In preparation for the latest Dogg Pound album, 100 Wayz, HipHopDX recently spoke to Daz Dillinger.

As he and partner Kurupt have reunited for a fourth official DPG album, DX asked the Long Beach native about a rare Dogg Pound track, 1996’s “Just Doggin’.” The song first appeared on the Sunset Park soundtrack, alongside would-be gems from 2Pac, Ghostface Killah and Mobb Deep in the film starring Onyx’s Fredro Starr. Ironically, Daz, who had just landed in Los Angeles had just thought of the rare non-album gem from Dogg Pound’s platinum early days. “I got a plaque in a house of mine that I just walked past yesterday, lookin’ at that – Sunset Park [Soundtrack]. ‘Just Doggin” was like one of the second songs that I produced, in my career. It was one of my highlights, because it’s got Nate Dogg on it.” Asked if the song came from 1994 and 1995’s Dogg Food sessions, Daz revealed that Death Row Records had ordered the record, as the label did throughout the 1990s on various top soundtracks. “We made that song strictly for [the Sunset Park Soundtrack]. Suge [Knight] gave it to [the film’s music department]. We got paid for it, Nate, everybody got paid for it.”

The song would later be re-mixed by Cold187um a/k/a Big Hutch of Above The Law on 2002, a compilation the label put out in 2001, after both artists had left the label.

As the busy interview took place while Daz reportedly signed paperwork on a newly-purchased S-Class Mercedes, the producer/emcee often portrayed in cars in his video was asked about the prize of his collection. With authority, Daz spoke of his 1966 Chevrolet Impala. “It’s an old school car. It’s got the rims – the spinner Dana Danes [chrome-spoked wheels]. It’s royal blue, it’s a classic gangster car.” With a hearty chuckle, the easily-distracted Daz asserted, “That’s a fuckin’ Impala, yo!” 

Daz’s ’66 Impala can be seen in his “Smokin’ While We Drive” video, a single not associated with the rapper’s dozen-plus albums.

On non-music subjects, Daz also spoke on his daughter’s recent birthday party, which reportedly attracted a number of celebrities including Vivica A. Fox and Waka Flocka Flame. “Oh man, I spoil my kids in all good ways. [My daughter Emoni] had a sweet 16 party out there in Atlanta,” confirmed Daz. “Two high schools came to that party [which] we had at the Intercontinetal Hotel. She got a Mercedes Benz for her birthday, a Benz truck.” With a chuckle, the proud father said, “In two more years, it’s over,” as his daughter will then be a legal adult.

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