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"Only traces of Lupe Fiasco's greatness are present on Lasers, and even then he sounds less focused."

Amid all the controversy preceding the release of Lupe Fiasco’s third studio album – the disheartening yet inevitable record leaks, his labels dogmatic approach in changing the album’s sound, a fan-staged petition and subsequent protest outside of Atlantic’s offices - the headlines for Lasers sadly became less about an artist whose music inspired a growing youth culture and more about whether his message could cover a financial bottom line. In the aftermath, what fans receive from Lupe is a product that he himself is unable to fully support.

In retrospect, what made Food & Liquor and The Cool so appealing was not only Lupe’s impressive lyrical prowess but also his ability to poignantly describe any topic at hand with pinpoint precision. Here, we find the Chicagoan emcee misfiring left and right without any direction in sight. In one moment, he’s condemning the Top 40 format over dull groans on “State Run Radio.” The next, he’s doing the two-step alongside Trey Songz on “Out Of My Head” . The latter record likewise brings up a disconcerting lapse in execution. Whereas previous tracks focusing on the opposite sex such as “Paris, Tokyo” and “Sunshine” suitably were accentuated by an enthusiastic and clever Lu, “Out Of My Head” lazily settles for a predictable performance with his lyricism acting as corroborating evidence (“100 million spins in my mind all day, calling in request, on the line always / Yeah, the president of your fan club / Leave them players all behind like a bad love”).

Gone also is the backbone production of frequent collaborator Soundtrakk, whose arguably had the best musical rapport with Lupe Fiasco since Food & Liquor was released. Instead, Lupe attempts to fill the void with up-and-comer King David, with the results generating more bewilderment than reassurance. Rather than leaving space to emphasize Lupe’s serious tone, the distorted production on “Beautiful Lasers (2Ways)” diminishes his message to the point that it becomes overbearing. Conversely, King David delivers a feel-good vibe for “Coming Up” while MDMA (formerly Pooh Bear) flexes his vocal chops. However, Lupe’s lyricism lacks any real depth and the track disappointedly strolls along with little replay value. Things take a turn for the worst on “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now,” where The Audible’s electro-pop backdrop turns Lupe Fiasco so far left his delivery is nearly unrecognizable. Match that with weak metaphors galore, and it soon becomes four minutes of sloppiness that should have found the cutting room floor.

Only traces of Lupe Fiasco’s greatness are present on Lasers, and even then he sounds less focused. This is evident on “Letting Go,” where lines like “a self-portrait shows a man that the wealth tortured / Self-absorbed with his own self-forfeit” and “inspiration drying up, motivation slowing down” reveal a man exhausted from the plight of his musical endeavors. With Alex da Kid’s brooding drums and thematic melody on “Words I Never Said” turning up his creative conscious, Lupe begins unleashing lyrical shots at anyone that has brought despair to our current cultural climate. With so many different individuals in his scope, his thought-provoking tirade comes at the cost of a fully-formed argument behind his visceral rhymes. The enticing “All Black Everything” and reflective “Never Forget You” provide high points on Lasers, however it’s too little too late on an album that is cut short to 12 tracks.

For those who feel cheated out of what was to be a triumphant return from their favorite emcee need only harken back to the “Lasers Manifesto” from a few years back, in which Lupe declared: “We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd / We want substance in the place of popularity / We want to think our own thoughts / We want love, not lies / We want knowledge, understanding, and peace / We will not lose, because we are not losers / We are Lasers.” Rarely does this proclamation show up in the music, a failure even Lupe Fiasco is surely aware of.


  • Anonymous

    I have sincere sympathy for Lupe on this one. The content was there. Hell there were even clever lyricism but you can CLEARLY hear Atlantic's influence. Whether is the simplicity of "The Show Goes On" (that Lupe admits he was forced to write or we wouldn't have Lasers) or the production that sounds like it's TRYING to be on top 40 radio

  • Robin Pham

    Just because he decides to switch up his style a little, you guys want to be quick and jump on it lol.. This album is legendary, just like his other albums. He managed to put out an album with this much caliber, despite the complicated circumstances with his label.

  • Anonymous

    This is the saddest review I've ever read. The lyrics are minimalistic. Are you not capable of breaking things down for your own perception? Damn. Why do rappers always have to break shit down & spell shit out for people?

  • Young

    Lasers is the second best album after Food & Liquor. Lupe is back!!

  • Mike

    Album is decnert definately not lupes best work

  • Lil roc

    My friend warned me about this album and i must admit its not what i expected. Its definitely a big step down from food & liquor and the cool which were both classics. On the brightside u got songs like words i should have said and of coarse all black everything, but then u got i dont wanna care right now. Ugh! All i got to say is fuck atlantic records and record sales in general. Holla @ me when food & liquor 2 drop

  • Colton

    Album is alright, but you have to realize that this isn't Lupe's album, this is Atlantic Records album. Bet he redeems himself on Food & Liquor 2, if that ever gets released. I love the message on Lasers, you have to understand the lyrics. "LoveAlwaysShinesEverytimeRemember2Smile" How genius is that?! Great message, great lyrics even still it's not what it was supposed to be. -Lasers

  • Anonymous

    Lupe uses 10% of his potential and is still better than most of other rappers using anything they got. The first verse of Letting Go shits on everything I've heard this year.

  • ali

    one of the worst albums of the year, huge disappointment

  • Truth

    this album is terrible and everyone defending it should be ashamed of yourselves. it's better than "99.9% of other releases?" uh, no it's not. maybe you should actually listen to 99.9% of other releases. b/c i have a hard time naming one recent rap album that was worse than this one. just because you went in expecting garbage and got one or two songs that weren't garbage, doesn't mean the album is good. the album still sucks. but lupe's so brave, in the end. he can stand up the President of the United States. too bad he can't stand up to the President of Atlantic. r.i.p. lupe fiasco

  • jngshin

    The Cool was the greatest album, but Superstar was a weak track(comparatively). Superstar made The Cool a #1 album. They tried to fill this album with 10 Superstars, and we, the true fans, were punished.

  • lasers

    amazing not 1 song i didnt like

  • AteezBabee

    Okay, I just bought the album LASERS and am Blown Away!! I was so taken by it that every ride anyone takes in my car turns into a listening party and everybody I came to see what everyone else were saying but I see A LOT of people are saying this album is under par and his other albums were waaayyy better so all I'm saying is if this album was booty I'm about to cop his other albums and get LAID!! This album was such a breath of fresh air. It was thoughtful, ambitious, smooth, hard, lyrical, hip-hop and did I say lyrical? This kid is on another level!!

  • Oscar

    He, as many artist said he wouldn't sell out, he did. I don't care if your label wanted to control everything. I'd rather have The cool be the last album, than getting this crap. You lost fans and respect.

  • Zayya Xodus

    Only the real can understand

  • Shame

    Not a good album 3/10 only good song was All Black Everything

  • Anon

    his record label hoed him

  • Keletso Ayanda Kgaudi

    dope album

  • Zane Lemos

    You know, Lupe is dope. I think the album could have used a little bit more time. Because it isn't the best. But it is pretty sick.

    • king

      Agreed with most... this is not his best album. But if you listen to what is being put out by 99% of the rest... this by far will get more spins in my radio...

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, you going in to hard on Lupe. I do not believe you really feel everything you are saying, be yourself. He went thru so much to even get this album out and he deserves a round of applause bc im still not hearing these type of lyrics from anyone else. If you go back to his last 2 albums and add this one, it is like a complete mix of euphoria. U have the deep lyrics with the sensual beat that make you want to syh at reality (keyword reality), then you have the nusic (new music) that lift you and show that you are not the only person that feels this way, and stiilllll come with punchlines, realness, and the umf that put you in a whole new mindset of whats really going on. Lupe Fiasco is one of the last of a dying breed that needs to be respected. Hip-Hop is not just beats or punchlines (Wayne), it is about speaking what the people feel and creating critical thinking among the listeners.LUPE DONE THAT AND IS THAT! LAST OF A DYING BREED SERIOUSLY! SUPPORT OUR ARTIST!

  • Clarence Rogers

    listened to it again today...still not very good, imo. 2.5 stars, Lupe.

  • PTONE814

    LUPE HTE GOAT....LISTEN TO THE WORDPLAY ON LASERS.................. My self-portrait, shows a man that the wealth tortured....(atlantic) Doctor, doctor please, the fame ain't painless enough That's 'cause you ain't famous enough You got a little game but your name ain't ringin enough........killin it Uh, uh, everything hooks Everything works, you're a real good chorus I'm a real good verse, freestyle unrehearsed So clean, no curse You're now tuned into the weakest, frequency of fear Keep you locked right here And hope you never leave this, never be a leader Think inside the box and follow all procedures Never ever believe that, you will never need this Hit up all your friends and tell 'em to repeat this "Hi, you're on the air, now what you want to hear? Well we ain't got the truth but how about a remix?" Different is never good, good is only what we pick You ain't got a hit, unless it sounds like these did Not too smart, you will be a superstar And if you dumb or something, maybe you could be number one...(it worked, but it would have happened regardless) LUPE THE G.O.A.T......

  • fuc i look like

    I rate this album 2 ass scoops

  • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett


  • IstandforrealRap

    I think the album is really good, but lyrically its his weakest one by far. It's almost like Lupe isnt sure what kind of sound to go for. However as usual his topics are deep and his brutal confessions of society today are excellent

  • Clarence Rogers

    Production and singing on the hooks is awful...very disappointing, Lupe. This one'll go directly to the "stuff I hardly play" bin.

  • ChuckTaylor

    Ya this rating is fucked...this is one of the best albums I have heard in a actually sounds like Lupe put time and effort into this and it doesn't disappoint...I like the whole CD...hiphopdx needs to stop being so critical

  • Marcos

    All black everything, dopest song i ever heard.

  • lol

    rolling papers got a better rating than this? wtf is wrong with this site

    • hiphopnyc

      exactly. all of oritz's attacks on "Lasers" are legitimate and well founded, and it's fair that he listen to this album with the high caliber of Lupe's previous work in mind, but i fault hiphopdx for rating rappers according to different standards. i mean, the album's called rolling papers...whether or not the concept of lasers, and the lasers manifesto, was present throughout the album, at least there's a sophisticated idea behind it

  • Jake

    Album is pretty pretty pretty wack (larry david voice)... Lupe trying to back pedal and blame the lable is kinda a joke too when you KNOW he's loving that it will probably go Gold eventually. Buy Cunnin Lynguists ONEIEROLOGY, Pharoahe Monch'S W.A.R., Kno's DEATH IS SILENT, Diabolic's LIAR & A THIEF, Copywrite, Lowkey, Celph Titled, Roots, Shaolin vs Wu-Tang, Distant Relatives, etc and pass on this like a nash pass in 06

    • Anonymous

      @jack swallows you swallows lupe's cum thats what lls 2/10 album SUCKED

    • jake swallows

      LUPE HTE GOAT....LISTEN TO THE WORDPLAY ON LASERS.................. My self-portrait, shows a man that the wealth tortured....(atlantic) Doctor, doctor please, the fame ain't painless enough That's 'cause you ain't famous enough You got a little game but your name ain't ringin enough........killin it Uh, uh, everything hooks Everything works, you're a real good chorus I'm a real good verse, freestyle unrehearsed So clean, no curse You're now tuned into the weakest, frequency of fear Keep you locked right here And hope you never leave this, never be a leader Think inside the box and follow all procedures Never ever believe that, you will never need this Hit up all your friends and tell 'em to repeat this "Hi, you're on the air, now what you want to hear? Well we ain't got the truth but how about a remix?" Different is never good, good is only what we pick You ain't got a hit, unless it sounds like these did Not too smart, you will be a superstar And if you dumb or something, maybe you could be number one...(it worked, but it would have happened regardless) LUPE THE G.O.A.T...... ptone

  • Vanno Davis

    so wiz got 3 stars but this got 2.5 u guys is suck a WHOLE lot of dick wtf this album enn no 5 star but it is at least 4

  • kareem

    471st comment and this is a great album

  • Wisse

    lol wiz khalifa got three stars, thats a joke...

  • defstorm

    this is a good album LUPE!

  • escobar0318

    This album is great, and i'm glad it's still in the top 5 on the album charts. fuck the record companies and fuck your taste in music if you dont listen to lyrical content!

  • Matttinn23

    It may not be Food and Liquor but its still a nice piece of work to add to Lupe's Resume'

  • myles

    lupe has brought real hiphop back

  • jordanldn

    really a big dissapointment

  • James Johnson

    not as bad as DX put it out to be......3.5 outta 5.......

  • Ole Dude

    Anybody who acually listens to lupe would know his heart wasnt in this album. I blame it on his record label for telling him he couldnt rap too deep on this album or they wouldnt release it. If he didnt have restrictions this album wouold have be a 5/5 work of art.

  • Stephan

    This album is subpar. As a big Lupe fan, I'm completely disappointed with the lyrics, the beats, the production and everythin else associated with this album. He did exactly what the label wanted him to do, put out some mainstream b.s. This album sounds like B.O.B. ironically they're on the same label. Mainstream changes but true fans don't and this s**t aint flying. When the commercial fans disappear so to will your true fans.

    • Joe

      Completely false.. The label told Lupe to revolve around the beat and just put together meaningless lyrics that just appeal to the mainstream audience. He didn't listen to them. This is all accounted for in interviews and shit. Get your facts before yo usay shit dude

  • legatos


  • bigtim5099

    THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edi Kajmolli

    i havent checked out the album yet but the previous two were modern classics so im pretty disappointed bout this review...

    • Anonymous

      if you havnt listened to the album then don't criticize the review. Not valid and just shows that you have yet to make your own opinion of the album. Yes the other first two were great, but even Lupe himself didnt like this album. If anything the album should be a 1.5/5. DX was generous.

  • naoshad

    Review was on point. This album was like Kobe putting up 50 in a loss. Lu did what he could with the shit team surrounding him.

    • T

      okay, first, all hiphopdx reviews are wrong. ALL of them. second, kobe doesn't have a bad team. no one can lead a team to two chamionships in a row without a lot of help. and third, it's not any one's fault that lupe's album aint getting a lot of praise. name one artist that had platinum albums their whole career. plus, every one is listening to pop and "rap-pop". remember, the most popular is not always the best.

  • Young H DaGreat

    im sorry lls definition of shameful plug

  • Young H DaGreat the definition of good music

  • I'm_A_Laser

    Granted it isn't what us fans are used to coming from the genious of Lupe Fiasco, but the person with HHDX who critiqued this album went waaaaaay too hard... (Pause) I understand as a critic you have to go with the masses, meaning that if it's already known that other critics are bashing the album, you have to follow suit. This album isn't half as bad as y'all are making it. It's actually a little refreshing to almost catch Lupe's messages the first go around. I'm all one for the "Food & Liquor" Lupe and "The Cool" Lupe, but stop making it sound like he just dropped a Brick. This album is still better than 90% of the sh*t these artist put out these days. Of course people want to hop on the bandwagon and hate.... I was moved by many tracks personally on this CD, because if you listen close enough you can hear all the ills and pain he was dealing with during this PROcess... Critcs and fans alike are so F**kin' fickle... It's f**kin' pretty sad... #ClapForYall talentless selves.. Ha!

  • Anonymous

    until yall can do better shut the hell up he put this disk out as a shut the fuck up record for atlantic, he obviously wants out of that deal. they controlled the hell out this album it shouldnt say Lupe's name on it instead Atlantic Records's Lasers. he spit his knowledge onto mainstream beats like they wanted him to but he didnt dumb down the verses so this is the end results. I feel a few joints but its not meant for us to like he said that himself, the process of making it was the worst he said. Im sure he had a lot of shit we are use to hearing in the stash that didnt make the cut.

  • optimus rhyme

    This is album is one big shit stain on Lu's solid catalogue. By his standards this album is horrendous.

  • quibble

    Not a terrible album, some solid songs. But, it feels like such a let down from the last album :( I didn't really like the light/pop beats - just conflict's with the lupe's previous albums flavor. Feels like a mainstream album. Just trying to make simple catchy sounds. Reminds me of Nelly 5.0 :( About a 2-2.5. Will probably sell well, but I won't be buying it.

  • nykallday

    This album is 1.5 at most. I want my money back for real. I listened to it once and that's all i needed to do. no potential of it getting any better whatsoever. pure garbage.

  • Jordan Harris

    This album DOES sound totally different from his other work, but being that I listen to lyrics, I thought the album was solid. Although the album has a few "poppish" sounding beats, his lyrics do still compare to the best lyricists out there from Jay-Z to Drake to Live From The Basement. Bottom line, this album is far better than 2.5 out of 5. C'mon now.

  • ptone814

    lupe the GOAT! SLR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ehh

    For anyone saying Lasers deserves a 5/5 is delusional. For anyone saying Lasers is garbage is delusional. For anyone saying Hiphop dx's score is justified is delusional. Production isn't good. Placement of the tracks is sub par. Lupe's lyrics... Good! A few lines are great. It's disappointing.. I know. We were waiting for a classic.. Instead we got poppish beats and Lupe's great flow. I'm cool with reading negative opinions/reviews but stop hating and appreciate the lyricism. Lasers - 3.5/5

    • Rappaz R. N. Danja

      If you dont think Lupe has some of the nicest flows ever you need to listen to "Switch" off Revenge of the Nerds.

    • ehh

      Never known for a great flow? Okay, I'm done.

    • Jumi

      You're delusional if you think an album with bad production can still garner a 3.5. Last I check this wasn't an a cappella album. So if all you can truly appreciate is the lyrics (which still aren't very impressive save for a couple tracks) well I've got news for you, there are other important elements as well that you're purposely ignoring just to give this album a higher score. And Lupe was never known for having great flow, it gets the job done but it's not smooth or slick like Big L or Percee P and if you listen carefully you can often hear issues with breath control. If anything hhdx was too generous.

  • peppy

    The album deserves more than 2.5 stars thats all I can say.

  • Ryan Othelee Motley Carr

    Damn i hate hiphopdx reviews they never go into details just pick out a couple of lines and down-grade them and give them wack reviews. We all know this isnt Lupe's best album but it wasnt as bad as the critics said it would be if you like Lupe you'll like the Album.

    • ehh

      First, you shouldn't compare Lasers to his previous "efforts". Lasers is its own entity. Not a sequel. It isn't Food & Liquor 2 or The Cool 2.. Second, up front and plainly? What does that mean? His lyrics have no substance? Simple word play? Up front? What? lol. Lupe shows creativity and solid word play from start to finish. Is Lasers his best effort? No, not even close! Third, when I purchase an album I'm listening to the lyrics (just like the majority of Hip Hop heads. If the production is ill.. awesome! If it's sub par, disappointing to an extent. I'm not paying $12 for production.. I know. I know. The production on Lasers is sub par hence 3.5/5 Lupe's verses hold this album together. But, you feel his verses are trash. That's fine. I'm not hating on your opinion/review. I don't expect Lupe to get universal acclaim for Lasers.. It's an average album.

    • Instro

      Yeah I listened to the lyrics. Even those are weak in comparison to his previous efforts and in general they're largely just boring and lacking in word play, tropes and poetic elements. Instead of creativity he just says things rather up front and plainly. Just like Atlantic asked him to do. So I don't know why you'd guess I didn't listen to the lyrics. Dumb assumption. I've already posted earlier with a more thorough response and gave a review on metacritic (the 3/10 one). You obviously don't know much about music if you think you can fall back on only one aspect to tout the album. You have to look at it as a full cohesive effort and in that regard it falls flat completely. The stuff is trash and I don't need to absorb the smell of garbage for a few days to know it's garbage.

    • ehh

      Instro.. guess you didn't bother listening to the lyrics, huh? Production isn't great but Lupe had good verses from start to finish. A good portion of these comments have no substance... pure hate. I'm fine with someone saying this album is terrible but at least give insight as to why it's terrible. If sub par prodcution ruins an album for ya than so be it but at least take a few days to absorb the album as a whole.

    • Instro

      If you like Lupe you'll like the album? This album has a very different sound from his previous two studio LPs. So whether you liked his previous works has no bearing on whether you'll like this. I thought LASERS was garbage and the 50% score hhdx gave was generous.

  • Th3Baum

    Its not Lupe's best, but don't count this album out. Read my album review on my blog at!

  • Rami

    All Black Everything, thats all tht needs to be said.

  • Steve Man

    I think this album is nice 3 whack tracks but the rest make it bump. Top 5 Tracks 1.All Black Everything 2.Till I get There 3. Words I never said 4.Never Forget You 5. Letting Go also nice is beautiful lasers coming up and you know show goes on makes you bump and the beat on out of my head is fire........ state run radio break the chain are whack but i dont wanna care right now is just hands down garbage. If he replaced those three with im beaming what you want and go to sleep this album would be unreal... and im talking im beaming on the physical copy not the deluxe shit

    • Rival X Jordan

      disagree with Break the Chain and State Run Radio are classics. The only garbage tracks are I Don't Wanna Care Right Now and Outta My Head.

  • kryss the alien

    For all the Lupe Fans/stan, Stop saying that this is the record company fault, Lupe choose to rap on these beats and gave the green light to release this shit, no excuses ! Just saying "the war on terror is bullshit " don't make him a revolutionary. Have you heard of IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, SAIGON, ? They go further than giving us lame cliche Years of bitching FOR THAT !! SAIGON had the balls to do the album you was supposed to do. Flow, beats, subject, everything in his album is better and deeper than LASERS (and Saigon pissed me off more than once). His album is a classic I was waiting for, not Lupe's Album. Keep being suicidal over your music my poor Lupe, you make me realized than you dont really know what having problems is, you just sing about it... and Dont talk about fighting the system if you cant fight a record company exec. Point blank period (like STYLES P would say) Kryss The Alien Director: Y.W.F.O (Yeah Whatever Fuck Off) ps: if we all realized this album sucks after one listening, Lupe must be deaf (or to polite with his record company) to let this shit through.

    • ssss

      And btw the two artist you named are on Independent labels which means your point is completely invalid. Lupe's on a major

    • Shhh

      This comment is very unintelligent, if you worked in the music industry you would know it's a little harder then just saying no to your label. Every artist has a recording commitment where they must release so many albums with a certain amount of material. Atlantic gave him certain tracks and told him to make songs out of them. I'm sure he didn't want some of it released but it's also a compromise. They are putting millions of dollars behind you they are going to want something out of you. And if he did say no then the simple response from the label is, fine your work isn't coming out, and if your work doesn't release you can't fufill your recording agreement. It's very simple. I laugh at these comments where kids that don't know shit think they have it all figured out. You really think that you know how the industry works better then Lupe? Come on man. It's both of their faults, Lupe's for signing the agreement, and Atlantic's for changing the album. That simple.

    • Anonymous

      I think Lupe was bashing the album before it came out. I'm pretty sure he thinks it sucks too

  • Rush

    A 2.5? really? cmon hiphopdx. This album was like that B.O.B album and a little better. GTFOH with a 2.5. You gave waka a 2.5. This a 3.5 or 4 at least. A good album it is. Not as great as the last two but I enjoyed.

    • IAmALaser

      Nicely Put....

    • EddieMurrrphy

      its fair for a hhdx rating. they have given certified bangers nothing but 3.5 stars for a while now. this rating works in comparision, i am fine with that rating on this website. i would give this album a 3-3.5/5

  • DWTime

    I hate when IDIOTS compare the ratings given to different albums on the site. "Waka got 2.5 and Lupe did too1!!"............. Everybody knows Waka and Lupe are TOTALLY DIFFERENT and graded on two different scales. They aiming for two DIFFERENT audiences. If you dont club a lot, fight a lot or like wild music... Waka aint for you. If you're a casual listener who doesnt really care about lyrics and delivery and just want bass heavy beats and dance/crunk tracks... Lupe aint for you The grades are off EXECUTION of what that particular artist does best! Why waste my time comparing a Yung Joc album to a Nas album or a Lil B album to a Raekwon album???? But as for Lasers... it's a good album. But since we know what he is capable of (F&L, The Cool) it is bad... Label or Indie though, when you have YOUR NAME on a project you dont bitch up and denounce it. YOU people want to place Lupe with HIP-HOP's ELITE CLASS, then he must learn how to make mainstream hiphop... POINT BLANK. SHIT, the same 2pac with the gritty, dark tone of 7 Day Theory was capable of the glossy, polished, bright tone of All Eyez on Me. The "dark fantasy" Kanye and the "dropout" Kanye are TOTALLY diff. THE KEY IS... Hip-Hop's Elite can make the transition while pleasing hardcore fans and casual fans. So complaining and not co-signing your own project + making "I dont wanna care right now" (yes, just that one song alone) = FAIL

  • Gregor SelfHood Scott

    good, not great but it's nice. And I'm out

  • loser

    L A S E R S L U P E F I A S C O I S T H E G O A T . PTONE814

  • therapyofmusic

    on here they gave waka flocka- Flockaveli got a 2.5, then Lasers gets a 2.5.. hiphopdx gives the worst reviews. I dont think they even give the music a good listen

  • Anonymous

    Free Lupe!!

  • Joshua

    If we compare this album to the stuff on the radio nowadays, its a 5. If we compare this two Lupe's previous two albums. Its atleast a three. But this just shows how unmatched Lupe is, in the fact that we are comparing him to himself. “Word to the nigga that took the rep for me, Chill I will take rap to where niggas can't conceive…to the point where niggas can't agree on which song is best and the argument is if I am better than me.” - Lupe Fiasco, Free Chilly Freestyle

  • Anonymous

    Is this album commercial? Yes. Is this album hot? Yes.

  • Hashem Vargas Atiyeh

    Maybe not Lupe's best. Still a 5/5

    • Instro

      So what would you give his other albums? A 7/5? Why is it so hard for people to give an honest score. Anyone who gives this shit a 5/5 is a dick rider or has the taste of a teeny bopper girl plain and simple. This album is about as far from a perfect 5/5 as it gets. Shit sounds like it belongs to a BEP or Ke$ha album

  • Vincent D. Finney III

    People don't want to give Lupe the props he deserves. This Album is different than the usual Lupe but the thing that hasn't changed is his genius. This album was worth the wait. LOve it

  • JayJey

    Yea... i really dont get why this is rated so low either. Guess everyone would rather listen to sum lil b or soldier boy. Everyone already had in there head that the label drama was going to be detrimental to the album soo... "in there heads" it was. Beautiful album lupe...last real one out there. Go bump sum soldier boy or gucci mane haters!!!

  • Rain

    This album is very disappointing,and I'm probably the biggest LUPE fan ever. Why in the hell is I'm beaming and Shining down better than the whole damn album, just those two songs do better justice than the album as a whole. I waited four years and get this album, I feel cheated. Please, other Lupe Fans admit this album is kinda bad in terms of Lupe ability. It's too short, production is wack,chorus are horrible and his lyrics are not on point. I'm not gonna blame Atlantic or Lupe for this mess guess I don't know the truth behind this album. I just hope Lupe get back on track guess he is my favorite rapper. I give this album barely a 3.

    • Rain

      Still think this album is a cluster fuck. I totally agree with this review, even though there might be a good message sorta throughout the album it's very transparent by the weak lyrics and beats.

    • Anonymous

      what you stand for is trash

    • Anonymous

      I know this album does not compare to his ability but its still a good album. It sends a good message and i can say the songs on this album gave me a good feeling. Lupe said himself he was challenging himself to do something different. IMO its still better then most of the garbage out now and Lupe is still the realest ever.

  • jim

    Album was nice, but all of y'all hating on it for 'going mainstream', even tho he was FORCED! to do those songs, lyrically, this is better than 99% of the shit on the radio, but y'all are don't give a fuck. Even Lupe hates Lasers, because the shit he had to do & what was forced on him, wait till F&L2: TGARA, no one's gonna mess with that. F&F Up.

  • MrFarroc

    Album is nice...hhdx buggin on this review

  • JD4

    Okay, while LASERS undeniably has a more modern sound to it does not mean that lupe has sold out or that his lyrics have gone to shit. Those of you who are bashing "I dont wanna care right now" need to understand that that song is a direct hit at atlantic and its lupes way of saying fuck off cause he doesnt give a shit what they think. Far from selling out. I liked FL and The Cool more but i still really liek lasers. I wish beautiful lasers didnt have an autotuned chorus but the its still a great song and an overall great album. So much better than most of the stuff out today and while lupe went a little mainstream he did it in a way the mainstream wouldnt realize that in reality hes giving an FU to the music industry today.

  • Anonymous


  • B

    Its not a bad album. It is more mainstream, but it is exciting that Lupe already has two albums lined up. Remember last year there were reports that he was going to stop rapping.

  • Marc_Aurelius84

    Nope. Album sucks. It's not for the fact that he just fell of. Lyrically he is still honest. The production is just not hip hop. Even in this brave new world. This is for the bandanna wearing hipsters and those fist pumping jerks. Label put to much pressure. He is still a civil minded person and a real dude. But the machine pushed and he couldn't shove back hard enough. No one is immune. Besides I'm more upset about how the Detox album is going to sound. So not hip hop. Whats with all the synths these days in hip hop? Not raw at all.

    • RAW

      I dont know what statement you are talking about because the first statement about The Chronic being 100% samples is not a statement but fact if you don't believe me wiki The Chronic. They give all the sample credits to each song. The second statement about sampling= Hip-Hop is not ignorant at all. If you know a little hip-hop history and knew anything about the culture of hip-hop you would know that hip-hop was created from sampling music... We understand you love this album but if your gunna defend it know what your talking about. I never said anything about synths i was just stating that The Chronic was samples. What the first guy was talking was all these pop sounding synthesizing songs that have no melody, just loud buzzing noises.

    • Jeremy F Taylor

      It was lacking on the production too. the beats just seem everywhere and nothing really addicting. the beats are way to busy when the beats should serve as a backdrop for what should be Lupe's lyrics which arn't on point either. if he actually said anything on the tracks that stuck out you could look over the beats. they definitely sound like for the club. theres like no originality in this album. i kind of like "letting go" but it the hook could be put into any kid cudi song

    • AOHH

      That's the most ignorant statement about Hip-Hop I've heard from anyone. &A few years back there was people claiming Soulja Boy was the GOAT But on topic, tell me this isn't synth then tell me The Chronic isn't riddled with them.

    • RAW

      The Chronic was 100% samples samples=hip-hop

    • AOHH

      What's with the synths these days in hip-hop? How are you anticipating Detox and questioning where synths belong in Hip-Hop? The Chronic was 90% synth

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    The album sucked. most songs all i could think is "wtf is he doing" so upsetting

  • Matt J Price

    compared to his first two albums and mixtapes..this score is about right..yall might not wanna admit it but im kinda disappointed. im glad i bought it to support him but no continuation of the story from the cool...CMON LUE

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    I find the review a little harsh. Or at least the rating, I feel this album deserves at least a 3. The editor is right for the most part, though, this album wasn't terrible or bad or anything. Even still, it was nothing special, particularly for Lupe. I'd still rather listen to The Cool to be honest.

  • kareem

    he actually says leave them players all behind like a "band" love

  • DR Jam

    I understand that this ain't no Food & Liquor, not even close. But at at least a 3. Even the songs that I didn't quite enjoy, still have a charming irony about them, somewhat like an inside joke.


    fuck u hip hop dx for giving albums like this 2 and a half stars its at least a 4 FUCKING HIP HOPDX y the fuck is lupe rated the same as waka flock flame???? FUCK HIP HOPDX for using the word hip hop in the wrong way FUCK UUUUUUU

  • ptoneski

    even tho its completely from what LU puts out this album is still great........... well its always different from lu f & l the cool itjotlod mixtapesssssssssssss lasersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • MP

    Why would you give this album such a low score? Lyrically Lupe is still bring heat! For this to be a hip hop site, you all sure do mess up reviews. This was at least a 3 [only off lyrics alone it would get higher]. The only problem with this album is the [most of the] pop beats & auto tune hooks. Lupe is still bringing it, I'm in shock with this review & I'm only a casual fan of!

  • What Happened?

    if the label hindered his creativity, shouldn't have there been a mixtape at some point with the REAL shit? nope. Cause Lupe is a whiny bitch who has fallen off. After Food & Liquor, he just hasn't been the same. I'd maybe put him in the Top 30 right now...and that's sad cause after F&L I thought he was Top 10 possibly Top 5. What the fuck happened Lupe?

    • Eric S.

      Can't take what you say seriously because you think he fell off before "The Cool". "The Cool" was one of the best.

  • tenkemakaveli24


  • Murphy

    Album was great compared to all of the music out right now. Lupe Fiasco is my favorite artist. but he was constricted on this album. I feel next album he will do more, once he loses stupid atlantic records. all they care about it quantity not quality. if thats the case go sponsor nicki minaj or something. no an artist like lupe

  • Jah

    It deserves better than 2.5... More than half the album is really good. It was a bit disappointing when you compare it to his first two albums but that doesn't change the fact it is still a good album. I'd say at least 3.5


    This CD is dope... I'm buying it twice to give to a friend.


    This CD is dope!!! Haters please calm down.

  • Michael Vincent Dicaro

    average Lupe at best.

  • Adam J-Boogie Amin

    ... lets see... This is the first CD i bought this year. Frankly, the only CD I have been waiting for. With that said it did disappoint. It wasn't typical Lupe. But I'm not mad. I have waited 3 years and I understand that the label hindered his creativity. I for one cant stand some of the production. Was it just me or did it sound like Lupe over Techno? Track 10 comes to mind.

  • Sergeant NapSack

    Lupe said it best: "Motivation drying up, Inspiration slowing down" You use to be Cool Lupe; what happened? -1 star

  • RC

    his worst album yet but im likin it soo far cant lie 3.8 id give it i mena i feall the Atlantic drama broguht it down eveyrone shud consider that

  • ??

    dx your fucking idiotic, so are all the people commenting. People who know nothing of lupe might say this was a bad album but you are insane. This album is fantastic. Lupe the G.O.A.T.

  • Albert David Lopez

    im very dissapointed. this sounds nothing like a hip hop album. it sounds more like a trey songz or a neyo or an usher cd. sounds very pop/R&B, also the shining down and im beaming tracks have been removed. those 2 tracks where better than any songs on this album. it seems lupe is selling out. the one person in hip hop i never ever believed to follow that route. its a really sad day for me. what happened lupe?

  • anonymous

    Reiterating what seems to be a common feeling, not Lupe's best effort but still better than a lot of garbage these days.. Probably could have been much better if he didn't have to make any 'compromises' with his label.

  • bigmerl25

    As an a artist been an fan of an & liquor was genius..the cool was black magic(greatness on all levels)...but "lasers" is nowhere near as fullfilling as either previous lp's...not bad but not good...3.5 stars...smh

  • hipperdehop

    come on HHDX..this is very low for an album which contains at max 3 bad songs..true that this is Lupe's worst effort, but still..his WORST is still better than most other rappers BEST efforts!! only better album before this one was dark twisted fantasy..lupe will strike back with F&L II

    • Datnuccaaa

      Not be hating, but 3 songs out of 12 means that at least 1/4 of the album was wack. Thats not lookin too good.

  • Ms.Hiphop

    Lupe did it again This album gets a 5 star from me . WE ALL NEED TO SUPPORT THIS DUDE C'mon Stop hatin people. This is the best album Thus far. Go buy his album.

    • Albert David Lopez

      his best album thus far? nigga yea right. this is by far, hold up...BY FARRRRR his worst. it has the girliest cheesiest trey songz beats and its all singing and autotune. im very upset that i bought this cd.

  • lasers

    he can do it muuch better. but its still better than the most of the rest! 4stars

  • kg4mayor

    Lasers is fuckin trash. Point blank. I'm so dissappointed with this dude, he fell off....J. Cole and Wale are the voice of the new generation now. Lupe is just a whiny little bitch type nigga dissappointed


      i gotta agree with first dude. yall niggas are dumb. this nigga wale been killin shit for the past year. that mixtape about nothing was crack and have you heard his verses on pandemonium and play your part? straight heat. his wordplay is crazy and the double entendres are crazy too. goes over most of you simp ass niggas heads. j. cole is cold too, nigga be sayin some shit ive only heard the greats say. deep lyrics and creativity. friday night lights, attention deficit (which was very good too), mixtape about nothing, more about nothing were all better than lasers. the only thing lupe put out better than those albums/mixtapes was food & liquor. since then, hes fallen off. id put freddie gibbs and big sean as "next" too, them niggas can spit. get off lupe dick! he sucks ass now

    • Albert David Lopez

      j cole is nice but wale super fell off. hes extra wack now. what are you talking? no doubt j coles new album is gonna be way better than lasers but wale sucks ass. cmon man

    • uhh...

      J. Cole and Wale? Voice of new generation? Let's see: The Show Goes On > A:D. F&L > anything Mr. "Who Dat" could drop, mixtape or otherwise. In other words, while you're entitled to your opinion, I'ma have to say GTFOHWTBS.

    • Incognegro

      I feel like you should read this:

  • jack johnson

    this album would have been better with "I'm Beamin", i thought that was supposed to be the main single why was that good song cut for the crappy songs? makes me wonder what other good songs were cut from the album

    • Albert David Lopez

      i think the whole album was cut and replaced with doo doo. the label prbly forced him to make this hot diarehea

  • Chong Wang

    Sorry for the multiple comments, but I went and read some other reviews, and I just want to say, how can you give LASERS 2.5 when SOULJA BOY got a 2? Is this guy high? What a bullshit piece of garbage review.

    • Whitney ClutchCity McGrew

      Soulja Boy and Lupe Fiasco are different artists so Soulja Boy getting a 2 and Lupe Fiasco getting a 2.5 means nothing. Lupe is set to a higher standard so for him, a 2.5 is low and a 2 or 2.5 for a Soulja Boy album might be good for his standards if that makes sense.

    • Instro

      I'd say that means Soulja Boy deserves a lower score, not LASERS deserving a higher one. btw, this is a different reviewer.

  • Chong Wang

    Ah forgot to rate it.

  • Chong Wang

    LASERS may not be Lupe's strongest album, but it's still better than so many of the other hip hop albums out there right now. It really deserves a higher score, but of course, you'll compare this to his previous works (setting near impossible standards to pass) instead of to what's out there now.

  • RichD

    I'm a huge Lupe fan, but I'm not gonna sit here and disagree with the reviewer, cause he's 100% correct. Anyone that has listened to Food and Liquor and loved it will admit that this album is far from what Lupe proved he did best with that album. YES, I understand that he had to do it, and YES, I understand that artists change. But Lupe himself said that he had to "compromise" in a very saddened tone, and is already trying to get past this album by talking about Food and Liquor 2. He knows that his wasn't him. Artists do change, but when one does it by being forced, and isn't behind his own change, that's when the change becomes a change for the worse. I guarantee you Lupe wants to come through with a new album soon, one that'll make Lasers a thing of the past. Which is a sad fact, but that doesn't mean I won't continue to support him as my personal favorite artist. ps. don't get me wrong, there are a few songs on the album I did enjoy, and if you're a Lupe fan, the album is worth the purchase for those few. In my opinion.

  • Christopher Anderson

    This review is garbage. The only time it mentions that he didn't have complete creative control was "his labels dogmatic approach in changing the album’s sound." The way lupe made it sound, about 8 of those songs were just given to him and he didn't help write them or anything, and he had to do them. It is understandable that HipHopDX would rate the album for its quality, but it's poor journalism to say "we find the Chicagoan emcee misfiring left and right without any direction in sight," as lupe wasn't misfiring; he had no choice. Also, throughout the article the author insinuates that lupe is in control, making comments like calling lupe "a man exhausted from the plight of his musical endeavors." Again, this is very misleading. By the way, the state of lupe's album has been regularly reported on by many hip hop blogs, including hip hop dx. Just look here and here Btw I don't think the rating is too low, I think that All Black Everything is the only song on the album which comes close to meeting lupe's standards, and he has put out music much better than that. I am just upset that ignorant reviews like this are published on Hip Hop DX. My point is that Lupe merits the respect of the author of this article. Peace. PS Blue Scholars fans check their facebook page, they need donations, they're self-releasing their next album

  • G'

    Oh, Jay Electronica also should be aded to my "concious" rappers I'd prefer over Lupe. Shit even 2pac had his damn moments (Dear Mama, Brenda Got a Baby, Shorty Wanna Be a Thug, Hold Ya Head....etc) but still could craft a decent pop hit for the label/himself. I also would like to mention that most of the white hip hoppers I run into who like people like Lupe, don't know shit about Black hip hop. They dont know about no Geto Boys, and have a superficial knowledge on NWA and Public Enemy...shoot Big Dady Kane as well. Lupe's music is decent, but I find alot of popmpous, anti estblishment asswipes acting like he the real definition of Black Music outside a few lines promoting concious thought. Even if that doesnt exist in mainstream hiphop I'd be dammned if I let anyone tell me what I should like based on their bias opinion where they can't even acknwoledge the worth, AT TIMES, of Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and even Kanye (two outta three being yo boy, Lupe's way in the building to begin with. He is just as all over the place as some of these mainstream artist. BTW: I own his first two albums, found The Cool to be decent but slightly boring in prodcution and typical in lyrical content.....but from what I have heard his first two albums are better. I think playing the victim too much and trying to mold his image in the same way Nas has Post-Nastradamus hurt this album.

  • G'

    Lupe got the fanboys's crazy how just because the man raps about "concious" material, he is elevated to GOD status. Plenty of rappers doing the same thing, its just Lupe cracked through the ceiling. He is alright, but I rather old Mos Def, Common, RZA and Jeru the Damaja for my street knowledge. Lupe appeals to a certain sect and is too emotionally all over the place to get my vote. Less we forget your "hero" isn't what you make him you kids who think liking the "REAL HIP HOP" makes you special: know your history and know that with most rappers its all about an image and persona....Lupe's playing to a certain population of fans with his

  • i cant fold i need gold i reup and reload product must be sold to you

    lupe is the goat.....glad to get anything new from him... i dont care if he raps in greek ill cop the album just to have more tracks from him food & liquor the cool itjotlod countless mixtapesssssssssss lasers is different yes...but still great...look outside the box stanssss . i hate how hiphopdx's dumb ass always hates on etc/.... loser fucks .

  • The Gold Standard

    Good album 4/5 imma give it a 5

  • Raul Rufin

    I don't think this album is a 5 as I would characterize his other two albums, but I'll give it a 5 to try and out weigh the stupidity behind the ratings hip hop dx and certain others have given it. You can't completely hate him for doing something different. Yeah its a little away from his typical sound but one must accept the changes and see his irony even after being record forced to certain songs. At first listen I said this cd had 3/4 amazing songs 2/3 okay songs and the rest being just ehhh. But I didn't give up. I kept listening till I could see what lupe was thinking when He made it. And I must say he hasn't failed me yet. This cd is truly 3.5 or 4

  • arkitekt

    I loved Lupe's first two albums, but this is weak. Wack beats, mediocre choruses, good lyrics. Fuck a stan for rating this 5. Get off his nuts.

  • blackrome

    You would have to be a fan of Gucci or an emo Wiz fan to think this album deserves 2 1/2 stars. All black everything buy itself makes this album a 3. Add on The Words I Never Said, Letting Go, State Run Radio,Break the Chain, The show must go on and the bonus tracks and I would give it a 4+. This is a political album. It's not for the skateboarders. It's not for the suburb emo kids or the ignorant down south kids. It's grown man music for intelligent people. To bad the reviewer doesn't fit that category.

  • TooBIGforLiLHaTeRs

    This Album is just as good as any other! What do I care if Fiasco had to put together a bunch of tracks that mindless retail junkies will buy. Only reason he can't do what he wants is because he hasn't tapped into the wealth of the real album purchasers. YOU WANT THE ORIGINAL LUPE? THEN SUPPORT HIM FINANCIALLY!

  • Hawk

    As a Lupe Fiasco album this thing sucked, But as mainstream album this is a pretty amazing. People seem to forget Atlantic Records is a business and they like all business are about the bottom line. I'm sorta glad that Lupe made this album because now my friends who didn't like Lupe because he was too hard to understand have Album they can feel with the same Lupe message in a simpler form.

  • Anonymous

    man everyones hatin on this album get high sit back and listen n its good. considering tht he was forced to make it this way proves he is a great rapper that is versatile and can do different things. dont think the lupe of old is gone cuz i gaurentee u hes not gonna go out like this with ppl hatin on him so hard

  • Alejandro

    I thought the album was good

  • Jimmy

    reviewer is an idiot, he had to dumb it down like that...or alantic wouldn't have released Lasers. It's still better than that ignorant waka flocka shit, which he(the reviewer) probably rated higher....dumb ass

  • Instro

    In Lupe Fiasco's third album LASERS, he removes himself from the sound he's built his name with for generic electro and pop production backed with obnoxious, mindless hooks that blatantly scream "play me on the radio PLEASE!" The producers he's built a good rapport with like Soundtrakk are gone for nameless producers with no unique style. Some tracks like All Black Everything and Till I Get There retain the style he's known for. This style is more familiar to Lupe, and in effect it sounds better and more refined. However, the album has largely lost its identity for the sake of getting radio play and being trendy. Fans of his previous works will largely be disappointed by this installment even with the few redeemable tracks it contains like Coming Up and Never Forget You, as well as the aforementioned tracks. Lupe is out of his element with LASERS and produces a sound that can be found with other artists that have been doing it longer and better.

  • krystalkleer

    i'm still rollin' with Lupe...the man struggled to get this one out amidst an awfully controlling label - he STILL speaking more blatant truth than 90% of mainstream artists. please check out my consciousness:

  • pienman

    either or this is still lupe...the lil goat of the future so i am still rocking with the homie

  • FNF`

    good review. dont blame lupe for the album being bad its atlantics fault. he was forced. wait for F&L2 thats the lupe we know

    • jihod

      "All Black Everything" is clearly the best song


      Not really. This is pretty much the album that Atlantic wanted him to change because they felt it wasn't as good as his previous work. Sounds like they were right. Show Goes On is one of the best songs on the album, and Lupe didn't even want it on the album. Sometimes labels actually know what they're talking about.

  • unorthadox777

    legit review only half the album was good so it only deserves half ratings...and even the album cover is a contradiction, fuck atlantic lu needs to link up with GOOD music

  • ilexx

    In all honesty I understand that die hard Lupe fans seem to be pissed of that this album is tooo "poppy" but I cant understand why people cant like something thats different? Does it have to have that "underground" sound or something? Fuck all of that.... I dont care if Lupe hates this album or not I am telling you that this album is definitely Lupe's biggest commercial album and if the label presents the singles properly Lupe could see a platinum plague out of this album. I am guessing that people's biggest problem with the album is that it is an album full of singles.... because thats what I think about it. There are so many tunes on this album that could be used as singles. If I was the label executive on this album I would have let Lupe go in and do 5 more songs with no pressure. So that he could just have more album cuts because thats really what this album is missing, the traditional album cuts. Fuck ppl for hating on this.... it may not be what WE wanted but its definitely still a solid album. Look at it from this perspective... Its the best introspective commercial album you have ever heard! Give it the proper props....

  • scoops

    I'll admit as a fan I felt let down, but it's still a good album. not many songs I don't enjoy personal favourites being till I get there, beautiful lasers and all black everything. I wish Atlantic would just fuck off and let lupe be lupe

  • hmmm

    ive heard some of the album but atlantic had dey hand in a lot of his shit, so im like ok he just need 2 come out wit a mixtape where it can just b him spazzin and it wont be no input frm his record lable

  • lupethekilla

    Lupe is atlantic records slave fuck atlantic records they fucked his album just listen SLR THATS THE REAL LUPE he said it himself that he hate the cd its n its n atlantic record album not lupe album hopefully he leaves the label

  • fjlakd aljdf

    fuck this album

  • buckeyewu

    He does this every time. He comes out with something that's either over most peoples heads or comes with something way out of left field. It's original and creative. Musically, it would please any "non hip hop" fan. Has the makings of another classic. I'll give a 4.5/5 for now but it's already growing on me just like his first two albums did. Looks like his first three albums are all classics. This and Saigon appear to be the albums to beat this year.

  • Jack Sprat

    "Just Because you don't understand him don't mean that he's nice...just mean you don't understand all the bullshit that he writes"


    Track-By-Track Breakdown 3.5 "Letting Go" This was the opening track on the album, and featured Lupeâ€(TM)s long time collaborator, Sarah Green. The production was nothing less than eclectically superb. (A producer I'm not exactly familiar with, named "The Future" was behind the boards on this one. Let's just say his producer name is most likely great prophecy...) It had the alternative feel that Lupe was no stranger to. Lupe mentioned that 4 to 5 of the original records he made for "Lasers" had made the final cut. Now, I don't know if this was one of them, but either way, it certainly didn't sound like a "conformist" track forced upon him by the label. What was different about it though, was that Lupe became very personal in it. In the past, Lupe has always presented quite a strong individual stance, and served to be more of an informer, teacher and intellectual. This is one of the first times I've heard him speaking on his personal demons; not hidden behind a character or concept album, but literally speaking about the man, Wasalu Jaco. He speaks about how becoming a successful rapper began to take a toll on him, because as a person, he has so many desires to help the world positively, but somewhere along the line, he began letting the shallow ambitions of awards, money, status and accolades define "success" for him. The self-identification and vulnerability is very commendable. Lupe discussed some topics I feel some of his musical peers have also faced, failed and denied in recent years. Lupe actually acknowledges and externalized his flaws, and this song is like a step towards his acceptance and shift towards continuing to try and be his true-self, and being proud of that. "Words I Never Said" This song has been out for a little while, and I really don't need to say much about it. It's one of the most controversial "mainstream" rap songs in a long time. I am personally a fan of Alex Da Kid and Skylar Grey (I've actually been a fan of Skylar Grey since she was Holly Brook). She's worked with Lupe in the past, on the Mike Shinoda [Fort Minor, Linkin Park)] collaboration, "Be Somebody".) I honestly believe if we didn't know anything about the politics behind this song, none of Lupe's fans would be complaining about it. This is one of Lu's best controversial songs, speaking directly against the "system". It's clearly in the same vein as "American Terrorist" from his debut album "Food & Liquor", just packaged a little differently. Some may not like the popular production and chorus style, but the funny part is; this seems like a record Lupe would have made on his own in the first place. The "Alex Da Kid/Skylar Grey" sound has recently just became popular, and beforehand, was actually considered "alternative", and this is a sound Lupe's dabbled with in the past, with records such as "The Instrumental" or "Streets On Fire", so it wasn't completely foreign for him. I think the criticism stems from this sound being a popular sound now, and people always thinking that opposing all things popular defines being a rebel. Sometimes a good sound is just a good sound. The popularity of it shouldn't discredit it's quality. Lupe has never been a stranger to the big sound and the rock-influenced vocalists. In spectrum, this is one of the best songs to come out in recent years; and I hope it does well. Who do you know makes a "hit potential" song with this much honesty, embodying the raw idea of "speaking your mind"? Forget all the other B.S behind and around it; listen to the lyrics and understand how monumental of a record this is, culturally. "Till I Get There" Now I heard this song in a video snippet months ago, and couldn't wait to hear the full version. What I began to admire about this album as I continued to listen to it was the irony of all the records. It's ever-so prevalent on "Till I Get There". What you get here in a very simple tune, with a nice, bouncy, friendly beat, and not really any super lyrical raps from Lupe. What you do get is Lupe speaking about his current situation; with the label and his position as an artist. The world (and more specifically, the industry) is telling him what fame is supposed to be; and he just isn't that. But the problem within him comes when he should be proud that he isn't their definition of fame, but for some reason, it's not fulfilling, because that's just the way the world presents it to him as. Overall, the record is a self-reflection of his perception of fame, and telling the ones listening with ambitions and himself simultaneously that through all of the drama and "them" telling you who you're supposed to be, always stay true to yourself. It comes off from a position where Lupe still isn't fully sure himself, but he's once again externalizing the idea, and putting the positive idea out into the atmosphere; continuing to fulfill his duty to inspire the world, while still dealing with these things personally in his life. "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" Now, as I mentioned above, I'm not sure which records were original "Lasers" joints, and which ones were the label-influenced ones, but I inquire that "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" was most likely an original Lupe record. Most of his collaborations with MDMA I believe were his own conceptions, since they've worked closely in the past (see "We On "; the collaboration with GemStones & "Hi-Definition"). I believe this was one of Lupe's attempts to simply be expansive with his sound. Why shouldn't Lupe have a song that can get people on their feet dances and bang in the club? The first thing I thought of when I heard the chorus drop was Taio Cruz. But this was not a bad thing. I'm a fan of Taio Cruz (who writes and produces all of his own music, might I chime in; a musicianship trait most people tend to overlook about certain artists, since they disregard pop music all together) The problem people have with this doesn't lie in the fact it's a bad song. It's a dope song, that's catchy, rhythmic, and doesn't compromise anything lyrically by Lupe. People have a problem with it because it may take THEM out of their comfort zone, for those who are anti-pop everything, mostly for the sake of being anti-pop everything. Once again, that sounds like a personal problem to me. One of Lupe's favorite rap artists, Blu, said it best. "Underground rappers like to chill at the club too...". Though Lupe is not an underground rapper; he's usually hailed as it's representative within the mainstream, so I believe this line applies to him too. Sometimes, you just don't wanna care. This has to be the best backdrop music for not caring that I've ever heard... "Outta My Head (ft. Trey Songz)" Lupe was personally biggin' this song up on his Twitter and social networks, and mentioned in an interview it was a record he tracked out and personally acquired Trey for. It's nothing less than dope. He's been no stranger to songs to appeal to females. (See "Sunshine", "Paris, Tokyo" & "Go Baby"), except this time around, he took a more straightforward approach, rather than a figurative, interpretive one like he has in the past. Metaphorical female songs are all good, and welcome all the time; but sometimes it's okay just to say "Lady, you're wonderful, and I want to let you know you're wonderful." I can never shun anything showing positive admiration for the female species. As for the song itself, the production blended smooth synths with hard hitting percussion and an highly addictive chorus by Trey Songz; who's at the top of his game right now. You can't deny a hit record. This is certainly one. I really do hope it's selected as a single. I can see this definitely becoming big. Hip-Hop songs for females aren't unheard of people. It's really that simple. True lyricists still are allowed to like women, love and admire a lady who has caught their eye. There's something strangely unsettling about anyone hating on a concept like that; especially all the so called "heterosexual" males I've been seeing disliking it. Let me just hand you a remote, so you can pause yourself in advance. "The Show Goes On" This honestly will still be one of my favorite records on the project. The tune once against perpetuates the irony of the whole album. This was a forced single that Lupe had to do. He took the song, and talked directly about his situation with Atlantic Records. "Have you ever had the feeling that you was being had? Don't that sh-t just make you mad? They treat you like a slave; put whips all on your soul and put chains up on your back, they be lying through they teeth, hope you slip up off yo' path. I don't switch up, I just laugh; throw my kicks up on they desk; unaffected by they threats, then get busy (a double meaning by the way, as in literally getting to work, and getting "DJ BUSY", Lupe's Atlantic cohort, on the case) on they a**...". The song has done decent on the charts (just about cracking Top 40), was featured prominently during this year's Superbowl, and once again is a great example of Lupe taking a negative thing, and turning it into a positive thing. The song was one of the truest joints on the LP, that reaffirmed Lu's concern for individualism, and also the young generation following their dreams. The production shines here, no doubt, but even if that's not your cup of tea; just listen to the lyrics then. Something's gotta give... "Beautiful Lasers" This was easily my favorite record on the entire album. I had the honor of hearing this live in Minnesota here, at the show Lupe did at Gustavus College last April, and took some footage of it. In the same vein of "Letting Go", except a bit more deeper, Lupe faces his demons head on and talks about his mental state, battling depression and suicide in this tune. This was one of his original LASERS records. Easily the most personal song Lupe has ever done. You have to commend this brother for letting us look into his soul and hearing these things, and well as continuing to access the current situation he's directly engulfed in, as well as just discussing the reality of the system vs. the people. "Sometimes living in the world like this, it's pretty hard not to go insane; not pretty if you don't comply, pretty easy if you don't complain..." Real fans and supporters of his music should be uplifting this type of honesty, yet all I keep seeing is complaints about some autotune on the hook? Um...what? So you missed all of the part of the song that was one of the most candid Lu joints of all and just heard that? I personally was initially annoyed by the autotune as well, because I remember the live version sounded so raw and clean; but there's still no arguments here. You weigh the pros vs. the cons, and the pros definitely win here. "Coming Up" I must say from the get-go, I was loving the summer-esque, 90s feel good jam production that this joint had. This is once again a collaboration with MDMA, so I'm thinking this is a Lupe original. The first verse was to his sisters, continuing to uplift them and their ambitions as young women, as well as coping with the passing of their father. You don't hear many rap artists trying to uplift the younger generation of females anymore. The song was just an overall, feel-good joint that people should definitely be able to ride out to this summer, with undeniable realism from Lupe, that further exhibited his reasons for rapping. "In my day, I did a lil' somethin' somethin'; they like "How come you don't rap that? 'Cuz that's a backtrack, & I ain't trying to back-back...". Lines like that stuck out for me; and should clear up some things for listeners who don't know that Lupe is from one of the worst parts of Chicago, and came into the rap game as a "gangsta" rapper, promoting violence, drug-dealing, and all of the clichÃ(C) topics so many modern rappers have made music about. They should come to respect more of what he's doing after understanding that. It establishes that he can fully understand and relate to all of that "detrimental" music, but he's just choosing to do something different, and approach it more positively. "State Run Radio" There wasn't a record more ironic on this album than "State Run Radio". The entire song was about how the radio just doesn't play real music anymore. I'm in a Mass Communication course at school right now, and I was just reading about this. We studied the history of radio, and how it shifted from the times of DJs breaking revolutionary records, to things being taken over by corporations when deregulation of station ownership occurred around 1996. All while Lupe spoke about the ills of the nature of the industry, the production and hook on this joint was highly addictive, and "radio-ready" if you will. Alanis Morisette would be proud.. "Break The Chain" This record wasn't a favorite of mine on the album, but still served to be a highly addictive listen. It was almost unneeded, but a quality song nevertheless, just continuing to promote the message Lupe has been pushing for the entire album. I dug the production by Ishi, and Matt Mahaffey did his best Mr. Hudson impression on this one. It's a song I really like, but still can't get past the fact the album could have done without it. Sway's verse was nice; but there was nothing that really stood out. The trance-like production and the haunting chorus is what stole the show here. You can literally get lost in the song sonically, and sort of drift off into a daydream state with it. To me, all the records prior to this were needed. This record COULD be defined as filler. But if you're going to have anything be filler, I'll take this record. I'm sure this will do well overseas, which I believe was the intention of it. Don't sleep on the production of this joint. If you're a fan of quality European production, you'll like this. "All Black Everything" This is the record Lupe called one of his favorites, if not the most favorite period. Lupe's been the one to conceptualize in the past plenty of times, with joints such as "The Cool" from "Food & Liquor" and many other songs that landed on the extended concept album "The Cool", based on the original song. This time around, Lupe talks about if slavery never occurred and a history devoid of racism, and how that world could have been. The concept was really something cool to think about, and I can't recall any hip-hop artist in recent years doing something like that and touching on this topic. The dreamy production by The Buchanans was equally as good as the content Lupe placed over top of the song. This song was certainly closer to "classic Lupe" than anything else on the album; a concept-based, socially-conscious story, with the ultimately goal to promote a more positive society and view upon the world. "Never Forget You" Lupe closed out the album (aside from the already leaked bonus tracks "I'm Beaming" & "Shining Down") with the John Legend assisted cut, "Never Forget You". Now, Lupe acknowledged this was also a label-forced song; but he had worked with John Legend in the past. Regardless of how it came about, the song was very soulful, and John Legend's vocals were very powerful as usual, as Lupe used the canvas to elaborate more on his upbringing, in Chicago, and touch on the negative influences around him that he was able to overcome through the teaching and guidance of his late, great father, who he cites for being a very big inspiration for him coming up as a boy. The song is similar to "Fighters" on Lupe's previous effort; and is presented as sort of a memorial to his father. Overall, it reflected quite a refreshing way of therapy for Lupe to cope with the passing of his father, by remembering the positive influence he had on the world and on him as a person

  • Rival X Jordan

    2.5 is little low. Yeah this is a weak album coming from Lupe. But it only has two corny sounding tracks. I Don't Wanna Care Right Now and Outta My Head. But I give the album 3.5 of 5.

  • Truth

    I think the album is going over all of your heads. 5* for Lasers

  • fatboyd

    beats were repetitive and pop soundin, hooks were ass, album was short. fuck this album, lupe better come hard on fnl2 after this mess

  • ColoradoKnight

    This album fell way short. With all of the press and publicity, I feel that Lupe did nothing but make excuses for a lackluster album.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Lupe was forced to make a "mainstream" album by Atlantic, and that isn't his style. HOWEVER: He made a mainstream album better then most mainstream albums out there. Compare Lasers to I Am Not A Human Being, as Lasers is far superior to I Am Not A Human Being. While all of us would have wanted another album like "The Cool", but Atlantic said otherwise. While I hate Atlantic at the moment for how unfairly they treated Lupe, but this album is still good. Even if it wasn't what you were expecting, this album is a 4 1/2 out of 5 for me.

  • Mellow

    People are being way too critical. It has almost no filler tracks and Lupe Spits about real sh*t on this album. The beats are a bit more pop oriented. But at the end of the day he still does not compromise his message in the music.

  • blank

    i whouldnt say this album isnt good but its okay, its not like ne of his other 2 albums which were great albums, we all know atlantic screwed lupe off this album and wanted him to release their type of album.. my opinion is that atlantic was aiming more towards him releasing a so call pop album and not a rap/hip hop album.. atlantic sees all this pop crap selling on itunes and being played on the radio and thats what they wanted lupe to release. out of the whole album only 4-5 tracks out of 12 has explicit contents. how could a lyrical genious like lupe release a album with less explicit contents

  • Josiah Perez

    My thoughts - exactly. Especailly the last paragraph. 5 stars for the review, 2.5 stars for the album.

  • Wil

    Idunno, but that "All Black Everything" track is worth the price of admission. This guy is still one of the coldest spitters on the planet. I'd buy it.

  • William Katzki

    Of course this album isn't as good as food& liquor or the cool.....he had to do wat the fuk atlantic told him to do in order to even put music out......otherwise he'd jus be a dope mc wit no charles hamilton....rappers need money it is wat it is.....

  • chuck norris

    Lupe stans are theeeee worst. Y'all hero made a wack album, live with it.

  • Luis A Echevarría

    the album is not terrible... I thought it was a decent album. 3.5/5

  • revenge much more

    lupe the goat.....glad to get anything new from him... i dont care if he raps in greek ill cop the album just to have more tracks from him food & liquor the cool itjotlod countless mixtapesssssssssss lasers is different yes...but still great...look outside the box stansssss

    • Nana

      No no no don't try a '808s and Heartbreaks' "no he tried a different approach, even though its not his original style its still sick as what it is". Atlantic raped Lupe and this album.

  • Killalex

    Biggest disappointment of 2011. How do you go from The Cool to this pop garbage? Even lupe said this album is wack.

  • Armandski

    Lasers is gonna be awesone! Can't wait. ;)

  • becks23la

    i can't disgree more with the revew here dawgs, this album, ain't Lupe's best tbh, but a solid allbum, deep and geniusly done. 4/5 for me.

  • rideonemjixxer

    i disagree with the writer here. Not Lupes most lyrically solid album, but a solid album none the less. no filler, all the tracks are well put together. Somethin for everyone. Im happy with it

  • jason

    Are we forgetting that he is one of the best out right now? Although it may not be HIS best album, its better than anything else put out, or that will be put out this year. I only have 8 songs off the album so far, but i'm not disappointed, and i don't think i'll be with the rest.

  • Jscot

    WOOOOOWWWW I like how everyone wants to blame Atlantic for Lasers not being the album that they wanted. Am I the only person thinking that Lupe handle this entire situation wrong? I mean HE SIGNED a CONTRACT to produce music that would make MONEY. That is why it is called MUSIC BUSINESS. You think Atlantic had a problem when he was poppin from cause it was profitable. He probably did make an album with no commercially viable hits and presented it to Atlantic and they said get this shit out of here. It's about the money at the end of the day. He had the nerve to villianize the Atlantic like he never signed a contract... Watch who's dotted lines you signed, at the end of the day blame Lupe. How could you trash your own shit before it even drops? If I were Atlantic I wouldnt drop him, Id milk every single album out his ass or make him by his way out. If you want creative control, you won't find it on a major.

    • Anonymous

      his has everything do with lasers. good post. though I do see his argument to a degree about the art. but its a 2 way street and he signed a contract. maybe they just have a bad relationship.

    • Anonymous

      dude we're talking about the essence or lack-there-of Lasers. Not what you think about Lupe's shortcomings with his label. Go bash on him on your internet diary.

    • CR7

      great post, talking sense my man!

  • NRG

    This album isnt like his last two but its still pretty good. I like most of the songs on there...even the club records. Its not the super lyrical lupe the we're all used to but I think we all knew that coming in to it so I give it a 3 1/2.

  • manstfucotdang111


  • blake

    This album is nothing like f&l and the cool, but it is still a good album. Atlantic has it's stamp throughout the album but it still is nice.

  • ts5000

    this album is horrible it sounds too commercial & popish lupe fiasco is too much of a talented artist to be releasing material like this he needs to sign to a new label cause atlantic records is tellin him what to do with his music like "don't rap too deep" his last album was descent but idk what happened

  • Anonymous

    first listen i would have said a 1, but after a second listen ill put it as a 3 1/2.

  • whowho

    I had so much hope for this album. I thought Atlantic was preventing Lupe from speaking his mind on sensitive subjects. NO, ATLANTIC DID NOT WANT TO PUT THIS ALBUM OUT BECAUSE ITS ASS!

  • SomeOtherGuy

    Good album, I liked it.

  • PoBoy

    Not much to say, just not a good album, Lupe or otherwise.

  • bigtim5099


    • Anonymous

      lol no it certainly is not...u sir r a dickrider to the end i see. Lu is one of my fav. rappers in the game but this album sucks period.n he knos it. so stfu

  • Lupin

    3.5 if not a 4, after the second listen

  • Hmmm

    Listened to the album again and it's pretty decent. 3.5

  • The One

    I know it's not Lupe's fault, but I'm gonna find him and spank his booty for this, and penetrate the booties of Atlantic Records for ruining his music

  • Right On

    man, poor lupe fiasco that cat has such a gift and it gets stolen and destroyed by money hungry dumbfucks

  • Maxwell

    So you would rather bash a Lupe album then have it come out at all?? The dude was going to stop making music because of the record label. They MADE him do a lot of these songs, and yet it's a 2.5..LOL get the fuck outta here... Appreciate this for what it is, a change from his normal music due to outside forces. This is a really good album, but it's not what YOU want to hear so you kill it?? Makes no sense. Classic? No, but it's a solid 4 star album.

    • Anonymous

      You're contradictiing yourself. You're saying just because he campaigned for the album to come out it should get a default 5. what kind of shit is that. And then you acknowledge that the label MADE him make most of the songs.... good art comes from passion... and here u are admitting that this shit was forced.

    • tha620hawk

      Sorry you're mistaken man. I wanted a 5 star album, but now I just wish this one was a 3 star. It's so not him. You don't feel passion in this project, and his production is just awful. I agree with the review in the aspect that he said he wouldn't bow to commercial airplay and this shows that he is weeker than we thought. I hope he rebounds after this one

    • smh

      4 stars? ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  • SticksGood

    I actually liked the album...The Cool was definitely my favorite Lupe album because I liked every track and it's hard to put 19 quality songs on one album...It's damn near impossible... But with Lasers, he goes with a different sound and it works, just not to the liking of the "non-radio" crowd...I don't listen to much of the radio because of the lack of lyricism and depth but Lasers has both... I especially liked Beautiful Lasers...He spit with some emotion in that second verse...

  • Korey Black

    This album is SOLID. Solid hooks, solid writing and solid production. If you sit down and REALLY listen, this album is a feast of political stances and governmental confrontation. This review is really not accurate…and I do understand that people are attracted to an artist because of a certain style but that really boxes in creativity in the long run. Linkin Park took a chance on their new style and have sold a TON of records. Sometimes as an artist you just have to go for it…but I can tell you that I predict that this album will be a HUGE seller if the label is able to market it the right way. I give this album a 9.5 out of 10. This album SOARS.

    • Anonymous

      Quote: "I'm a lupe fan, but he shouldn't talk about politics." Get the f*#k out of here, ROFLMAO.

    • Anonymous

      honestly, if its filled with his political stances, that turned off any interest i had before. I'm a lupe fan, but he shouldn't talk about politics. lupe, u protestin against war by not votin nigga, wat? he should get some education fellow chi-town boi rhymefest


    "A good emcee without any real direction." -WTF-MAN I called it

  • Luiz Fillipe Graziadio

    i liked!

  • Bom919

    Lupe your still in my top 10 and will always be. idc what this dude says I Dont Wanna Care Right Now is my shit!!! and from what i heard so far its a pretty strate album. not the best but still gonna buy it. dont let these haters knock you off dude. keep up the good work. its understandable the pressure behind this album was crazy and of course no one is ever satified. but every song ive heard on here so far is banging except All Black Everything was only ok but real talk..good job Lupe. your still one of the best and im still copping this album

  • Anonymous

    i gave it a 2.5 before i even saw the review

  • josh354

    had a spark when you started but now your just garbage

    • da1

      hell naw that actually gave me a good laugh, even though I disagree with him being garabage. That was a funny post.

  • Love Always Shines Everytime, Remember 2 Smile


  • Rob

    This will probably be my biggest disappointment of the year in ANY genre. How one could go from The Cool to this is just crazy. I wasn't expecting the Cool part 2 either, but to listen to his mixtapes and then listen to this album raises some questions. Oh well, hopefully its the labels fault and he'll bounce back next time.

  • Bubu K

    Ey 2.5?! thats way too low its not that bad itz at least a 3. The pop beats r kinda annoying but if u listen to most of the songs lyrics they still show some lupe... just not all of him

  • Anonymous


  • all black everything

    lupe the goat.....glad to get anything new from him... i dont care if he raps in greek ill cop the album just to have more tracks from him food & liquor the cool itjotlod countless mixtapesssssssssssssss lasers is different yes...but still great...look outside the box stans

  • Common Sense

    republic n1, Ikh-em, Anonymous(one right before this post), and T big ups. You guys are speaking the truth.

    • Ikh-em

      @ The guy that wants to remain Anonymous I hope you know what stans and preachers are...Anyway I'm just saying that the review doesn't do the album justice and giving it a 2.5 rating is silly. Btw this is the first Lupe album I've actually listen to(Going to listen to F&L and The Cool later). Oh and btw I've only replied to one post asking/telling the person to give the album another listen, sorry if you missed that one post.

    • Anonymous

      maybe people just dont like the album and you need to fucking get over it insttead responding to every post trying to change their minds. Its not like people decided they were gonna hate the album before they press play. stop being such a stan. People know what they like... stop being such a preacher.

    • Ikh-em

      Haha thanks man. It's just that people thought this was Food and Liquor w/ Deserts(a continuation) or The Cool Part 2 something and when they found out it wasn't what they anticipated it to be like they're like "Oh...this is garbage." It's not garbage just give it a second listen. Hell, half of 'em are probably going to be bumpin' to it in a couple of days.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know why lupe was so surprised by the reviews.. even he expressed discontent towards it. you dickriders look really dumb trying to force feed this shit to people. its nothin against lupe the shit is just...bad.

    • Ikh-em "I love and hate this album. I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs. But when I think about what it took to actually get the record together and everything that I went through on this record—which is something I can’t separate—I hate this album.”

  • T

    And for all you jack asses who say the album is Garbage do you understand that this was kinda Atlantics Plan to eliminate half of Lupes Fan Base.You know what comes to mind when I think of Lu's past 3 albums F&L= ILLMATIC The Cool= It was written LASERS= I AM+ Nastradamus Hopefully TGARA= Stillmatic

    • Ikh-em

      Thanks for your input, man. Edwin Ortiz and everyone else that's giving the album a low review...a review that does not give the album justice give the album another listen. Yeah it's not Food and Liquor nor is it The Cool and it's also not a bad album.

  • T

    Even though I have doubts I'm still coppin the album For the fact that I've been waiting 3 years for it. We still need support Lupe even though Illumatlantic forced him to be LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. Support my man so that he make enough money to go independent.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Sorry to change topic all too abruptly but please get prepared for RAEKWON: SHAOLIN vs. WU-TANG, people!!!!!!! It'll be a crime if HHDX gives this anything less than a 4.5 I almost want to give it a 5 and I hope it fully succeeds..... Seriously, who else can accomplish this sort of feat?! Not one but 2 Classic, super heavy lyrical full-length albums released in just in 18 months with plenty of collabos, sick production and features to match?????!!!!!!! This is Insane; Chef's delivery is soooooo damn REMARKABLE!!!!! Its impossible to stop bumping addictive^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Pablo Escobar

    Initial impressions considered, a preemptive ***3.0*** Best Tracks: Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways), All Black Everything, Letting Go, State Run Radio, and Never Forget You Slightly Above-Average: The Show Goes On, Words I Never Said Sub-Par/Bad: The Other 5 songs: Till I Get There, I Don't Wanna Care Right Now, Out of My Head, Coming Up, Break the Chain The Lyrics are the bread-and-butter of this album but some truly horrific production just cannot be ignored!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe all you gotta' do is change your name to Eminem and change your album name to Recovery keep the pop songs and it's a hit album.

    • RIP_Proof&Dilla

      Sad but True. Em defnitley goes hard on some of recovery,but the album get so old after a few listens.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Damnn, Atlantic Records ---> Fuck You Fags!! FUCK YOU ATLANTIC RECORDS!!!! Grrrrrr, I really hope that however the sales are for this album, that FOOD and LiQuOR 2 sells more copies when it drops late 2011/early 2012. Otherwise, I will lose any remaining bit of faith in the idea that consumers will eventually assign merit/props/accolades to the MC's and albums that actually matter and are substantial or refreshing!! I wonder when Atlantic (as well as Interscope, Virgin, and even Def Jam) will stop torturing people by selecting production beats that are recycled, mindless, primitive, corny, and fucking sound worse than nails on a chalkboard?????!!!!!!! What was the point of Hov making "Death of Autotune"?!!! Apparently very few people heard this nigga and those that did didn't care enough to help change things... Stand your ground and don't let em hammer you Lupe...

  • Realness121

    Lu is my man,but this album is LAME,TRASH,BLAH Better luck next time Lupe,GET OFF ATLANTIC,GO TO DEF JAM,OR ROC NATION

  • P.z. Price

    Way To Go Atlantic... Too Focused on Making other rappers crossover the whole sound is a mess... I couldn't stand by it neither and I'm Die Hard Lupe.. Hopefully the next album will be his and not some compromised garbage that the label forced upon him.... Dont Kill A Genius.....

  • ag1

    "All Black Everything" is one of my all time favorites

  • Ikh-em

    Are you serious...a 2.5? Did you listen to the album at all? It is, at worst, a 3.5. Emancipate your minds. It's like you guys just judged it from what you expected it to be like and it didn't reach that expectation. Do you have any idea what the album production was like? Hell Lupe himself said he was battling w/ suicidal thoughts during the production of the album. Emancipate your minds and give the album a second listen.

    • Ikh-em

      @jj steez Forgot to reply to the question about lyrical content and no it doesn't show what he is capable of but I don't know why you would come to that conclusion after he has talked about his label not wanting him to rap a certain way. Even w/ all the restraints the album is still okay.

    • Ikh-em

      @jj steez What? So you're telling me that this album deserves a 2.5? I never said it was the greatest album ever I just do not think this album deserves a 2.5. And if you're going sit there infront of the computer telling me it does then I'm pretty sure you're not listening to the album.

    • jj steez

      i hate dudes like "lkh - em." like dog your saying how you love nas and rakim and shit, but your gonna say this album is good? i'm not basing my opinion on the fact that he 'sold out' or the lyrics 'aren't deep' im basing it on the fact that it does not, by any means, demonstrate dudes lyrical skills. and if you think it does? than you dont know lupe for real. shut up

    • Ikh-em

      @Guy I don't listen to Gucci or any of 'em 'trap' rappers...w/e you like to call them. But I am kinda biased to what I listen to, I only like listening to good music. Music w/ good lyrics, thought-provoking lyrics. I listen to Nas, Rakim, Tupac,and Em like they just came out as brand new artists. And I'm sorry to communicate this to you in this type of fashion but you sir are stupid. Lupe thinks this album is garbage? What? Ummm... "“One thing I try to stress about this project is, I love and hate this album. I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs. But when I think about what it took to actually get the record together and everything that I went through on this record—which is something I can’t separate—I hate this album." "I don’t like the process behind Lasers. The music is dope but I just don’t like the process. We were literally at the point where all this music was done except for a couple songs that we did after the protest. So the bulk of the album was done. And we were talking about shelving the album and going to another label, that’s where we were like, ‘If you put the record out, put it out. Either move on to another album or can it and we’ll do other records at another label.’ The business of it got solved. I’m happy for the fans, this is their album. This is the album that they fought for and that’s what made me do songs like ‘Words I Never Said’ and ‘All Black Everything.’" - Lupe Fiasco @fiddy Thanks for seeing my P.O.V. Hopefully more people will appreciate this album. Like yeah I know this album was not Food & Liquor and The Cool but don't take away the positives from this album. It reminds me of It Was Wrriten by Nas after he dropped arguably the greatest rap album of all-time, Illmatic. A lot of people did not like it/had mixed reviews about it but after you gave it a second listen you're like wow...this is actually a good record.

    • fiddy

      +1 i loved it, and yeah 3.5 at worst.

    • Guy

      Album is pop garbage save for a few tracks. Even Lupe thinks it is garbage. Get a clue bro and go back to listening to Gucci.

  • gutter man

    this albums attempt to be a pop-rap album failed hard. shit is gonna flop commercially as well as in the street/underground scenes. listen to Canibus instead.

  • MagicMack

    This album is fire main This is so far my album of 2011 When it comes out imma COP THIS SHIT!!!!!!!

  • Nick McComb

    I'm just as disappointed as the next Lupe fan but I think everyone's being too hard on him. Yes F&L and The Cool were way better than this album but he had to make compromises to even get this album out. I'm blaming Atlantic fully for this album. I know Lupe is much better than this album. I was personally the most disappointed after hearing beautiful lasers with the beat and the auto tune. I heard him rap this accapella in concert and was convinced that it would be one of the best songs I've ever heard....but it was pretty much ruined with the beat and the auto tune chorus. That being said...this album still is much better than any other album that's out right now. Rating this while NOT comparing it to his other albums I give it a 4/5

  • SilkyJohnson

    Lu would be one of the greatest ever if it wasnt for those cunts at atlantic.. bottom line

  • Anonymous

    i like him as a rapper, but i hate how he's so unti-Israel. not getting this album.

  • ffffffffffff

    support the homey

  • TempoClash

    Here we have the fan proclaimed GOAT haha absolute idiots!

  • fuck it

    the cool was the shit this album suck pop dick

  • Anonymous

    fake pop beats with corny hooks just one track all black was real fuck atlantic they fucked his sound up one star

  • HRH

    Whatever Happened With "Shining Down" feat. Matt Santos?? That Made My Top 5 Last Year. Lupe's Better Than This

  • republic n1

    album is okay. The problem is that we all were waiting for another F&L or The Cool.. that's why everyone's dissapointed. let's hope that Lupe will leave Atlantic soon and drop some real shit.

  • Bigstack

    Can't understand why the sickest track of last year - SLR! one of my all-time favorite tracks!! - didn't make the album! I'm gonna play this forever... I would gave the album a's just not a 4

  • LOL QQ

    God Food and Liquor and the Cool were so amazing, this was just not on the same level. The review is legitimate

  • Cealix

    And they say Eminem stans are different. lol, if Lupe doesn't get a score of 5 or higher, then the whole site is terrible!

    • Ikh-em

      It's not even's just that this review doesn't do the album justice. The rating for the album, at worst is 3.5

  • Nick Haddad

    fire and comes from the heart.... ma fuckin 5 star bitchessss

  • Anonymous

    some of u r criticizing(def spelt wrong)the site for giving (insert album) a higher rating than Lasers,but keep in mind its a different person writing these reviews most the time,so its a different view

  • Sean Michael Patrick Murphy

    "Letting Go", "Beautiful Lasers", "Words I Never Said" "All Black Everything" and "Never Forget You" are clearly standout tracks..Think they are all great..The rest not so much but what can you do

  • Anonymous


  • sdenn

    Dumbest review ever why? he listened to the album literally lied saying it was unfocused and not about this message (WHICH IT WAS COMPLETELY MIND YOU) : "We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd / We want substance in the place of popularity / We want to think our own thoughts / We want love, not lies / We want knowledge, understanding, and peace / We will not lose, because we are not losers / We are Lasers.” Rarely does this proclamation show up in the music, a failure even Lupe Fiasco is surely aware of. ------- so he listened to soulja boy's album? the album WAS focused and WAS on point. seriously... did he listen to the album at all? more than half the songs are so specific with the message... album is fucking incredible and im not a lupe dick rider, ive never even been big on him, til now

  • GJH-bol

    I feel mad sorry for Lupe! He knows his artistic integrity was compromised. Fuck atlantic. Bullshit as record labels. I hope lupe keeps his head up, leaves atlantic and comes out with food & liquor 2 and takes music to that next level and gives a big eat a dick to atlantic!!!

  • Stephen Major Glory Lynch

    Was a decent album.... this review is pretty poor tbh, ur acting as though u don't know his label situation.... What Lasers shows is postivity throughout despair, the message remains positive despite all his label pressures.

  • Jose

    What's the deal this albums amazing yall hatin on real music that dont involve bs money an cars..

  • up top

    Lupe reminds me of Nas. After Nas first 2 albums i thought Nas couldn't drop an album that wasn't great but he proved me wrong. after food and liquor & the cool, i thought lupe would drop non stop great albums but like nas he proved me worng. i hope this is just a minor speed bump in his career and the rest of his albums are as good as his first 2...

    • L-Boogie

      I don't understand why heads always criticized Nas more for not delivering a 3rd classic when Iam has some classic joints on it. Nastradamus is not that bad as people say.

    • Anonymous

      i wouldnt doubt he goes back to his old sound once he gets dropped,maybe we'll get some of the tracks that were dropped from the originally planned Lasers on his next release

  • rudboi100

    lupe is my niggah. my roommate used 2 get pissed @ me cuz i would say lupe is top 5 dead or alive lyrically one spot ahead of his boy Nas & i've store bought all his albums up 2 this point but even i must admit that this is far from his best. It's better than most other rappers' albums but i expected more. even though food & liquor is light years ahead of this album i will still cop cuz imma tru lupe fan. jus like when i copped kingdom come by jay. wasn't his best but i gotta support my favorites. my favorites worst albums are still better than most of the BS out now...

  • D. $cience

    Lupe Fiasco made a Nastradamus.

  • Simon Magus

    Raekwon the chef for the win

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    It doesn't matter what major label you sign too, they all are corrupt and greedy. It's sad how hip hop has turned out thanks to people with masses amount of money that do nothing but keep making money off of the artists. All rappers should just go independent...wait, rephrase...all TALENTED rappers and emcees should go independent and let the record label executives get in the booth and make "their" music. I haven't listened to Lasers yet but from the reviews it doesn't sound like Atlantic deserves my 10 dollars

  • Darrion Brown

    Lasers doesn't suck. It's just not on Food & Liquor's level or The Cool Level. I'm a big fan of this guy, and this Album doesn't need this low ratings.

  • Sean Michael Patrick Murphy

    damn Lu I was bumping my head after the first 2 tracks, shaking my head in the entire middle, and back to nodding at the end..what the hell happened in the middle

  • ladyiva

    Coming from the rapper who gave us "Dumb It Down," I'm disappointed because he left the record company dumb it down. I don't care about the politics of the business. I just care about good music.

  • hahah @hiphopdx

    Hmm... Nicki Minaj get's a higher rating? Just cause this album isnt F&L or The Cool, it gets that low? Ive heard half the album and it is sub-par but only to Lupe's standards. Please hiphopdx, let me write your reviews and i promise some of these losers putting out cd's now wont be liked anymore. wake up hiphopdx, wake up.

  • Eugene Coolestwitanerdname Queener


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Those tracks are more commercial, but is ok to try something different. 4 stars

  • Anonymous

    This album is equivalent to Common's last album. . .Lupe should by all means leave Atlantic.

  • Jay

    Okay this album is better than a 2 1/2. I will admit on my first listen i was very disappointed and shock in what i was hearing but after the 2nd and 3rd listen it grew on me. I will admit this album isn't Food and Liquor nor The Cool but its a solid album 3 1/2 out of 5. Dx give it a few more listening and you will agree.

  • Kanye East

    Lupe is my dude, but u no if an artist isn't entirely happy with their own album, then its not gona be great. I'll still buy it though to show my support! I'm just waiting on that next ish now!

  • aman

    Great album... F the haters, everything is commercial now a days. There is no underground anymore, we have unlimited access to the internet.

  • da1

    I never thought I see the day when I see someone give lupe less then perfect or near perfect reviews. But you guys are ranking hims close with the wacka flocka flames and the souja boys of the world, how dare you!!! Yeah this isn't the lupe I know but thats because it's not his fault. The label screwed him deep. Thats why I'm beamin and go to sleep aren't on hear(which sounded like hits to me). But back to what I was saying with his on point lyrics and dope flow you could've atleast given him a 3 1/2.

  • Patrick

    Fucking Atlantic, ruined what could of been another great album from Lupe. God damn majors.

  • LJbigbang

    Food & Liquor, and The Cool: both fantastic (the former probably a classic). This album was poor. Can't wait for Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album.

  • sesomkrap

    I've been a loyal Lupe Fiasco fan since his mixtape days. Thoroughly disappointed with this release, although I can't blame him given all that he's gone through with Atlantic. Still, after dropping classics like "Food & Liquor" and "The Cool", I can't help but feel incredibly let-down. I'm still purchasing a physical copy on release date to support Lupe. His next album better be amazing!


    No im not dissapointed, Im angry. its outrageous. I knew lupe wouldnt come up with nothing better than food and liquor , but Lasers are way worse than the cool. All substance has turned into lowest form of commercial b****** . Shame....

  • Joshua El-Tigre Padilla

    WTF????? HiP-Hop Dx Is On SUm BullShit Ratting This CD 2 Of 5.... Fuck OuttA Here Wit All Lupe Haters Here Also...Lupe is killing every so called rapper out There. There's no comparing him nor competition for him. He eating Rappers alive...No death penalties he giving life sentences 2 All Rappers.... You People Make Me Sick....

  • Niro

    You know what, you cannot compare this album to the other two. This album is completely different, I enjoyed it. It is unbelievable that Lupe was able to come through even though he was limited due to Atlantic. F**K ATLANTIC RECORDS. SUPPORT LUPE

  • abe

    I probably would have given it 2.5/5 after my first listen, way over produced and too many shitty pop/club beats/hooks. I admit it is nowhere near as good as his previous work and I was really disappointed but after multiple listens I actually think its pretty good. I gave it 4/5, it's at least 3.5/5. I think it's going to be one of those albums we listen to a few years from now and think wow this is pretty good. If we compare it to other albums I would say it's better than kanye's Hip-pop album MBDTF, definitely better than B.O.B's shitty album, Drake, Eminem, Wale, Lil Wayne and any other mainstream rappers stuff (except Nas). I mean Lu's subject matter is still there and much better for me to listen to than kanye's bragging and annoying relationship issues. And kanye got rave reviews. My point we are all ripping on Lupe because he set the bar for himself really high and fell way short. We hyped the album up so much that we expected perfection. Obviously Atlantic didn't let Lupe have creative freedom. He did the best he could with what he was given. Cant wait until he goes indie

    • Bigstack

      Better then kanye's? Thats a joke right?!? Just because its lupe you dont have to overate it! I love lupe, but besides 4 tracks i dont like the album! Lets be real pls... Thank you raekwon to putting out another sick banger! I hope he inspires others (nas,mobb deep) to go back to the music that made them to living legends!

    • Niro

      I agree... second listen the album grew on me

  • Julien Thorne

    everyone comes out with a whack album at least once in their career. No surprises here.

  • kaos

    I don't care what others say, I bought yesterday (early Aussie release date!) and I love it. Great album, even though his tone might be a bit different. Other Lupe albums I'd listen to when I was angry at the world, or feeling political. This one I'd listen to just to bob my head and chill.

  • Anonymous

    I like very much. This now my favorite. Sound like radio

  • cdub

    still buyin the album AND a T shirt on march 8 F & F UP!!! remember people...this article is objective, dont get carried away

  • tnick33

    i cant listen it is horrible, sucks

  • blazedALLthetiem

    this album was hella awkward to listen too.... i cant!!!

  • Almar

    You Guys Praise This Man as if he ever released multiple classic albums, F&L was Dope and The Cool was so-so, neither of those albums were worthy of listening from start to finish, so i find it amazing how Ya'll act like he Released Classics Similar to Illmatic, Ready To Die, Me against the world, Reasonable Doubt, etc, when it comes down to it this guy is another puppet for the industry, whether he realizes it or not.

    • hurricane chris fan boy

      Some consider both albums classic. It's an opinion! Big deal... Stop bitching over the internet. It's not like you're changing our society in anyway. And, Reasonable Doubt is better than F&L? C'mon Son! (Watch all the Jigga fan boys come out the woodwork).

    • cdub

      the cool was so-so?? sucks you didn't enjoy the beauty of it sorry he didnt dumb it down " goin over nigga's heads Lu!"

  • RM


  • Almar

    G.O.A.T. MY ASS!!!! i've heard nothing but bad things about this album, Ya'll Motherfuckers wanted it, Well You Got It, FUCKIN DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

  • sharksbreath

    I could have dealt without some of the production but to say Lupe wasn't on point is crazy. Compared to the BS that gets put out I would give it a 4. You have to take your choice. Everyone gave Kanye's album a 5 when the rhymes were like a 2. In this case Lupe raps are like a 4.5 but the production is a 2. He could have replaced 3 of those songs with the bonus tracks and SLR the album would be a 5. In the version I make that's what I'll be doing.


    ATLANTIC Wants to ruin Lu's career



  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of Nas...

    • Anonymous

      In what regard? if you are talking about the few poppy track nas did, you cannot compare it. Sure nas had a pop rap single or two in the late 90's, but not a whole pop-rap album like this.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointing, little to go back to except All Black Everything, and the bonus track I'm Beaming. Out of all the artists Atlantic could try to turn pop, they pick Lupe.......

  • Rell Munny

    Has everyone lost there mind. DX gives is a 2.5, fans say its ok. This album is near classic material. Lupe has yet to put out a garbage album. This is what i consider good music.

    • Devante Introspective-Dialect Bennett

      Actually, it'd be more in the zone of recovery... because of the pop-level... But Recovery was successful... so Relapse is a better comparison... Except Relapse is truly horrible, whilst this is great...

    • Seányg

      Man its the equivalent of Relapse for Eminem...terrible

  • maj

    considering atantic hav been pissin him off for the last two years, this album isnt too bad, obviously not on the levels of food and liquor and the cool, but compared to garbage i gotta listen to these dayz *coughs* gucci mane and soulja boy, this is still quality 4

  • Anonymous


  • NJ

    2.5 is bang on...comming from a massive fan.

  • J

    I agree with the review, been waiting on this forever and it's a very average album, bad by his standards. Oh well, onwards and upwards.

  • JL

    I wish the album would have come out better. There are definitely a few high points that deserve spins, but most of the lp is a bit dull.

  • Duke

    fuck it im still buyin it. even with shitty hooks and mainstream beats it couldnt stop Lu's lyrical talent. its far from a complete and great Lupe album but it's still plenty times better than half the shit that comes out nowadays. its a 3.5.

    • Ramnjit Singh Boparai

      no no no do not buy it! What Lupe would want is for this album to get bad show the fuckin label that they are idiots and that people dont want dumbed down lyrics! Id recommend just buying the few tracks u like off Lasers

  • 3.5 At Worst

    This album deserves a 4 for a few reasons. I think that we can all agree that it's 100% Atlantic's fault that this album isn't close to Lupe's first two. But despite being raped by his label he still managed to come out with GREAT songs like: Beautiful Lasers, Letting Go, Words I Never Said, All Black Everything, and Break The Chain. 5/12 songs are GREAT. Till I Get There, Show Goes On, Coming Up and State Run Radio are good. Never Forget You Is Okay. So that's 10/12 songs that are good or great. Out Of My Head and I Don't Wanna Care Right Now are bad. So thats 2/12 songs that are bad. I say that's a solid 4.

  • weswes

    the fuk ya'l talking bout... this shit sound niice to me.. i mean it aint charlie sheen bad but its dope.

    • MGF

      I've listened to this and Charlie Sheen's rants. Charlie's rants are way more entertaining than this album. 2.5 is about right.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this album wasn't really that bad better than most that have come out lately, record label do this to everyones albums now days, pretty much every rapper has a bunch of commercial garbage on there albums and it wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the record labels.

  • Marcus

    Fuck man, there ain't a weak song yet. All Black Everything = dooopppeee

  • Anonymous


  • rossco7777

    this is the first album of his i can listen to the whole thing through.the pevious two didnt have many songs with solid beats to go with the lyrics, it wasnt catchy enough or clever enough to keep my attention and i love rap to death. this is my favorite work by him thus far.

  • Mecha Shark

    Lupe.......I am also disappoint. But. At least when I go to the club I'll hear someone real. Common fucked up with Universal Mind Control, you get your pass. For the real fans of that real hip-hop, we're waiting for that real album.

  • Musa Esan

    Damn 2.5/5 Atlantic finally got their way. Still looking foward to listening to it.

  • 2dope

    Sure Lasers wasnt all that great, BUT we want FRIEND OF THE PEOPLE

  • Marcus

    Quit bitchin. Shit sounds dope to me. God forbid his album sounds mainstream. What the fuck you think mixtapes are for? Lupe's a spoiled bitch anyhow.

  • boxman15

    Basically, this album should be credited to Atlantic Records featuring Lupe Fiasco. This is not Lupe's album. This was the work of Atlantic Records. This album actually surprised me by having a few good tracks on it, which should really tell you something about Lupe because Atlantic basically made the music for him. I was expecting a bunch of corporate, mainstream bullshit. It's a step up from that, but not up to his standards. You can't expect an artist to put out classic work if the songs are created and/or regulated by the record company. Imagine if Parlophone Records had told the Beatles not to release Sgt. Pepper beause it didn't sound like the Monkees. It's too experimental. Music and our culture wouldn't be where it is today. I'm not saying the original Lasers would be hip-hop's Sgt. Pepper, but it's a shame we don't see the real Lupe. Fuck Atlantic, Jive, Def Jam, or any other record companies who are holding back talent in the name of ringtones. I hope Lupe gets the hell off of that contract and goes indie or signs with GOOD Music. He's too talented to put out this corporate music. I applaud Lupe for at least putting out music for his fans, but it wasn't, with a few exceptions, that good. And that's not his fault. You can't put any passion into music that's not your own. I look forward to when he's finally free of this shit.

    • Marcus

      If Lupe wanted creative control he'd have never signed to Atlantic in the first place. Dude has NOBODY to blame but HIMSELF. Congrats you whiny bastard.

  • YungRay

    vive: been lupe fan for a while. have listened and analyzed most of his songs and as for lasers it was disappointing in the sense that LASERS was supposed to be so much more than an album it was supposed to be a movement of the youth and voice for us. encouraging individuality and the pursuit of knowledge however the album is not as bad as it's being reviewed. the fucked up thing is that for the most part Lupe's creativity and "genius" is so underrated and rarely praised by the critics but when it comes to criticizing his work they always hold him to the highest standards. overall to this day there hasnt been an hip hop artist that has put forth so much creativity in their careers Just reposting the truest comment 4/5

  • DuCheMusic

    Fuck everybody hating on this album



    • Marcus

      Lupe sure read that contract over closely eh? Blinded by the riches

    • Anonymous

      THEY WON'T LET HIM OUT HIS CONTRACT ! Its not that easy that he can just up and leave Atlantic .. He has 2 albums left on his deal , and one is coming out the end of the year .

  • hiphop

    only 2 good tracks that are like his classic track are 'all black everything' and 'till i get there'. words i never said is sick 2 but dont like the production sounds to noisy but his lyrics are sick on that one

  • ham

    hiphopdx and these blogs arent the ones that decide weather its good or not.. our ears do.. so putting out a senseless and ignorant review wont help at all.. i give it a 5.

  • Anonymous

    12 pop radio bullshit

  • John Waller

    This wasnt his best work, but Which has already been stated about a billion times, he was told by his record label to put...more radio friendly songs on the album if he wanted it released. Like he said, he didnt even want to do "The Show goes On" or "Never Forget You". And its pretty obvious he did have his full focus on "Out of My Head". Im disappointed in the album like most Lupe fans sure, but all we can do is hope he gets out of his contract and can be free to sign where he wants....Roc Nation Maybe.....We could only dream right,lol?

  • Mike Meraz

    I waited 4 years for 11 radio friendly tracks? Trey Songz? Are you serious? "Words I Never Said" and "Till i Get There" are DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but after that you can feel the label in the album. FREE LUPE!!!

  • Mood

    come on man... that?! come on.. let's be serious for a minute. You're probably one of the best lyricist of your generation, why waisting your time like that? This is trash.

  • demolisher

    i honestly liked the album this one was different from his last 2 and more flowing throughout it i don't wanna care right now was good in my opinion but the best song on the album was words i never said all black everything was good but extremely racist and very wrong in many ways but it was good

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    DX did lupe a favor by rating it 2.5 stars. My personal rating is 1 star. This shit is horrible.

  • Raw Business

    No wonder the label didn't want to put it out. I was worried from day one, now it seems that my worries were warranted. Too bad Lupe,Kick Push back to your roots and combine growth with what you know. Sometimes moving out of your zone gets you way off the mark.

    • Mike Meraz

      This isn't Lasers. The label didn't wanna put the real album out cause it was too deep, too real and had no radio potential tracks. The label is happy with this album, nothing but radio hits.

  • Anonymous

    The album was trash.. Leak the original Lasers and drop that Friend of the people to redeem yourself Lupe!!

  • blroot

    a few good songs on there, it all would've been classic if atlantic would let lupe do what he wants

  • SON

    Lupe.....I am Disappoint

  • Tyler Hebert

    fuck dx! listen to the goddam album and tell me this isn't greatness. i never even felt lupe before. the beats are hot; the lyrics are dope, and it's addicting. it's like listening to a kid cudi who CAN RAP. what the fuck was this guy smoking? think for yourself. how you gon tell me this isn't a good album? at least a 4! 2.5, you shittin me. you would give rick ross a better review. c'mon

    • Marcus

      A-fuckin-men. Most people, if they heard the whole album BEFORE reading a word about it, would fuckin love it. That's the damn truth.

  • Manonthemoon

    I hate the album...But I love the album !!!!