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"The dream concept is carried out inventively, from the cover art to the album and track titles. It is also heard in Kno's samples and through the rhymes."

Dreams have always been intriguing to us. You don’t have to search too far to see how much praise was given to Inception last year, a film dealing with dreams inside of dreams and mind-bending mysteries. Much like with Christopher Nolan’s film, dreams are the focal point of Oneirology, the latest project crafted by the critically-acclaimed Cunninlynguists. While the disc has some unsure experimentation, it does not disappoint and it proves that the group has continued to evolve with their sound.

The dream concept is carried out inventively, from the cover art to the album and track titles. It is also heard in Kno’s samples and through the rhymes. Drawing more parallels to Inception, this isn’t an album that will be easily digested in one viewing or one listening session. The CL brethren made it a point to infuse their album with various references to dreams. For example, the first track title, “Predormitum,” refers to the moments right before sleep knocks us out and the album title references dreams through a term used in Greek mythology. However, they also add even more obvious references. For instance, other track titles include “Darkness (Dream On),” “Dreams” and “Shattered Dreams.” The emcees find creative ways to tie it all together in their verses, as well. Natti uses “Get Ignorant” to note, “that American dream makes me wake up and scream.” In fact, the word “Dreams” pops up in nearly every track.

Sure, it breaks up the theme, but the tracks that don’t deal with dreams are possibly the best series of cuts on the disc. “Hard As They Come (Act I)” , “Murder (Act II)” and “My Habit (I Haven’t Changed)” are all conceptual tracks that don’t deal with the main concept of the album. Still, each track is strong with every emcee (including guests Freddie Gibbs and Big K.R.I.T.) spitting as the personification of something else in the tradition of Nas on “I Gave You Power.” “Hard As They Come (Act I)” has Natti performing as alcohol, Gibbs as crack and Kno as HIV. “Murder (Act II)” has K.R.I.T. rhyming as a president (perhaps George W. Bush) and Natti flowing as corruption within religion. Finally, they continue this on “My Habit (I Haven’t Changed)” where Natti and Deacon rhyme as addicts, only their drug is music and it’s all explained with witty wordplay as Natti rhymes, “Relapse itch hit, I’m scratching like deejays / Tracks in my veins show I’m fiendin’ for replays / You say free bass? I’ll be right there / I like mine with a nice cut and light snare.”

For Oneirology listeners, the cinematic special effects come in the form of Kno’s skillful production. Even for fans of lyricism, Kno’s beats sometimes overshadow the rhymes and his instrumentals sometimes drown the vocals out. Still, Kno creates a perfect ambiance for an album about dreams, using a mixture of dark, melancholy tones with whimsical pieces that work together to make this album worthy of listens on the strength of the production alone. He utilizes samples well, sequencing cuts almost seamlessly. For an example of this, listen to the first two songs, where Notorious B.I.G.’s vocals mix with the next song’s sample to complete a sentence that works with the theme. “It was all…It was all…Darkness.” Whether creating the perfect soundscape to spit over or showing off on an instrumental interlude, Kno is able to bring forth intriguing beats, as usual.  

For an album with so much going for it, there are still some glaring issues here. Kno’s production, as addressed, sometimes takes over and drowns even his own rhymes out. At other points, it seems the album can get repetitive, stretching the concept out further than necessary. For instance, “Enemies with Benefits” seems like a throw-in and it almost hurts the emcees to have Tonedeff stealing the show on the track with that scene jacking verse. Sure, this may be nitpicking, but that may also be a testament to how high they’ve raised the bar for themselves.

In the end, Oneirology is an album that may serve as an alarm to those still unaware of Cunnin’s talent. This project combines creative sounds with inventive rhymes and stands as an example of how a great group can come together to craft a well-made album worthy of praise. Using their attention to detail on this release, they’ve managed to build on an already impressive catalog of music and it will not disappoint too many longtime supporters of the crew.


  • Billie Smith

    One of the most calmest albums of all-time

  • nico

    great production, great lyrics, enough said

  • @CJonno90

    Critically acclaimed all over the place but HipHopDX gave it a 3.5/5 WTF!

  • Tristan Lovell

    I'm not very suprised the editor rated it 3.5 (WTF?!?!?!!?) regardless this is an album I keep coming back to, it still sounds as good as it did at the first. This is a classic, this is art, it's a shame but it won't get as much recognition on lil' ______'s new album or the next "gangsters" these guys deserve so much credit for this album five stars dosen't say enough.

  • Josh

    Can't believe I didn't know about this album until last week

  • Anonymous

    One of the best albums I ever heard in my life

  • B-Flat88

    what is HHDX talking about, Enemies with Benefits is one of the best tracks on the album. I definitely agree with the viewers, it is my album of the year along with Reks album.

  • Anonymous

    Instant classic! An absolutely wonderful and unique piece of art.

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Classic Album...touched my heart...ALBUM OF THE YEAR

  • Manan

    Still say this in the top 2 or 3 releases of the year.

  • Nick

    This album gets better each time I listen to it. It takes you on a journey. The lyricism and sounds are emotional and powerful. I love the experimental side - Kno goes far beyond traditional hip hop. This is some of the most full body production I've heard from him. I'm on my 10th listen through and I'm still catching new sounds and it's still fresh as hell. I'm extremely impressed. Support Cunnin. Buy this album!

  • Chris

    Best album all of time nuff said.

  • Inurmom

    I feel this album was easily album of the year by far. I give them 5/5, these guys have so much potential, they know how to battle make they're own instrumentals and can touch upon any subject. This is the real supergroup not no slaughterhouse. I like slaughterhouse alot, but I have to say their is no better hip hop real supergroup like cunninlynguists....follow me @gimemorehead peace

  • Profound Shaolin

    Easily the best Hip Hop album of the year so far. 10/10 album.

  • YungToasty

    Not my favorite Cunninglynguists album. Definitely not my least favorite. Regardless of what I just said Cunninglynguists are my fucking favorite everything they touch is 5/5 I was waiting on these guys to drop something dope and it was totally worth the wait. Haters die slow.

  • Brandon

    i got the album and I liked it, but I like when emcees get experimental and I like when producers get experimental, so I like alot of things that your everyday hip hop listeners may not be so into, or they might everyone is different, but I tripped sac a few days after and listened to alot of the album trippin and it definitely opened my eyes up more to the dream aspect and I gotta say they did a great job with what they were trying to accomplish

  • Yes, it is

    It is the best album ever, hater.

  • NoHatersAllowed

    It might not be the best album 2011 so far (Saigon) but it is very nice and definitely 5/5.

  • JC

    As always the Lynguists drop a hell of an album!

  • Rich

    This album is excellent. The lyrics are clever, the beats are very unique and catchy. But I agree with this review that sometimes the production can make it hard to hear the rap. As of right now, I'd place this just under A Piece of Strange in terms of my favorite Cunninlynguists albums. That is in no way an insult, A Piece of Strange is my favorite album ever and maybe after a couple more listens that will change.

  • James

    I've been listening to this constantly for the past month. Seriously not a weak track on the album. Every listen you pick up something new. My favorite album in the past year!

  • G MON

    Fuck this album, only good track is Get Ignorant. I swear these guys are on a trend. Will Rap for Food was an amazing album, Peice of strange was crap (aside from a few tracks), then they come with Southern Underground which was fucking amazing, then back to a shitty album

  • Jake

    Cunnin Lynguists led by KNO'S ("Emo Primo") ALWAYS ILL PRODUCTION, Deacon the Villan & basically always ill features, especially by the LEGENDARY LYRICIST TONEDEFF....NEVER drop anything less than a B+ album. This isn't their best by any means (APOS), but it's still a tight concept album they can add to their growing legendary disography. How does HHDX give this 3.5 and Diabolic Liar & a Thief a 3!?!?! I'd give the former a 4/5 (4.25 prob) & Liar & a Thief FIVE/FIVE

  • HenRoc

    Great Music as usual!

  • Julio Aquino

    This is one of the best albums I heard in a long time besides Kno's Death Is Silent album. Kno is a Master of his craft. Gibbs and Kno need to make album together Called Get To Kno Gibbs.

    • Anonymous

      in terms of producer-emcee collabs, i think many of us are will waiting on Black Thought and Danger Mouse's "Dangerous Thoughts". Should be solid whenever it comes out.

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      I would allude to this being a genius idea.

  • Larry Alvarez

    def a candidate for album of the year . flawless lyrics and yes i agree that knos production over shadowed the lyrics. cunninlynguist keep shining. what the hell was this editor thinking 3.5??? this album deserves a 4 or 4.5

  • Blu

    REal shit this shit is atleast a 4 come on brahs

  • Bullshit

    A 3.5? Come on, this was at least a 4.5. Gonna be a contender for the album of the year. Cunninlynguists are in my top 3 for groups of all time. This album wasn't there best but it was incredible. Hard As They Come was a song that cannot be put into words. I admit that Kno's production was very similar track by track and the samples were very heavy, but the beats were still hot and the lyrics on this album were flawless. The whole concept was great. 5/5 from me.

  • Psyntax

    Sometimes reviewers will score based on the artists standards... For them this is a 3.5. If it was a brand knew group that no one had heard of delivering this exact same album it probly would have recieved a 4 or 4.5 (if the reviewer didn't dock them for biting). And besides its just a score its not like the group will be judged at the end of their careers by the specific scores critics gave them

  • Barry

    these guys are popular and talented, so I give them props. But I have never been able to personally get into them. I'm going to try again with this album and see if it takes.

  • Jake

    Amazing album (especially when on what's basically legal in Cali/Colorado :) ). Cunnin Lynguists are basically the dopest trio (when you include the "EMO PRIMO" sick KNO's production as part of the group and he has a FEW decent verses, just nowhere near Natti, Deacon, Tonedeff, Gibbs, Tuniji, etc) going over the last decade in hip Hop. So unique and not the illest lyricists ever, but VERY VERY SOLID to real dope at times, w/ AMAZING PRODUCTION! HHDX gave this a 3.5 (deserved AT WORST a 4.5 with mention of it pushing a 5), Kno a 4 (which is actually closer to right only b-c as an emcee Kno is only average, but tracks like Rhythm of the Rain the track w/ the AMAZINGLY ILL TONDEFF, and production in gerneral are fabulous...I'd prob give it a 4-4.5) Diabolic Liar & a Thief a THREE (4.5-5 also LYRICALLY UNREAL), Elzhi The Preface only a 4 (should of been a 4.5-5). Do they really think ALL AROUND Kanye's new album is better than Cunnin Lynguists, Pharoahe Monch's, Kno's, Diabolic's, Elzhi's, or even Copywrite? Production wise it may be better than all (other than Kno/Cunnin Lynguists), but in terms of emceeing all of these dudes (kno is a lil corny like Kanye granted but his features are ILL) SLAY KANYE lyrically and it's not even close. 5/5 Just to make sure ppl get this album...Blaze and blast...awesome...A Piece of Strange is phenomenal (their best), and Southern Underground was one of my favorites of 03. They simply ALWAYS put out very good to GREAT ALBUMS.... Please peep this

  • Scott Howarth

    worth a listen some good solid grroves and rhymes. Not the best of cunninlynguists but well worth the dollar

  • David Ivan Schwarz

    I can feel it in my toes

  • Anonymous

    just listen to death is silent then this back to back. i had multiple orgasms

  • dayz

    Album of the year so far

  • Major Typo

    The editor must've accidentally rated it 3.5/5 instead of 4.5/5. This is probably because he was...not sober...when listening to this album. This album is amazing when you're sober, and when you' speaks to you on a whole new level. Yes Kno was a major force in this album, but Natti and Deacon were definitely equal if not greater forces. Natti especially had some lyrical highlights and Deacon's last verse on the last song was possibly the best. Tonedeff and the other guests had extremely great verses. Tunji did amazing too. Everyone did amazing on this album, THAT's why it's so great.

  • Amanda

    This album was more than amazing; I knew Cunninlynguists were a pack of visionary artists, but Oneirology has been a delight to hear and a real work of art. Can't wait for Tonedeff's Chico & The Man to finally come out!!! :D

  • Cultures Clothing

    This album is amazing...the last 5-6 songs give me an Eargasm. Really solid album...probably the best album of the year so far, outside of Has-Lo's "In Case I Don't Make It" & Malcom & Martin's album. Some think that Reks' album is the best of the year, but the production on this album is def better in my opinion (outside of Reks "25th Hour"), which makes it a smoother listen (both albums are dope lyrically). I think that HipHopDX definitely under-rated this one.

  • Anonymous

    sick album, 5 stars

  • shaun

    cunninglynguists have came back with another classic

  • dec

    What can I say - a perfect piece of art.

  • dx is right

    DX is actually right. You are all brainwashed morons who get sucked into liking arguably the most critically overrated hip hop group of the last decade. This album was an absolute bore, and yet you herbs eat it up like candy. Also, Kno's beats are not that good...he uses the same formula on every album and it's tiresome and actually pretty damn annoying when it comes down to it. Go listen to Reks' record, or something that actually matters.

    • Kno CunninLynguists

      Seriously, stop following mf'ers around the internet talking them down with the same cut-and-paste critique. Did I fuck your girlfriend or something?

    • jack johnson

      you're an idiot, how can you put this album down and then talk up reks, what you said is actually a better description of reks

    • Psyntax

      After 3 listens I'm honestly kind of disappointed... I agree with 3.5 at this point. I'm hoping it will grow on me though... This is coming from someone who loves this group to death! But honestly there's no stand out track to me. Most of their other records have like 10 or 11 standout tracks! The lyrics are dope though, but so far might be there least impressive outing from where I'm standing... And the "same formula" thing is kind of true, plus I keep hearing the same exact drums with slightly different programming... I would expect better from Kno but his solo joint just dropped 4 or 5 months ago, he's trying to do too much in my oppinion

    • j

      shaun i like odd future too but your retarded if you think their beats and lyrics are the best shit to come out in the last 10 years

    • shaun

      i will agree with one point you made aboput the R.E.K.S. album that is the best album of the year so far....but you are a idiot for hating on this group just cuz they are different

    • shaun

      fuck off you moron this groups lyrics and prduction, next to odd future's are possibly the best shit to come out in last ten years go listen to your eminem and jay-z they aint pushin it forward faggot not like these guys. eat a dick


    This def deserves a 4.5/5. Super dope lyrics, amazing beats, thematic, diverse... Kno is mega underrated as a producer and his flow is nice. Death is silent was amazing as well!

  • Ryan

    Jesus Christ Cunninlynguists will not stop making good music. Over the years they have evolved their sound incredibly. Reminds me somewhat of the evolution of OutKast...hopefully theyll never become like K tho. Amazing album 4.5/5

  • Aziz Azizs

    Love the ambient/chill beats on the album, mixed with the deep lyrics, A perfect album in my opinion.

  • VOR

    Wow, I almost don't want them to get too big, because the stuff they make is so different and creative. Best thing going, makes us look stupid when we were drooling over "Lasers".

  • mayorc

    Cunninlynguistshave the concept album itch and it has really pretty results. Check out Kno's Death is Silent

  • Quibble

    4.0. Great album. Reminds me of kid cudi's first album a bit - not sure why. Kind of a spaced out dreamy trip to listen to. Lot's of great verses, but it's the music that stands out the most for me. It set the stage and carried the theme throughout the album, even when the versus weren't very dream oriented :)

  • Chavo Guerro

    This album is great, not sure what the reviewer was on for this one, especially since HHDX is usually kind to indies.

  • T-Mac

    HHDX is a joke. They try to be too safe by only rating most albums between 2.5-4 stars to not create any controversy, but it only creates more. You guys should stop reviewing albums because people trying to get into hip-hop probably wouldn't peep these amazing albums because of your shit reviews. Stick to slapping ads all over your site and quit reviewing.

  • based landlord

    LOL. HHDX is so horrible at reviewing albums The reviewer's only problems with the album were that Kno's beats are too good and sometimes overpower the lyrics on certain songs, and that Tonedeff's verse on 'Enemies with Benefits' is too good and overshadowed everyone else on the track. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? People looking for new hip-hop are likely to just pass this over with a 3.5/5 hip-hop fan should pass this album over. AOTY

  • Rated5Stars

    50 out of 57 people rated 5 stars, speaks for itself.

  • Inxan3

    THIS ALBUM IS MOST DEF THE BEST ONE THIS YEAR. give it proper props damnit

  • brandonroy

    No word to describe the whole album expect beautiful.

  • Igor

    Wow, 3.5 stars doesn't do this album any justice. What does an artist gotta do to get a good rating from DX...this shit here deserves alot more credit. Open ur ears!!

  • Woooww

    DX consistently has the worst reviews of any publication that I've seen.

  • Will_stl

    this review is a throwaway.

  • sincerejk

    dope shit from the lynguists as always

  • Anonymous

    Definite 5* album! Excellent replay value. The album get's better for every listen. Amazing production.

  • chiefzs

    while I dont agree with the review I wanna say thank you dx for doing so many reviews because for some reason this group slipped past my radar n not only did I get this I went back n got some of there old stuff n there sick 4.5 out of 5 jus cause there second is classic

  • pscunninfan

    other oneirology reviews 9/10 10/10 4,5/5 4,4/5 90% CunninLynguists DIDN'T DISSAPOINT, HipHopdx review is epic dissapointment

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    CunninLynguists never cease to amaze me.

  • wow

    this review is preposterous. the album is amazing and deserves no less than 4.5 stars.

  • And 1 the Realist

    Best album this year! This album went over the critic's head, clearly. No wonder I stopped checking this site in 2004! Stick to reviewing G-Unit Radio Mixtapes! Whoooooo Kiddddd!

    • Kz

      No man i wasnt kidding, this album is the least one in the collection of CL... Im not saying its crap, its still a nice album imo. That doesnt mean i am not dissapointed with this album, i expected another masterpiece like APOS... Although its not fair to expect that, this one is not CL top material. The beats are allright but too smooth imo, kno continued the way he took on death is silent. Mad sampling catchy hooks, which i do like (i loved death is silent, although it was emo) but here its too easy too smooth... Deacon and Natti do their thing, kno is less brilliant plus isnt a good rapper which he does to much on this album. Thats my opninion feel free to give this a perfect 5 but i cant figure out what grade u would give to their first three albums. Since 5 is something for a perfect record which this one isnt (APOS was 5 star imo)

  • Zach H

    Damn. Amazing as usual.

  • FLX

    Its a beautiful album and compared to other shit that gets 3.5 on this site (or better) its way superior. 4 stars at least. But there are some things to criticize about it: The drums are too repetitive and similar - especially for an album about dreams there could have been more percussion and light snare experiments. And sometimes the production overpowers the vocals, indeed. Amazing listen, nevertheless.

  • Sweet Lou

    Not every album I listen to can I fall in love with instantly, but Oneirology falls exception. I cant put into words how perfect this is. Submit this for re-review, because 3.5 just is not an accurate depiction of what this album deserves. For people skimming for new hip hop they would most likely overlook this if it were solely based on the rating - which is friggin highway robbery.

  • Mark Anthony Harris

    After listening to this album, this has to be one of the most heinous point tallies ever. 3.5? For THIS album? No. Where are the weak tracks? Weak beats? Weak lyrics? I'm not saying this album is "perfect". But, uhm.....there are no true flaws. There is very little (if anything) to knock about this album. You either like it or you don't. This album 4.5 easily, a 4 to be nice.

  • Mike

    dont know how many times you guys listen to the albums before you review them, but this one should be digested before reviewing. its a masterpiece...

  • Iliyan

    non stop listening to this album...

  • Jon Jonson

    3.5 for a quasi perfect album? Sure, buddy.

  • Timoteo Roberto

    It usually takes me at least 3-4 listens to get a good grasp of how I feel about an album; I've only listened to this album in its entirety once, and I can honestly say that this album deserves at least a 4 out of 5. People always complain about how DX always comes under fire for their album reviews, and this review is the BIGGEST prime example that I've seen. I saw someone comment on how Oneirology got the same rating as Travis Barker's album; I'm on the exact same page. How the fuck does that work? You can't even put Barker & Kno on the same page as far as production is concerned. Also, I loved the Joell Ortiz album, but end-to-end, Oneirology is definitely better; if anything, Oneirology deserves a 4.5.

  • arkitekt

    The production on this is flawless. It's a great concept album. 3.5? HipHopDX, cut some of your reviewers. Your losing credibility.

  • Swagnasty

    3.5? This is 5/5. They capture the concept beautifully. Every song is good. Kno's production is inventive and outstanding. The three's verses all compliment and as the review mentioned are crazy with their conceptual rhymes. How the fuck can an album like this only get 3.5? Hip Hop will be hard pressed to produce a better album all year. Masterwork, Epic Dream Music. Y'all need to come back at the end of the year and fix this one.

  • miodan

    3.5 is a joke [2] amazing album

  • Anonymous

    Over time this album will be classic!

  • jDOT

    Amazing - second best crew out of the south (next to Outkast). Dope stuff CL! Instant purchase. Love from Toronto. Five star.

  • ps

    If you're great Underground artist you have instant 3.5 rating on hiphopdx for example Doap Nixon Grey Poupon, Sims Bad time zoo, oneirology, Eligh grey grow (one of the best album) I think that 4 stars for KNO death is silent is miss click

  • Damien Juen

    And for the rating...this one is a 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damien Juen

    Evertything is said in this these wildly talented dudes!!!!!! Everything they touch becomes a masterpiece and this one is no exception

    • And1 the Realist


    • And 1 the Realist

      You gotta be kidding, RZ.

    • Kz

      Ok dont talk poo, its by far their worst album. Have you even listened to a piece of strange? Will rap for food and Southernunderground are almost equally brilliant. Dirty acres was also really really good (4 stars or 4.5 would be in place). This album is clearly worse, kno isnt a good mc and his productions are too smooth 3.5 is a good score for this dissappointing effort

  • d-bo

    DX are full of sh. Just go to rapreviews they know what real hip-hop is. The reviewer Andres Vasquez is often so far off its retarded. He probably grew up listening to Pearl Jam, worked out that hiphop was getting cool and jumped on the wagon. Farkkin Poofs. My rating as an all time Cunnin fan since day dot out of 8.5/10. Fk tha source and 5 mic bulls it should be out of 10. 5 for beats 5 for lyrical content. And Enemies with Benefits is tight as fck, so fuk Andres comment (wanker). Kno if your reading these and I know you do. Keep doin wot ya doin and fuck the poster "crybaby" for snitchin. Im out cnts

  • mick

    DX are full of sh. Just go to they know what real hip-hop is. The reviewer Andres Vasquez is often so far off its retarded. He probably grew up listening to Pearl Jam, worked out that hiphop was getting cool and jumped on the wagon. Farkkin Poofs. My rating as an all time Cunnin fan since day dot out of 8.5/10. Fk tha source and 5 mic bulls it should be out of 10. 5 for beats 5 for lyrical content. And Enemies with Benefits is tight as fck, so fuk Andres comment (wanker). Kno if your reading these and I know you do. Keep doin wot ya doin and fuck the poster "crybaby" for snitchin. Im out cnts

  • mick

    DX are full of shit. Just go to they know what real hip-hop is. The reviewer Andres Vasquez is often so far off its retarded. He probably grew up listening to Pearl Jam, worked out that hiphop was getting cool and jumped on the wagon. Farkkin Poofs. My rating as an all time Cunnin fan since day dot out of 8.5/10. Fuck tha source and 5 mic bullshit it should be out of 10. 5 for beats 5 for lyrical content. And Enemies with Benefits is tight as fuck, so fuck Andres comment (wanker). Kno if your reading these and I know you do. Keep doin wot ya doin and fuck the poster "crybaby" for snitchin. Im out cnts

  • mick

    DX are full of shit. Just go to they know what real hip-hop is. The reviewer Andres Vasquez is often so far off its retarded. He probably grew up listening to Pearl Jam, worked out that hiphop was getting cool and jumped on the wagon. Fuckin Poofs. My rating as an all time Cunnin fan since day dot out of 8.5/10. Fuck tha source and 5 mic bullshit it should be out of 10. 5 for beats 5 for lyrical content. And Enemies with Benefits is tight as fuck, so fuck Andres comment (wanker). Kno if your reading these and I know you do. Keep doin wot ya doin and fuck the poster "crybaby" for snitchin. Im out cnts

  • mick

    DX are full of shit. Just go to they know what real hip-hop is. The reviewer ANDRES VASQUEZ is often so far off its retarded. He probably grew up listening to Pearl Jam, worked out that hiphop was getting cool and jumped on the wagon. Fuckin Poofs. My rating as an all time Cunnin fan since day dot out of 8.5/10. Fuck tha source and 5 mic bullshit it should be out of 10. 5 for beats 5 for lyrical content. And Enemies with Benefits is tight as fuck, so fuck Andres comment (wanker). Kno if your reading these and I know you do. Keep doin wot ya doin and fuck the poster "crybaby" for snitchin. Im out cunts.

  • Carlsberg

    3.5 is a joke. What has happened with the reviews on this site? It seems like there's a lot less underground stuff and a lot more mainstream stuff. Did HipHopDX get taken over by the minds of the masses who listen to all the shit on the radio? Seriously. 3.5 for this album? Look at all the other albums that get 3.5 on here...this album is leaps and bounds above them all. Not saying this is necessarily a 5...I haven't listened enough times to fairly rate it myself yet, but it's at LEAST a 4 so far, guaranteed.

  • reviewfail

    ANDRES VASQUEZ This guy gave Travis Barker LP 3,5 stars.(Same as Oneirology!!!!) I wasnt expecting good review from that fella he is way off. Acttualy compared Cunninlynguists LP with travis Barker LP is like comparing Ferrari with FIAT... I am done with HHDX

  • Nitroxide

    Review FAIL. Enemies with Benefits comment is retarded... An amazing album. 5/5.

  • Patrick

    My favorite album of the year thus far. Deserves better than 3.5 if you want my opinion

  • houstonz

    Album of the Year. 5/5. Reviewer needs to listen to it again.

  • Kenneth Thomas

    Hip-hop Dx has no credibility whatsoever. AT LEAST 4*. I'll give 5*

  • Anonymous

    from all the comments*, and yes I agree with you man

  • KicKinKnowledge

    I haven't heard the album. . .But from all the I'm seeing. . . Rating of the people > DX Ratings. . . .DX stop writing reviews. . .Next thing ya know. . They'll be givin a Drake album a 5, sayin how its nice lyrically. . .SMH

  • Parrot

    "Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?" 4.5/5 at the very least.

  • David Ivan Schwarz

    Cunninlynguists did a really good job with this one... goes to hall of fame

  • Jake

    Haven't listened to this AT ALL yet, although I'm 99.99999% positive I'll give it a 4-5/5 since I love them, Tonedeff, Kno as a producer etc. HHDX also gave DIABOLIC LIAR AND A THIEF LP (last April) a 3/5 and AT WORST that's a 4, I'd give it a 4.75

  • naimliss

    Been a fan since day 1. Classic album right here, real psychedelic and chill!!!

  • Johnny BLaze

    WOW DX.. is 3.5 the rating you give to every album these days?? This album is at LEAST a 4.5 on Kno's production alone. He is going to be in the conversation of the greatest to ever do it 10 yrs from now. Also, Natti and Deac spit fire as always. The guest spots of Big KRIT and Freddie Gibbs are perfect as well, two of my favorite up and coming artists.

  • Anonymous

    oh no, not again dx! who care dx's ratings? 5/5

  • Mood

    whut?? this is classic Cunninlynguists material 5/5

  • jinx8402

    The score given does not seem to fit the actual review. Why is that? You know most people will make a quick judgement based off the score then read the review itself. Just saying that the review seems extremely positive and would seem to warrant at least 4 stars.

  • Anonymous

    yeah this album is hotttt

  • crybaby

    Taï Phong = Tai Phong

  • crybaby

    Genre: Progressive Rock. Taï Phong Taï Phong: (Wea 1975) * "Out Of The Night" Cunninlynguists - "Predormitum (Prologue)" --------------- Genre: Progressive Rock. Faithfull, Marianne Broken English: (1979 Island Records) * "Guilt" Cunninlynguist ft. Big K.R.I.T. - "Murder (Act II)" --------------- Genre: Krautrock. Improved Sound Limited Improved Sound Limited: (1971 Liberty) * "Oedipus" Cunninlynguists - "My Habit (I Haven't Changed)" --------------- Genre: Krautrock. Eloy Inside: (1973 Harvest) * "Up And Down" Cunninlynguists - "Get Ignorant" --------------- Genre: Folk. Sainte-Marie, Buffy Illuminations: (Vanguard, 1969) * "Poppies" Cunninlynguists - "So As Not To Wake You (Interlude)" --------------- Genre: Progressive Rock. Renaissance Ashes Are Burning: (1973 Sovereign) * "Ashes Are Burning" Cunninlynguists - "Embers"

    • And 1 the Realist

      Hi Crybaby, Just posting to wish violent painful death on you. Eat a dick, faggot. -And1 of Allentown, PA.

    • Nitroxide

      WTF are u doing idiot? Thanks for raping the ability of artists to create music freely without having to worry who will sue them.. Fucking dumbass... SMH

  • McNulty

    Woah, the nerds are going crazy over this review! Clearly they believe their illegally downloaded version of this album is perfect

    • And 1 the Realist

      Calling fans of this album nerds only signifies that you are a waste of life. Please kill yourself promptly. The planet will be very thankful.

    • jinx8402

      The album has been online legally for over a week on their bandcamp page.

  • aLSi

    Greatest concept album!

  • fan

    5/5 Epic editor is obviously Lady GaGa twitter follower most inaccurate review in music histoy

  • Rick

    Alright, I havent heard any tracks yet. I've always liked Kno's production. What would you compare this album too production wise?

    • Kz

      Its not all comparable to APOS. And it is def not more complex. If anything its more easy listening, more sample based production. The roughness and trippyness of APOS is gone, its just too smooth, too easy for a CL album imo

    • Jeff

      I honestly can't think of any hip-hop album that sounds like this one. I guess this sounds like APoS more than any of their other albums but the production on this is a lot more complex and "spacey" sounding. (That doesn't necessarily mean I think this is better than APoS, it's just different)

  • Rebecca Black

    Amazing...never heard same hip-hop

  • Billy Bad Ass


  • Jeff

    I don't know if this score was just to stir up controversy or what but I'm done with HHDX for reviews.

    • ps

      Yeah me too. This review is retarded,like many others. I dissagree with many reviews last time but that is not only disagree that is scandalous, shocking.This LP on another website is extremely positive critical acclaimed 5/5

  • Keys

    I'm very disappointed at this review. I expected (don't know why hough) to see HHDX give this album at least a 4/5, even though I think and many others do as well that this album should have had a 4.5/5 to be fair. It's beautiful in all sorts of ways, it really doesn't deserve such a bad rating for such a good album. Disappointing...

    • CaliKushBlunt

      Agreed... Even after reading the review, hhdx only knocked the CD for one thing and that was beats sometimes drowning out the vocals, but that should only cost the Cunning a half point at most. To me this is a 5/5, great production and great lyrics.


    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat this is the BEST of the year so far. DX I dont care for your reviews anymore.

  • Bryan

    This is the last straw. There have been too many reviews on this site that are way off. This album is the best album of the year, along with Saigon's. Give me a break DX.

  • Kenny Powers

    Horrible fucking review. Sorry, I can't bring myself to ever check this site for reviews again. 5/5...instant classic.

  • Riley Jones

    This is hands down one of the best albums I have ever listened to. And by listened to i mean it. I have easily listened to this alubm start to finish 20 times. Simply based on what the reviewer said I think he needs to give this some more thought, because even though everyone is entitled to their opinion, it shouldnt always be said right after judging a book by its cover after only one listen.

  • Dex

    This review is bullshit.

  • Disgruntled Postman

    I agree with this review. It absolutely floors me how angry little girls get when their favorite band isn't given a perfect review. I can honestly I wouldn't know who the Cunninlynguists were if it wasn't for this site, and I've since been a fan for almost 10 years. You kids need a cigarette, it's not like this album is even recognized by anybody bigger.

    • And1 the Realist

      I would call you a little girl too, but little girls can't be faggots, faggot.

    • jinx8402

      That's not really the point. They didn't need to give it a perfect five. But the written review seemed like it would rate in the 4-4.5 range. This considering the only two bad parts are: Kno's beats are so good, sometimes they over power the lyrics and that Tonedeff spit a great verse. Since when do those two things make an album slightly above average?

    • CaliKushBlunt

      You've never heard of The CunninLynguist before because you were to busy jerking off the Lil Wayne, Drake, and Soulja Boy butt fucking each other. Step your game up and then post an informed comment.

  • ollie

    The reviewer definitely did not listen to the album more than once before writing this. Let me sum this review up: - Duh, this album reminds me of Inception - They say 'dreams' alot - They say other things too - Kno's a good producer - Tonedeff's verse was TOO good for this album. More mediocrity please Everyone needs to check ANY other review out there to see how critically acclaimed this album is. I don't think I'll be coming to DX for album reviews any more. Had enough.

  • badjoke

    website officialy moved to I am sorry but give to this LP less then 4 1/2 stars is felony. Beautiful music, smart lyrics, awesome production by KNO. this LP is revolution in Hip-Hop music even better then Death is Silent. PLS HHDX Stop trolling and giving 4 1/2 stars average albums like Free Agent By Joell Ortiz and try listen real music Youre reviews has same quality like Wacka Flocka Last LP for me 5/5 always support cunninLynguists