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BLH's ability to operate his lyricism in a world of darkness predates the likes of both Tech N9ne and early DMX.

Slim Shady may be in recovery, but Sacramento's Brotha Lynch Hung remains sick. The Gangsta Rap lyrical legend lives in a world that's both John Carpenter and John Singleton, as his bloody bandanas and decay odors are cinematically presented through his second album with Strange Music in  Coathangastrangla. The mortar in the second installment of the cannibalistic trilogy is as good as the first, with more polished production and an overall sound that makes the trunk rattle, with or without a dead body.

"Look It's A Dead Body " is Lynch at his best. The Garden Bloc Crip member gets some triumphant horns, which allow him to make a song that thumps with brassy horn chops and knocking percussion. With lines like "24 Street block throw it up daily / Still havin' abortions, nigga, I don't need babies / And I don't eat babies / I'm sicker than the Rabies / Still hella mad 'cause I didn't sign with Shady / Records, but I'm Strange now, snake in the back / Nigga, sickest independent on the map / Brap!" Lynch's latest tales from the hood are heavy on presentation and not dense in storytelling. However, the sum of Coat's parts play like the first 20 minutes of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho with town exits, chase scenes and reveals. One of the best things about BLH is that while his works are most certainly fiction, the references to unrequited love, revenge and even suicide are said with such sincerity that he appears to be a master of metaphor, even if his pastiche is grounded six feet under. "Blinded By Desire," for instance is another Dr. Dre-like slap, which begins in a similar vein to Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By " and ends up something much closer to Ice-T's "Where The Shit Goes Down."

Unlike the crowded Strange moment on last year's "Don't Worry Mama, It's Just Bleeding," this album's collaboration with Tech N9ne is a highlight. "I C U" has a Bounce-minded beat that calls back to Beats By The Pound or DJ U-Neek production, as a fast-rhyming Lynch chronicles a gruesome mix of sex and violence. Imagery aside, Tech brings out the best in Lynch. The two return for an encore jewel on "Takin' Online Orders." Still, not all of the scenes are as thought-out. "It Happens" feels like a disjointed track with an experimental mumbled chorus and very freestyle-friendly rhymes. The same qualities are true of "Dead Bodies," but if a great movie is essentially seven powerful scenes, then Lynch presents more than enough vignettes on his maniacal serial killer for a supreme portrait.

In a year that's expected to see Strange Music further hijack Hip Hop's conventions for success, Brotha Lynch Hung is a jewel within the roster. BLH's ability to operate his lyricism in a world of darkness predates the likes of both Tech N9ne and early DMX. Twenty years into his career, this emcee basks in the creative focus that allows him to tell his story completely without pressures to appease radio or even Rap blogs. Instead, Coathangastrangla reminds us that Dinner & A Movie was not a quick comeback, but a carefully earned spotlight that finds an underground legend returning to the rich traditions of his first two albums with an even more developed knack for plot, character and sickness.

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  • Anonymous

    5/5 lynch hung!!!!

  • Anonymous

    dope!!!! lynch hung one of the best ever!!!!

  • James Johnson

    album was dope as fuck

  • gettheducksick

    Niggaz think im soft like biscuits " lmao Lynch Hung is the sickest really dope album

  • Dr. Funk

    This is THE HARDEST album in history! Every track is a killer, every verse is filled with killer rhymes, and the end left me anticipating Lynch's return.

  • bazz

    sickest album of the year


    This is a classic album but wait till you hear the next one and it'll be said this was a classic Trillogy! MR.BLAP said so! "Sooner Or Lata"

  • vamploc1

    lyNCh huNg timeleSS

  • Keith

    5 stars for sure...Sick from the beginning to the end.

  • oksfinest

    this album's not as good as DaaM. I was underwhelmed when I first listened to it. But I'll admit it's growing on me. I honestly think he needs more direction from strange rather than sticking to the whole "madesicc" stuff. Cuz let's be honest... His "major label" releases- 24 Deep, Season of the Siccness, Loaded, DaaM and this one SMOKE his madesicc releases. Only one worth mentioning is Suicide Note. The rest I would recommend people to skip in an effort to not tarnish the dopeness that lynch is capable of dropping. But still, lynch is ill, top 10 dead or alive.

    • Mark Hunter McSwain

      I mean, Loaded had the whole siccmade family on the album, and Lynch handles all the creation. On every one of his albums. Ecspecially his Strange Music Albums, He probably had less creative control at Black Market. All of Lynch's material is dope. And Lynch By Inch is way mroe than worth mentioning... if you have to "skip" all his siccmade projects stuff then you ain't a fan.

  • sincerejk

    hilariously sick and twisted as always. only a couple missteps

  • chefing big

    damnnn this album this straight sick. cant wait for him to drop halloween night. DOPE!

  • havoc

    when did this come out ? damn i gotta cop it dinner and a movie just dropped last year wes craven raps

  • skin bacon


  • oscar

    Best album this year!

  • Eddie

    Brotha Lynch is one the illest to come out Cali. Album is sic wit it. Can't wait for the next.

  • Monster23


  • K. Kerr

    BUMP IT. This cd is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • ciph3r

    4/5? and a 4.8? this album was not creative nor lyrical brotha lynch has never been lyrical hes just been edgy and different which i can appreciate thst but when every fuckin rhyme is 'heat street meat eat' 2.5-3 at best dont be groupies and try saying its any better then that

    • AC

      Dose, there's no reason to make racist remarks. Dude gave you reasons why he didn't like the album. That means he isn't hating. Hating is not liking something for the simple reason of it being successful. You sound ignorant. Go play somewhere. Grown ups are talking.

    • dose

      HATER alert.shut the fuck up.this album is killin 95% of the garbage out right now and probally all year.just cause you cant hear the messages with your white ears you give it a 3???gtfoh

  • kenal

    love the album design, creative, haven't heard of this artist before this.

  • the shape

    this album is alright Lynch is so much better than this. there is a few bangers, but the others are just fucked the beats are too produced and they got ill fitting hooks.Lynch's lyrics are top notch for sure the music is just not on point. that chorus hook on mannibalector doesnt sound like a Brotha lynch song at all. sounds like strange music shit, not like Lynch. great lyrics and an alright album, but it cant hold a fuckin candle to dinner and a movie or classics like 24deep. Go buy this album for sure tho. I am just a big Brotha Lynch fan, and this album's overall sound is too much like strange music and not that siccmade shit.

  • fossie

    Yo pies fuck you ! What the fuck you are talkin about?Listen to this album carefully and stop talkin bullshit !This is classic shit !Best album in years the only rapper that can compete is raekwon and some other wutang- shit!i love it!!

  • T

    shame lynch gets slept on cuz his content scares people. rap in the era lynch comes from, was all about being different, original, and dope. lynch is just that. i love his early work, but his focus now is crazy. dinner and a movie, and coat hanga, are 2 of the most cinematic albums ive heard. i miss hearing albums with thought out skits, and song concepts. this niggas flow is still deadly too. dope voice, dope flow, dope lyrics. and dope beats. strange music got the production value jacked way up. all y'all talking bout i dont get horrorcore, its not real, etc. well, lynch makes movies on wax. and hes an innovator, hes the nigga other wannabes imitate, that make the horrorcore thing a stigma. fuck a label, or a generalization, lynch is a dope emcee and been dope for a lifetime. long live lynch. copped the album to support the homie. how can you hear this nigga rap and say he's not killing it? yeah hes explicit, yeah he's raw, but the visuals, the flow, the hooks, the voice? guys a phenom.

  • dizzle

    5 stars all day every day I Know ppl be lovin that therapy session

  • Pablo Escobar

    5 Stars; BLH is like the Wes Craven of Hip-Hop/Rap music in general

  • Pablo Escobar

    I get Goosebumps every time I hear this Album; Lynch is already prolific!! Yes, it's gruesome but that's granted. On the other hand, the best song on here is the least violent one, "Spit It Out," a genuine track about struggling to remain humble, calm, and collected in the midst of adversity.

  • 'alize Phillips

    Thug motivation~~

  • Lane Kirkaldie

    Sicc ass album!

  • Dizzie Gee

    long as lynch has been doing it. i been buying his albums. only bootlegged one cuz no one barely know who he is. they still talkin about him eatin babies like that was what he's about. im glad he didnt sign with no limit or shady. far as im concerned he didnt need to sign with strange. he been doin this long with lil help. #1 in my rap collection. Lynch dat nigga

  • Koolaid Da BlacGhost

    Once again, Lynch came with that fire. His most definitely 1 of my top 3 favorite artist. Mugs sleeping on this dude for real. 5 stars

  • Brandon Pitts

    Loved it! Back to the Siccness

  • Reese Sursely

    Brotha Lynch Keeps it sicc!! It always makes me feel better to listen about someone eatten people.. This dude makes me wanna eat some children.

  • Crit

    Okay,for all of those who say this content is wicked and childish and shit.....How about you stop looking inside the box.So its okay for a MOVIE to contain this type of shit but once someone spits about it,its a big problem,its art nigga,Lynch best album thus far.

  • Jim Bronski

    I got to be a hater on this one. I don't get the horrorcore crowd. You like hearing this: "I was bout to choke her out and f*ck her while she's dead" really? and "cut your nuts put a spatula in your butt". wow. this is pretty f*ckin' horrible. I guess if it's your thing, you're either a wack job loser alone at your abusive house dressed in black with acne in New Mexico, or a really young dude so bored you think this is exciting. fake + gay = this album.

    • Anonymous

      you probably listen bitches lika flocka and shit nigga FUCK YOU!

    • Bryan C

      I can see your point. But Lynch makes it clear that this trilogy of albums IS fictional. I think what people mean about "real" is that he's a real dude, as in a great guy who's devoted to his fans and making them happy no matter what. These albums are supposed to be fictional. He created a fictional character called The Coathanga Strangla, a fake serial killer. The songs are about the killer. Brotha Lynch doesn't fuck dead people, he's got a wife and a son lol. These albums are about his character. This is the second in the trilogy. Also at you can see the music video series which when completed can be viewed as a sort of horror movie. I can see where you got your point man, just wanted to clear that up that's all. Personally, I love horror movies and this sort of shit (but it's not all I listen to.) I'm a college kid from MA, and am proud to say I do in fact have friends and no longer suffer from an acne problem.

    • pies

      this man said 100% truth, that album is overrated, lyrically horrible. I have to say it one more time how oneirology with awesome production , clever lyrics has only 3,5 and that dissguisting ... whatewer it is has 4 stars. I dont wannna be harsh on you guys but it looks like that you have basic education and none music feel

  • Yashar Mofidi

    Lynch set the bar higher everytime he drops an album!!! 5/5

  • Techn9ican

    Amazing. Cant wait for the next album coming out on Halloween. Don't forget bout Tech's All 6's and 7's comin out June 7th. 5 stars

  • davie darko

    this album is a master piece , i hope everyone supports , go cop the cd strange is the future , no group of artists are as Real !

    • Jim B

      real? this guy really chokes women and f*cks their dead bodies? and puts spatulas's in guy's butts? that's what he's talkin about with tech9. I think by real you must mean incredibly made up. This is like Poor Abused Dude Emo Sci-Fi Horror Gamer Rap.

  • rich21

    this cd is already a classic and will be alegendary lynch album.GRRRRRRRR

  • Tucker

    Wow, Lynch came through. I think Dinner and a Movie was slightly better...but the production is far better on this...Amazing, you think that talking about death and other sick stuff would get tiring, your wrong...I had some doubts about this album, but I bought it first thing because I wanted to support him...and it was great... :)Can't wait for "Mannibalector" next year!

  • Kevin Dannau

    this is the shit

  • Scott Mortenson

    BROTHA LYNCH HUNG ALL DAY ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!! But for real tho I think that Sooner or Later was the shit!!!! 5 Stars to THA COATHANGA STRANGLA!!!

  • DJ CeeLo

    Brotha Lynch always delivers!

  • BLH

    5STAR if u givin it 4 stars get the fuck outta here u dont need to be votin

  • ViNCE

    good review! aint nuthin like drivin around at midnight bumpin this! or listening to it stonedddd hahah STRAAAAANGE!!! MUSIC.

  • Christian Schicke

    Eines der düstersten hiphopwerke aller zeiten !

  • fffgg

    very great album!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Carter

    Lynch sent me, grrrrrr this is the shit right herrr. mannibalector will be even better in 2012


    Fucking great review, great album. STRANGE.

  • Anonymous

    strange music grrrrr!

  • illwill

    I'm from down south and been bangin Lynch's music daily since "24 Deep". He will always be in my top 5 to ever do this shit. There ain't no doubt that he's gonna always challenge himself to be siccer which makes him evolve with every rhyme. CHS is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece from the King of the Concept Album.

  • Mista Lego Blocks

    Album is fiyah. GRRRRRRR

  • Tevin

    Lynch sent me here! and the CHS album was bomb!! Grrrrr

  • dose321

    Fuckin CHS album of the year 2011.When does brotha lynch not come with the fire????real fans know whats up

  • sick bastard


  • eivind

    Lynch sent me hahaha :D

  • zaggin'

    DX how yall gonna forget to mention the best song on the album?! "Therapy session" is a banger and hardest brotha lynch song i heard in a minute!! ahh fuck it the whole CD slaps. i liked it more than dinner & a movie and that CD is fuckin dope too!

  • Greg Kirby

    Every song is good even the skits, Lynch you have outdone yourself oh n GRRRRR!

  • Patrick Cork

    i think this is a great follow up to Dinner and a Movie.

  • David Williams

    this album is the SICKNESS!!!!!! GRRRRRR!

  • Pfunk

    Strange music for life

  • Pfunk

    Hells yeah good shit blh cant wait to see u in concert again

  • Will

    This album is extremely tight its an awesome follow-up to Dinner And A Movie

  • joe

    much respects 4 BLH and props 2 him 4 blowin up the web keep up the wicked shit homie

  • JD Blak

    This album is siccer than DaaM. Point blank!

  • Charlie Alvarez

    AW YEA!!!!

  • Locc2dabrain

    Lynch Hung came with the fuckin siccness. Can't wait for Manniblector. Strange Music. Bitches better listen up!

  • Deadboy90

    "Records, but I'm Strange now, snake in the back" its actually "records, but I'm strange now, snake and the bat" you know, the strange music symbol? Sicc album tho, got my preorder and my coathanga strangla tee

    • Oksfinest

      This guys right. Snake and a bat. And this albums not as good as DaaM. I was underwhelmed when I first listened to it. But I'll admit it's growing on me. I honestly think he need move direction from strange rather than sticking to the whole "madesicc" stuff. Cuz let's be honest... His "major label" releases- 24 Deep, Season of the Siccness, Loaded, DaaM and this one SMOKE his madesicc releases. Only one worth mentioning is Suicide Note. The rest I would recommend people to skip in an effort to not tarnish the dopeness that lynch is capable of dropping. But still, lynch is ill, top 10 dead or alive.

  • Gurpz 'Wee-bey' Birk

    Lynch is a beast, straight up. His rhyme schemes are amazing. STRANGE! Grrrrrr!

  • face

    Sick album. I liked it overall better than DAAM but of the two albums i think my favorite one or two songs are from DAAM.

  • Corey Hilton


  • Dream sick

    I keep rewinding G-Macc'z verses. cant wait to hear his new album

  • No1Time

    Dope album and great follow up to DAAM

  • House

    Great and a fair review, good job DX. I loved DAAM, I can't wait to get my teeth into this! GRRRR!

  • Hitter

    wow!!!! G-Macc is really the best rapper I heard in a LONG time!!!! He's immaculate with his style. 100%

  • ps

    weirdo LP, not so creative not so good

  • Anonymous

    lynch is a underrated west coast legend 5 starz props 2 strange music...

  • rodney

    Dope review. Dope album. I wish Strange would put out more projects like this. Way better than Krizz Kaliko and Big Scoob and that shit. I been buying BLH albums since like 1996, 1997.

  • Jim C

    Brotha Lynch has anotha classic here! continues on from Dinner and a Movie perfectly,the skits from both albums flow into the songs like no other album has done before, he just smashes every track!!!