs all the time that plays every 20min?? The content on the radio is worst than this album mofo!! So fuck the radio and fuck weezy and young money..coz thats what you call talentless rappers talkin bout NOTHING!!!!

  • Nate Syncronice Chacon III

    No question...great project.

  • overratedrappers

    bad meets evil = 2.5 stars from me not very good at all , subject matter is weak , beats not all that, flow is just them rapping fast and spittin alot of nothing

    • Anonymous

      Bad Meets Evil isn't supposed to have subject matter. It's supposed to be them having fun lyrically murdering everything. It's BAD MEETS EVIL not Marshall Mathers and Joe Budden.

    • Mac Mo

      @overrated rappers u must be one of those cats listening to gucci mane waka flocka soulja boy and jeezy talking about cocaine all the time...cmon son! we know they aint living that life that bull is played come some lyricist n u wanna hate fuck outta here u know better than that! go bump some wayne and drink some syrup..

  • Anonymous

    I love how all the stans say this album is great, Eminem has dropped 4 bad projects in a row, give it up Em you used to be good, now your done.

    • Anonymous

      They're only bad if you are looking at them from a certain perspective. Relapse you could say had horrible annoying accents, but it was still insane lyrically and was creative and had some great introspective tracks like "deja vu" and some good crazy ones like "my mom" Recovery you could call too mainstream but it was good lyrically and was very heartfelt. Hell the Sequel idk what you could find wrong with that other then Mr Porter deciding to put Claret Jai on the album and Royce having Bruno Mars on it (Royce wants to be heard.) Overall great album apart from 3 choruses.. Encore I cant defend cause it was bad. Sure the albums aren't as good as they used to be but they're still pretty good with the exception being Encore.

    • Anonymous

      I love how the internet haters wanna impose their will on everybody Just because you say those four projects were bad doesnt make it a fact Music is opinionated, and an opinion cant be wrong, so If people still like Em theres no reason for you to whine about it, just listen to something else

  • kyle

    this was good album fell bad cause i download free. but after 15years buyin cd's like 3,4,5, a week got all the em's. couple royce got like 2,000 mean collection. i just think i deserve free albums after all this years thats like 15 or 20 g's on music. plus music be lickin balls now. this shit 4stars

  • Darius Huggins

    Solid album, I loved the versatility from both the artist, production was top notched. A couple of weak tracks killed some of the energy but still a highly kinetic album. I must say Royce has really stepped up to that complete emcee label source mag gave him back in 2000. This is definitely one of the best extended plays in hip-hop.

  • Mohammed Irfan

    its amzing album gr8 music and lyrics and gr8 vocals by royce da

  • Nicest

    yo this album was fire i like how both flows compliment each other. finally royce gettin his ...cant front "take from me" made me feel a lil guilty imma go cop this



  • Anonymous

    needed dre beats could have been much better only for true,true,true fans very few rewinders

  • Ellis420

    MMLP greatest record ever sold in rap history, TES 2nd Greatest in rap history...Now we got Bad Meets 3vil rap game is on lock SHADY!

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Thats ur opinion. Personally, TES is my best Em's album, and it's a classic.

    • Anonymous

      Sales have nothing to do with how good an album is. Eminem's classics are Infinite (maybe not musically as good as TES but the most lyrical album ever so it deserves to be considered a classic IMO) SSLP MMLP Hell the Sequel (If you include the bonus tracks) TES Is a near classic but had a few filler tracks that could've been removed.

    • RainMan

      TES is a certified diamond album..thats 10 mil in the US thats a classic album

    • Anonymous

      Ilmatic, SSLP, Reasonable Doubt are better then MMLP. And TES isn't even a classic.

  • eso

    this is what hip hop needs .. lyricism!!

  • Big Tizz 106.5FM

    Marshals comeback is complete!

  • cmon

    dont like it.. dont like ems new flow

  • SutterKane

    Theres a hater in every thread on the internet so pay no mind to that. From a life long fan I say this album ALMOST lives up to what I always expected from them, I say almost because a few beats kinda lagged on there but thats like complaining that your Mercedes has a scratch on it, its still one of the nicest cars on the road. If your a fan of either pick this up and just expect to hear these 2 doing what they do best : SPIT

  • frizzy

    there is a difference between dick ridin and being a true fan of the artist. dick riders will always say no matter if its bad, that the music is the best. real fans understand the artists weakness's and know there highlights. em is one of my favorite artists, i like his flow on this album, as hes getting back to normal,but i think he is over useing the "yelling" as you guys put it. its still good, but i think he could use his drug ballad flow more in the future. but artists mix things up, and i have respect for that. its better than the same flow all the time.

    • laskfj

      out of the entire album there were 7 good tracks. echo, the reunion, the slaughterhouse track, and i'm on everything were awful. i created a playlist with the other 7 songs so that the album sounds perfect.

  • Anonymous

    it irritates the shit outta me when people say somethin is wack but the reason is because they dont understand the stuff that people like em , slaughterhouse,nas,etc. are saying.i hate when wayne is brought up but i think the reason people like him are so popular is because he uses punchlines that people can understand but dont have real wordplay or flow

  • hamza j

    They've killed it, havent they?

  • Mr. Music

    How are people annoyed with when he shouts? Album is not called 'shady slow jams'. its called 'Hell: The Sequel'. And I don't understand how ppl can say this EP is shit... tell me what hip hop CD is better than this EP this year? If u don't like it, go n fuck with Pitbull's bullshit songs. I bet these guys who are sayin 'its trash' are pumpin 'Fast Lane' at the same time while typing... clowns

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    I like saigion's Greatest story never told more than this but this album is very dope as well. Second to me behind saigion.

    • slkjdf

      saigon's bad tracks make his album slightly below the bad meets evil album. he loses points also because his album is longer. keep it concise and you won't produce shit tracks.


    Pure classic ? WTF Your out of your mind if you think this is even close to classic . stop throwing that word around like its nothing . this album is far from being classic . any real hip hop head would know that , SLIM SHADY LP IS CLASSIC , MARSHALL MATHERS LP IS NEAR CLASSIC , EMINEM SHOW IS NEAR CLASSIC . THIS ALBUM IS NOT CLASSIC STOP IT . IF YOU LIKE IT THEN THATS GOOD . BUT DONT OVERDUE IT

    • sdfasdf

      mmlp is behind sslp and tes. encore is dead last. i'd say even relapse is a little better than mmlp. i've never really had the NEED to listen to that album. i can throw any of others with no problem. i'd say if this album was just eminem it would beat recovery (which to me is tied with tes)

    • Anonymous

      SSLP Classic MMLP Classic Eminem Show near classic Hell the Sequel Near classic or classic if you include the bonus tracks.

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      MMLP near classic ????? TES near classic ???? You are smoking something right ? MMLP is his best and TES comes second. They are both classics asshole !!!

  • Christian Schicke

    The guy who calls himself mc eiht is a fuckin retard!!

  • jon

    damn, they killed this shit!!!!!!!

  • stay off my nutz

    This is a great EP. Finally Em is getting back to his level. 4.5 for me, but since i cant ima give it a 5

  • katsanidis

    best album of the year

  • luke

    I want my money back......... for every other album I have bought this year, shit is sick.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Raw shit...I"m actaully glad to see a hardcore Eminem again. I guess the Recovery phase is over. I like most of the songs here. Lyrics is dope on most every song.

  • Deep Land

    great album & the best of 2011 !!! it deserve 5/5

  • Jesse Ferrier

    fav. album of 2011 so far

  • hiphoprelic

    I don't get why people gets so riled up with this. It's meant to be fun!!! lyrically they delivered. beats were on point. content wise, some people didn't like the more serious songs (i.e. lighters, take from me) while some were "disappointed" cause all they want are serious songs which is downright ridiculous for a bme EP. lol I'm fine with everything. Some classic tracks here. a hiphop treat.

  • Joseph Hadley

    best fuckin cd ever!!

  • Detroit man 313

    Everyones bumpin this in the D niggas

  • Anonymous

    wish it was a full album..

  • RapperNamed$tatu$

    @DonJulian white rappers gay ass way our ruining hip hop?? Lil B is coming out with an album called, "I'M Gay." lmao

  • Dr Phil

    Black milk shouldve produced a song or 2 eLZhi shouldve DEFFFF been on the album Banks feature wouldnt hurt but that would be too many feats

  • Dr Phil

    Em's on his marshall mathers LP flow and royce is always on point this albums F-I-R-E.

    • Anonymous

      Do you know what flow is? I fucks with Em on this EP heavy, but this shit doesn't resemble anything on MMLP. FUUUUUUUUUUUck outta hur

  • ThaRula

    A very good album! Classic!

  • Will

    This ep is tight probly the best CD of the summer. GRRR....

  • Dewi Owen

    Excellent word play, the best hip-hop album I've heard in ages, shame there aren't more tracks.

  • kooboydk

    one of my favalbums ever

  • DonJulianTheDickJesus

    Royce is better than Em..he out grew him lyrically im tired of the white boi and all of the rest of his gentile fans..and yall gay ass ways give us blacks our culture back...fuck outa here!!! and i dont care if you dont like my comment..i allready fucked yall Mothers..

    • elroh

      DonJulianThe Dickless what because hes white still you still on that shit you a faggot and I have cyber shit on your face

    • Dave the Rave

      Mrnoluv your bang on with everything you said there, hip hop has to much focus on image and not straight talent and unfourtuantley thats the only way I can see it staying

    • Mrnoluv


    • Sholly@_sd

      You're a joke, Royce is the most under rated rapper of all time, and one of the best of all time, but he's no Em. Funny how you make this a white & black thing. I guess it's just jealousy. Can't hang w/ the fact that a White boy killing this Rap game. Your ignorant, dumb, stupid, and probably just mad that you can't Rap like the WHITE BOY. Get over it Fag, cause the only thing you're fucking is yourself bitch. Now back to the album, love it, i think the two of them bring the best out of each other. Can't wait for Royce's " Success Is Certain".

  • Anonymous

    LOUD NOISES is that posse cut. eminem fucking serves that beat, he had everybody swimming in quick sand trying to keep up. notice he comes with the chika chika shady sound bite, to let everyone know shady is alive and well. i see weenies crying about his screaming, someone should ask slaughterhouse about em's verses. joe budden can't double time, he sounds like shit everytime he tries to speed it up. i don't get why he closed the song, that shoulda been crook anchoring that bitch. i'd buy this EP for the last track alone. best posse cut in a long time. eminem needs to just join slaughterhouse, fuck it, theyre gonna need an extra push anyway, make em a member, it sells double. SHADY records, make em the 5th member!

    • Anonymous

      Joe had the best verse... that beat was just difficult to stay on. And Em joining SH would be bad because in a few years Em's gonna retire anyway. Although since everybody thinks he's wack now it might be a good move IDK. If he quit his solo career and joined SH then he'd be able to spend alot of time writing only a few verses. And that means some insane lyrics. IDK I guess it'd be fine.

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    Great n this album helps my argument Royce> Em.

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    Loving Every song !!!

  • BHBEnt

    Didn't get a chacne to hear it, but got to.. unfiltered unsaturated news.....

  • Jake C.

    This EP is straight classic. I don't give a shit about you nerds on the net talking shit--go get a job and a girl. Ask real HipHop heads, they'll answer you that Hell: The Sequel is pure classic. Lyrics are 5 stars Instrumentals are 5 Stars Oh... You think if I'm a stan? Fuck out of here idiots. This EP is pure classic. Please do not fucking reply if you disagree, fucking stupid idiots. Fucking tired of you cunts. Jay-Z's Blueprint is a classic? Blueprint my ass, faggots. YA'LL CAN JAY-Z MY ASS, LOL!

    • Anonymous

      You are the fuckin idiot, this is at best 3/10 and nowhere near a classic. Don't say your not a stan either because callin gthis a classic is like saying Lil B is the greatest rapper of all time, idiotic and bullshit.

    • elroh

      pain killers cigarettes weed .....CLASSIC

    • Jake C.

      @onelove We'll see that, faggot!

    • onelove

      no, this is far from a classic. If this ep would have happened 10 years ago, then fuck yeah this would have been straight banging. I hate all yall that screams classic as soon as your favorite rapper drops something new. Don't compare this shit to illmatic, sslp, chronic, only built for cuban linx, etc. This won't be looked upon as a classic 10 years from now... idiots

    • Anonymous

      Check all the hate comments towards Em in NaS' new song if u dont believe me

    • Anonymous

      I never understood why ppl think blueprint is a classic. Reasonable Doubt is but not the Blueprint. Apart from Renegades and the Takeover (yes it is a good diss regardless of who won) it really isnt that fantastic. Oh and real hip hop fans generally think Eminem is some wack pop rapper so they will tell you this sucks, unfortunatly. This is a classic.

  • Anonymous

    You guys all need to stop complaining about I'm On Everything and Loud Noises... I'm on everything was funny and was full of crazy wordplay... Pain Killers/Caine Pillars/Cain & Pillows i mean cmon... Yeah one or two ppl might have been slightly off beat in Loud Noises but that beat is crazy and the lyrics are absolutely amazing. A slap in the face to all you claiming Joe Budden is wack.. and also the undeniable proof that SH is the most lyrical group ever...

  • jack

    r u serious eminem sounded like shit, royce did but only in comparison, whole album fucking sucked.

    • elroh

      You must be listening through the walls of your projects building probably wrote on this comment wall with a stolen lap top before the battery went flat..get back in your mini fucking clown

    • Anonymous

      You have horrible ears if you think they sounded terrible... This album was a lyrical slaughter with some unexpectedly good beats and great deliveries and flows..

    • BraveHeart

      Ummmmm... You are a PRICK. Simples And it's not an album it's an E.P fuckwitt

  • bashin26

    This EP is great.Lyrical chemistry is off the chain.

  • Vanno Davis

    i agree with them desever a 4

  • DjSaltyDog

    I don't like the albums beats 3.5/5

    • Anonymous

      I thought the beats were very good. Mr. Porter had some great beats. Havoc's beat was good. The rest were good but not amazing. The problem is they have the following producers that they could've used: Dr. Dre (he kinda fell off as a producer though his production on Relapse was pretty basic) DJ Premier Frequency Black Milk why they didn't use them... I don't know..

    • Ddot

      agreed...production on this record is extremely cookie-cutter,,,and ultimately forgettable.

    • Anonymous

      beats? LOL

  • T

    Wow some of these comments dont even belong this album is the illest shit ever. Moneymarxman's comment nailed it. Totally agree.

  • What IS Scuba!?

    Really good except for Lighters. Hip Hop needs good hip hop that actually promoted

  • Chris Parsons

    Welcome 2 Hell 4.5/5 Fast Lane 5/5 The reunion 4/5 Above the Law 5/5 Im on everything 3.5/5 Kiss 4.5/5 Lighters 5/5 Take from Me 4.5/5 Loud Noises 5/5 Living Proof 4/5 Echo 4/5 overall 4.5/5 Em's verses are genius as usual, Royce's verses can keep up with Shady's smooth flow. Lighters seems a bit outta place but the album needed that, fast lane is by far my favourite, such smooth flow and witty verses. Im on everything seemed a little repetitive to me. Overall a decent album that i will consistenly listen too.

  • Doe dough

    Welcome 2 Hell 5/5 Fastlane 5/5 The Reunion 5/5 Above The Law 4/5 I'm On Everything 5/5 Kiss 4/5 Lighters 0/5 Take From Me 5/5 Loud Noises 5/5 Livin Proof 5/5 Echo 4/5 4.5/5 overall em spits some of his more complex flows to date. same goes for royce. royce sounds like he did in 98 with sharper skill, em is always changing, his style has changed a lot but he still murders beats. what kills me is cats hatin on em for changing his shit up when they praise artists like andre 3000 for their evolution album to album. major release.

  • Anonymous

    best rapalbum ever! 10 stars!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    funny that the best songs on this album aren't even mentioned in the review, only the mainstream tracks that got leaked. Take from me, above the law two best tracks. GOOD ALBUM, rather have this music than not have it, so haters shut the fuck up. I'm with you on other tracks lighters and that shit.


    Classic thats all there is to it. @ Vor and MC ya'll fucking retarded specially MC using the term STAN they way you use it you probley never heard the song before fucking sheeple with there head stuck in the fence can only see whats in front of you not whats around ya but don't worry your buddys got your back. Lighters is the only weak song cuz of the beat thats it and cuz bruno is on there and so chicks dig it but the lyrics are on point. if you rate the album any less then 4.75 you not a fan and shouldn't of have clicked on this. OLD EMINEM IS GONE IF NONE OF YOU NOTICE which is O.K cuz I'm not the same as i was back then. Glad Royce put a fire under his ass.


    3 stars outta 5 not that great of an album calm down you eminem stans . hahaha some people dont know the real hip hop from the wack shit

  • VOR

    Let's not lose our minds guys. If you count the deluxe version which is two songs, there are like 3 stand out songs, 4 average/slightly above average songs, and 4 below average songs. It's not bad, but definitely not worth blowing your wads over. I'm a huge Em fan, but Royce actually hangs with him lyrically, Em is spitting a lot of BS on this album.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome 2 Hell - 5/5 Fast Lane - 5/5 The Reunion - 4/5 Above the Law - 5/5 I'm On Everything - 5/5 A Kiss - 5/5 Lighters - 2/5 Take From Me - 5/5 Loud Noises - 5/5 Overall 9/10 or including bonus tracks 9.6/10.

  • Gibby

    Is there any way to see all the very best rated albums by anywhere? I wanna see what albums have gotten 5 stars!

  • Anonymous

    I swear i cannot stop listening to Loud Noises...

  • BigZ

    SIckest DUO EVER!!!!!!!! I waited more for this that Kanye and J album! That album got nothing on this!!! These dudes go together so well! Im glad they squashed the beef and r going to run REAL HIP-HOP now! Cant wait 4 Success is Certain!!

  • kyle middleton

    bad meets evil is sick

  • Comptonsmostwanted

    weak album , no substance . just a bunch of rapping and average beats . nothing special 2.5 stars

    • Anonymous

      Sigh... It's a BAD MEETS EVIL EP its not supposed to be overly meaningful. But for the people like that that... Lighters and Take From Me are your songs... The point of this was to be funny, creative, and lyrical, and just a fun project for the two of them and it accomplished that. And "when has eminem ever been deep or conceptual" ... Uhmm... Most of Recovery...Deja Vu... Beautiful...It's Ok....Rock Bottom...Never 2 Far....If I had.... Do you even listen???

    • dadonjuan

      honestly, i have to agree with Compton's most wanted. i understand there a lot of stans on this site that dick ride everything he does. they'll be like "the way eminem winks his eye is the best ever and his eye winks even rides the beat perfect". GTFOH. the album has great(but no conceptual) lyrics and lack-luster beats for the most part. but then again, outside from a few songs (can name them on one hand and a couple of fingers between the two o them), when has eminem or royce da 5'9 ever been DEEP or conceptual?? they have always been known for just rappin and really well.

    • Moneymarxman

      The substance is simply the creativity and originality of the 2 artists that without compromizing their own original style, can still make their fans make the O face. u want someone to tell u to keep your head up go listen to pac. honestly how much of your version of "substance" is in any royce or em song. anybody that was in anticipation of this album knew what they were waiting for and got exactly that.And for anyone following since the last bad meets evil cd, the feeling of hearing the two on the same joints again alone is enough for me to give this album a 10.FIDDUCK U HATERS

    • guylloyd200

      agreed. no substance

    • Psycho Maestro

      It's a hip hop album you fuggin fruit. and theres a lot of substance. Your probably just too dumb to fucking find it.

  • Michael

    great album...they mesh well togetha...rap needs more albums like this

  • David Bunz

    No mention of flows DX? Eminem seems like he's still trying to prove something, I'm not into him trying to rap as fast as possible on almost every track, especially when it doesn't fit the beat. It's over-the-top, it takes away from the lyrics (cuz you can't follow them easily) and takes away from the beat (cuz you're trying to follow to lyrics!). This makes Royce stand out, he has a better flow on most of the tracks. DX is right though, "Lighters" is god-awful

    • Anonymous

      I agree with comment above that Em needs to balance out his flow. I don't mind the "screaming" either, but it would be cool if he could do something similar to his old delivery/flow too... Or atleast songs like "A Kiss" and "The Reunion." On a side note Royce stepped his game up.. and did great on this EP.

    • Royal

      Psycho Maestro your a dickrider. I completely agree david bunz I loved how em rapped on the reunion, his screaming verses aren't nessesarily bad but he should find a better balance. Royce stands out me to on most tracks. Theyre both dope though, no hate

    • Psycho Maestro

      So basically the album should have been dumbed down for retards? Got ya. Ya probably should just go listen to Drake if you have trouble following. I had no problem following along. And they go with the beat just fine. Their syllables are perfectly in bar.

    • Anonymous

      Royce nowadays have a better flow and delivery then Eminem, I'll agree. Eminem still is better IMO.

  • Zane Lemos

    This EP is FUCKING AMAZING! Em and Royce destroyed every fucking beat! Then Slaughterhouse got included in on the monstrous album? Damn...

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHA wtf Em didn't do any beats on this fucktard

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is a great producer half the time and weak the other half. The beats on this EP aren't made by Em though lol....

    • titooo

      True, they destroyed every fucking beat: their flow don't use to fit the beats. By the way I'm not surprised about it Eminem is really a bad producer.

  • Sergio

    It's just Awesome.

  • G_MON

    "Bitch I'll throw an axe at you if you insist on an accent"

  • aaron

    The album is EXCELLENT. EM and ROYCE are the best duo ever. EMS the ILLEST and GREATEST to EVER spit. Who doubts his lyrics other than jealous naysayers?

  • onelove

    this ep is a 3.5 at best, wasn't really that impressed.

  • kyle

    best thing out right now for hip hop

  • Donovan

    Im think this cd is gunna be sick as hell!!

  • cinavenom

    I have listened to all of the songs on here and I can say that this is a pretty good album. No where near a great album but pretty good. If you could somehow use a time machine and get Em from '98 and put him on this ep with Royce today then maybe it would be a great album. I don't see why anyone is hating on Lighters....I mean this is what Eminem has become. I don't know if it just about the money or what but that is what he is...a pop rapper. I can say that this is the best he has sounded in years but no where near where is was in 2000 and before. I give 3.5/5

    • cinavenom

      1.) I Just Don't Give fuck 2.) I Still Don't Give a fuck 3.) Role Model from '99 1.) Any Man 2.) The Anthem But you really don't need to bother telling me a verse from today. I used to be one of the biggest Em fans abouth 10-12 years ago and I still give him a chance on everything but he isn't 1/10 of what he was back then. That is my opinion. I really like that style and I am not really into the commercial stuff.

    • AL1982

      sorry man but i gotta call you on the "it would have been a great album with 1998 eminem" - show me your favourite 1998 verse and ill give you a "recent" verse that is better in terms of flow and content.

  • JJJ

    I really think Em carries Royce on a lot of tracks tbh.

  • Right On

    thats the coolest fucking music video ever

  • Cadda

    lol @ this being rated higher than Oneirology, what a joke. This is a 3-3.5, Oneirology is a 4.5-5.



    • Anonymous

      PLEASE STOP TYPING YOUR ENTIRE COMMENTS IN CAPS. Oh and Slaughterhouse has been around for a couple of years... Oh and the max this album will probably hit is the 1m mark. Most people don't even about Bad Meets Evil...

    • god's son

      man, get yo gay ass of this computer


    Great EP. Fuck Bruno Mars I am not hating lol

  • nato

    for me this is a classic !!

  • TheFrogBlogg

    Hip-Hop is not dead after all!

  • Trey

    11 tracks for an EP is actually decent, there are enough artists out there who have the nerve to call that a full blown album already. Also the fact that it's an EP maybe implies that it's a prelude to a Bad meets Evil LP.. that would be sick. Can't stop listening to this CD. It's pure gold. What worries me though is that the best stuff that's coming out is still from the greatest of 10 years ago. No new artist has ever brought anything like this so far. Where will hiphop be in 20 years?

    • Anonymous

      Eh Willy's post has slightly changed my mind. As long as there are real rappers getting a decent amount of recognition then yes hip hop is alive.. I still think it will be dead within 20 years though. Eminem, NaS, Tech N9ne, and Lupe Fiasco are the real rappers that are getting plenty of recognition right now.

    • WIlly

      "The problem with hip-hop... shit nothing at all. It's an artform that ranges and it changes it evolves. It's not always for the better, but be patient with it yall. For our time will come and the wicked will fall." - Murs from the Biggest lie on the Felt 2 album. Just because the mainstream isn't listening to talented artist does NOT mean that hip-hop is dead. Or even going to die. Since when was mainstream success the gauge of hip-hop? There are plenty of talented artists in the underground that garner plenty of attention, and still haven't sold out. (Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Murs, Tech N9ne etc..)

    • Anonymous

      Ilmatic - 9 songs and still an album. But its worth paying album price for its that good. And I too think hip hop will be dead in 20 years. I mean i have hopes that Eminem can get Slaughterhouse to some mainstream success and then they can start officially dissing young money (I'm convinced they're dissing them sublimininally) and somehow the living old school rappers along with Em/SH can explain to these fools what real hip hop is but i doubt it. They're just gonna keep buying Wacka Flaka albums -.- Hip hop is barely alive today....


      Illmatic was 10 tracks... I'd take an 11 track album any day over some 20 track monster (It can be done right but more often than not, it could have lost 5+ songs and been better) that is filled with skits and filler tracks

    • d

      DEAD we live in a different time, where the audience is fractured into sub-genres within sub-genres. labels aren't investing in developing talent, and just being a really great rapper, isn't gonna get you anywhere in 2011. sad but true. Nas was right. Hip Hop is dead. great rappers still exist, but these kids don't care unless you're fucking someone famous or giving them a dance. who is the last great rapper to emerge? rick ross? young jeezy? fuck outta here. hip hop culture is dead. being lyrical is corny, battling is corny, graffiti is corny, krs one is corny, but Lex Luger got bangers. i hate these kids, and i'm ready to bounce. these kids made a cop spitting coke rhymes famous, i don't even want to see what their kids think is dope.

  • aaa

    this was fucking incredible....and i dont even like eminem

  • Michael Korabik

    This EP is beautiful. Eminem finally got a 100% grasp on the original Slim Shady, which is what everyone seems to be asking for but now people say it's old? Make up your damn mind

    • Anonymous

      Lol people complain about everything eminem does... They complained about Encore, so he fixed the problems of that album on Relapse, they complained about Relapse, so he fixed the problems with Relapse on Recovery, they complained about Recovery being too mainstream, so he makes this 11 track EP for the underground fans and they are still complaining. Guys be thankful somebody is still making real hip-hop in a time where all you need to do to sell records is make a catchy chorus.

  • Nico 3

    Four stars for a 9 track EP? More like 2.5 The production was spot on, but the content, as someone else pointed out, was nothing.

    • Anonymous

      Its Bad Meets Evil its supposed to be creative and funny not meaningful.... And its exactly that.

  • Anonymous

    DOPE ASS ALBUM! 2 of the best rappers in the rap game going back to back! KRAZI!

  • cobra

    Bad ass CD best of 2011 so far

  • Jimdogg50

    refreshing to hear actual lyricists spit fire in an age of uninspiring hip hop. Anyone who thinks this is pop is obviously not a real hip hop fan. This ep was meant to be about getting back to lyrics, not mainstream radio appeal. This is why "lighters" breaks up the ep. It would've fit in on recovery, but seems out of place here. Not a bad track, just stands out and doesn't belong here. Em is on top of his game, Royce more than holds his own, and the future looks bright.

    • cinavenom

      Yes please, SSLP and Infinite were far and beyond his best shit. He was so fucking ill back then. I need that shit back. This new shit is so fucking wack.

    • Anonymous

      Lol looks like i posted this on the wrong comment. Fail -.-

    • Anonymous

      Yeah dude the amount of people who are calling this pop is beginning to get annoying. I mean you guys yelled at Relapse for having no replay value although it was genious, you yell at Recovery which was basicly a slightly less lyrical but improvement in every other aspect a pop album and he should go back to just lyrical stuff and now hell the sequel which is like the MMLP with the flow and delivery of Recovery and you guys call it pop??? What do you want him to sell, SSLP with the same beats and hooks and delivery and flow and just different rhymes??

  • MannieBlak

    great album all tracks are fire just need more that 9 damn tracks

  • rideonemjixxer

    those of you say this is a pop album are idiots. Its Royce and Em,are u kidding me? they are pioneers in this shit, so have some respect. it may not be their old sound,which i even prefer,but its artists who are evolving and still in the game. hats off to them. this is an EP that they did for fun to help propel slaughterhouse. if u dont like it, then cool,but pop or crap it is not. 4/5

    • Anonymous

      Drake sings ALOT and wayne sings too. And both use autotune. I consider Gucci Mane and Wacka Flocka more pop just because they dont make lyrical/meaningful/creative music. They sell off "hot beats." You can argue Gucci and Wacka but Drake and Wayne are def more pop.

    • cinavenom

      I disagree, maybe Nicki Minaj and Soulja Boy but Eminem is way more pop than Drake, Wayne, Gucci, least they aren't signing like a fucking boy band in there videos (I'm not Affraid). Not that I like any of them, except Drake on very rare occasions. But Em is one of the most pop rappers out. Top five for sure.

    • Anonymous

      LOL here's rappers that are more pop: Drake Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj Soulja Boy Gucci Mane Wacka Flaka Chris Brown and so on....

    • cinavenom

      I get what your are saying about Royce because the dude never drops any pop bullshit but Eminem...c'mon man he is the bigggest pop rapper out next to maybe the Black Eyed Peas.

  • Mike Meraz

    It's straight, nothing special. 3/5 Royce went off on just about every track..they need some new producers though.

  • J

    If this is an EP...... I WOULD FUCKING KILL FOR AN ALBUM

  • JG

    EP has a hot sound regardless. I dunno why so many niggas r hatin on lighters. Bruno Mars is kinda annoying but it dont take away from the project

  • gutter man

    shit is so dope, but so negative and bad for people. lyrics are tight, most beats are dope, a couple are pure generic stock. em is still a fuckin angry kid with no wisdom- not at peace at all.

  • Chicasal

    Beats are mediocre, em's huffy puffy flow is annoying. I was expecting more 2.5

  • Xokibix

    Deserves 4 stars. Dope beats, dope rhymes. What more do yall want?

  • Kenny Cartman

    4.5 for me, dope stuff

  • Vegard Møller

    It's a 4.5


    Should've been 4.5 or 5

  • Kaan Özel

    This album sucks, howcome it is rated 4 stars

    • JJ

      Haha! Listen to the jealous Beezlebud! "I've been part of Hip Hop for 20 years and I'm an MC"... OooOooh! Woowww! Obviously not a good MC, and obviously some old man, bitter at his lack success when Eminem has outstripped his career a million times over when he was just starting. Don't be a hatterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Anonymous

      I think Em's delivery is fine. And delivery isn't all that matters in hip hop... Rhyme schemes, wordplay, flow, creativity, etc... And how is this pop?? the only "pop" song is lighters. That doesn't make the whole album pop.


      ANON STFU you dont know the first thing about Hip Hop i'll guarantee your a lil punk ass teenager from the suburbs so run the fuck along ive been a part of Hip Hop for 20 years and im an MC and personally this shit gets no more than 3 stars MAX from me, Eminem's delivery is garbage screamin in his lil high pitch voice at the mic on almost every track Royce is the only thing dope on this album

    • Kaan Özel

      If pop-shit is real hip-hop then I don't listen to real hip-hop. I'm personally a fan of Eminem and I have Marshall Mathers LP, The Slim Shady LP and the Eminem Show. This is nothing compared to those or other good or great hip-hop albums. Eminem was terrible , atleast Royce was good sometimes. But this is a hip-pop album that is garbage people have to admit it.

    • Anonymous

      You're obviously not a real hip-hop fan... Have fun bumping The DeAndre Way! This EP is great.

  • Anonymous

    Yall should listen to Binary Star instead of this garbage ass pop album.

    • Anonymous

      Uggh you people calling this a pop album are probably the same fools that called "It Was Written" a pop album.... Either you're a troll or everything is pop to you that sells above 100k...

  • Anonymous

    best EP of the year

  • T.o. Kgamanyane

    its ok but m sure i wont be listenin to it next year ....the beats are not all that..!! just my hearts!!! just my Hearts!!

  • Corey Keller

    Exactly what was expected. Straight fire.

  • Yazan Al-weshah


  • ciph3r

    raw lyricism 'nuff said

  • Anonymous

    couple songs almost brought back the old Em...he's still caught in that middle area and can't figure out the direction to go

    • Anonymous

      Nah he's definatly on his way back to the true Shady. If he has another album I'd be surpised if there wasn't several shady songs that reminded me of 1997-2001 Eminem. You can tell with each album since encore he's gotten closer. Just wait.

  • Petter

    Their chemistry is fucking awesome. Finally something for the hardcore fans! Lighters however - I'll skip it for my ipod.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah after the 10th listen of lighters i took it off. I'll listen to it one more time when the music vid comes out but the song is pretty bad. I've skipped the chorus every time. Great EP though.

  • Jesse Wilkins

    pretty sick ep

  • easy as 1,2,3

    best ep ever

  • Smash Adamz

    BEST ALBUM/EP/COLLABO/Whatever of the YEAR. Dirty glove still run this rap shit... 313,269,517 and beyond snitchez

  • DaMikeStreet

    Could barely see up over the steering wheel, crashed the whip Tore a tree up on my way to the dealer’s, tryna re-up Call me Brett Favre, spell it F-A-V-R-E, yep It’s wrong, other words I just fucked my RV up Emmmmmm Shredded every song but Royce also delivered 5/5


    4 starz is fair

  • Anonymous

    The final version of Echo is awesome. The beat is so much better.

  • Anonymous

    Lyrical BOMB!!!!!

  • youngvito79

    Two of the absolute best rappers from Detroit!!!

  • The Truth

    Absolutely incredible, every song is fire, who is fucking with this lyrically

    • Anonymous

      Haha nobody. Nobody can match these guys rhymes, deliveries, flows, wordplay, etc. Except Slaughterhouse. Which Royce is a part of and Em is closesly involved with.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Picked up the deluxe edition during lunch. Living proof is on there. Best $12 spent in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    I've been thinking for awhile that 2011 might be a turning point for hip hop. The Slaughterhouse EP... the Slaughterhouse LP that is supposed to come out... Hell the Sequel... Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R.... Joell Ortiz's Free Agent... Crooked I's EP/Album (LP not released yet)... Joe Budden's Mixtapes/Album (LP not released yet)... AZ's Doe or Die 2(not released yet), NaS' Life is Good (or w/e its called cant remember)... and I'm sure I'm forgetting alot. Should be a great year for hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      I wasn't really anticipating the Tech N9ne album. I've gave a few of the tracks a listen and thought they were very good (except the Lil Wayne and T Pain collab.) Yes there are alot of dope artists dropping each year, this year just seems great. Oh and I did mention Pharoahe Monch. W.A.R. was amazing. And I don't watch MTV. I'm sorry if I didn't mention some of your favorite rappers. I'll admit I haven't been searching all that much. It's mainly because I've bought a ton of albums this year and don't want to spend more money.

    • Anonymous

      Vakill's album will be tied with the one Reks dropped for the AOTY.

    • Anonymous

      i hate it when people talk about a fuckin "turning point" for hip hop or how fucked up the game is right now... every year there a lot of dope artists releasing awesome albums. i mean, this album is wack compared to the joints atmosphere, pharoahe monch, reks, cunninlynguists and a lot of other artists dropped this year. this is ridiculous. there was always quality hip hop, you just need to turn mtv off and do some research

    • Javier Quevedo

      you're forgetting tech n9ne all 6's and 7's

    • Anonymous

      Most of the stuff i've anticipated hasn't come out yet and is set for the second half of this year. And you should give Pharoahe Monch's W.A.R. a listen.

    • tsiah

      Last year was the turning point, this year there's been nothing mind blowing in the first 5 months.

    • Anonymous

      Ah i was right. Oh and I forgot Royce Da 5'9" Success is Certain.

  • Anonymous

    royce is on point eminem is corny as hell !

  • Anonymous

    Royce dropped nothing but pure heat. Don't know about Eminem though, his lyrics are there, but his voice gets soooo fucking annoying, don't know if I've ever heard a rapper with a more garbage voice.

    • Anonymous

      I said i thought eminem didnt have an annoying voice. And he's definatly not wack. Do people even listen to this or just go "OMG EMINEM THE GUY WHO MADE LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE MUST RATE 1 STAR AND CALL IT POP ALBUM EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING FROM IT AND DON'T EVEN KNOW ITS AN EP"

    • X

      Durrr, the first post said he can't think of someone with a whacker voice, so the dude gave some examples. And how do you know it's a gay post? You have a strong gaydar.

    • Anonymous

      jus coz others have annoyin voices n are wack doesnt excuse Eminem havin one n being wack wtf point was you tryna make with that gay post

    • Anonymous

      Soulja Boy... Lil Wayne... Nicki Minaj... Drake... there's a few with more annoying voices. (I don't find a problem with Em's voice)

  • em

    fastlane is my joint crazzyyy

  • em

    fire 5 stars all the wayyy

  • Look

    "i'm the real macaroni you cheesy bitch, i'm demonic with the craft/kraft" Eminem's word play is honestly too advanced for casual listeners. It's the casual listeners crying about his punchlines, or his delivery, or his screaming. Listen to the way he bridges bars together, it seems random, but you go back and realize, everything is connected. "was called eminem but he threw away the candy and ate the rapper" Eminem threw away the candy (the sweet music out today) and ate the rapper (the sweet niggas in ruining the game). Fast Lane is a lyrical assault on bitch made rappers. "Fuck the mall he shuts a whole mothafuckin walmart down" drake shuts the mall down, slim still in the trailer parks wrecking shop. Every verse is deeper than meets the eye, Eminem is a true genius with the pen. Royce may have the best voice/flow out. So polished, Royce can make anything sound cool. EP is a demo in how to kill mics.

    • truth

      you obviously know what your talkin about and thats whats up.. these ppl sayin "oh you look too deep into lyrics and thats dumb blah blah blah" these ppl are really fuckin stupid.. if u dont look into lyrics than what the fuck are u listenin to rap for? the beat so u can dance wit ur freinds?? retarted highschoolers that dont know shit about rap do that.. this kid knows what the fuck hes talkin about and eminem is the GOAT.. thats it thats all

    • Anonymous

      Uhh I search the meaning of the lyrics I don't waste my time figuring them out. But if you didn't get the Macaroni and Kraft thing then wow... And caring about lyrics isn't being a stan. Some of us like to see how complex artits are and how much time they put into stuff?



    • STANO


    • Anonymous

      Eminem said that Lil Wayne and Kanye would beat him in "Talkin 2 Myself" because he was remembering the time around 2004-2007 when the stuff he wrote wasn't that good. (I mean cmon Encore&the new tracks on Curtain Call were pretty bad...) but now he knows he could beat them.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem has dissed Lil Wayne more than once. "Bitch am I the reason that your boyfriend stopped rapping Does a bird chirp, Lil Wayne slurps syrup til he burps And smokes purp does a wordsearch gets circles wrapped around him like You do when I come through, Id like you to remind yourself Of what the fuck I can do when Im on the mic" "They say the competition is stiff But I get a hard d*ck from this sh*t, now stick it in I ain't never giving in again Cuss into the wind, complete freedom Look at these rappers, how I treat them So why the fuck would I join them when I beat them They call me a freak because I like to spit on these pussies fore I eat them Man get these whack cocksuckers off stage Where the f**k is Kanye when you need him?" Don't be fooled just cuz Em said that half ass "i woulda got my ass handed to me" on Recovery, he forgets nothing and is still actively dissing these clowns behind the curtain. They just aren't intelligent enough to catch the diss, or they are scared to respond. Eminem invited Lil Wayne to come on his record to get shit on. He paid Wayne to be assassinated on wax for the whole world to see. Eminem is a Jay-Z fan, works with Jay-Z, yet he was throwing shots at Jay-Z on "Seduction" criticizing Jay's latest rhyme styles. Kids really got to listen, Eminem 16's is like Nas 16's. PEEP THE SACRED TREASURE

    • Anonymous

      Eminem has been dissing Wayne alot. Every song they've done together Em has dissed him (or atleast it REALLY sounds like it.) Same with Seduction and Won't Back Down. Oh and Lil Wayne sucked on No Love.

    • Kashif Ilyas

      finally some people with sense on this site. by the way, Em has never dissed Wayne since he returned. He respects Wayne highly. The reason Wayne was the only rapper featured on Recovery, and Wayne killed that shit.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the craziest wordplay was the painkillers/caine pillars/ cain & pillows. Em definatly has some crazy lines though. his paradise/pair-a-dice line in Fast lane was also amazing. Oh and Royce is nice but I think best flow/delivery right now goes to Pharoahe Monch or Tech N9ne (Eminem in 1999-2001 is up there too.)

    • Anonymous

      Eminem is truly too advanced for a lot of these kids. how is Eminem able to diss Lil Wayne on a song featuring Lil Wayne? "spit on these pussies before i eat them" it's because Lil Wayne and these kids can't process all of his lyrics. Eminem uses a lot of old phrases, figures of speech, and a lot of his references don't register. "the roofie to Rothlisberger" Eminem been shitting on Big Ben. Keep listening and tell me Eminem didn't destroy this album.

    • M&M

      I thought he meant the M&M candies yea the wordplay is insane. All his metaphors and similes are awesome. The music video is perfect except it didn't show Nicki Minaj'ass. Hold this bitch down like we're holding a chick underwater that we're trying to drown.

  • MEek

    They Both kill it on every track..Its hard to say who has the better lyrics..its more opinion then anything. But Eminem's first verse on Welcome to Hell is unreal. I put that verse right up there wit his Renegade verse

    • Anonymous

      I'd say: Rhymes/Wordplay/Creativity - Eminem Delivery/Flow - Royce And Em's first verse on Welcome 2 Hell is better then his Renegade verses IMO although that song has a better beat and better flows/deliveries.

  • Anonymous


  • adamn

    this sh*t is amazing

  • shady 2.0

    ppl that think this ablum is weak are 46 different kinds of retarted... and ppl that say eminem should "stop screaming" hahah seriously ur that much of a pussy? what do u want him to do, whisper?? fuckouttaherewitthatbullshit

    • Anonymous

      They want his delivery and flow from the MMLP and 8 Mile. We all do but thats past now. I don't think his flow/delivery now is bad though..

  • Anonymous

    This Would Have Been a Perfect Album if it wasnt for LIGHTERS!

    • Anonymous

      Still classic. Lighters is a 2/5 for me though. It's not just Bruno Mars' fault, Eminem and Royce's lyrics aren't really impressive in that song, and the beat is pretty weak. (Not saying Bruno Mars doesn't suck, I absolutely hate him.)

    • Mac

      100% right....Royce and Em are probably thinking the same thing right now too

  • Nick Crookshank

    Lighters sucks, but it's meant for radio. Above The Law is dope ass hell though.

  • Tom Kinnebrew

    They really do make each other better. I've never heard Em or Royce sound as hungry as they do consistently throughout this EP. 5*

  • Guest Cali Breed - Barton Block

  • Manos Haritakis

    definately 5 stars...great lyrics...untouchable flows...badass beats and the most appropriate content for a "Bad Meets Evil" album...

  • Anonymous

    Incredible Flows, but nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    bitch ass niggas stop hating! lighters is amazing....

  • Anonymous

    the whole EP is badass, loud noises is the killer track

    • Anonymous

      Haha yeah Loud Noises was insane! That beat was crazy and wow... Crooked I, Joe Budden, and Joell Ortiz might've spit the best verses of their carreers! Oh and I love how the chorus was only 3 seconds long unlike some of these mainstream "artists" who choruses take up 70% of their songs...

  • Anonymous

    Album is incredible. Best verses on the project: eminem and royce on "Welcome to Hell" eminem on "the Reunion" eminem and royce "Fast Lane" eminem on "I'm On Everything" royce on "Take From Me" royce on "Livin Proof" eminem murders shit, royce keeps him on his toes. i hope they drop an LP soon after this, they make an incredible duo. eminem deserves big props for hooking back up with royce and making things right with an old friend. royce about to be launched into stardom, and he deserves it. killed mics through everything life can throw, and now he's winning. great EP, reminds me of buying the kill at will EP back in the day. must have EP.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm my list is Eminem: Welcome 2 Hell, I'm On Everything, Take from Me, Loud Noises, Echo Royce:Fast Lane, The Reunion, Livin' Proof As for A Kiss, Lighters, and Take from Me I'll have to listen to them more to find out who was better. (well maybe not Lighters, I don't like that song.)

    • Mohith Subbarao

      Agree with your list but I actually tought Royce stole the show on Im on Everything, just my opinion. Ya im really excited for Royce to finally be recognized because hes defintely one of the most underrated rappers out there



  • 777

    Yep it's doup as fukk been waiting since 99

  • Ronaldo

    dopest Ep 5 stars

  • berto

    This shouldve been a 5 star. It is very lyrical. I understand if it had more songs like lighters it wouldve been a 5 but royce and eminem togther creates a 2 headed monster of this album. Dope album

  • 9man

    Its the best I've heard from Em in more than six years. Dope, only if he could release more of this shit minus Lighters and any other singers on his hooks.

    • Anonymous

      Haha yeah Bruno Mars and Claret Jai suck, but this album is fire. I wouldn't mind him keeping Liz Rodriguez though. Rather her then Bruno Mars anyway...

  • radim

    5/5 really love this ep

  • Just Blaze

    5/5 classic EP

  • Lewis

    You guys are way out of line picking on "Lighters". Its a very good song with good lyrics but its a manufactured #1 hit. Em wants the album to sell, without love the way u lie "Recovery" won't even hit 2x platinum. Yeah, The song don't fit the album but it's still good. 4 stars is perfect score for the album, i wonder why people are hating. 411mania just gave it a 9.5/10, oh, they are on Shady's payroll as well right ???

    • Anonymous

      Oh Recovery would have still went double platinum. RELAPSE went double platinum and that is not a mainstream album at all. Plus Not Afraid, No Love, and Space Bound are huge hits. (not saying their the best just popular.)

    • Anonymous

      EP is a 5/5 for me but Lighters was pretty bad. Nothing impressive lyrically, eh beat, and horrible chorus. I understand they want to sell and also prove they can make deeper tracks, but they could've been more lyrical.

  • Lewis

    You guys are way out of line picking on "Lighters". Its a very good song with good lyrics but its a manufactured #1 hit. Em wants the album to sell, without love the way u lie "Recovery" won't even hit 2x platinum. Yeah, The song don't the album but it's still good. 4 stars is perfect score for the album, i wonder why people are hating. 411mania just gave it a 9.5/10, oh, they are on Shady's payroll as well right ???

  • Lewis

    Decent album, better than 90% of the bullsh!ts coming out lately !

  • Cant deny it

    This ep is most definitely a 4...not much wrong with it

  • Makie

    Damn! This shit is HOT! IT's fire right here...

  • alexillmatic80

    Did someone say recovery had no content? Smh... Anyway love this EP deserves 4/5. Lighters is thew worst track, it's just out of place. Em and Royce trying to bring lyrics back to hip-hop... shame theres 1000 stupid ass kids on this site that don't understand...

  • Jay

    Awesome album. Heard all tracks and I'm buying it. It probably will sell more than Recovery. I have all of Eminem's album from Soul Elite to I guess now Hell: The Sequel.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it'll top Recovery in sales, that album is still selling quite a bit (or atleast I'm pretty sure it is.) Also I heard all the tracks as well and still bought it the day it came out.

    • Chiraag_G

      Jay. R - It may do pretty damn well. Time will tell HOW well, but in 45 mins it was in iTunes Top Albums at number 1...

    • Jay.R

      Sell more than Recovery? Wow. Sarcasm or stupidity? I say the latter.


    all the songs ive heard so far are pretty weak . im not feeling this album . eminem doesnt sound the same . his first 3 albums are his best . royce da 59 is just average to me . Lighters = bad pop attempt Im on everything is weak 3 stars

  • j44

    Ep isn't that great and Eminem is definately not sounding as in his slim shady days. his voice is annoying.Stop the screaming

    • Anonymous

      Lyrically and creativity wise he's back in the Slim Shady days. And I don't think his voice is annoying, but I wouldn't mind him switching it up. It's been an Album and an EP. Em never keeps same delivery for 2 albums so maybe his next album will sound different (something tells me it wont though.)

  • oiu3

    lol 4 stars is Eminem paying HIPHOPDX. Album gets 3 stars nothing more.

  • Anonymous

    Rhymes : 4/5 Beats : 4/5 Content : 0/5 Just like relapse and recovery , Eminem is rhyming of the chain but the lyrics are about jack shit, you have a couple songs like that ok , but this is ridiculous , royce kills it though overall 3/5

    • Anonymous

      More like Rhymes: 5/5 Beats: 4.5/5 Content: 4/5 (also your missing flow, delivery, creativity, wordplay, etc) Overall: 5/5 or i'd say 9.6/10

    • berto

      The content should've been a 5 unless your some an idiot and very slow to understand words.

  • Anonymous

    decent nothing special. im getting sick of eminem the screaming rapper. they have should done this album 10 years ago.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    4.5 because that piece of shit Bruno Farse. Other than that, just excellent.

    • Anonymous

      You shouldn't change the 5/5 just becaus one of the hooks on the eleven songs bothered you... (I do hate Bruno Mars though.)

  • Anonymous

    this is a solid EP. is that 4/10 or 4/5 rating you gave? weird, but w/e, royce is still rippin shit apart.

  • ark

    I see why people say DX is on shady's payroll. Your losing credibility DX!

    • Anonymous

      Hmm i'm guessing your one of the "real hip hop fans" that instantly assumes everyone in the mainstream is wack, which is why you're saying that DX is losing credibility. You should actually listen to it if that is the case, and you'll find its very good. If not then whatever.. DX is definatly not losing credibility giving this a 4/5...

  • Anonymous

    Royce is such a beast! Royce's first verse on track 3 'the reunion' is the best verse on the EP.

  • Anonymous


  • Question

    Is everybody here caucasoid(white)?

  • Adrian Dario Pilco Escobar

    dope ep....5/5.....

  • Miles Noe

    Im a fan of Em and somewhat of royce, but giving this album a 4 is crazy! Hell the Quik album didnt even get near a 4 and its 10 times better, I guess thats why I take these reviews with a grain of salt. Its not a bad album by any stretch, just not one you will remember in a year or two.

  • Eric Borstelmann

    The best I've heard from eminem in a long time. Been waiting on this since Bad Meets Evil on Eminem first album.

  • Mandy Sandy

    diz album suckz dick. feminem soundz gay az usual. and who da fuck iz diz royce guy? dat nigga suckz az well. jay-z! and kanye west will smash diz piece of shit album 2 pieces wit there watch da throne album. dat'z a classic collabo album worth waitin 4, not diz faggot bullshit. RNGMB BITCH! FUCK GAYDY RECORDZ!

    • noahc313

      this guy is obviously an idiot but one thing needs to be corrected Jay-Z's performance was far better than Em's at Comerica Park, I'm not a big fan of J as of lately Reasonable Doubt is still my fav work of his but he absolutely smashed that show

    • A.J.M.

      You are mentally F@#KED! It is an incredible EP and it will be way better then Watch the Throne especcially since H.A.M. stunk just like rotten HAM! Haha Eminem and Shady Records are the best in the game. Out...

    • Anonymous

      Jay doesn't suck. He's got one of the best deliveries and flows. He's just fallen off a bit over the years and is now confused whether to appeal to the mainstream crowd or the real hip hop crowd. He's not the best but he's pretty good. You should check out his reasonable doubt album if you think he sucks.

    • amanda

      Obviously you don`t know what rap is, Kanye and Jay-z both suck. When Em and Jay-z came to detroit, no one really cared about Jay-z performance. The only good thing Jay-z has ever done was songs with rihanna. And kanye, he just suck period.

    • gd

      That's quite a statement to make when Jay Z and Kanye went into hiding after that terrible HAM track. And is it cool to spell words with a 'z' at the end? How old are you? Like 2 years old? Tell me when it's your next birthday so I can send you a gun and you can kill yourself.

  • Jacob

    Album = 4.8 solid. The BAD first- Not a 5/5 only because of a couple skippable songs like "I'm on everything". The Good - Eminem and Royce on a track seem to be a combination that pushes both artists to their limits. Beat production is unquestionably Solid. Even though the lyrics portray women at constant negativity. It brings a fierce amount of powerful emotions out. I honestly have nothing to compare this album to until Lil Wayne's album. Worth every penny.

    • Anonymous

      I'm on everything was crazy. I thought it was eh at first but I gave it a few listens and now its one of my favorites off the EP... Lighters is the most skippable by far.

    • Rubix Cuban

      'I'm on Everything' - skippable? Compare to Lil Wayne album? Get the fuck outta here! Only skippable track on that EP is lighters. It's just plain gay. And Lil Wayne? Really!? Get the fuck outta here!!

  • escobar

    "The Reunion" and "Welcome 2 Hell" are fire

    • Anonymous

      I liked the Reunion's concept so its a 4/5 for me. I will admit though they were both decent on that song, nothing fantastic though.

    • HH

      not really digging the reunion. Eminem has some pretty weak lines on that track. Royce was good. But Eminem could definitely do better. "you can't read. and you can't write. you told me that last night." come on man

  • Mighty One

    the shit is 3/5 at best let's get real here for a minute please... Me and hiphopdx is usually on point but not this time

  • Dominic

    so good to see them back together god damn ive been waiting a long time for this

  • peejay

    This album is pretty good. Nothing too great. A few stand out tracks. Lighter is really awful. My problem with this album - Why does Eminem have to SCREAM on almost every track he's on nowadays?? If this is suppose to be the Em from the Slim Shady days he should have a more mellow, straight lyrical flow. He didn't SCREAM over every track on The Slim Shady LP. Man, the yelling gets annoying. Album is 3 stars, maybe 3.5 at best. Random Axe and Hail Mary Mallon are both shitting on this album.

    • Anonymous

      If he was using the same delivery/flow for so long it would get boring. Plus to flow while yelling like that isn't the easiest thing IMO. I do want him to switch it up for his next album though. Maybe something along the lines of his Microphone freestyle's flow?


    Ok except lighters I think its a sollid EP. Good review... Royce really brought something extra to the table. Em is really a mad scientist when it comes to lyrical structure

  • beezlebud

    HHDX really is on the Shady payrol n whoever wrote this knows less about music than a nun knows about givin dome

  • sincerejk

    review was pretty on point. lighters was definitely the most unnecessary track on the album. i think royce mighta gotten em on a few of the tracks

  • Anonymous

    they did great work on this ep

  • nano

    i am so happy for this that i wanna cry this fucking album is a classic

  • Diego Mark Duran

    I never thought I'd see this happen, been a huge Royce fan for about 6 years now when a buddy bought me Independence Day for my B-day back in high-school. I knew who he was, just never really listened to him but that got me wanting to here more of his music... Now he's my favorite MC. Dream come true to see Royce finally get the recognition that he deserves. He trades bar for bar with Em and really comes through in a big way. This may sound corny as shit, but I'm really proud to be a Royce fan. Watching him rise from the underground to where his is now, after all the beef and jail time is really inspiring. For all my fellow Royce fans out there, go back and listen to "Shake This".... and for all the haters, Successes is Certain ya lil' fruits.

  • austin

    been waiting ten years for this, the original rap is embedded in my mind like tying shoelaces... saw shady last year and he came across as a total pussy, hiding from the crowd and skipping verses, pathetic. this gives me faith the real slim shady isn't dead. here's hoping this is a real resurrection.

  • wop

    This is much better then his last 3 garbage albums.... Only thing is I don't think Royce needs to be on here. He doesn't have the same style as Eminem and he's not as charismatic (meaning he doesn't scream over tracks)

    • Anonymous

      agreed, em has still got that lyrial ability, but his beats off late hve sucked. the welcome to hell beat by havoc though was classic

    • Anonymous

      Relapse was extremely lyrical and creative. The only problem was the accents. Recovery was lyrical and creative and had great subject matter, but choruses, beats, and features were too mainstream. Overall still both were good, just had flaws.

    • Anonymous

      relapse n recovery sucked more than super head in her prime

    • Anonymous

      Royce belongs here.. and Relapse and Recovery were very good... Encore i will agree sucked.

  • guy

    great EP lookin forward to more of their work in the future

  • ThaTruth

    If you hate on this, you might as well quit rap. Listen to Em and Royce on songs like Welcome to Hell or Echo. They fucking slaughter any other MC on the game. And I'm not even a big Eminem fan, but you have to appreciate something that it's this good.

  • Kendall Walters

    i like every song!

  • Miguel

    this deserves mroe than 5 stars!

  • JoNaThAN