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Where does T.I. find himself in 2010 - hungry or complacent? Arguments could be made for either side.

T.I. has made a career of excelling when chips are down – and also of getting complacent when he’s at the top. Improving on every album leading up to 2004’s Urban Legend, the self-proclaimed “King of the South,” still wasn’t satisfied despite breaking through to the public consciousness. This motivation led him to make 2006’s King, by far the project most responsible for making him one of Rap’s superstars. But complacency set in, leading a quick turn-around and an awful album in T.I. vs. T.I.P. Just the same, as rubber-band men will tend to do, Tip, facing federal charges and an unsure future, bounced back with arguably his best release, Paper Trail.

So where does T.I. find himself in 2010 – hungry or complacent? Arguments could be made for either side: is T.I. complacent because his fans simply want to hear more music from him, or is he hungry, trying to reclaim his throne following a stint in prison?

“Welcome to the World” is not nearly as cordial an introduction as the title suggests, as T.I. and Kanye West sound like they’re having a terrible day, and the listener is responsible and must bear the brunt of their respective wraths. “That’s All She Wrote” reunites T.I. and Eminem, and the results are so much better than 2007’s “Touchdown” that you’d be amazed that the same people were responsible for both cuts. Dr. Luke’s has been on the pop tip lately, but his production here is mean, suiting both emcee’s moods. Shady and Tip’s back-and-forth reaches incredible heights here, and makes for one of the album’s high points.

The album’s title track is equally grandiose, with T.I. zeroing in with laser-like focus: “My mama loved me more than I do / She said, ‘Your pop was just like you / Trapped in a vicious cycle / Jesus’ youngest disciple / Tell the judge if he throw the book at me, make it the bible / Start calling myself The King for lack of a better title / Loyal beyond belief to my detriment, it's so vital / I change or blow opportunities like a choir recital / …Well it's unfortunate the orphanage couldn't keep up the mortgages / Kid go to school stupid, they teachers ignoring it … / Consumed with the same way of life I left / Everything I know now learned by myself / All you see are the whips, the Maseratis, Ferraris / So they don't sympathize, don't nobody feel sorry / No mercy”

“Strip” is really the album’s first misstep (impressive considering it’s the eighth track). Trey Songz is the culprit here, now laying claim to the comically-oversexual throne that R. Kelly held for so many years. Despite a fair effort from T.I., not to mention an unexpectedly solid one from Young Dro, Songz makes this one intolerable. T.I. surprisingly reaches out to underground favorite Jake One for “Salute,” and it turns out to be a wise decision. Bare percussion, soft Soul samples and light synths provide the perfect backdrop for Clifford to roar, “Fuck Rap! I got swag for sale.”

“Amazing” is The Neptunes’ second contribution to the album, and it sounds as if T.I. went to Pharrell and Chad and requested the sound that the ‘Tunes usually reserve for the Clipse. That’s not to relegate the track to a cheap imitation in some way. Quite the contrary – the simple drum arrangements highlighted by an unnerving xylophone are perfectly complimented by T.I.’s ominous rhymes and subdued delivery. “Everything On Me” is a throwback to something you could’ve heard on King, which makes a bit out of place here. The usually-reliable Danja’s saxophone-infused concoction certainly bangs, but it just doesn’t belong. The album follows favorably with the Drake-assisted “Poppin’ Bottles” , but “Lay Me Down” is a nightmare, sounding far too much like “Music Make Me Lose Control.” Fortunately, T.I. picks a great closer, as talented vocalist Christina Aguilera lends her assistance on while the Atlanta native waxes about how his career looks in retrospect.

T.I. has always had trouble with maintaining a theme, evinced by T.I. vs. T.I.P.’s shockingly lacking exploration of the rapper’s battling personalities or intuitions. He also apparently thinks that No Mercy is the third entry in a trilogy, showing that his grasp on themes is tenuous at best. Accordingly, it’s surprising T.I. maintains a premise predicated on the notion of guilt, mistake and repentance throughout nearly the entire release. No Mercy takes T.I.’s recent experiences and frustrations, and effectively bottles them up into a potent and complete work. From the epic production to T.I.’s furious rhymes and flows, framed perfectly within the notion of righteous redemption (though it is pretty hilarious to hear T.I. swear “never again” on several tracks, given his pending jail time), T.I. has released arguably his most focused effort to date.



  • MusicFan

    I didnt like this album the first time I heard it. Its still growing on me.

  • Anonymous

    yall niggas hatin on him

  • Anonymous

    um...this still went platinum so... foh

  • Young

    No Mercy was a huge step down from the masterpiece that was Paper Trail. T.I'S first big failure.

  • Billy

    Personally, I was dissatisfied after the king uncaged hype and the mixtape he released. I expected a tupac like back from jail straight to The top album, not an 'I'm sorry for being naughty' album. However, lyrical class never dies. All she wrote, welcome to the World, lay me down and salute all impeccable. Everything on me Is a party anthem with an awesom beat which he rips to shreds. Nowhere near his best, but he shows glimpses.

  • Anonymous

    You know what's wack? The beginning of this review says Paper Trail is the best T.I. album, King is so-and-so.... But if you look at the page...you rated them all 3 1/2. Lol

  • Diehard TI FAN

    This is a pretty good album. Its biggest problem is lack of creatiity...but its sound in other categories. This album is a little depressing but its still not his worst album.(I'm Serious)

  • Anthony

    A little surprised this is garnering such low reviews for what I believe is one of his most complete albums yet. I personally rate Urban Legend his best, then King, then this and then papertrail. ti vs tip was horrible however.

  • Teymur Monster Tehmezov

    he is doing a great thang,but u bitches still can't get it

  • xkillaish

    luv this album, especially pledge allegiance to the swag, tight ish , sucks he is in jail

  • Christopher Joseph

    This album is slightly below paper trail just because of too many goddamn club songs with dat said its still a great album from him with solid songs such as welcome to the world, no mercy, how life's changed, salute, all she wrote, and castle walls

  • justin smith

    half the album is solid old tip with half of it being shitty hooks and not to good hooks.. 1) thats all she wrote 2)castle walls.. probably ti's best lyrical wise song 3)poppin bottles 4)i cant help it 5)welcome to the world 6)get back up 7)no mercy rest is trash to me idk why he didnt put pledge allegiance im back yeah ya know or got your back on there instead of the songs he put on there probably to just fill in time slot

  • Maxime Denis

    Dope album, same old flow and i adore it !

  • MusicFiend

    Solid 4/5 He's dropped better albums, but the majority of this album is tight.

  • makemsayugghhhhh

    Are people just hating this because T.I.P. went back to prison? The man is an entertainer and you gotta respect the quality of work and rate this album at least a 4. It's early but this album might even be his best yet. People need to get some q-tips.

  • micah dancy

    TI got a great album just sad to see him locked up so thats why the album is kind of underrated but give it a couple of years like im serious it will be considered a classic

  • Chrone

    Really this is at least a 4... this albums a banger DX YALL GAYERTHAN AIDS!

  • Vincent Salamatino

    This album plays like LeBron James on the Heat, seriousness sans smiling...I like this album a lot tho and the title track No Mercy is one of T.I.'s best songs as is Castle Walls and Get Back Up.

  • Buck shott

    This is Tip's version of relapse (imo), his comeback and its almost like he's tried to rush this out just to show the fans he's back and desperate to re-prove himself after being in the joint. Its a decent album overall but i aint gon tell the world bout it. Get back up and castle walls are unbelievable songs but the other tracks are probly 6/7 out of 10


    Not his best but still a very good album

  • Anonymous

    this album was kinda a let down if you want a hott southern album get yelawolf trunk music 0-60

  • James Anthony Gardiner

    welcome to the world 3/5 he said he had like 6 beats from kanye y he chose this i dnt kno, cudi ruined it how lifes changed 5/5 enough said get back up 5/5 same as above i cant help it 2.5/5 its ok all she wrote 4/5 good song but he sounds forced to me no mercy 5/5 very fitting song big picture 4/5 fitting song but beat sounds weak at times strip 3/5 trey n t.i. but without dro next time plz salute 4/5 jake one nuff said amazing 4/5 beat is crazy the only reason im giving it 4 everything on me 2.5/5 sounds like it was left of t.i. vs t.i.p. poppin bottles 2.5/5 wasnt fellin it at all didnt fit the album lay me down 1/5 nuff said castle walls 5/5 classic

  • youngseen

    (I need to proof read before I send next time) Ima T.I. fan im talking bout all the way from the im serious days from songs like "can't be your man", "hotel", "dope boyz", "grand royal", "do it" all them...I even liked TI vs TIP but this album I wasn't really feeling like that possibly his worse album in my opinion...for example when he and pharell pair up its a automatic classic songs like "Whats your name" "Shes a freak", "Good Life" etc..when I heard amazing I was disappointed...I am not going to bash TI at all im most def still a fan and I will still rock to a few songs on the album but he can do wayyyyy better..overall I give the album a solid 6/10.. maybe it get better once a few songs grow on me...but now im looking out for that TM103!! youtube Nalige 217

  • youngseen

    Ima T.I. fan im talking bout all the way from the im serious days from songs like "can't be your man", "hotel", "dope boyz", "grand royal", "do it" all them...I even liked TI vs TIP but this album I wasn't really feeling like that possibly he worse album in my opinion...for example when he and pharell pair up its a automatic classic songs like "Whats your name" "Shes a freak", "Good Life" etc..when I heard amazing I was disappointed...I gon bash TI at all im most def still a fan and I still rock to a few songs on the album but he can do wayyyyy better..overall I give the album a solid 6 maybe it get better once a few songs grow on me...now im looking out for that TM103!! youtube Nalige 217



  • stackkkks,

    id buy the album if i was yall classic type when it comes the lyrics hes on point like toothpicks

  • Tony Sims

    Good music stay outta jail homey>twitter/tonecapzzi (bedroom beast) new music

  • casper21

    someone explain to me why tip uses the exact same piano riff in two songs on this cd? Welcome to the world and I can't help it, songs 1 and 4.

    • ItsKgosi!!

      Sounds the same and is the same are two different things but how does that affect you in any way, wud u feel better if the other had the words "remix" at the end

    • Thomas Bynum Jr.

      You idiot its not the same key or same melody...you would know that if u were really into music... two different producers similar maybe... same no



  • cough up that smoke

    good shit just bought it t.i. i goes off with these lyrics no joke..

  • db

    not great but worth the money. im a t.i.p fan and it took me 2 turns b4 i was really lovin it. like some1 else said listen to the songs and you will change ya mind if u dont like it

  • Realness121





    i like it they got some bullshit on there but the good songs are real good

  • Nico 3

    He was onto something with Paper Trail, but whatever motivation he had then is gone here. Trash. Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Album definatly has its moments but even more flaws, main gripe being the production, alot of it is just really flat and uninspired, just reading the song titles you can guess what the songs are gonna sound like, and an MC of his caliber shouldnt need that many guest appearences, For a Gucci Mane or Young Jeezy I expect guests to pop up right and left to help cover up there lack of charisma on the Mic but Tip should be better then that 3/5 This is T.I's "Relapse" basically, a comeback record that isnt much of a comeback at all, hopefully he gets it right on the next one like Em did

  • hip hoppp!.

    unsure about some songs but overall a good album could have been better though

  • sick wit it mane

    good shit from a king

  • g lokk

    pretty nice shit from my man just copped the album

  • crazed

    this album isnt as good as paper trail but has trax that are on the same level

  • get at me

    t.i. isnt at his best only as in the album but he did go in on most of the tracks.

  • chuco

    i give it a 4.5 out of 5

  • popinglikebaconinapan

    has its goods and bads but shouldnt be called a whack album because half of the shit thats on here was done within a month or two due to t.i. getting caught having to do a bid

  • masterofthemix

    no comment just nice

  • cross em

    pretty disappointed in what the album had on it but what could u expect from making an album in a couple months like tip did

  • Unknown

    not better than paper trail but it's decent. and stop talking shit about ti vs tip. it was over the top but you're telling me 'Hurt' and 'Tell Em I Said That' wasn't bangin'?

  • jDOT

    I like it! Love from Toronto. Five stars.

  • thereal

    this album is a fuckin classic. an album that was put together well under the circumstances. every song was fire and tip was lyrically sharp and the production was top notch. can't wait until the next one.

  • you know it.

    overall good album

  • dro smoka

    dig it all except for 2 track

  • sashaj

    Im going to give it a 3/5....I didnt really like the album overall but just on the strength of the songs I like such as That's All She Wrote, Castle Walls, No Mercy, and How Life Changed i'll give it a 3 because those songs are very strong.. I don't care for the rest of the album. The Drake song and Kanye song were not as good as they could have been

  • Anonymous

    This album was a little disappointed about the album but it was still one of the better albums of the year. y is every1 hatin on TI vs. TIP, i thought it was dope, Big Shit Poppin is 1 of my alltime favorite songs

  • southside king

    3/5 AT MOST. and t.i is one of my favorite artists ever, but lets be honest this album did not meet the standards of all of the other albums hes put out, this is one of his weakest album releases right with t.i vs t.i.p. I do not blame him coming right out of prison than going back in. you can tell that the album that is no mercy was put together last minute with no real thought into it. has 3 great tracks and a bunch of average tracks. highlights are: welcome to the world, thats all she wrote, castle walls. this album lacks any great production and to many features. THE BIGGEST MISS of this album is that it does not have the feel as the other t.i albums, to many apologetic positive message tracks and not enough of the t.i we've all come to like in the first place is the "trappin,quarter brick of blow, swagger," type tracks. PERSONALLY i thought Fuck a Mixtape was alot better than this album. ONE LAST THING- DONT BUY THE DELUXE SAVE YOUR MONEY. ONE OF THE TWO TRACKS WERE ON HIS MIXTAPE. REALLY!?

    • GSONII

      You sound like you are on some type of campaign you wack phuck. You should be honest with yourself, noone has to feel like you. I think it's a really good album, and like Jay said if you want the mans last album go buy it, if you want Urban Legend go buy it, if you want Trap Muzik go buy it and on and on

    • snot boogey

      are you serious? out of all the t.i albums this probably his worst. the fuck a mixtape he dropped in the summer was way better and i could stand the dj's yelling on those tracks than the horrible production and features that this album had.

  • s

    Also has anyone else noticed how similar Welcome to the World and I Can't Help It are

  • s

    Enjoyed the majority of the album but have to put it out there that amazing is the worst song I've ever heard. Felt like I'd been listening to it for hours then realised there were still two verses to go.

  • Salman

    people you gotta stop hatin on him. he did this shit in 6 months for your a##. and the product is good

  • MAL 100

    this is overall a very good album. I think the idea in mind with the production of this album was to try and hit every possible fanbase...T.I. has so many different types of fans and has the ability to reach out and make songs that appeal to a variety.

  • aka91

    considering the fact that he is in jail i think this album is a sucess, definately better than t.i. vs t.i.p. i just wanted to hear him over a drummaboi beat and dj toomp but definately king shit right here



  • Tragedy Creates Art

    I've closely followed T.I. since King. I think although he is inconsistent with it, he can definitely show his greatness. This album might not be perfect, but there are some highlights that could be his best work. Welcome To The World-4.5/5 (Would've been better without Cudi) How Life Changed-5/5 (Perfection) Get Back Up-5/5 (Surprisingly good) I Can't Help It-2.5/5 (Poor rhymes & bad collab not to mention it sounds like a bad Welcome To The World) That's All She Wrote-5/5 (YES, THIS IS THE COLLAB WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR) No Mercy-5/5 (BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM, POSSIBLY T.I.'s BEST SONG. Everything about this track is perfect. Vintage T.I.) Big Picture-4/5 (Good lyrics however the production sounds bad) Strip-3.5/5 (Sounds like a bad Shoulder Lean) Salute-4.5/5 (Great track) Amazing-2/5 (Very disappointing, worst track on the album) Everything On Me-2/5 (Just bad) Poppin' Bottles-3/5 (I expected more from their collaboration, poor choice of topic) Lay Me Down-2/5 (Just horrible) Castle Walls-5/5 (ALMOST AS GOOD AS NO MERCY, 2ND BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM, EXTREMELY GOOD! I'm not a big Christina fan, but DAMN she can sing!) Overall: This album has highs and lows, the bad parts suck, the good parts are very very great, and I think it outweighs the bad. 3.8/5

  • cam

    because of t.i. going back to jail, i bet there were alot of records he couldnt put on the album that were originally intended for king uncaged. maybe he will use them when he get out again.

  • mackone

    Not feeling T.I'S new shit . he is a hypocrit and lame now . PoP RAPPPER tryna be cool . he talks too much for me

  • Anonymous

    Straight garbage. Enjoy the cell, my dude.

  • er4l2@aol.com

    i def feel like it was kind of thrown together since he went in but im a die hard TI fan since King and ive bought all his albums since. and i wasnt sure how this was was gonna turn out but damn im actually really impressed. surprised to see Rocko on there and some other collabs that i didnt expect but im actually pretty damn impressed with the whole thing exept Lay You Down...and idk what yaw r talkin about Strip is bangin

  • Biggest T.I. Fan

    T.I. is finally back...with some freakin outstanding tracks. like All She Wrote, Castle Wallas, No Mercy, Poppin Bottles are the best. though this album includes too stupid songs comparing to whole T.I. career, like Amazing and Lay Me Down fucked up entire album. Also songs like Strip and Salute arent really catchy too. I wonder how "King Uncaged" would be look like, and I thought jail sentnence made his debut so much better. 4/5.

  • Anonymous

    Trap Muzik 3.5/5 Urban Legend 4/5 King 5/5 T.I. vs T.I.P. 2/5 Paper Trail 4/5 No Mercy 3.5/5 High point songs: "All She Wrote" "Castle Walls" "How Life Changed" "Welcome to the World" "Poppin Bottles" Low point songs: "Lay Me Down" "Strip"

    • Anonymous

      missing I'm Serious his first album. Definitely recommend listening to that one.

    • r.c.

      are u serious? that list is disrespectful. trap muzik is a classic, he changed the game with that one. that's his best album in my opinion. the topics he touched on in that album are were and still are relevant today. trap muzik, paper trail, urban legend, king, i'm serious, no mercy, t.i. v.s. t.i.p. THAT'S THE LIST. any real hip hop head or t.i. fan will agree.

  • Ayre

    Didn't like the album, very underwhelming. I expected better from Tip.

  • kingshit

    dope except two tracks whats t.i. thinking shit coulda been classic but he just threw tracks out the booth that dont even matter.

  • joe

    album is good excep for strip nd lay me down

  • Bubu K

    Eyyy im talkin to GSONII!!! Yknow when yur busy tryin to make me look stupid i guess u didint notice that you wer contridicting yourself and you wer actually giving reasons for my argument not yours! And just cuz i say a rapper is boring dosent mean i wanna listen to waka flocka yellin on the track! Im sayin the way T.I. raps makes me wanna fall asleep because (to me) i dont hear any passion in his voice like i hear in his other albums! Lastly in efferts to try making a comeback to my comment you probly gun say sumthin stupid like " well yur stupid cuz u cant even spell right" and my response to that is im writing a coment not an essay... Oh ya FUCK YOU hahahaa

  • Rival X Jordan

    this is album is weak. Couldn't get into into. Enjoyed Paper Trail better.


    And another thing. This review is lame because it does not take into effect the deluxe addition which adds some really dope tracks. The deluxe edition is a 4 out of 5 atleast. I have to say I hope these guys are not getting paid for this because they are very incompetent


    I guess when the album sales do better than expected the lames will proclaim its great when other people like it. What idiots.

  • Phil

    Song #2 is the shit!!! One of his best albums he has ever done!

  • ts5000

    this album is dope one of t.i.'s best

  • Jamal Tyler

    T.I. keeps pushin listen to the album all the way through and he still the king forget a gucci mane only person in the atl close is jeezy

  • Anonymous

    wack! T.I. the informant= is overrated!

  • Robert

    Great songs TI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fiddy

    well, goota say it, this album is quite dope, and good review guys, defo a 4/5 for me.

  • realtak82

    oh yeah gotta rate album is really a 3.5! The person who rated Paper trail

  • Torey Wilder

    pure garbadge...by far his worst album...

    • Biggest T.I. Fan

      LOL if youre saying songs like "All She Wrote", "Castle Walls", "No Mercy" garbages then you have no taste in music at all. Well I admit this album is a lackluster, you cant say like that. This is not the wosrt album.

    • Tduma

      what's *Garbage* is your lack of spelling ability, not this album.

  • Anonymous

    not a classic album by any means, but ive been givin it spins and TI delivers some substance. 5* just for the rating, but i feel this is around a 4*.

  • rooney

    dunno bout this man. TIP does his thing but damn is there one god damn song where he doesnt have a guest spot on it? i mean drake and T.I together? fuck that. this aint the T.I i grew up listing to. wack.

    • thank you

      CHUCH, exactly what i am talking about. everyone who grew up liking and listening to t.i from the very first releases hes had knows this is some weak bullshit he put out.

  • psukany

    I miss some tracks ... still good album 4/5

  • Shawn Biggs

    I know I may sound wild for saying this but I don't this album should of come out right away. Especially when he just got went in for a bid. If he let the music progress just a little bit more, this album could of been somethin special but again I aint no T.I. expert. King gon bring em out

  • ABS

    For me it's the weakest one by Trap King.

  • Vegard Møller

    It's great! 4/5

  • A nobody

    Please note that this is an opinion and I I wanted to stop reading since "...awful album in T.I vs T.I.P" Smoke a blunt and watch "welcome to the world" video, then write another review. Bad review.

  • Big P 1

    I think TIP is that dude, but this just isn't proving it...

  • the.watcher

    TI is overrated. Nothing of substance.

    • Biggest T.I. Fan

      I always wonder when people like you say "substance" lol. What the fuck is that? Great lyrics? We are looking for great beats, great rhymes, great flows, great chorus, and T.I. makes true masterpiece of them all combined. Of course there are some wack shit too, but we are satisfied by listening to songs like All She Wrote and Castle Walls. Now if youre a fan "real stuff" with "GREAT POETIC LYRICS" I dont give a fuck, but you shouldnt give a fuck too, T.I. is a different artist. If you say Tip is wack by judging on his lyrics, then I gotta say that I never bounce those "only-lyrical" artists on my amplifier, their beats are boring and fucked up. But its just a different thing, I never diss them and their songs, so you should do the damn same thing on Tip too.

    • realtalk82

      Hey "The Watcher" Im only gonna disagree with you because alot of people feel like Tip is overrated and not to say you havent listened to all of his albums front to back over the last decade but the guy has got tons of substance and charisma! He also for some reason has to appeal to so many different music heads from different regions aswell. Just his song title sometimes don't show it:)Read that quote in the review that's a pretty good written lyrics if you ask me! Personally i was way more impressed w/ Paper Trail than this one and that's because got more personal(Castle Walls All SHe Wrote and Salute are easily my fav tracks here cuz he sounds like he got brains on those records). But if you don't check T.I like that than you might miss alot of gems. If you have listened to all his stuff and your not a fan than my explanation is utterly useless:) Peace

    • GSONII

      My big black cock needs your cracker mouth bitch come serve me

    • the.watcher

      You know, you didn't make the best argument there, buddy. And yes, I am white, so what? TI is wack and nothing's gonna change that. I don't give a fuck if dude's Chinese, Mongolian or whatever the hell - he can't rap, period. Instead of sprouting off some Eminem bullshit (as if I'ma diss TI and then go listen to Em LMAO, just goes to show those are the only 2 rappers you know), why don't you go discover some real music? Or would you like to get schooled in the art of hip hop by a white dude? Racist bitch.

    • GSONII

      Plenty substance shows that you are a lame little bitch looking for something to bitch about cracker, go suck Eminem's cracker dick with his non substance having ass bitch

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    How can the reviewer not mention the best track of the album?! Castle Walls might be his best song ever.

    • casper21

      Fortunately, T.I. picks a great closer, as talented vocalist Christina Aguilera lends her assistance on while the Atlanta native waxes about how his career looks in retrospect. Forgive the reviewer for not mentioning the song by name. But complimenting TI for a great CLOSING RECORD and naming CHRISTINA by name should be good enough.

    • GSONII

      Reviewers are lames expressing there little lame feelings but not getting anything close to what a rapper gets when he or she express their opinions. Meaning fuck what the reviewer thinks

  • Bubu K

    SERIOUSE QUESTION THOUGH... why do rappers that are married talk about " they going to the club to fuck some hoes and shit like that????" Then nobody calls them out for bieng a fake????? I dont get that?

    • caper21

      most people are afraid of calling their favourite rappers out on shit like that. It's all part of a fake image in general.

    • GSONII

      Dude how do you know what goes on in someone else's house. Obviously there wives are hearing this shit also. You blogging bitches are so lame. Just STFU

  • Bubu K

    T.I. is such a boring rapper thus making this a boring album... The album is decent but its no where near a classic! He needs to stop tryna sing becuz unlike someother rappers that do sing his voice dosent sound right...Beats where on point for the most part... Not every song wuz a banger or even listennable sooo 3.5. OVERATED

    • GSONII

      STFU, when does T.I. try to sing on the album you little stupid bitch.

    • GSONII

      Go listen to rappers who make club music exclusively. Go listen to Florida, Gucci, Waka, Souljha Boy. You are a ignorant mutherphucker if you think it is all about someone being a fun rapper.

  • therealjay

    this album is tip at his best.

  • Anonymous

    this album is a classic .


    I forgot to mention. I totally disagree with the notion that T.I. vs T.I.P was a bad album and I hate reviewers because the inevitably put too much of there personal feelings into things


    He has some stuff on the album I absolutely love which makes up about 9 tracks. Some stuff I hate which makes up 2 tracks and like 3 tracks that are okay. It's a good album considering everything is overrated these days. I would have given it about a 3.5 to 4 also.

  • DH

    Great Album but not a classic 4/5 for me

  • Anonymous

    "Castle Walls" is the fuckin truth, Love that song......... Collabo with Em was fire, overall the album is pretty good, I give it the same rating as you would, maybe a 4/5

  • 718rob

    i buy every OTHER TI album. Got Paper Trail, so I'll see you on the next one kid.

  • Fan

    Good luck in jail nigga. That Eminem track was CRAZY!

  • Andreas Gabriel

    i think hfm2 was so much better. yet they have the same rating...