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"Despite its few splashes of greatness, Doggumentary is a grave disappointment from a west coast iconoclast."

Faced with the decision of making the promised Doggystyle II or a more traditional project, Snoop Dogg came to the proverbial fork in the road and went straight. Doggumentary is a concept album that allowed fans a multi-media glimpse at the Long Beach superstar's creative process, and just how he has been able to churn out relevant albums for the 18 years. The campaign was complete with bachelor party songs to Royalty, Wiz Khalifa smoke-out sessions and a slew of endorsements, but in the end all of those activities may have trumped the actual album itself.

Doggumentary isn’t a frustrating listen because of shortcomings, as many of them that there are; it’s frustrating because there are some real glimpses of late-career genius on it that Snoop continues to neglect. The album opens strong with the expertly produced “The Way Life Used to Be.” Veteran producer Battlecat’s subtle head nodder of a beat exudes with G-Funk sounds, while Snoop’s laid-back delivery lets the listener walk a mile in his house shoes growing up in sunny C-A. The song serves as the perfect companion piece to the cautionary tale of “Peer Pressure,” which finds Snoop side-stepping preach inclinations in favor of his experiential wisdom.

The album continues on with a series of top-notch cuts, from west coast throwbacks (“Wonder What I Do,” “We Rest in Cali”) to gleefully ignorant guilty pleasures (“My Fucn House” , “Take U Home” ). Calvin is in rare form at this stage in the LP, blending his LBC roots with his two decades of musical experience. The guest list alone, although perhaps too expansive, finds Snoop perfectly balancing his DPGC brethren like Daz Dillinger and Goldie Loc with newfound friends like Wiz Khalifa and Young Jeezy. Even the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic bassist Boosty Collins throws his top hat into the ring, bringing a level of authenticity to Snoop’s return to G-Funk form.

Unfortunately, an onslaught of flaccid club bangers and inept crossover hits take a Louisville Slugger to the album’s kneecaps. Fans have heard Snoop reaching for the lowest common denominator before (remember his No Limit days?), but Doggumentary finds him slumping to all-new depths of mediocrity. Tracks like “Boom” with T-Pain and “Wet” are inane excuses for singles, while the Lex Luger-produced “Platinum” is a vacuum of blandness with its farting basses and nondescript ambient synths. The only thing more devastating than Snoop’s attempts at radio relevance are his ill-fated genre-bending experiments. He sounds strained working with the Gorillaz (“Sumthin Like This”), and his country western duet with Willie Nelson (“Superman”) has barely enough life in it to even induce cringing. But perhaps the biggest offender on the album is Kanye West, whose meat headed rock production on “Eyez Closed” is a rare missed mark for the hit-maker.

Even some of the gangsta-related material that one would expect Snoop to ace somehow falls short. “My Own Way” and “Raised in Da Hood” do little to make Snoop’s thug stories any more interesting the eleventh time around, while plodding production from David Banner and THX on “It’s D Only Thang” and DJ Khalil on “I Don’t Need No Bitch” drown Snoop in a wash of cacophony. Even when Snoop is handed a competently produced beat, like Jake One’s excellent “Gangbang Rookie,” he wastes it on caricatured gangsta platitudes and less-than-adept protégé Pilot.

Despite its few splashes of greatness, Doggumentary is a grave disappointment from a west coast iconoclast. Guests and events surrounding an album may bring people to the event, but the music offered here will not keep them.



  • Jason

    Okay well the last album Malice and Wonderland was complete crap and only 10 tracks. Plus the world of a gangsta with Cee-lo didnt even make the album. Doggumentary is an improvement but of course contains forced and Hollyhood guest appearances but what do you expect i mean Snoops been around so long its hard not to go mainstream. This album is about 50/50 for me. My favorite track is the one with Too Short and Daz. Love the beat and attitude behind it. I also love Platinum a great dark beated dance song for the clubs. The willie nelson appearance was pushing it a bit but i know there fellow weed head friends. Wet is an inevitable cater to society single in our current bubblegum world of autotune. Sometimes you have to conform to the world to sell. Love this weed is mine track and i think whats her name from Midnight Starr really shines on that track. Khalifas verse is garbage and doesnt rhyme at all. Sorry homie but 40 water is the only fatcat that can make flat sentences flow like water through a pipe.

  • KALI

    I like it . Its well roundit theres tracks on tha album for all ages. Tha Top Dogg never fails. still make hits.EAST UP LBC 4 LIFE. Fucc tha Haters

  • 3/5

    This album consists of many average songs and only few really nice ones: I don't need no bitch My own way Sumthin like this night Boom So it's not bad but pretty average.

  • Luis

    Overall, I thought it was alright and had its highlights in other places. Of course he's not going to be the gangster rapper that he was before. This kind of reminded me of R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece. It had some bad moments, but it sounded well done and had it's good moments that recalled Snoop's G-Funk days.

  • Johnny Massacre

    AND ... how can the writer hate on the Kanye West track 'Eyez Closed'? Anyone who knows a thing about making a beat will tell you this beat is a banger.

  • Johnny Massacre

    And the writer disses the oldskool blues throwback 'Superman' featuring Willie Nelson? Look -- take off your hip-hop glasses for a sec and listen to this shit. It's dope as hell. It is not cringeworthy. This is some nasty-ass old Blues with Snoop high as hell adlibbing. Snoop's line: "Well when I die, put it on my stone ... God said Snoopy take your bad ass home". You gotta love that shit.

  • Johnny Massacre

    I totally disagree with this review. Yeah the album is a major disappointment, but the writer talks of splashes of greatness? There really are none. Snoop only manages to ascend to decent levels. There is a ton of filler on this album. Including the Battlecat opener. Peer Pressure is dope but it's exactly the same as another Fredwreck track from a Snoop album like 6 years ago. Snoop opens up occasionally, "I'm getting old" he says, which is cool -- it's real, but generally it really seems like this guy has smoked too much weed and has ran out of stuff to talk about. He's pushing 40 and has talked the talk for so long, it just seems he is creatively numb. It's kind of sad. There are about 30 producers involved in this project and 25 engineers. I'd like to see Snoop's management pay this legend some respect and get a strong team together to create a more cohesive Snoop project, with less producers, and new flavour. Anyways, Snoop fans there are a few cool joints here: My Own Way, Peer Pressure, and I Don't Need no Bitch.

    • MACK

      WTF!! your waay off I mean bad enough we read these bad reviews but we dont need worse ones from freelance critics like you who probably use Guitar Hero as a judge of your true musical talent.

  • Brandon Pitts

    This album is great compared to other Snoop Albums.

  • fossie

    Snoop is back !!Bangers and some flaws why are you punks always critisize the westcoast for doin the same as the south!Ice cubes album was tight and this is tight !fuck allthe haterz!!!!

  • maddogg

    ... How do u expect the dogg to sound like the 90s when bitch ni99as like wayne r on top ... He's tryin to be relevant to the time ... HIPHOP IS DEAD!

  • eddielipshit

    Thanks Snoop and company its 2011 and you muthafuckas are still promoting a demise of human pain and death with this lower self ass video. U aint ghetto no more its was only figment of your slave owners(or record execs) imagination. Thank you for the images that destroy our people today of moving dope, so ignorant brothers can emulate you.Image is everything. People learn faster with imagery. Yeah!! Sheephearder!! I aint judging you but OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES.

  • Blakk Hart

    I fuck wit dis album

  • Kelly Broski Cogley

    awesome album best one since the blue carpet treatment

  • Anonymous

    complete garbage , anyone remember the blue carpet treatment , how dope that LP was , seems like everybody's bringin out garbage these days

  • doggystyle93

    MAN WTF HAPPEN TO SNOOP DOGGY DOGG ? HAVE YALL SEEN HIM ? This is his worst album . WET = DUMBEST SONG EVER BY SNOOP i couldnt believe my ears when i first heard it lmao . He needs to step his game up soon or just give up . this is not snoop

  • Anonymous

    Damn, everybody hating on Snoop, and each other for that matter. Snoop is a legend in the rap game, he can do what the fuck he wants...Good CD too, by the way...

  • Kelly C

    Sean Ryon Eat a fat Dick!! To quote Jay-Z "As for the critics, i dont get it, everybody can tell you how to do it, they (you) never did it"..The LP is dope as hell..for goodness sake, even Jay-Z hasnt put out any LP as dope as the Blueprint. The singles you talk about are very dope. Lex Luger killed it on 'Platinum'! I guess you just want to justify your salary...shame on you!

  • Jacques Leach

    Due aint shit no more. He's a shell of his former self.

  • سامي

    لابيس فيا سنوب

  • jeeash

    Snoop has nothing more to prove, he's a rap legend and it will always be good to listen to his music! To the editor and the haters, stop stickin to the past and that Doggystyle era! If you don't like what the old Snoop does nowadays, quit listening to his music and save your reviews and hate for the young artists!

  • Neazy

    You can't listen to a Snoop album and expect revolutionary new sounds and musical genius. That's like going to a strip club and trying to talk to the girls there about politics. If you take this album for what it is, it ain't bad. But seriously, how does Jim Jones get a 3.5 and big dog gets 2.5? You could replace every "Snoop" with "Jim Jones" in this article and make the exact same argument against his new album, Capo. Why hate on Snoop and give Jim Jones a pass?

  • triznathaniel


  • ??

    everything I've heard so far is really good. And I mean REALLY good. Although I've only looked up the tracks that seemed interesting to me.... My Own Way, We Rent N Cali, Sumthing Like This Night, Eyez Closed, Superman. And I don't see how you could've hated on those last three tracks. They were gold as far as I could see/hear. Especially Eyez Closed.

  • Tizzlybear

    I thought it was a good album, not his best but I enjoyed it more then Malice in Wonderland that whole project minus a few cuts felt very commercial and it tried to hard to be like the current music at the moment. The first half to me is very good but it loses my attention in the second half. From the intro with Bootsy Collins up to this weed is mine I can play straight threw (though I do skip over "Platinum" and "Boom").

  • h

    Okay that's not the best of Snoop but 2,5 is really harsh!! 3 or 3,5

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    He was on Kush and he can't even get a beat from the Dr? Dre is a dick!

  • W.C.D.

    Factoring in the longevity of Snoop's career dating back to 91-92,this album deserves a solid 4.After 20 years and there's still something on the album for everybody to bang and the songs are each distinct from each other..but these days people would rather praise the majority of the bullshit..if you were even born after Snoop's first album came out don't even comment.

  • Anonymous

    who the hell asked for the willie nelson collab? I saw him on fuse talking to Mark hoppus about how he's doing what the people want. Who the hell wanted that?

  • Crystal

    It's a wack album, Snoop's lost it. We need some 90's Dre beats. 2 stars cause of some alright joints.


    only snoop can get these top notch producers on one album and still manage to #fail.

  • Shame

    2.5 is a good rating, on some songs i heard some real good shit coming out of Snoop, then the tracks go doo-doo

  • whoa

    this album could have been better but rating it lower than rolling papers is a little much.

  • Al

    fuk that shit,this album's fuken wack. let him retire,go home and smoke more blunts, take your weak rappin skills with you. Sell out.

  • Shuttaman

    Lol fuk Sean Ryon talking bout? This a 3.5 at least yu fulking idiot Bet money u related to them old dimbasses at the grammys who dont kno shit bout Hip hop NIGGGA FUK YOU

  • S. Perrota

    why is it when a veteran releases a poor album, his entire discography goes under the spotlight?! you're all spweing second-hand opinions, Tha Last Meal and Paid Tha Cost were genuinely good records... you don't stay relevant for 3 decades without releasing at least 2 or 3 great albums, regardless of media appearances... Snoop's hit a redundant low of party jams and desperation for relevance over creativity at this point in his career, but don't compromise everything he's done apart from Doggystyle... you casual listeners are so one-dimensional... mediocre album though, I won't deny that and the review is spot-on on most points...

  • Kaan Özel

    The album isn't that bad really it deserves 3 stars

  • fossie

    That Wet track some of you didn`t understand !Its comedy !I love it!!

  • fossie

    Snoop is tight!!Fuck the haterz!!

  • bul

    this is the worst album so far this year.

  • Anonymous

    I really do beleive snoop has one more great album left in him (think blue carpet minus the filler). Question is does he care to find it at this point?

  • G

    Terrible terrible album. Snoop only had 1 good album and will only have 1 good album.

  • Barry & Dipti Benjamin

    Another poor album from Snoop. Doggystyle is his only classic !

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Garbage. Just fucking garbage like everything Snoop has done in his overrated, gimmick of a career

  • Ltd

    Altought it is snoop's best album since Blue carpet, it's still a shitty album.

  • Rich

    This is actually a pretty good album. It has some filler tracks and the tracks that are bad are bad, but there is a lot of good songs too. I don't know what the review is talking about. its a least 3 and a half to 4 out of 5. The rating is absurd.

  • Jimmy

    I liked the song featuring Gorillaz, it was something original. Boom was okay, Wet was the best.

  • masu

    R.I.P. Snoop! This is garbage. Stop rapping you are a disgrace for hiphop you fucking walking blunt.

  • sreo

    this album is garbage

  • da

    Some tracks are real good on this one, but it's obvious Snoop is past his prime.

  • 187

    Fuck the reviewer for saying that eyez closed is wack WTF? “I Don’t Need No Bitch” and “Gangbang Rookie" are dope as fuck too. This is definitely the best snoop album since blue carpet...

  • kps

    This reviewer has obviously lost it these are the best beats on a snoop album in years. Only wack tracks are boom and my fucn house. I knew this album would be dope just from the tracklist...

  • Conman

    This album is crazy!! The review sucks deez nuts fuck Sean Ryon!

  • Sery

    Didn't care for the album to much. I disagree about Boom though. Thats probably the best track on the album in my opinion.

  • r

    'I don't need no bitch' ft. Devin the Dude is one of the best tracks on the album! whys the reviewer just dismissed it as nothing.. not even a link to the song that DX does have!?

  • Snooh

    Snoop is a sellout. I give this album 1 star! Quit rapping!!!!!

  • Snyt

    Fair rating. This album sounds horrible. Okay there are a few dope joints but not enough. Please Snoop stop rapping you are getting old and lame.

  • p. dom

    Fuck outta here!!! 2.5?!!! Fuck outta here!!!

  • TIB

    While not Snoop of old, this is still better than recent Snoop- Its exactly what you would expect- some impressive old school cuts and his popular ones, snoop is such an institution now he is trying to reach all types of his fans, and so this album has something for all of them 4/5

  • joe5286

    What a bullshit score... 2.5 stars? What?? Album is at least a 4/5 -- this is Snoop's best album in years. DX gave both Malice N Wonderland and Ego Trippin higher scores -- I don't think anybody would claim that Doggumentary is worse than those two albums. DX needs to seriously reevaluate the way they hand out scores

  • MrKingz0

    i totally agree with review. the album is nearly classic until boom, wet and platinum start. if he stayed more focused...


    Snoop, Soulja boy.... What's the difference nowdays? they both sell outs and have dumbed down corperate sponsers reppin brand names and conformity.... U KNOW ITS TRU!

  • kingDon01

    hiohopDX done lost it platnum is killa, gangbang rookie iz killa, my on way is killa, this is one of those vintage snoop banger of an album in a long time

  • a1

    dunno how this album rates as low as soulja boy's on hip hop dx...

  • NJ

    I think the rating is fair, some tracks on this LP are brilliant, but for every brilliant track there is a Wet or Boom. After listening to the album my over riding feeling wasn't love for the good tracks but pure hatred for the sellout "fad" tracks! This coulda been brilliant, when will Snoop realise that he doesn't have to make mainstream tracks because he already has a big enough core base of fans who will buy anything he puts out.

  • Boom sd

    Last meal for me also

  • Ya Boy D

    I think the album is tight. Hip Hop Dx is becoming critical with the ratings.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    pretty good give it a 4/5. especially comin of malice n wonderland god-awfulness. i'll round it up to five stars just cause its hhdx aka butthole land. one of my only complaints about this for snoop (you gotta take what you can get from him nowadays ya know?) was that the fredwreck beat on this album was almost the same damn thing used on that track on tha blue carpet treatment-one of my favorite tracks off that album crazy ft. nate dogg(r.i.p.). peep those fredwreck tracks y'all-similiar??

  • Santiago Wu DasaWuok Irigoyen

    it has sick tracks, but there r so many fill-in tracks, and mainstream trash songs with that kind of snare. i agree with the review, except for the rating. 3.5 for me, it has a bunch of great songs

  • dialogicc

    Best snoop album since blue carpet treatment! "I don't need no bitch" was a dope track!

  • onelove

    Naah comon hhdx, its at least a 3.5/ 4. Your reviews are getting shitty lately step it up. Gangbang rookie & My own way are fuckin banging

    • NJ

      2 songs out of 21 are good so it deserves a high rating? I very often disagree with HHDX but I can actually understand this one, they give good enough reasons for the score, that's all that matters.

  • rollx16

    solid album that only Snoop could do really feelin the smoothed out old school vibe on some of the tracks. nice springtime album i can bump straight to summer

  • nano

    after last meal this nigga was done

  • RH

    as a big snoop fan, I don't expect a classic cd from him anymore, but I expect a good album, which he delivered. There's a few tracks on there to skip, but overall his best work since Blue Carpet. 3 1/2 stars from me- but I'll round it up to 4 since the review is garbage

    • Tony Viera

      nah!! you gotta admit that the album is bad really, i dont expect a classic ether but at least something that could surpass theBluecarpet Treatment, he can put a better production and less R&B singers the album has a soft sound and estructure except from a few songs at least he could make it more Gangsta that will not cost too much cuz anyway this not gonna sell a lot

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i agree 110% with everything you said here. completely dead on about everything you said, much respect.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta give it a 5

  • Anonymous

    I give this 4 stars hip hop dx y'all trippin this is his best album since tha blue carpet treatment

  • Anonymous

    i stopped reading this review when they said the song "My own way" isn't good.. that song is some vintage Snoop who the fuck is gonna complain about that? HHDX fucking blows at reviews i just like their singles

  • Alex Christy

    he needs to stop hanging out with Wiz, that bad musics rubbin off

  • Tony Viera

    this album was a disappointment to me, at least is a bit better than malice in wonderland that was a crap Horrible album

  • Vadim Panteleev

    2.5 ?! Fuck DX

  • James Anthony Gardiner

    i ave 2 say hip hop dx always rate west coast rappers poorly, for me not his best obviously but 4 me atleast 3.5/4 el lay and gangbang rookie and my fcin house go hard or H.A.M. dnt fink ppl understand that times are changinig n snoops tryin 2 change wit it and still keep it gangsta for me thats wat his done and im feelin it and 2 compare it 2 his other albums is stupid cos its a differ type and style so get wit it

  • Anonymous

    as a big snoop fan myself,this is weak...........2 or 3 good joints,whole lotta bullshit on there!! chuuuccchhhhhh

  • B

    compared to doggystyle this album is trash

    • ts5000

      why r u tryin to compare doggystyle to his new album thats like tryin to compare illmatic to nas' last album u can't compare classics to new albums

  • womanizer

    Fuck you hiphopdx!! this album is GREAAT! 5 Stars! Boom, PLatinum, This Weed Iz Mine, Eyez Closed, My Own Way, The Way Life Used To Be.. Awesome Songs!

  • Anonymous

    whoever wrote this article definately most definately has no ear ...this album is one of the most souful funkadelic album snoop ever put out best album since Rhythm and Gangster ,and Blue Carpet treatment ...dont lsiten to this silly review the album is BANGIN!!

  • rodney

    This album is terrible. I agree with the review. 2/5 from me.

  • Whooliano

    Whoever wrote this pathetic excuse for a review deserves to be slappped twice... This is some of Snoop's best shit in a while since Blue Carpet Treatment!

  • justarando

    I think this review is way too negative, this is some of Snoop's best work in a LONG time. It has that classic Snoop feel, and although some of the experimenting goes wrong, everything's not going to be perfect. Doggumentary is worth listening to, and I actually enjoyed Eyes Closed...

  • Anonymous

    there are some real complete trash songs on this album, but i deffinetly like 4-5 songs that can be remembered. tracklist and featurelist should have been cut down.

  • Harry

    this album is dope. wtf are you talking about. its his best album in 5 years. the reviews are inconsistant as fuck on dx. are you seriously claiming wiz' piece of shit album is better than this? gtfoh

  • ts5000

    snoop dogg always does his thing doggumentary is a banger