Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told

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As proven by his venerable mixtape past, Saigon's ability to maneuver through various topics becomes his best asset on The Greatest Story Never Told.

While Saigon’s plight with the music industry is surely not a special case, it is still a revealing source of the intricate flaws that accompany being signed to a major label. Shelved as an artist due to marketing issues and unable to procure proper liberation from Atlantic Records, the New York rapper born Brian Carenard found himself shackled to a diminishing Rap career, a notion that was all too familiar for the former prison inmate. Five years later and finally off the label at the ripe age of 33, Saigon hopes to capture in one debut album what his peers have done in three to four releases with The Greatest Story Never Told.

As proven by his venerable mixtape past, Saigon’s ability to maneuver through various topics becomes his best asset on The Greatest Story Never Told. Whether it’s his disdain for the streets that paved a rugged road to the slammer on “Enemies,” or his aim to set a better impression for the youth with “Believe It,” Saigon’s convictions over enticing beats reveal a man with a lot on his mind and the right medium to display these thoughts. Taking his criticism a step further, Saigon launches a verbal assault on corrupt pastors who coerce their congregation for offerings that they in turn pocket for their own good will. Channeling memories from the past, he rhymes, “We was fucking depending on Section 8 / But always had something to put in your collection plate / It was always so strange, it was odd / To see my mom scratching up change to give it to God / I think we all knew, nobody saying shit / You was using that to pay your car payments / We was mother fucking paying your mortgage / We was living in the projects you know we couldn’t afford it.”

In a similar manner, the Yardfather tackles more troubling issues that have taken its toll in inner-city communities. Over somber production provided jointly by Kanye West and Just Blaze for “It’s Alright,” Saigon drops words of encouragement for single mothers struggling to raise their kids while Marsha Ambrosius’ reassuring vocals bring the point home: “To all the ladies having babies on they own / These nigga’s ain’t shit ma, for real, yo you better off alone / If he ain’t smart enough to know why he should stay / Then what can he possibly teach your seed anyway?” Then there’s the grim reality check on “Oh Yeah (Our Babies),” a sobering record that discusses the eventual demise for at-risk youth. Familiar with this tragic outcome, Saigon raps, “The drama’s pitiful, little nigga’s is homicidical / Couple meals ago shorty was eating through his umbilical / Now he’s feeling unkillable, shit is all amazing / The wrong altercation will leave his ass with a long abrasion.”

To be fair, Saigon’s approach in execution wouldn’t have been as effective had it not been for veteran producer Just Blaze. In that respect, this album is as much a testament to Just’s vision as it is Sai-Giddy’s lyrical skills. From seamless transitions between tracks to molding the entire album through an alarm clock radio complete with Hip Hop personalities Fat Man Scoop, DJ Green Lantern and Miss Info, Just Blaze also delivers with some of his best production to date. Take for instance “The Invitation” a thunderous beat dripping with swagger and a minacious sample. Needless to say, the nod factor behind this joint is through the roof. Then, styling “Clap” , around a church theme, a choir spearheaded by R&B songstress Faith Evans harmonizes an uplifting hook that would fit right into Kirk Franklin’s next studio session. Building a grandiose backdrop, Just Blaze appropriately blends dense organ chords, lush piano keys and pulsating drums for a record that becomes an audible treat.

Sparse yet quite noticeable, the biggest pitfalls on The Greatest Story Never Told come at times when Saigon performs out of his comfort zone. Prime example; the radio-friendly record “Give It To Me.” Here we find Sai-Giddy swapping thought-provoking lyricism for material bordering on denigration. Granted, it’s not as tasteless as “For Some Pussy” from Warning Shots 2, but its low subject value is costly. With a more rock-oriented vibe on “Bring Me Down Pt. 2,” Saigon’s delivery sounds flat compared to the explosive drums brimming throughout. In other instances, technical blunders such as the weak vocoder hook on “Believe It” or the failed sample clearance on “Come On Baby” detract from the album’s experience. True, it’s hard to blame Just Blaze and Saigon on the latter issue as that was solely Atlantic’s job to complete, however the re-worked version here simply doesn’t match the same ferocity it did with the original sample.  

Whether you’ve been patiently waiting for five years or just recently got into Saigon’s music, The Greatest Story Never Told delivers a stimulating message that is as cautionary as it is entertaining. Likewise, the album’s quality has stood the test of time, no small feat for an industry that changes eras every three to four years. Still rough around the edges but lyrically adept, Saigon’s mixtape glory days are now over, and the bar will inevitably be set higher for his next release. Let’s just hope the title of that project doesn’t have any ironic overtones in it.



  • C

    Bananas!!! Best album since Black Star, or All Eyes On Me for real. Production, lyrics, content. People are so use to watered down dumb down Ignorant false fantasy music that when blessed by a gem such as the Saigon G.S.N.T 2 Bread and Circuses they slip on it. Damn shame too! Out of 5 I give it a 10! 1st album in years w more then 2 gems and this One is gem after gem. Blown Away is powerful and moving Blown Away 2 Just as hot! Can't say enough! My vote for Best rapper 2011, and 2012. Better then his debut

  • jatien

    It's a great perfection

  • Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses

    1. Plant the Seed (What U Paid For) (Produced by Statik Selektah) 2. Rap vs. Real (Produced by Just Blaze) 3. Let Me Run feat. DJ Corbett (Produced by DJ Corbett, add. Just Blaze) 4. Not Like Them feat. Styles P (Produced by DJ Corbett) 5. Brownsville Girl (Produced by Focus...) 6. The Game Changer feat. Marsha Ambrosius (Produced by Just Blaze) 7. Blown Away (Produced by 8. When Will U Love Me feat. Andreena Mill (Produced by DJ Khalil) 9. The Vowel Song feat. Rayne Dior (Produced by Buckwild) 10. Best Thing That I Found feat. Lecrae & DJ Corbett (Produced by DJ Corbett) 11. Relafriendship feat. G Martin (Produced by Just Blaze) 12. Yeah Yeah (Produced by Pete Rock) 13. Forever Dreamin feat. Tony Collins (Produced by DJ Corbett) 14. Intervention (Let it Go) feat. G Martin (Produced by Just Blaze) 15. Our Babies 2 (Crazy World) (Produced by DJ Corbett, add. Just Blaze) 16. Keep Pushing feat. Chamillionaire (Produced by Statik Selektah) 17. Blown Away Pt. 2 feat. (Produced by 18. Rap vs. Real Homegrown (Produced by Jake One)

    • HIPHOP


  • dumptruk

    nothing to see hear folks move on

    • HIPHOP


  • j. riot

    Best album of the year

  • hey

    i never listened to that album, actually im buying it tomorrow but im giving it a 5 for the "Critical Beatdown" editorial

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    Best of 2011.....This album is a major kick ass. 10/10

  • neskic94

    greatest album of 2011

  • bizzalls

    WOW...production is FUCKIN serious on this album. JUst Blaze is a fuckin monster, I've always said it, always believed it. Dude is the nastiest producer, man. If this album had come out when Saigon was actually poppin, back in the day when he was seriously buzzin, it woulda been HUGE. Too bad it came out at a time where most people aren't thinking about Saigon now. This will be definitely be an overlooked gem of an album. BEst production I've heard in years..

  • pweert

    Saigon best od 2011 so far

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    oh yeah, Not to Forget, Just Blaze.....Production was incredible and this helps my argument.....Just blaze>>>>Kanye as a producer !!!

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    Undeniable classic. Best hip hop album of 2011, all 6's and 7's comes second, Hell the sequel comes third !!!! Props to saigion, Tech 9, Royce & Em !!!

  • tn

    Along with Nas and Damian Marley Album of the year!!!!

  • illmatic

    one of the best of 2011

  • James Johnson

    Dope...Saigon the realest

  • James Johnson

    Give it 5 stars just for the production my nigga

  • Anon

    Saigon kills it over the Just beats. HHDX blew it with a 4 star rating. Production is seamless, message is real. Classic.

  • DJ Kid

    This album is a CLASSIC. I listen to a ton of hip hop and this is far and away the Album of the Year (so far)

  • jordanldn

    production flaws

  • Rain

    Im not even a Saigon fan but, I wanted some new music on amazon so I got it and I was totally blown away how well it was. All the songs flow together so well, lyrics and production is insane. I give this album 4.5 stars, best album I've heard this year. Shit, might need to buy a physical copy!

  • Anonymous

    its awesome how this dumbass site rates this at a 4 when its the highest user-rated album in the last year of this site....editors are so fucken out of touch of what good music is now.

  • Jovan-Musk Phillips

    This joint is tight from top to bottom....

  • Berad

    best hiphop album listened recently

  • Beltman Tsogolani

    lovin this album especially da clap z a shit

  • DJ boloney nipples

    really good..really damn good..i been playing saigon's shit since "yardfather" and this is the perfect album the way "all in a days work" is also the shiznit..better believe that ya bitch!..5stars

  • ItsKgosi!!

    My fav blend of two tracks is from when "It’s Alright" blends into "Believe it"...stunning and seamless

  • buckeyewu

    I'm still shocked at how good this album is. This and Lasers are the best two albums of the year so far.

  • Sticks Good

    Love this album...

  • foekist

    This has to be the best album of 2011.... so far!!

  • Anonymous

    This album is shit, souljah boy all day! Fuck illmatic and ready to die souljah boy all day! Fuck classic shit, souljah boy all day!

  • doeboy84

    Waited 5 years for this & it's worth the wait. Classic!!!!!

  • i

    lol, u mad b! count to 10... wait... THE one & only 'double barrell' by THE torae & marco polo? ''widely considered one of the dopest albums of the last decade'' they the homies an all, and both can shine every now & then, but, duke, serious??? tip was/is great... peep ya mans biggin up all of the jails around the way and of course the yardfather, on 'the invitation' on this classic debut album... look, atcq are legendary... but a solo q-tip album in what, 2010??? ive heard it twice, and it is what it is... the same goes for the roots, bar a black thought feature on other artists albums every now and then... i also didn't realise people were checking for that new canibus, the lyrical genius that he is lol, again b, serious??? ya lost me, i must of missed it... and YOU DON'T rate saigon's debut, or game's?? shit's beyond belief b... somebody call me a motherfucking coroner, i'm done...

  • Cee

    str8 classic.....hip-hop needs this!

  • DON

    So you're telling me that Joell Ortiz's terrible album is better than this Saigon album...DX needs new writers

  • Jlive

    This album sucks donkey nuts. Niggas is signing on every fucking hook just about. Some auto-coonin' going on too. SMH Lyrically it's the same old shit that wack nigga been spitting for years. Yea nigga, you wen tot jail, we get it, rap about something else for a change faggot.

  • TheManName

    Everyone should buy this album. Good music.

  • Clb Patton

    Best album I have heard in years! True Hiphop heads better get out an get a copy. Classic!

  • karzan12

    FIRE! the letter p should be on this

  • i

    you don't like game, that's fine, but that shit is classic whether you like it or not son and the same goes for TGSNT! go hate somewhere else...

  • i

    do me a fucking favour beezle! fucking DEAD @ street hop - on the whole, pretty awfull, i'm a fan of Royce but expected better double barrel - no, just NO the salvation - zzzzzzzzzzzzz free agent - see street hop below the heavens - now most of my niggas rate it, but I just cannot see what everyone gets about this album, zzzzzz good shout on: season of the assassin - Vinnie murks shit and this album has some classics on it no doubt, but vinnie BEEN putting out retail albums with JMT. never even heard of the rest of that shit...

    • Bigstack

      besides 3 fillers i looooove street hop! Just "shake it " alone is better then most Albums out there... PS: saigon deserves at least a 4.5! Now we just have to cop it!

    • Anonymous

      ill guarantee you've never even listened to Double Barrel coz the shits widely considered one of the dopest albums of the last decade and youve never even heard of the rest just shows how little you know of true hip hop youve never heard of How I got Over by THE ROOTS Rennaissance by QTIP C of Tranquility by CANIBUS stick to listenin to wack muthafuckas like GAME who cant write rhymes without recycling the same old content every single track and name droppin every 3 barrs BEEZLE

  • MrCuts aka i'll fuck u UP!

    long awaited album n was worth the wait, best shit EVEEERR!!!

  • Aus

    Hands down...5 all the way. Maybe u other cats who think its whack dont overstand what H.I.P H.O.P is...It is the GREATEST Story Ever Told... Salute Saigon

  • Anonymous

    after a few more listens im lowering my rating from 4 to 2.5/3 Saigon spits way to much fuckin dumb shit for a 4 on this joint dudes borderline retarded just beats were not done justice here

    • purplehayes

      u still didn't give me any examples of the dumb shit he's talking about? the concept is ill and all the songs have insightful uplifting please explain some of the dumb shit he's talking about?

    • Anonymous

      Im a fake wannabe gangster lmao yet your the cornball tryna act tough online fuck outta here faggot he talks dumbshit all through the fuckin album

    • purplehayes

      your a fuckin idiot...point out some of the dumb shit hes talkin bout please...u fuckin fake wannabe gangster

  • i

    The BEST debut album since The Documentary..

    • Jake

      You included some dope albums for sure but how bout ELZHI (THE PREFACE), DIABOLIC (LIAR & A THIEF), LOUIS LOGIC (SIN-A-MATIC & MISERY LOVES COMEDY), TONEDEFF's solo debut (Archetype), JUICE aka JU-ICE (LISTEN2THEWORDZ & Tip of the Iceberg)

    • dan

      Those arent debut albums.

    • Beezlebud

      documentarys WACK Street Hop Double Barrel Below the Heavens Rennaissance C of Tranquility Season of the Assassin The Salvation Free Agent How I Got Over all body that shit and this

  • duh nig

    Greater than this that and the third

  • Muney

    Just and Sai got dat chemistry...they make each other tight.....Beatz&Rhymez!!!!!HipHopBreathin

  • sdakar


  • sdakar


  • Bigstack

    Don't forget OBFCL 2 by Raekwon! Best album 2009

  • Stan Kiama

    Best album this year, last year and the year before that. 'My...twisted fantasy' comes 2nd. my opinion

  • btaznpride

    Gotta be at least a 4.5, this album is contender for album of the year. One of the realest albums out, from Sai's hunger, message and music, it all works, not to mention, how well it flows from top to bottom. No fillers or skippers, maybe a bit long, but that's nitpicking. Really hope people don't sleep on this, truly a great album, that could become a classic in time. It's already survived, 6 years, hah.

  • mcmastermind

    4real this absolute fire. It's got that lyrical content, flow, beats, and Sai's nasty storytelling. Def a need to cop album.

  • D A

    Maaaaan This shit is the BEST ship to happen to hip hop in decades man..... Damn

  • ughhhhhh

    better than Talib Kweli

  • Anonymous

    i really dont know how you can give this a 4. the storytelling, lyrics, production, flow, content, message, and balance of hood and intelligence makes this ATLEAST a 4 1/2.

  • BigStack

    5 Stars no doubt!! Go cop it... Can't wait till Shaolin vs Wu-Tang drops! This year starts with great music...

  • Tay

    Does anyone know what the author is talking about with the failed sample clearance on "Come on Baby?" It sounds the same to me...

  • Ramiro

    i dont think im ever gonna get tired of this. from beginning to end this album is sick. pre-ordered my shit with the shirt haha

  • 5 mics

    DX DROPPED THE BALL. this is a 5 star album, if there was a 5 star album, in todays current landscape. INCREDIBLE PRODUCTION. INCREDIBLE EMCEE. INCREDIBLE CONTENT. INCREDIBLE ALBUM. theme, a story, topics, word play, powerful voice, GANGSTA, and INTELLIGENT. this is the best album, since... i dont know. get rich or die trying. for different reasons. fuck atlantic records, for shelfing this, and leaving sai out there to dry. you cant stop the truth though, and sai got it out there. saigon, a real nigga, that would rather give you a thought, than a bullet. while the fake thugs talking that murder shit all day. just blaze did it. this is his crowning work. saigon bodies every verse. classic spit, front to back. when music like this comes out, sales, blogs, critics, all that shit, is irrelevant. this is the kinda music, that can change someones life. god bless saigon for fighting through the bullshit, i wanna see the nigga get PAID out the ass NOW. cop it, and tell a friend, he doennt have a machine behind him.

  • Anonymous

    Best album of the decade

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne whoa whoa gucci man whoa whoa waka whoa whoa oj juice boy whoa whoa lil b whoa whoa... I cannot believe it. And all of you other little fruits... pay attenttion to how this music of OURS is supposed to sound... Big up to 5aigon & Red5... 5/5

  • nibs

    downloaded a week ago bought it yesterday, this album is an absolute classic.

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    I haven't heard the WHOLE album, but most of it. Every song, just not the whole things. This album is really solid. I've never heard Saigon before, he reminds me of Nas and Cormega. I feel that this album is good though, but not really classic or super great.

  • Tristan Sergent

    It's classic music with a message and great beats that flow together.

  • L.P

    I love the album...I can listen to the whole album without skipping a track.

  • Anonymous

    i really dont know what to consider a classic anymore, but this album is the closest thing ive heard in a bit.

  • Garvin Inoa

    Ya motherfukas better stop talking all that I support real hip hop shit and support this shit so Sai could at least push 1000,000 the 1st week

  • JKTheWest

    Incredible. Wowzers.

  • Anonymous

    Shit is legit nice to see an artist putting out an album that's not a bunch of corny pop music. Big ups saigon

  • GAboy247

    I been listening to this album for the past few days and I can honestly say this is perhaps the best debut album to drop maybe in the last 5 years. I got put on to Saigon with return of the yardfather and this album to me is just as good if not better than that mixtape. For anyone who was a Saigon mixtape fan, check this album our and you definitely wont be disappointed.

    • Ama Hussla

      this album is definitely dope, but to me the best debut in the past years is without a doubt "boy meets world". this one is just incredible, especially when you consider fashawn's young age

  • David

    Just picked this one up on iTunes. Album is FIRE.

  • Anonymous

    real hip hop no gimmicks!!!

  • Moose

    A strong offering from a solid artist. Part of the discouragement felt by some people is likely the hype the album has garnered over the last 5+ years. Take the album at what it's worth.

  • ptone814

    just copped it....10/10...power

  • A.Miller

    well put together album. only issues i have are minor- i wish pain in my life was on there and the scram jones produced war. still too much good music. also hope they leak the uncleared sample album back from 2008

  • Pablo Escobar

    Just to elaborate, I mean we all know Saigon obviously has real nice lyricism, wordplay, flow and vocabulary but along with that this Album delivers unprecedented storrytelling (the kind of which has been neglected in Hip-Hop for many years) and is such an amazingly profound social/cultural Statement!!!! 4.5+/5 (I never give out 5's; with that being said though I'll have to wait at least 5 more years to see if it qualifies) Re @TeeFizz: While not a tragedy I see dudes point of view; its upsetting when you consider that HHDX gave Kanye's MBDTF a 4.5 and this is a 4.0 pssshhh wtf Bullshit

  • Pablo Escobar

    Saigon, this album is the Truth... An uncensored, authentic Story -----> Reality Best songs: Preacher, Title Track, Oh Yeah (Our Babies) and It's Alright (so beautiful it had me in tears for a while at the end to hear all of the names).... Do the Knowledge; Love the political overtones b/c they express circumstances and events within a context people need to understand regardless of our suppossed personal identities. Captures the pain and misery of the underclass and their trials and tribulations in the ghettoes of America... 4.5/5 Absolutely has to be one of the best 3 albums of 2011!!!!!!!

  • TeeFizz

    I'm not even sure how to qualify what a classic is anymore, the game has changed so much since Reasonable Doubt, since Illmatic, since 36 chambers, since all the albums hiphop heads widely recognize as being pure "classics"... But with lyricism like this, with storytelling that hasn't been seen like in I don't know how long, with absolutely beautiful production like this, I just can't comprehend how anyone could give this less than 5 stars, and could call it anything less than a classic. I was at the album listening party with Sai yesterday at SiriuxXM and dude was saying how sour he was that HHDX gave him 4 stars. At the moment I thought that was a pretty egregious statement but after copping this on iTunes this morning, and finally listening to it the whole way thru for the first time, you have to agree with dude, there's no reason this shouldn't be 5 stars.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    4.5 Star Album

  • Joyce

    Not all that. You guys need to wake up. Repetitive subject matter, annoying hooks. The lyrics can be great, and I'm not one who looks for the hook to sell the record to me, but if the hooks are annoying it won't stay on repeat for long. And the good songs are too long. 3 star. Not bad, certainly not great.


    this album is weak , saigon cant rap that good and has no style . stop pumping this shit up like its all that . greatest story never told ? LOL NOT MOBB DEEP GOT CLASSIC

  • Timothy Gauntt

    If y'all had another star or two this album would get it!!! Hands down no and, if's or but's. This is the best and most inspiring hip hop album I have heard in a very long time. The production is fire. Just blaze did his thing. Notice that J.B. used the same sample in the song in the next song after it too. He just changed the pitch and octave for tempo changes to blend every song together like a mix tape. All I can say is damn! Saigon has written this album exactly like a book just look at the titles! They are like chapters. They all have a point and focus on it and never lose sight. 10 fucking stars! How come this is so hard for mc's to grasp? Follow the script you illiterate punks

  • purplehayes

    Great album, but wait til tomorro when you get your physical copies before you start makin ur final judgment.

  • tony

    4/5 i loved every track i didnt have to skip any tracks at all!!

  • DLite

    Brothers locked down are going to LOVE this album Sai! Will be passing this onto my friend when I next go to visit him in the beast. Even with this big, brash, at times radio friendly and quite frankly brilliant production, the story of the abandoned nation still comes across loud and clear. You stayed loyal to your roots, didn't dissapoint your long time friends, and fans, and didn't create a beer coaster for the dollar. The album has this perfect balance of poems and scores. 9.99/10 A classic, because the bulk of this has been more or less done for the past few years, and still sounds fresh out of the studio, and will do for years to come. Nuff love and respect to you Sai, all the way from the UK. Stay focused so we can get that follow up... This is just the beginning... Can we get another tour now too?! Need to hear this monster of an album live man! Peace to everyone who enjoys this masterpiece. One Love.

  • sincerejk

    can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. just blaze said the rips from myspace were missing chunks of the album so i wanna wait til i get my physical copy

  • Saf Fet

    Album is really good but not a classic. Best of 2011 so far. 4.5/5

  • HipHop

    Damn! Major props to Saigon for dropping this. I can't believe it. The album itself is great, I would rate it with 4.5/5 mics. It comes very close to being a classic. Mos def one of the best albums for the past 5 years. And yes, it's even a little bit better than OB4CL II.

  • mick

    Sorry you pack of eloborate further, " Lets see how many a re playing this album in like 1 year (and loving it over his underground shit)". Then we will see if its CLASSIC. Lol

  • mick

    You guys carry on like fuckwits. This is album is NOT classic, it is VERY GOOD but not Classic. I agree with the rating of the reviewer but it is not flawless. Out of 5 I think its worthy of a 4.26.

  • Timmy Althaus

    I would honestly say that this album deserves at least a 4, but I would actually go with more like a 4.5. I haven't heard an album this cohesive in a long time. To think that this album has essentially been done for six years is beyond crazy. This album still holds significant relevance even after all these years of patiently waiting. This album also further cements Just Blaze's name as one of the greatest producers of our time, without question.

  • not sold

    Great, let's not say "classic" so soon, okay?

  • J'son

    Sai, this is classic mane. First album I've waited patiently for since Nas's "Stillmatic" back in 2001 that did not disappoint in any way. Back when Source had credibility, this would have at least got a 4 to 5 mics. Classic. With this album and L.A.S.E.R.S. coming out next month, I am excited about hip hop music this year so far.

  • beezlebud

    jus spotted you gave this the same rating as the Slaughterhouse EP are you fucking retarded coz that EP is wack if this is a 4 you should of gave the Slaughterhouse EP a 2 stop rating albums based upon your expectations and upon the solely the quality of the project itself

  • Anonymous

    my nigga giddy did it classic material, no filler 5/5 waited 6 years for this and it's finally here there is a god i can die happy

  • yup

    dopest album i heard in years. it's a shame they didn't release it years back. but it is what it is. a lot of people will be shocked when theyy hear this. 5/5. future classic. but sai, it ain't better than illmatic, lol.

  • jamal illegal

    classic record!!!!!

  • Apostle P

    this album is certified classic, shits up there with illmatic, all eyes on me, ect. GO COP THIS AND SUPPORT REAL SHIT!!

  • Devon K

    Its album like these that got me into hip hop in the first place. Saigon will get my $10 on iTunes on Tuesday.

  • Steve Puppo

    This is one GREAT ALBUM! Saigon talks about real issues and makes them into beautiful "bangers"!

  • jj

    hiphop dx is crazy for giving this a 4/5 when you look at what they rank dome of the other albums. and no i am not biased im not even a huge saigon fan but what he brought to the table in this album is ridiculous his flow is nice and the production is flawless

  • christophernewberry

    GIvin him 5 on the strength. coppin on TUesday, Mad Love Saigon! Your story will finally be told!

  • christophernewberry

    Man, I heard some folks on here claim the album was boring and whatnot. Well, I won't tell anyone whatthere opinion should be, but I would like to know how in the hell you came to that conclusion and what it is that you are listening to that is so much more "EXCITING" than this cuz I wanna hear it if so!

  • Anonymous

    for the record tho 4 stars from me is an exceptional rating coz unless I feel an album is truly flawless it won't get that 5 stars a 5 from me is rare and only a handful in this last decade have got one BEEZLEBUD

  • Anonymous

    for the record tho 4 stars from me is an exceptional rating coz unless I feel an album is truly flawless it won't get that 5 stars a 5 from me is rare and only a handful in this last decade have got one

  • GOOD Music

    Great album. Saigon killed very single track. I also loved the production from Just Blaze and Kanye. I give it a 5/5. But still not touching Lupe's albums.

  • Beezlebud

    I'd agree with 4 maybe 4.5 for me it loses the 5 rating based on some of the lyrical content which I found to be to certain degrees ignorant or maybe a better description would be lackin perspective but that 90% of this albums dope and didn't disappoint Just Blaze was dope throughout with the entire album having only a couple tracks that where feeling flat but as it stands the album has set the barr for 2011 4 to 4.5 BEEZLEBUD HOLLAH ON TWITTER

  • -------

  • Classickz

    I give that nigga a pure 5 starz. This album's not only hot it is a modern classic. nobody came up with shit like this in past few years. production is just insane.


    An amazing rapper and album with an actual message unlike good rappers with no real direction like Lupe Fiasco.

    • TeeFizz

      Preach Beezlebud!

    • Beezlebud

      G it's people like you who are ruining Hip Hop acting like lil fickin bitches when someone has a valid opinion and talking dumb shit claimin they must only listen to ignorant shit like lil Wayne Fuck Outta Here wit your bitch ass and Lupe isn't close to the last hope for Hip Hop there's dozens of rappers as dope and doper than lupe is now Torae Skyzoo Elzhi Canibus Black Thought Gemstones Prince Ea KRS Blu Vinnie Paz Money Making Jam Boys Joell Ortiz the list jus goes on and on so know WTF your talkin about before actin like a dumb fuckin groupie next time

    • G

      It's 10 year olds like you who allow Gucci and Lil Wayne to be on top of hip-hop. SMH go kill yourself, Lupe is the last hope for hip hop. No direction? What the fuck does that even mean? I guess you're just too retarded to understand Lupe. No wonder he has to dumb it down. It's retards like you who should just be killed, ruining our world. You probably allowed McCain to get where he got. Go listen to Words I Never Said and tell me Lupe has no "direction", whatever the fuck that even means.

  • John Tenta

    This album is better than Lupe's Food and Liqour. Better than Drake's album. On par with Recovery.

  • Mortis

    The people's rating at 4.8 is more accurate than the 4 Edwin Ortiz handed out. Most enjoyable debut album since 2003's Get Rich or Die Trying.

  • baller4ever85

    worth the wait!! just want the og invitation is the only bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    I have one question. Ya think Saigon kept the album the same production wise from 07 or made some changes? regardless it still is a great album

  • Kickinknowledge

    This shit is amazing. . . F*ck you hip hop dx. . This album deserves a 5/5 . .

  • younglifer

    this shit is a classic

  • Lloyd

    Can't wait for this release.

  • G

    Just finished listening to the whole thing, and definitely gonna buy the CD on February 15th. Production is incredible. Guest features are amazing (most of them). And the tracks are all FIRE. Looking forward to following Saigon. He really went hard on this album. I recommend you all give it your 10 bucks, that's the least 5 years of work deserves. 5/5

  • sincerejk

    i feel like "give it to me" is the only misstep on the album and i don't even find it that bad. the invitation is just a ridiculous banger. can't wait to hear the song with black thought when my copy arrives in the mail

  • Gooch

    Well worth the wait. Saigon and Just blaze have great chem, album was mixed very well

  • That nigga you should give a DL link

    Who got a download link for this album???

  • Belfast Ghost

    cant wait to grab this shit got every mixtape from sai dudes a fuckin beast they better have this in the store on tuesday ireland needs that yardfather shit

  • Antoine Kad R

    Classic Hip Hop from A to Z !!! Just Blaze is so underrated !!! Word.

  • HiTower

    Great album, can see me having this album on repeat for quite a while. Its refreshing. Managed to cop a leaked version of this because I just couldnt wait until tuesday. Pre-ordered it on iTunes though.

  • rikonmd

    For anyone else in the MARYLAND area. Saigon is doing an album signing @ FYE in Hanover, MD @ 5pm on Saturday, Feb 19th! Support that real!

  • jihod

    Deserves 4 1/2 Just Blaze is the star of the album, for people that say Kanye has the closest thing to classic, I thought Prodigy's "Return of the Mac" was a way closer back in 08 also another under the radar album that was near perfect was Elzhi's "The Preface" more was Ghostface's "Fishscale" , Saigon's album is just as good as those 3 three and if you're a fan of those 3 albums check out The Greatest Story Never Told!!!!! I will be purchasing tuesday. Then awesome new Pharoahe Monch next week.

  • MP

    I'm saying 4.5 out of 5. I think this album is dope & original in today's hip hop climate. Saigon is dropping the type of music that we need right now. You clowns who are negative just don't get it. This album is not just a bunch of lame references about selling dope, pimping & killing people. It's real substance to these lyrics. I even love how the songs morph into each other. This album is BANGIN'!!!!!!!!!!

  • Up North

    This album hit me like a sledgehammer. Just all around mastery of what a MC is. The Ironman album from Ghostface had the same affect on me. DX, I don't know who is reviewing the records in your offices, but they are fucking up. I hope I don't see some Young Money clown pull in a 4 like this album did or I'm done with you cats.

  • TravisPetersen

    Classic hands down... don't care what you say... Been banging c'mon baby and believe it for 3 years now... the invitation man this album bangs and saigon brings it

  • Mortis

    One of my favorite albums of the last several years. Just a few songs too long (filler) to be considered a classic.

  • nibs

    best hip hop album of all time

    • nibs

      I'm 26 and been listenin to hip hop all my life and I know these dudes that live it. you get the fuck outta here. what albums are better? eminem? jay-z? shut the fuck up faggot

    • Anonymous

      lol, get the fuck outta here with that, you must be 12 even comin out with that non sense, albums dope but not that dope

  • ts5000

    i waited about 4 years to finally hear this album its dope and this will be the best album of 2011 no doubt saigon is underrated

  • Jordan

    Saigon has overcome his trials and tribulations over the last 6 years since 2005 and now he could finally let his story be told next week on February 15th.



  • Nakama

    Ever Saigon since I first heard him, i knew he was amazing

  • Adam

    Album is way too long, I was bored after 10 songs. This album would not get a 2 if this came out 5 years ago. But dude had forever to make this and it was the best he could do? Weak

  • AJ

    i'd go 3.5 if i could. I love Sai but I found it underwhelming. And why all these 5 plus min songs, trying to make everything really epic. Got a bit old. Still, dope stuff

  • Brian Leach

    shit this album is classic to me...just cause most of the material is like 5 years old and its still relevant today. Keep doing what u do Saigon."Oh Yeah" left me in tears. been awhile since a song done that. btw whats the documentary where those interviews came from. need to peep that

  • Anonymous

    this is a great album. i think this seriously deserves a 4 1/2 from this site, but im not cryin since its atleast bein released.

  • Ysmael

    The greatest story never told is finna get tolf, 02/15 !

  • lowbrow

    The album from start to finish has no weakness. Tells an important story. The song sequence is perfect, no throw away songs. The best, most complete ALBUM since probably '01.

  • Jason R

    Classic album. Normally I wouldn't fret about 4/5 but this is way better than some of the stuff you guys rated higher. Eg. Kanye, Nas, Celph Titled, Devin The Dude.

  • David

    HipHopDx dropped the ball on this one, this album bangs HARD. If you aren't feeling this go listen to Taylor Swift, cause you clearly don't know hip hop. I'll cop this.

  • Rikonmd

    This album is a CLASSIC. If its not, this album and Kanye's were the closest to achieving that title in the last year or so, but this is definitely hip hop in its purest form whereas Kanye's spanned multiple genres. I'll pick up 2 copies at his album signing. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

  • Rick

    This album is fire. 4.5/5, its about as close to a classic as you can get with being one IMO. I ordered my copy and will support this. Go get it.

  • Pablo Escobar

    *YES YES YES* Excellent timing with this review DX. Thanks; I was honestly eager to see this this write-up for the past 7 days; ironically enough the album has taken almost 7 years to craft lol. Been a listener since "Warning Shots." Expecting nothing less than a Near-Classic and I'm confident it'll deliver (I'll review this in two days)!!! Can't wait to bump this shit all day tomorrow on my 24th birthday!!!!

  • poooepw

    This album is a CLASSIC.... whoever says different just doesnt understand hip hop....

  • notYOU

    Cant wait to pick this up at Target this tuesday... been a minute since i bought an album.

  • Shaun Fessler

    classic shit...

  • gil

    great album but not a classic.

  • Nico 3

    It's hard to tell a story when no one's listening.

  • 718rob

    I'm really happy this is out. I will support. But I can honestly say... for all the mystique and hype, I'm not using the word "classic." I could feel differently in three months, but this doesn't have that bite. That said, this is better and bigger than most anything we'll probably get this year. At least it's not another 24 hour album with Statik Selektah too.

  • bout time..

    let's go........... saigon