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Reggie isn't near Red's best work, but fans would be remiss to turn their nose. When he is in his element, he spits harder, and flows better than any.

Redman has earned the reputation of being a ferocious lyricist that understands the sound and accessibility of hardcore Hip Hop. For two decades he has pushed the genre forward with pivotal releases that demonstrated impressive lyricism and a knack for humor. With a rumored Muddy Waters 2 in the works, Redman comes out of the bullpen to release Redman Presents…Reggie in the last month of the year. The album, much like the year in Hip Hop, is a bit scattered. It’s not as comprehensive as previously Redman albums have been, but it still has that same Brick City passion that has made him a Rap staple.

Part of Redman’s appeal is his ability to spin these lyrical narratives that contain humor but still hit hard. The very first line demonstrates this point, “It’s the brother with a haircut / Rhymes got your mind in a bear hug.” The line exemplifies what Redman is and always has been about. No other emcee would start a track off like this and satisfy listeners so fully. Yet Redman, not only does it, but has made a career off of it. The introduction “Reggie” sees some lyrical hits and misses. Punchlines like “Even my underwear brief” aren’t as funny as Redman would have hoped. However, much like the title says, Redman Presents….Reggie the listener has to understand that Reggie is and always has been multi-faceted. 

“That’s Where I B” sees Redman attacking charged production. It's tracks like this where he is in his comfort zone. He goes hard, and turns a club-popping beat into music that just complements his skill set. The very next track “Def Jammable” maintains the project;s momentum. Even Redman’s dive into Auto-Tune seems genuine in its sarcasm. The track is classic Redman and the fact that he has voiced his displeasure with Def Jam over the past year, the track's title makes it all the more enjoyable.  

That momentum plummets with “Full Nelson,” the posse cut on the record, where a crutched Auto-Tune chorus ruins any shot of rappers getting busy. It’s the first and worst misstep on the album. “Lift it up” and “All I Do” sees Redman abandoning the classic Funk production that defined his music. “All I Do” is the most blatant example of Reggie expanding his horizons. The R&B track isn’t a failure, but it also does little to solidify a new market for Redman. “Lemme Get 2” follows suit and is another letdown. The hook sounds more B.o.B. than Redman, and the Def Squad member does little follow up the chorus with lyrics that support this case. Saukrates’s verse saves the track from a total loss.  

From the mid-point on, Redman continues experimenting with new production/hooks and lyrics. Maybe it was a direct response to Def Jam shelving his art. If he is trying to prove a point, he makes it clear that he can do whatever he wants on the mic, but that it also isn’t nearly as dope as what he does best. Redman’s almost been as Hip Hop as they come and when he is in his element this is very apparent. On “Rockin’ Wit Da Best,” Redman forces the lyrics to live up to the song's name. On top of that he gives Kool Moe Dee a little shine which is always a welcomed addition to any project. This track along with “Lite 1 Witcha Boi” is the first moment where the production changes work. Redman rides the beat to perfection and the hook is catchy, hinting at the purest example of what the pride of Newark, New Jersey may have been hinting at.

Redman Presents…Reggie isn’t near Mr. Noble's best work, but fans would be remised to turn their nose to the project. When he is in his element, he spits harder, and flows better than any of his peers. On past projects even when he missed the mark, he fell in a category of his own. However, as he dabbles with new production, and trendy hooks, his misses now fall in line with the rest of the rappers that use this pretty typical formula. The project maybe Def Jammable, but Reggie’s "Tiger Style Crane" is more Karate Kid than it is Bruce Lee on this project.


  • Unhinged Reviews

    I'm still stuck on Muddy Waters, it's got to be one of his best albums. It's from 96 and it would still blow some of this commercial rap out of the water. It seems that a lot of our icons have had to conform in a way to keep up with the masses. As long as they don't forget their roots, then I'm cool with them keeping the lights on at the crib. The 90s was just a better time for hiphop and raw lyrics. It seems all anyone wants to do now is dance and sing to the beat, long are the days of blackin out to some Illmatic, Muddy Waters or even The Coming. I still bang the classics like they just came out Preciate the review on Red's music, he's definitely one of the greats.

  • musichigh

    his worst album ever period . along with Red gone wild . 2 terrible albums in a row Redman what are you thinking with this garbage ? No substance or Beats

  • Vincent

    Sorry any long time Redman fan knows this is easily is his weakest albums. There's still some gems on here. the song with Faith Evans is prob. my favorite on the whole cd. The weed song with meth and Bun is dope too, although with those 3 on a song what do you expect really? Otherwise very forgettable. No standout tracks/hooks/lines or anything. And I liked Red Gone Wild.

  • mindzamazn

    i got my dose til muddy boi.....

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Its not Muddy Waters but I like it because its Red. And Im starting to accept that Muddy Waters is a classic on a level to never be touched again. I thought making us wait another 6 months you were gonna tweek it and make it a classic. I gives you 4 stars.

  • Pain77OCE

    I feeling it! Not the typical Red album, different and that's why I like it. Still spitting Harder than 99.9% of the game, voting in my top 5 til I die!

  • HM

    I'm not going to say that this is a bad album, but just the production could have been better. He still spit like his first album but the sounds of the music just don't fit Red. Hope that Erick Sermon and Rocwilla can get back on the next to make it sound alot better.

  • J-money

    Album is garbage. Only grabbed 3 songs off the entire album. I tried Reggie I really did but I just can't fucks with it. The ones I grabbed up are bangers and true hip hop but the rest is just corny and you can hear that your hear wasn't in it. Plus some of the songs is from 2009 if not earlier. Def Jam really needs somebody like me in that piece and have them allow some of the dopest MC's in the game like Redman the opportunity to drop a true hip hop album from top to bottom. But this album is not even close!

    • Anonymous

      A True hip hop album wouldnt sell any better, probably worse then this did. Record Labels are a thing of the past, all artist should go Indy...

  • Pinky Yum

    im pleased with the album classic noble with a twist i love i and i thank god i have hiphop to listen to when the radio cuts on .

  • r

    This is just his last album to get out of def jam. Red gonna bring it on Muddy waters 2 and Blackout 3!

  • gdiggedy

    I cannot wait for Red to finally get off of DefJam. I haven't listened yet, but judging by his recent interviews and comments about Def Jam, he's doing this album just for the sake of putting it out and to get out of the contract. His label has failed to back him and others over the last decade. When his last album with them is up, he better not resign. F#ck Def Jam!!!

  • mrfarroc

    Redman is so consistent

  • Swamp Thang

    Anyone who says this is Redman's worst album ever must not have heard "Red Goes Wild." That record was the most GARBAGE piece of shit I've ever heard from My Favorite MC. This one is better than that but still trash. I give it 2 stars. Guess I'll just have to keep vibin' to "Whut, Thee Album,""Dare Iz A Darkside,""Muddy Waters,""Doc's Da Name 2000" and "Blackout."

    • Night Train 357

      Wait a minute! Red Gone Wild was not a disappointment. This album is. It's only 1/3 salvageable as oppose to Red Gone Wild that kept my interest from track to track I'm not use to pressing the skip button from anything Red has ever done. I feel bad when good artists don't cut it.


      Red Gone Wild is Redman's best album since Muddy Waters. Doc's Da Name 2K & Malpractice aren't seeing RGW. As for Reggie, this was definitely disappointing & way too commercial.

  • oskamadison

    Before I get into "Reggie", let me throw this out there for those throwin' dirt on dude. Red's been in the game 18 years, on the edge of 20 if you include his debut on EPMD's "Hardcore". In that time, Red dropped 4 gold albums and 1 platinum joint solo, 1 platinum joint with Meth and another gold joint with Def Squad. On top of that, he did with little to no (closer to no) radio or video play. Who else do you know that has done that? Now as far as "Reggie": keepin' it Ben Franklin, I was a little disappointed on first listen. I got it out in the car with me and I must say it's growing on me. Is it his worst joint? No doubt, even worse than "Malpractice" (and even that had its good moments). But think about this: He dropped last year with Blackout 2 and with "Red Gone Wild" in '07. Before that? "Malpractice" '01!!! Six years between albums waiting on Def Jam to get on a bran diet and get their sh*t together. Livin' off of show dough (and probably slingin' trees, lol), Red's stash probably ain't where it should be for an artist of his stature. So can you blame for tryin' to reach to the masses just a little bit? And even with the change in sound and the god-awful Auto-tune, he's still doing HIM. For Red to get back to his level of prominance, even Def Jam gotta have a change in regime or he goes where he's understood and valued. All that said, I'll gladly bide my time with this while he bakes up "Even Muddier". BTW, Red if you're reading this, a small suggestion: production strictly by Erick Sermon and Rockwilder with maybe a joint or two from Don Cannon and Pete Rock.

  • ts5000

    hip hop needs redman in the game

  • ts5000

    this isn't redman's best work but its a dope album reggie is doin his thing can't wait for muddy waters 2 & blackout 3

  • Premo

    REDMAN fans don't worry about this album.. This is supposedly his goodbye to Def Jam. And Redman is a hot comodity and he knows it. So why not come out with a purposly wack album to give them the last finger..... Word is he might be on Shady when Muddy Water 2 comes out. Look out for that FUNK!


    First listen to this album and im dissapointed , Worst song ever by redman is on this album Full Nelson " that is a wack ass song . maybe 2 or 3 ok songs . thats it not feeling the beats or rhymes really . Reggie - 2 stars outta 5

  • Anonymous

    Worst Redman album eva : (

  • Anonymous

    I'm not gonna say Red "sold out" or is tryna stay relevant. I think he knows who is is and is comfortable with his legacy. however, this does look liek an attempt to make some quicjk cash and get out of a contract. After 5 good albums, 2 classics and 2 so-so albums , i'm gonna give him the benifit of doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Please Redman your are to old, don't heard our ears again with your garbage raps

  • Dre' D Stubbs

    This album was the worst I ever heard from Red. It's clear that he did this on purpose to get out of the grip of Def Jam. Can't wait until he gets over to Shady Records since that is Em's favorite emcee. He'll have a renewed energy source once he gets to a new label. I thought the intro on this album was straight up dope, though, however, it would've been FIRE had he not done the Autotune part near the end of the track. He still got a mean flow for being at age 40. Unlike these new rappers, he still has passion to do good music and is a disciple of punchlines and wit. Overall, this album was a miss to me as I listened to it in its entirety. It would've been interesting to hear Kool Moe Dee spit some bars instead of them Diddy-like punch-ins he was doing while Red was rhyming.

  • Caucasian Rockwell

    not really the production i would like to hear RED over but he makes it work.

  • ejunco

    this album was outta nowhere

  • Anonymous

    Worst Redman album ever.

  • MP

    Anybody who gives this album a 5 apparently has never heard his first 3 albums. I'm very disappoint with this album. Redman [for the most part] has been pretty consistant with his solo work. I actually agree with 3 stars on this one.

  • McVaysh

    A little too much auto tune for me but red is my man and this album doesn't let me down at all. Let Red do his thing, he deserves it. Classic albums for years dont hate for switching it up a bit.

  • Anonymous

    meh, really not his best work, but he even said that it was going to be more poppy stuff and not classic redman. muddy watters II i have a feel will be ill, and really can not wait for that. givin this 5* for one of the hardest spitters to ever touch the mic.

  • Articulate1

    This is the sound of a vet playing himself in an attempt to be "relevant" while pleasing no one. It pisses off your hardcore, 90's fan base and the newbies wont give a fuck about this so it pleases NO ONE! Aint nobody checkin' for that played out autotune bullshit anyways...that crap is soooo 2008 and Jay-Z been deaded it! Stay in your lane and do you Reggie, instead of this turd platter of an album.

  • Anonymous

    intro was the hottest song on this album and it was a sick song but the rest is a lil too 2010 commercial for me, there is a difference from commercial in the 90's and commerical in todays time. commercial in 2010 from an OG rapper who was a sick lyricist isn't relly that hot and he needs to cut out that autontune shit, cmmon red ur a legend. it's as sad as thinking about krs using autotune. but there are some hot songs on here. the overall quality of the album is a 4.5 but the type of songs make it a 3.5 for me

  • Ukranian

    i give it perfect 5. if you add the best tracks from his P&S mixtape to the best tracks from "Reggie" YOU'LL GET THE REALEST SHIT EVA

  • Bauce

    It ain't about Reggie. Muddy Waters 2 in 2011

  • Cwigg

    Expected more....especially after so long. Just hope he can redeme himself with the next one....Muddier Waters. Better take it back to his roots with that one....Muddy Waters is a classic in my opinion. Vintage Redman. This is a decent appetizer, but hip hop needs meals these days.