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"The LP competes against itself - taking the old school lessons learned from an encounter with Shaolin and teaming them with the new school version of Wu."

Around the time following Wu-Tang Clan’s 8 Diagrams, a disgruntled faction of the Wu was rumored to be releasing an album titled Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. That project never came to fruition. However, Raekwon – who originally came up with the title Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang – opted to use the name for himself for his fifth studio album…and here we are.

The origin of the name comes from the martial arts film of the same title. This very film inspired the Wu to come up with their group name, and soundbytes from the film are dispersed all throughout Wu-Tang’s debut album, 1993’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). A title of that magnitude would suggest that Raekwon would be bringing his formula back to Day One. That statement is partially true.

Raekwon could arguably be considered one of the most consistent members of Wu-Tang, next to Ghostface Killah. Throughout the tenure of his career, Rae has dabbled with various means of making his art more commercially viable, yet still remaining true to his craft. While mainstream acceptance was something Raekwon never really experienced until now (with the Justin Bieber/Kanye West “Runaway Love” remix situation), his method worked. It worked so well that his previous effort OB4CL2 , the follow-up to the classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, topped the charts its first week of release, competing with Jay-Z’s legacy Blueprint III. While Cuban Linx 2 was flooded with extra concerned effort to be equally as good as its predecessor, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang throws caution to the wind. The collaborations aren’t calculated (though some might appear to be), and the project is about one RZA short of achieving almost a whole Wu-Tang appearance.

Production-wise, Raekwon enlisted a variety of producers (Erick Sermon, Scram Jones, Alchemist, Evidence, etc.), who all ironically manage to capture the Wu-Tang sound that RZA perfected, without having RZA actually present. Of course Wu-Tang beat stalwarts Allah Mathematics and Bronze Nazareth check in for the harps-infused “Dart School” and the extremely “Wu” “Butter Knives”, respectively. There are a number of dream collaborations, some more “dreamier” than others. The veterans on this project all bring their A-game, perhaps with the understanding that Raekwon is in fact consistent and in order to compete on the track, they have to dust off their rhyme books. Busta Rhymes is Leaders of the New School lyrical on “Crane Style” , while Nas is Nasty Nas on “Rich and Black” (prod. Sean C & LV). Even Black Thought – who for the most part has always managed to remain on top of his game – goes the extra mile for “Masters of Our Fate”. Raekwon has his pocket of mainstream rappers as well, with Jim Jones joining Ghost and Rae on the DJ Khalil-produced “Rock N Roll” , Lloyd Banks on the Scram Jones-produced “Last Trip to Scotland” and Rick Ross on the already famous “Molasses” (with Ghostface). However, one of the strongest tracks on Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang lacks the fancy features, as Inspectah Deck blasts through “Chop Chop Ninja” with the hook-handling given to UK siren, Estelle.

While Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang at face value might not be the most agreeable title for Raekwon’s album, a closer look would prove it’s actually perfect. The work competes against itself – taking the old school lessons learned from the first encounter with Shaolin and teaming them with the new school version of Wu-Tang (the fame, the films, the Justin Bieber collaborations). In all, it works, but in a way that only the Chef could pull off.


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  • Anonymous

    I bought this album to support hip hop I'm not a big fan of Raekwon

  • wu tang clan

    hhdx shit review this is a 5 WU TANG CLAN FOREVER! straight from Glasgow

  • Dogg Nutts 4000

    Yo, this album is hot. Personally I got more replay out of it than OB4CL2 but I'm not comparing it because it's a whole different vibe. OB4CL2 has longer songs, more skits, kind of grasps you into the album and was more planned out. It had to be it's part 2 to arguably the best album of the Wu and the top 5 all time. This was more like "Bring dope azz beats and I'll bring the rhymes". ALL the wu members bring it.. Personally my favorite is molasses and not for Ross although, for him, he did well. But Rae and Ghost friggin killed it. What the hell is hip hop going to do when these guys retire man. Anyway, the tracks are shorter, well done and this is a straight up banger. I wish I can mesh some tracks from OB4CL2 and Shaolin vs Wu-Tang and we would prob have a top 3 Wu album.


    yo im 18 and I love this shit WU TANG FOREVER

  • Larry Alvarez

    i expected a total blowout with this record. im not too crazy about this. I cant wait for cuban linx 3 . def a handful of tracks i can rock with . Towards the middle of the album rae and the beats get boring. average LP

  • Frosty

    Yo, dope album! Another Wu Banger, flows, beats, rhymes. Black Thoughts verse on Masters of our Fate takes the cake. Voting 5 but probably more like 4-4.5. If Ross and Jones was an attempt to get more mainstream appeal, I understand the effort for someone who's trying to keep it real, but trying to sell records with name recognition. it's not like he made a club jam. That attempt won't work anyways, the youngstaz don't give a fuck about Wu, all they care about is Wockaflockaveli. Hip Hop is still alive, but for the generation that can keep the flame burning, it's dead. As the years go by there is less and less support of the real. The "text message" generation is so dumbed down, they don't even have a clue.

  • Anonymous


  • Man

    It was obviously going to be worse than OB4CL2, it's hard to top that, but after listening to it I must say it's a good solid album. I'd give it a 4/5.

  • tremaine cousins

    top 5 dead or alive

  • DA

    Raekwon cracks into my top 20 emcees with this album.

    • Jason Williams

      No lie Boss, I was feeling the same way. I've been a die-hard Wu fan since 93 but never considered Rae in my Top 25 but after the last 2 pieces he's added to his catalog he's in my Top 20 all-time now also. I already had Method Man and Ghostface in it easy.

    • suuuuuuuuuuuu

      raekwon is defo a top 10 if not one the top 3 nas,ghotface and rae this shit is so ill

  • shawn973

    this is a good album.this the type of music hiphop needs.i give it a 4.5

  • shinobi

    this joint is hotter than cuban linx 2, the beats r better and flow is stronger because of the energy for the beats, rae is a lyricist

  • John Mullins

    This is a very creative, cohesive sounding album. This will take a lot of listens to get it, but that is what makes it great. Raekwon is one of the best to ever do it

  • Shaolin

    4/5....... That Rock N Roll track should have been cut from the album. Track didn't flow right with the rest of the songs

  • Hidden Darts

    "He threw a kick at me... I back slapped him and pulled out the mac, he kicked it outta my hand, how real is that?" "Son think he betta than niggas, I think his rebels is resentful" "Who care if he a swordsman, Im a gunsman" All types of subliminal shots fired at RZA. This album is stellar. Guarantee every collaborator that yall feel shouldnt be on this project expressed deep respect for The Chef as a leader, inovator and inspirator, that why he let them get on. But real talk, Jim Jones needs to put a cork in it. 5/5 regardless.

  • inosanto

    Compared to s*it these days it's no doubt a 5/5.Compared to all time HHDX has it right at 3.5/5/

  • ElDuro

    go cop that this shit is a flamer. mite actually b better dan obfcl2.

  • Krysis

    first half of the album is pretty dope. Some filler at the end. But truth of the matter is that reakwon knows what the fans want. Hardcore in your face shit full of Kung-Fu samples. As old and boring his flow might sound at times u can't hate on rea when he's doing exactly what weve been asking for. It's just sad that rza and the rest of the clan rejected jumping on to this project. I mean just Imagine how dope of a wu-tang album this would have been with all remaining members going in hard. Imagine songs like "snake pond" how would it have been if the rest of the clan went in rapping bout some deep shit. Niggas need to get together and make a new album post 8 diagram and really take in concideration rea's vision cuz that's what fans want. Not some horrible-ass experimental bob digi shit like the hook on "unpredictable " from 8 diagrams. Shit still haunts me to this day 4 years later.....

    • Hidden Darts

      I dont think you grasped the concept entirely. RZA, MASTA KILLA, GZA...they all born in Brooklyn, so was DIRTY. Call me crazy but the RZAs "horrible-ass experimental bob digi shit" on 8D was DOPE. It has mad soul. I also suspect the entire beef was a trick to get people to listen. These are men of vision, chess players. The art of war is that of deception. "How can hip-hop be dead when Wu-Tang is FOREVER???"

  • nykallday

    Better than ob4cl2. He went back to back though

  • nykallday

    After listening to this for about week this album really CAN NOT be touched. This album is a fuckin movie!! If you're lookin for a banger or two then go listen to something else. If you're looking for something classic this is your answer. Rae brought it back to the original roots of Wu-Tang. I dunno if there has been a more complete album lately then this. I can't say a certain track stands out but I can say you won't skip over a song. It's just something you gotta listen for yourself to feel.

  • gutter man

    whoever executive produced this is on crack. its dope, but has a few serious problems and weak guest appearences- no not jim jones you cornballs- ricky ross etc, and a few blatent filler joints with wu-tang cats that aint cuttin it. 3.5- cant beleive dx got this 1 right.

  • mobbdeepmceihtcmw


  • player

    good album. 4 stars.


    not as good as cuban linx 1 or 2. but A DOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE album

  • andre

    I think this album will grow in time.

  • dockevoc

    It's ok but quite underwhelming. Not even one of the top 25 Wu Tang related albums. OB4CLIII coming soon I hope!

  • sincere


  • tamere

    Liked it but Rae can do better


    Yo That last trip to scottland joint is SUPER DUPER NICE, love to see two of my favorite artists collaborate The Chef and P.L.K. doin me proud!!


    im 18 and this is some of the illest shit I have ever heard word, a gues its true WU TANG CLAN AINT NOTHIN TO FUCK WIT

  • goldnchild

    prolly da best album i eva heard, and i started wit hip hop when i was 4 wit da wu. Shit is dope hands down, n cats dat aint feelin it neva got far on da street level, so ya dont know what he really talkin bout, thas y lames sell records. Im 24 now n i been thru ething da streets had 2 offer, so dis what i vibe 2

    • gutter man

      to dockevoc- well said. to goldnchild- read a book (preferably non fiction)

    • dockevoc

      you should really listen to every Wu related album pre 1999 as well as every Ghostface and GZA cd. I'm 34 and this cd is a fucking snooze fest.

  • huffy

    To be honest i havent listened from start to finish YET but its not as good as ob4cl2 that album hooked bumped and hooked me straight in One WU album that bumps that was slept on was the manifesto inspectah deck last year get that fire "the real hip hop is over here....."

  • j d

    hiphopdx continues with the wackest taste, amount of stars is on point for once, but did this dude really call "chop chop ninja" one of the best songs on the album? wtf? that shit is horrible.


    I think this is the same level as CL2 yo the kung fu samples in this are ill! this shit was 4.5 yo

  • Nano

    this shit is way better than Cuban Linx 2 and it has more replay

  • andre

    Too bad it will do only about 25k in its 1st week even with all the promo and stuff.Hipsters infiltrated deep in the hip-hop world.

  • Anonymous

    Very good album rich and black is the best track masters of the game is a close second Overall decent album 4stars best release of the year so far

  • Jovan-Musk Phillips

    Rae did it again!

  • darius

    1. Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang 8.5/10 2.Every Soldier In The Hood 8/10 3.Silver Rings 9.5/10 4.Chop Chop Ninja 7.5/10 5.Butter Knives 8/10 6.Snake Pond 10/10 7.Crane Style 7/10 (Busta fucked up) 8.Rock N' Roll 7/10 (the hook ruined it) 9.Rich And Black 10/10 10.From The Hills 10/10 11.Last Trip To Scotland 8/10 12.Ferry Boat Killaz 7.5/10 13.Dart School 9/10 14.Molasses 10/10 15.The Scroll 10/10 16.Masters Of Our Fate 8/10 17.Wu Chant (Outro) - 18.Wu Crime 8.5/10 19.Your World & My World 8.5/10 8.6/10 That's the real rating.

  • Michael Kettunen

    fire cd for sure!

  • RBG

    This is probably the strongest Album since their hay-day with Supreme Clientele (...and slightly trailing is Linx II) in the same bracket. These 2 Albums could easily be considered as additions to WU's golden era! 3.5?! This site is losing credibility... Listen to the album b4 u rate it, Jokers!!

    • Anonymous

      your outta ya mind tellin anyone to listen to shit when you jus called this their best album since supreme clientelle lol it isnt even their best THIS YEAR Apollo Kids Big Doe Rehab 421 all doper

  • reggie0081

    This and apollo kids are classic album.

  • jONd

    you act like hiphopdx makes correct reviews. i dont fuck with them no more after they started dick riding drake. they dont get paid money to give this a good rating thats why they dont. its all politics and i dont fuck with politics in my music. one of the reasons i stoped going to this site much anymore

  • BWS-Fish

    3.5 stars.... really.... 3.5 stars. thats the same rating u gave Gucci fucking Mane - The State vs Radric Davis That fact alone means i wont be reading any more of ur album reviews.

  • Clarence Rogers

    Is "Dart School" crack, or what?!!

  • darius

    HHDX people do you have something against Raekwon? I mean come on, you rated that mediocre Joell Ortiz album 4.5? The hell is that? Shady Records writes your checks or what?

    • ViciousTrampe

      that comment doesnt even make sense brad, lol what are you talking about??

    • brad

      Slaughterhouse wasn't signed to shady when obcl2 dropped and yes, dx sucks shadys balls!

    • ViciousTrampe

      Obviously you didnt read OB4CL2 review http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/album-reviews/id.1258/title.raekwon-only-built-4-cuban-linx-ii or see the contest on the site the other day or all the positive news that is covered on Rae on this site, but yea dx must hate rae lol.

  • Tribal_Funkster

    I checked the other album reviews and the only one I've listened to was Joel Ortiz. His album is really dope but he it doesn't compare to Rae's and they gave Free Agent 4 1/2. Someone at DX must have obviously made a mistake. Make the correction DX.

  • ViciousTrampe

    I wonder who Raekwon appreciates more, a reviewer who BUYS the album and gives it a 3.5 out of her opinion or someone commenting on hiphopdx.com who gives it a 5 but doesnt buy the album?? Hmmmmm

    • ViciousTrampe

      I didnt say you didnt answer the question fam, i just think people have a lot to say and probably wont even support the man and buy the actual album. She didnt even trash the album, so i dont know why people are getting so bent out of shape, it was her opinion and whoever elses that contributed to the review. And how do you know she isnt a fan? And employees of a company usually do get paid for work, but just b/c "she got paid" doesnt mean she didnt wanna hear the album, buy it and support it. When you become an artist you open up yourself for criticism, thats the name of the game. Reviews are good for this reason, to open up discussion about peoples opinions, not brainwash them into thinking an album is good or bad and telling them to buy it or not. So i think Rae would be appreciative, b/c she is being honest about what she thinks. I think people just need to calm down on here (and im not saying you) and if they are a fan of Rae, go buy the album and make their own decision, but making sexual and ignorant remarks over "stars" to a writer is completely out of line and insane. Like its a review, take it as that, say your peace (respectfully) and keep it moving.

    • cap

      I am a fan and I did buy, you asked a question and I answered it, this chick cathy isn't a fan, she got paid to hear this album, why would rae appreciat her?

    • ViciousTrampe

      If you buy an album based off of someone elses opinion thats pretty lame, if your a fan of Raekwon buy his shit, if you dont like it or have your own opinion, start a blog/site and write a review.

    • cap

      When people see that its got a 4.48 user rating, that tells other people that see it that this cd is worth every penny, so I say, prolly us

  • Donovan Kelleher

    this album seems similar to ghostface's apollo kids

  • soneeseeza


  • DR Jam

    What is this review smoking? This album is at least a 4/5. IMO, a 5/5 easily.

  • Fuck You Kathy Iandoli

    Not better than the CL albums but definitely what hip-hop needs right now. Bought the album and listened to it 3 times, the replay value is what makes the album so great. I though Lupe's "Lasers" was the hip-hop album of the year, that is until Raekwon drop this. Please support by purchasing this great album.

  • bring da ruckus

    Girls aint like the clan thats why kathy or wotever her name gave this shity ass review, tht bullshit illumanati devil worshiping faggot tight ass jean wearin fashion bitch kanye gt a higher rating than this WTF this is the best album out since CL2 HHDX need to realise real hip hop. In years to come people will look back and be like tht shaolin vs wu tang was a classic word is bond. Were livin a wu renisance for real Its not the russian its the wu tang crushin!!

  • Rick

    Alright, the only track i had heard before this dropped was Butter Knives. It was a good track but the beat was missing something. So i go and buy this CD yesterday ...YES BOUGHT! and gave it a listen. After hearing it all it just wasnt hitting hard towards the end. Besides Molasses. The beats are too repetitious, theyre all at the same speed so it gives it a feeling of ONE LONG TRACK. Rae's bars are nice as usually...if you understand his slang. But his monotony gets boring. I liked Molasses the most ...yes molasses the one with RR. Dude can spit when he wants too. Dude seemed to spit some GFKish slang at the end with his bars. But anyway, this a solid album but nowhere near a classic. I still put Fishscale, Apollo Kids, ahead of this one in terms of being ranked up there with the original solo releases. But seriously, The clan needs to have GFK executive produce their future albums. Dude always selects the best beats. ............oh yeah, this is MY opinion BASTARDS!!!!!!!!

  • SuvioBlue

    after listenin a few times i havta say its just shy of a sleeper classic, ive always loved and understood Raes flow, theres was a cpl tracks he didnt kill it but he smashed the majority of them and bein dude is damn near 41 his lines are still extremely detailed! The beats are good! and the ones that didnt knock crazy went perfect w the concept, features that u wouldnt expect but worked and lastly song placement! if he would have kept the first tracklisting i dont think it would have sounded as good...plus 2 hot itunes cuts, a easy 4, id give it 4.5...almost as good as CL2 and totally different sounding...not to mention the amount of time he made this album and to have another droppin in Oct!

  • snowmann514

    no joke man wtf is wrong with ya DX this albulm is all about what rap should sound like. beats 3.5/5 lyrics 4.5/5 flow 5/5 i dont know who give the rating but man u need to go back and lurn what this rap thing should sound like no joke man real talk.

  • Mike

    This was one tuff album and they did masterfully without RZA

  • j dog

    It is betta than both of the cuban links and wu forever betta than 36 chambers

    • Ze

      Bro you must be on that Charlie Sheen. Wu tang Forever is beyond classic material. 36 Chambers is the reason SHaolin Vs Wu tang Is coming out. Which by the way is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. This man Raekwon Is mastering his craft. I love this album.

  • Six

    Almost as good as OB4CL2

  • Backpacker 88

    I think Kathy Iandoli is salty that the RZA isn't featured on the album. She sure mentions him a lot during the review, considering the guy isn't even on the album. I didn't see much criticism at all in her review, so I'm surprised this album only got 3.5 stars. You'd think with 3.5 stars, she'd have some issues with the album. I've seen lots of albums that are rated 3.5, and all of the reviews for them had at least one or two things reviewers complained about. This has pretty much no complaints! So, the only logical conclusion I can think of is that she's very disappointed this album didn't have RZA on it.

  • WTBD

    Great album. Having had Apollo Kids, Lasers, The Greatest Story Never Told and now this, it's been a pretty good couple of weeks for Hip-Hop. http://whenthebeatdrops.com

  • lonestar playa

    3.5???????? is hiphopdx on dat charlie sheen shit or what! dis shit is a 4.5 to me! im from the south and still respect great east coast like dis

  • Anonymous

    This shit is great fuck this site

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll played yourselves by not giving this 4 stars. It's only two mediocre tracks on this album. I think we need a do-over with this one....................

  • j dog

    I wish I knew karate dis shot makes me wanna slap a skinny jean Wearin motherfucca

  • j dog

    The only song im not really feelin is dart school the rest r classics

  • jason

    Better than both cuban links

  • Larry Lane Jr

    Raekwon is one of the best story tellers in hip-hop today. I like this album a lot i have saw a lot of reviews and a lot of people are not feeling it. I know everybody wants another cuban linx and rza producing most of the album. but its a different time and i feel like raekwon just wanted to do something different.You still get the Wu- tang sound but you also get to hear a lot of different producers also. i enjoyed the album a lot and it met my expectations.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this review and fuck hiphopdx. Go buy the album. Talking about RZA and all this just keeps Rae trapped in a corner. You don't need to see those stars(especially when you know there's money made in these "reviews") to see that this is fire. Support a legend.


    some nice joints on the snake pond/rich and black the best cuts, but really not too much effort put into it pretty much rushed album that could have been good as the last one,sounds like a mixtape some songs just go unfinished but i give it 3 follow me on YOUNG NIGGER/TWITTER/FACEBOOK NEW ALBUM DROPPING SOON YOUNG NIGGER - NIGGERLAND

  • pegs

    This is what the game is missing. five stars

  • Anonymous

    he didnt like rzas production on their last album because it didnt sound like old wu but now he does songs with kanye and justin beiber with house trance sounding beats that are gay i dont understand, some booty

    • Anonymous

      correct me if i'm wrong but those are the clans songs...he's talkin bout a Wu album clearly he isnt gonna change that.

  • rugged child

    yall want to hear that real shit, shyhiem and cap,from kill arm, called the strength, thats the hard core, this is what it was, a painting on the wall, nothing more, nothing less, so obv theres so much more to come, 3 and a half stars!

  • Andre

    This is bullshit. This album is something like 4 to 4.5 stars. Poor review.

  • naji

    this album is unbelievable. perfection

  • Anonymous

    love this album its crazy!! get well soon nate dogg

  • Anonymous

    hes a sellout, fuckin justin beiber really

  • Gianni Giuliano Digeronimo


  • cardan

    this one's better than CUBAN LINX 2 It took me a minute to get rock n roll It feels like WU so im happy

  • Anonymous

    i think this is gonna be the biggest downloaded album in history

  • Fadel San

    The album is rock solid. A very good one. Rae is still the chef of the rap game.

  • LoveFoRae

    Big up to Rae for puttin' Lloyd Banks on the album!

  • Milehighkid303

    Album knocks. My favorite MC Banks on there n Rae STILL got the format. Gunit/Wu no other two groups I'd take, except them boys from Yonkers. Real hip hop thx Rae.

  • ze

    This shit is a 4.5 or 4 at least. only reason id take a point off is because of JIM JONEs....

  • Darrell Nabors

    best album of 2011 so far... Rae is keeping the WU alive. this album is crazy!!

  • gambino

    this album is of the hook another classic no doubt rae has got to be in every top 10 list of all time now with gza and ghostface and meth WU TANG FOREVER can it be it was all so simple??

  • Anonymous

    owww that "LAST TRIP TO SCOTLAND" is fire, rae and banks went hard as hell on that one def my fav joint. album is 4*

  • TokenReefer

    I found it meh, good but definitely not a must have

  • raekwon

    yo this shit is 5 stars kathy good review didnt even mention any of the tracks I used to respect this shity ass website fuck it look at the reader raitng thats the TRUE STORY

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is King Cobra in a snake pond


    Dope album Rae thanks 4 givin us that raw sound!! The Cilvaringz track is bananas it has that true blue Wu vintage sound Wu tang 4 life

  • HipHop

    I give this 3 while I would rate OB4CBL II at 4-4.5. To me, it was way better than this one.

  • Wu tang slang

    hhdx got this well wrong this ish was classic 4.5 as good as CL2

  • filipoo

    i really like this album

  • 4th Disciple

    by the way, Erick Sermon never produced that track- it was actually made by Oh No as seen on the twitter accounts of alchemist and oh no themselves...

  • Infamous2702

    Quit your bitching people, this is a solid lp. Period. Lets see any one of you put in work for 18 yrs and still sound this tight.

    • SuvioBlue

      Exactly! not even Nas name has been ringin out in the last few yrs and he's the goat, i give Rae all the credit!

  • Brizz

    Agree with the rating 3.5. Expected a little more but my hype died down with Rikkys apperance anyway. On to the next.

  • DJJJ

    Seriously features by LLoyd Banks, Rick Ross and Jim Jones.......NOOO!!!!! I WANT WU-TANG!!!!! NOT THESE COMMERCIAL MAINSTREAM RAPPERS on a Raekwon album.

  • sincerejk

    i usually agree with dx's reviews for the most part, but i really feel like they had the wrong person reviewing this album. she didn't really mention any negative aspects of the album and gave it a 3.5, while the reks review mentioned 3 or 4 tracks that weren't up to par and it still got a 4. also, i dunno what album she's listening to if "chop chop ninja" is one of the strongest tracks. it's definitely one of the bottom 2 or 3 tracks on this album. not that it's terrible but it doesnt compare to the rest of the cd

    • killah

      for real, wu-tang never really was for the females anyway (yeh i know they got some of their soul songs and shit but 8 out of 10 wu fans are male...)

  • Anonymous

    People complaining, what more could you possibly ask for. Remember this is'nt a clan album like the first cuban linx. It's mainly Raekwon the chef going dolo throughout the album minus masta killa, GZA and deck, he's been killing it with those mix cds this way since 06

  • Wu Tang

    "[Producers]who all ironically manage to capture the Wu-Tang sound that RZA perfected" what? capture that wu sound? what wu sound? just because it has a couple of kung fu samples doesn't make this album one with a "wu-tang sound". What wu sound? 36 chambers? cuban linx? liquid swords? wu tang forever?...this album doesn't sound like any of those fucking albums so what exactly is this wu tang sound you speak of.

    • 4th Disciple

      yeh, there are a couple tracks though (you can tell by the bassline and the obscure sampling where it's borderline annoying but dope none the less and it's mainly the one's produced by the wu-disciples including the scram jones beats(cilvaringz, allah math and bronze naz). so yeh, i can see what they mean by it.

  • Killalex

    This is atleast 4 stars! We living a Wu-renaissance, no skippable tracks. Straight fire

  • SuvioBlue

    solid album!!! the concept works, only thing is some of the features couldnt keep up w Rae but he's elite so thats gonna happen...

  • Saf Fet

    We Miss "Only Built for Cuban Linx..."

  • KiLa KaS

    FIRE... NUFF SAID... Beatz banging, Rae on it lyrically... And no Rza, don't even trip. Im all for cats gettin that production from other hungry cats, if it's heat its heat reguardless who produces it.. dope album!

  • McNulty

    This is REAL nyc rap. It deserves 5 stars easy, you all are way off giving it only 3.5

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Raekwon has delivered yet another solid album. It good to see Wu back in effect, and between Rae and Ghost they holding it down all by themselves. I did like Only Built for Cuban 2 better but this is still a great album. No complaints. So who the best now, Rae or Ghost?


    Raekwon bringing real hip hop back! Every track is a banger.

  • Anonymous

    Every song HHDX dropped from Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang has not been rated less than a 4 by the listeners.........but the overall review is a 3.5?? What songs brought this album down to a 3.5?? I'd give it a solid 4, not better than OB4CL2 but his 3rd best by far

  • ladyiva

    Definitely a five-star album! Between the beats and the cocaine-laced lyrics, the chef Raekwon served up another helping that the masses will devour! http://rhymesandpolitics.com/?p=1108 www.rhymesandpolitics.com

  • achpe

    Everybody wanna be a critic. If you like it fine download it or buy it (preferred). If you dont like it fine, but just know the WU gets respect for keeping HIP HOP alive. Im not a big WU fan but I know what they have brought to HIP HOP. I know I dont like every WU album, why could you with so many, but I still respect them. Also, respect the reviewer (someone being paid by hiphopDX.com not someone who listens to alot of HIP HOP and think they know something about it), they have a job to do and their own opininon. Dont blame them. Most good and/or classic albums were not given 5 mics/stars when it was reviewed at first, but only time will tell. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Source_(magazine)

  • shit was aite

    shit was aite it was aite you know what im sayin. but real talk its kind of a tease, whats with all the 2min and 2 1/2 min tracks, and when did it become okay for a full length album to only run 45 min, fuckin wack , it sounds more like a mixtape, they did that with wu masssacre 2, and that song with nas aint even a real collab, the beat and nas's verse is over 2 years old

    • Anonymous

      You guys are to critical, this was good album period, these comments make me think that you never loved rap, this shit is authentic

    • NY

      listen to hip hop albums in the 90s even early 2000s, a cd was at least an hour and every song jammed, nowadays its 4 or 5 jams and a bunch of filler, this cd, wu massacre, blackout 2, reggie are prime examples of that, dumb ass

    • NJ

      Since when did quantity reflect quality dumbass?

  • reiser

    "Raekwon could arguably be considered one of the most consistent members of Wu-Tang, next to Ghostface Killah." Come on now, this is just wrong. Immobiliarity and Lex Diamond Story were awful and sub par, respectively. Do the math. If the reviewer'd have mentioned GZA instead, well...

    • Suvio Blue

      yall are silly stupid, none of them were even makin albums cept Rae n Ghost, ill be real lex Diamonds was trash but Immobilarity was a solid album, ppl just cried cuz it didnt have Rza beats...lets be real, verse wise Rae been the illest in the Wu, he's never came wack...now he got his own shit and is prob makin more money off his last 2 albums than Ghost whole catalog, Rae is the only one gettin better w time!

    • Anonymous

      co-sign. Rae wasn't even part of the consistency discussion until after OB4CL2

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is only built for strong linx

  • anon

    sorry but I'm gonna buy this shit instead of lazers.

  • anti Bullshit

    I can play this all the way through without skipping anything. It's flawless in my book.

    • Suvio Blue

      i cant mess w Chop Chop Ninja, or maybe it just didnt grow on me yet lol...other than that, im beyond pleased!

  • Santiago Wu DasaWuok Irigoyen


  • Anonymous

    album is dope !Its got a few filler tracks but it fits the concept style of the album. I got it in rotation a few times its an album i can listen too from start to finish. But it gets better everytime i listen to it again.

  • Vangelo19

    better than lupes album....

  • Anonymous

    Really can't understand what everyone's yelling about. Ghostface Killah's "Apollo Kids" is twice as good as this but gets next to no recognition. Rae just shouts louder about his records.

    • SuvioBlue

      stop that! Imma Ghost fan and that album aint that good, it has no flow, its all over the place, Ghost be soundin off beat and to be quite frank i think dude lost a step

    • NJ

      I think they are on about the same level but yeah I see what your saying, I think Rae is just hot at the minute, all the work with Kanye, Lloyd Banks, Curren$y, Yelawolf, Rick Ross etc. More people are obviously gonna hear this.

  • NJ

    By the way, anybody else seen the NME review? It is fucking hilarious, she literally picks 3 tracks she doesn't like then gives the album 2/10.

    • H daddy

      lol word that bitch need a new career.

    • NJ

      I know, anything that ain't indie shit is automatically "cringe-worthy" to those faggots.

    • Anonymous

      yer i see that nme review n woz lyk wtf this bitch is narrow minded n probly only listened to the first 10 secs of 4 tracks n was lyk i dont lyk. n were was the review for each track? dumb fukin punk rock faggots!

  • Nat Burna

    Chop chop Ninja fiyah. Shallar wavin that Wu flag. Wu tang yo, Soooo! Represent

  • NJ

    So Eminem's trashy album gets 4 stars....Joell Ortiz's awfully mediocre album gets 4.5....and this gets 3.5....how does that work? HHDX don't have a clue sometimes, stop comparing all Rae's shit to Cuban Linx!

  • Jordon Beenen

    Chef has cooked another fine dish.

  • Anonymous

    last trip to scotland is my fav track!!!! rae and banks are one of the best story tellers in history

    • rooney

      In history? you better be kidding? do some soul seacrhing cuz you don't know shit obviously. Must not know the art of story telling.

  • sunspect

    I think the critics might rethink before they write opinions down. Sometimes DX ecpects more than what the artist is built of. Raekwon is a legend in Hip Hop music industry and he should be repsected all the way. If this album had been filled with Waynes and Manes than I might reconsider my comment, but come on man, a Wu Tang member like Raekwon,he knows what he's doin'. 5 stars...

  • Arnold Burnley

    holla at me man, check my video and gimme some feed back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-4EshJsc94

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand how this reviewer can only rate it 3.5, but can't manage to give one example of a weak spot on the album. It deserves a 4. Journalists have to start being more on point with scores they give some of these albums. It's more important than they realise.

  • Anonymous

    a real wu album dope dope dope dope .

  • Bigstack

    We all agree that the rating sucks right!?! But for me, the whole review is trash. How and why the project was done, everybody knows it for 2 years now. And thank you for describing who has a guest verse, didn't know that! Come on, that's a terrible amateur review! Rae, thank you for another headbanger! Gonna bump the Wu forever!!!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    4.5 stars, is a great album, WU, WU, WU, WU

  • Anonymous

    better than lasers atleast we have this album

  • Anonymous

    last train to scotland was sick!! rae and banks one of the best story tellers in the game

  • Tony Atlas

    Might be better than ob4cl2

    • Anonymous

      idk man....if anything it might be just as good, we'll see tho. i kno i'm amped about it after lupe let me down

  • cwayne

    Listen children! Ah, now that's how real hip hop sound's.

  • hellrazor


  • Anonymous

    LOL @ the delusional Wu Fans mad when everything they drop doesnt get a 5 rating Albums dope, I'd of gave it a 4 but it aint his best work by a long shot

    • Anonymous

      long as i think its dope i could care less wut the rating is....n from wut i've heard....no disappointments!!

  • Anonymous

    WonDough$ practices JUDO. JU..DOnt know what I got in my pockets

  • pienman

    damn, already copped on preorder & on its way to the crib along with "lasers" from the homie lupe....indeed the chef came with it on this disc cant wait to digest it through ears

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    dope album, straight dope beats & rhymes with a couple surprise

  • wu tangggggggggg

    rae gets a 5 from me come on HHDX what a bullshit review, this was a 4 who else is releasing this kind of musci after 15 years not jayz not nas not none of them RAE is next level, shallah raekwon be cookin up some marvelous shit aw shit best album of the year

  • McNulty

    4 Stars. There ain't a bad cut on this entire album

  • Anonymous

    3 and a half?! haha dx does it again. stop reviewing albums, you faggots out the closet now. chef delivered a classic. what other nigga, at 40, still dropping gutter heat like this? ghostface, g rap, and raekwon. whats nas up to? nothin, or albums with marley. love nas. but come on. chef still rhyming raw uncut, over bangers. real nigga. real hip hop. real music. incredible album, terrible review.

  • Charles ExSavior

    The album is great as a whole. 8.5/10 but I'm giving it 5 stars here for effort. If this is Rae's response to 8 Diagrams, he's clearly winning. Charlie Sheen would be proud.

  • Real

    I'm one of the biggest Wu fans out there, and i have to be real - this album is good but not great. 36 Chambers gets 5 stars OBFCL gets 5 stars OBFCL2 gets 4 stars This album gets 3.5

  • Jacob Mystakidis

    Raekwon, keeps delivering....

  • Wu-Banga

    Love this album. Rae on his shit, dope beats, dope features, cohesive album etc. 5/5. WU MUTHAFUCKAZ!

  • Stik2TheScript

    5 star album.

  • truth

    classic album, fuck this rating.

  • G-zus

    I enjoyed the album. But I have to say that some songs are just not on the level. I mean damn, Rae has ears like everybody right ?! So I dont understand the presence of some of the songs, and by that I mean : - Dart School which is fucking up the end of the album - Every Soldier which is weak too, especially as a second song. - From the hills, just no feeling this one with a half assed verse from Meth and a so so beat. I mean when you put these songs next to a "Butter knives", a "Masters of our fate", a "Molasses" or a "Crane Style" you can see pretty fast that it s not on the level of quality that we could expect. So yeah I would have taken out these songs. Overall good album though. Peace.

    • SuvioBlue

      this is silly boys like yall get shit twisted its a concept album of 2 diff sides/styles...half the tracks are pose to sound diff but at the same time still Rae, the Wu is all of them, not just the Rza...he brought the beats they brought rhymes, Rza hasent been beat dominant since WTF...fact is, Rza is not a necessity for a solo artist album, neither are all of the brothers..."Every Soilder" is top 3 trax on the album

    • G-zus

      RZA has the vision, it s true. But I understand Rae here, cause sometimes RZA's visions are blurry (hello 8 diagrams). Plus nowadays, almost every producer can bring a wu feel to a beat, because this style has been out for so long. Any vision aside, I think that maybe Rae has some Yes-men around him - pure speculation of course - but that may explain some songs on the tracklist. Peace.

    • Rick

      ^^^ So all of GFK albums are suspect? Come on. GFK is the ONLY member keeping the WU alive...WITHOUT RZA production. c'MON SON!

    • Anonymous

      agreed 100%... these cats cant just say they gonna do a Wutang album because that was not their vision.... The RZA made these cats who they are... any album they do without the rza is always gonna be suspect to me

  • Mr Flamboyant

    This is a 4 at the bare minimum. Glad to see HipHopDX (allegedly) has thought to go back and revise their rating. Moral of the story: Don't f*** up in the first place. This should not have happened to begin. And to whoever said this album sucks or is average... Your mother should have swallowed you. Gone.

  • Pablo Escobar

    NEWS (please read this): Hip-HopDx is a little off the mark with this review, but at least they care enough about the music to follow up this review with some thoughtful remarks. Hell, I bet Kathy Iandoli, if given the chance, would have likely awarded the album at least a 4.0, if not a 4.5 Like she already mentioned, the rating is decided by the staff COLLECTIVELY!! And in their breaking news section, they proclaimed (word for word): "Another good album from Rae, very close to getting another 1/2 X from us" In addition, regardless of how much hostility I may recieve for saying this, the same rating (3.5) was given to East Coast Avengers second album 'Airwaves'. IMHO that album deserved a 4.5 and is greater than Raekwon's in terms of lyrics, production, and substance!!!! (posting a full review soon)....

  • verbs

    Raekwon has truely delivered and come through for real fans once again,you can add this as one of the best rap albums for decades. I gotta commend the brother for pulling off something like this without the RZA and now we really forget about that horrible album 8 Diagrams forever, peace!

    • Anonymous

      these cats cant just say they gonna do a Wutang album because that was not their vision.... The RZA made these cats who they are... any album they do without the rza is always gonna be suspect to me

  • Vice

    This is sad! I'm counting like maybe 5 original beats over every other beat that has been refurbished and ripped off by the RZA. This is some real on the low dart throwing towards RZA wanabe production and lack luster rhymes. Substance Rea - you're missing it! dude, you're too old to be talking gutter - life is about evolution: growth and development. I can't stand grown ass dudes that have kids and grand kids still talking like ignorant teenagers - that was '92 Rea come on! Every other track is literally missing something! The first and fifth track reminds me of Killah Army beats. Second track is Meth's first BlackOut album. Third track is from Old Dirty Bastard shit - etc, etc, etc! Are you fucking kidding me - I'm Not feeling this mix tape shit!!! Old beats over a singing chorus doesn't cut an ill album for me! This album shows and proves the War of separation between Wu Members. The RZA is the only one that can make a complete ill beat dealing with Wu's chemistry admixt with karate flix. Rea is gritty over Kol-Aid beats.

    • Anonymous

      Horrible comment , you guys really dont know quality music. It does not have to have RZA all over it to be classic. 8 diagrams was horrible. This album is great and some of you so called fans are probably not fans at all. Wu Tang Forever

  • Angel De Peña


  • Brandon Payne

    I think it was a great review honestly, I copped this the other day on the net and listened to it, I loved how they brought back the movie clips in a strong way, some of the beats were a little off though, But there was definitely some Bangers on it too, I kept feeling something was off about the flows, they sound too relaxed and manufactured which came to light greatly when ghostface appeared and made it exciting to listen to for that one verse..I'll give it 3 no halfs, and no it doesn't hold a candle to the original obfcl

    • SuvioBlue

      Rae isnt an emotional rapper, he rides the beat...relaxed and soulful...but GFK and Busta on a song and ud have to say that about GFK cause Busta does that style better than him...Rae trumps Ghost lyrically all day tho

    • Anonymous

      total insanity!

    • Rick

      Yup, I totally agree. Rae's verses sound to relaxed. The production sometimes overpowers his voice. He doesnt have the same emotion that GFK brings to each and every track.

  • Luis Santos

    Best Hip-Hop album of the year so far.

  • Jim

    if people love Wu Tang and Raekwons solo music this is a classic WU-Tang album. The beats have that old school WU feel and Raekwon rips every track, only weak track was Rock n Roll which should of been changed but other than that cant complain. Should of been given a 4.5 rating easily.

  • big vic

    this shit is flammible. your a duster if you dont like it.

  • ptone814


  • t mac

    yeap this album is ill

  • Wu tang forever

    What a messed up review this is on par with CL2 !!! hhdx dont know how to rate

  • FLX

    Its good but not a classic album. The beats are not top level and not dirty enough. You guys really tell me that there are tracks you will know word-by-word in 10 years like on OB4CL? GTFO! People are too fast calling shit classic these days.

    • soulful360

      I also agree beats are not even authentic and below par. No way a classic you can't compare this production to RZA's, Kanyes,preemo,Dilla, or pete rock...to name a few...

    • TheRapBox

      "Timeless, so age don't count in the booth, and your flow stays submerged in the fountain of youth" - Rakim

    • rick

      Thats what Im saying man. One dude says its a classic and everyone follows. Kids these days dont know the definition of CLASSIC.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with the review, but not the rating. this album brings back a type of rap that has been non-existant, and imo is superior to cuban linx II. raekwon is a top legend, and what this album shows is his lyrical fire along with very solid features, mixed in with that wu-feeling weve all been missing.

  • Anonymous

    this is nothing more than a mixtape at best

  • shuttaman

    I just read dat she aint give the rating n this only means dat the rrviewers are Joe Budden fanboys STRAIGHT UP!! Non organic ass niggaz!!!

  • Shuttaman

    The reviewer needs to step her reviewing game up.. But then again its hhdx n it looks like they are back to giving out contreversial wat da fuk they was drinking reviews Thats not really organic!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I totally disagree with this rating and it should be revisited by someone at DX. The album is at a minimum 4 stars but more closer to 4.5. The album is missing that classic Rae energy when he attacked the mic back the early 90s but it is still a dope. Overall, the beats and lyrics are a perfect blend for the overall concept of the album. Butter Knives is ill!

    • Anonymous

      7/10 is more than enough for this album it isnt ill from what ive listened to it has many flaws to get 8 9 or 10 for an album the hit has to be a banger straight through no weak verses or beats

    • anon

      "The album is rated by a circle of editors." does this mean nothing to you?

  • burr print

    shit is a let down.

    • pow

      correction....your mom is a letdown because she didn't swallow my jizz

    • Rick

      YES! See thats what ive been waiting to see. hahah Everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon. Once someone says ITS A CLASSIC, everyone follows like mindless idiots! In the words of DJ Premier..YOU FUCKIN' ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick

    hahaha WOW!! Everyone has there OWN taste. You idiots talking shit to the reviewER are dumb. Im sure you like a CD that other people dont. Are you dumb for liking it, nope. thats just your taste man. Shit, to be honest with you. OBFCL2 was WAAAAAYYY overrated. .....DONT BELEIVE THE HYPE !!!!!!!!!!

  • James Killedadonkey Taylor

    Just finished listening to the album and RAE SMASHED IT AGAIN!! another classic, dnt understand y DX only rated it 3.5! its worth the money i spent on the album

  • arkitekt

    Disagree with the rating. Deserves atlest 4 stars. Can't disagree with your review b/c you didn't review anything. Thanks for wasting me time Kathy.

  • daz

    Just sayin, look at all the love she gave to the estelle joint, there are way better tracks than that, but she loves that one and I'm sure estelle is the reason, there's no love songs on here, this is violent

  • Kathy Iandoli

    The album is rated by a circle of editors. Please stop asking me why I rated the album a 3.5. My words should explain how I personally felt about the album. Thank you.

    • kathy's hot mouth

      kathy this is the chef .... do your fuckin homework before u review albums like this...what a fuckin hot mouth you have for doing such a shitty job on this roof...the wu should gangbang your dumb ass then toss you in a dark corner covered in cum and piss you fuckin idiot...4 stars at least...i would have given your hot mouth 3.5 stars

    • Xantoz29

      Someone should get the chair for allowing you to rate this album, Kathy.

    • Anonymous

      It's a lousy review, can't believe you rated it 3.5 ...

    • FreeT

      I guess by your review rating should be higher,maybe you should talk to those other editors and kick them in the ass for us

  • FreeT

    This review is fucked-up

  • Crystal

    Great album, copped two copies today, one for me and my brother. I love the album, on par with Cuban Linx 2. Great Wu-Tang style, even if I miss RZA and he would make the album give it the extra push it needs. Still a banger, and I'll give it 5 stars. Wu Chant is a great way to end the album, telling everyone that Wu-Tang is still alive. Legends in the game, forever and always.

  • Sky

    I saw the rating and was like: "fuck.. Rae failed to bring it". Then read the review - stupefied. Dear reviewer, please explain what the album lacks. "The work competes against itself" - that doesn't sound bad, what's wrong?

    • Kathy Iandoli

      Playful competition, not battling against itself to the point of destruction. I loved the album.


    Love this album,but two problems 1. Meth seems like he's running out of material. Rick Ross's cameo was better than all of meth's. Too bad because Meth Usually steps up his game when he appears on other Wu members' albums 2. ERIC SERMON!! Eric Sermon's beats have been shit for at least 6 years. He has no business producing anymore. He's done All in all good album, not as good as GFK's appollo kids. 3.5 stars from me

  • smartmediaman

    I've only listened to a few tracks. Heat rocks so far. Im waiting until this drops tomorrow. Support real hip hop people!!! I grabbed the iTunes version this time, to get the 2 bonus tracks. SUUUUUUU!!!

  • Anonymous

    This album is classic shoul be a 4 WTF hhdx you said it was perfect!

  • Rick

    The only song ive heard so far has been Batter Knives...Ive seen all these leaks but refuse to listen to them. Im going 1990's muthafuckas!!!Cant wait to purchase it tomorrow $7.99 @ bestbuy niggas...BUY THAT SHIT if youre "REALLY a supporter.

  • daz

    Just being honest, wu doesn't cater to woman, why in the fuck is a girl reviewing this, what a shame!

    • Rick

      haha! alright man. I didnt say "school people" I said "I'LL SCHOOL YOU". Now sit your ass down cause class is in session.

    • dontgiveafuck.

      @Ricky no you wont "school" me in hip-hop. two reasons : first, someone calling himself ricky cannot be taken seriously, second, your point about the quality of this album is totaly out of sight, you definitely missed somethin and as far as the little "kid" thing i bet you was shittin in your pampers when the wu stepped in the industry but hey, i cant blame you, it's your business if you and kathy want to eat each other's pussy at least admit it instead of posting some bullshit about how you school people on hip-hop and therefore considering your judgment is on point dont holla back faggot cause you're wasting my time

    • Rick

      ^^^ You dumb idiot. I'll school you in hip hop little kid! Loosen your bra strap. Underground is so 1990's. Your probably one of them dudes talking all this madness about it being a classic and Wu tang this Wu Tang that but wont even buy the album. MY KNOWLEDGE WEIGHTS A TON......beeeeeyatch!

    • dontgiveafuck.

      yeah rick send her your clips therefore both of you would be able to cum on some lady gaga albums and shit on some real rap music seriously, just read some of your comments from both you clowns and you perfectly match with each other

    • Kathy Iandoli

      Rick, send me your clips. (music@hiphopdx.com)

    • Rick

      Hey Kathy, I need a part time job. :) ...seriously tho, I do. I'd love to write some reviews or do some articles.

    • Kathy Iandoli

      Hey Daz, I've been writing about Hip-Hop for over ten years. I can have ovaries and discuss a Hip-Hop album better than you can with my eyes closed and fingers removed. Keep referring to yourself as a member of the Dogg Pound. You clearly know what's hot. Thanks for the love.

    • Rick

      you must be 17.

  • Anonymous

    You should rate it against most shit out today and give it a 5

  • darius

    Fuck this rating.As someone mentioned before this is album's rating should be at least 4.I rate 8.5/10.

  • Rick

    This is a quality album. I'll cop it. This review is incongruent with the rating (does anyone proofread these?) 4.25/5.

  • bigstack

    Nice joke DX...stupid retarded idiots! 3.5 for that is a shame!! Anyways the rating from the fans says it all!



  • Joyce

    Sick of this immature Wu-Tang nonsense. You're not ninjas, for the last time!! Need some grown up music. Childish album

    • horse D

      bitch....stop it. Jus me calling you a bitch should tell you what i think of ur opinions. go listen to muthafuckin O Jays...

    • joyce's hot much

      lol...this aint christian rap....open up your mouth...the name of the album is called shaolin vs wutang...there is a theme to this shit...do some fuckin research and open up your fuckin mouth cum dump

    • bigstack

      Get a life and enjoy the good music!

    • Joyce

      Please. I know everyone bums the Wu and everything they do, but it's time people opened up their eyes. Just cos they're pioneers doesn't mean people shouldn't question their content. Not exactly inspiring today's youth are they.

    • bigstack

      Wow, what a grown ass comment... I say what everybody thinks here: stfu!!

  • Nano

    This album is fucking fire 3.5 this nigga is crazy but for me it's dope all the way

  • NJ

    Way too positive to be a 3.5, it's a 4 at worst, 8.5/10 seems fair to me, the album is haulted by weak tracks like Rock N Roll and Dart School but the rest is hot as shit.

  • Hiphopanonymous

    Wait what?! You rate it a 3.5 but i didn't see ONE piece of negative criticism on the album. I don't fucking understand this website. Do you even read these comments? Because I suggest you do. Your readers are trying to tell you something: YOU ARE FUCKING RETARDED.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    @kathi iandoli fucked up review i eat your pussy bitch

  • dontgiveafuck.

    DOPE DOPE DOPE it's a classic to me ! best rap album i've ever heard in a decade !!!

    • Anonymous

      There are overwhelmingly people who like this album and a handful who had these horrible comments. This clearly shows that the review is off. Albums like Recovery will considered perfect while real albums don't get any love. All artists are looking for some pop appeal, but Rae tried to give us a theme and bring that sound back and I applaud him. Kathy Landoli clearly can't be a Wu Tang fan, and it shows. There are way too many people who disagree with you, I would rethink how I write these reviews

    • james

      I don't no about decade bro but it's hot hot hot

  • Edi Kajmolli

    the cheffff is that dude man