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While Soulja is absolutely a star, he still hasn't delivered a concrete answer as to why.

Soulja Boy has already defied the odds. Few 2007 skeptics could have imagined the Georgia “Crank Dat” sensation ever making it to a third album with a major label. As he swags his way past the one-hit wonder expectations, Soulja delivers The DeAndre Way. Much like the title suggests Soulja doesn’t change the way he approaches album-making. Though he has grown to enjoy the luxuries of the Rock & Roll lifestyle, it’s clear not much has changed on the musical front in the last four years. Soulja Boy delivers high-energy, infectious music with little substance.

“First Day of School” is indicatives of what Soulja Boy brings to his third album. He embraces the fame for all it is worth and attempts to justify his swagger at every given opportunity. The hook is catchy, be it silly, and no one would mistake the lyrical performance for anyone but Soulja Boy.  It’s on tracks, like this and “Pretty Boy Swag” where the artist is most effective. Hooks have always carried Soulja into the mainstream, and they continue to aid his success. Unfortunately, for every hit hook, he has one that fails miserably. “Touchdown” sounds like Ying Yang Twins outtake without the energy, while, “30 Thousand 100 Million” lacks any evidence of creativity or revision.

The album features guest spots from Trey Songz and 50 Cent. Both are rather impressive collaborations for Soulja’s resume, but unfortunately they aren’t nearly as successful in sound as they may appear on paper. On “Hey Cutie” Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s sing-songy flow eliminates any opportunity for Trey to shine on the hook. “Mean Mug” features impressive production from Drumma Boy and a back-and-forth with 50 Cent.  The hook attempts to be massive but falls short, and the back and forth only highlights his anemic lyrical presence. The track is a clear shot at obtaining an older fan base, but the sudden thuggish demeanor doesn’t sit well with the listener when the very next track is “Blowing Me Kisses.”  

When Soulja raps “I understand the fans / Supply and demand,” on “Grammy” one has to wonder if his understanding is temporary. In a hit single climate he clearly understands how to get craft catchy hooks that receive plenty of radio spins. However, when the hook comes and it says “Is that not good enough?” the answer is a resounding no. The few moments where Soulja shines, he spends the remainder of the album crippling any effort of forward progress. Maybe efforts like “Fly” that see him rapping “Yeah, 2010 that’s my year / Yeah, 2011 that’s my year / 2012-13 and 14 and 15-16 17 and 18 I’m here” are more a testament of his youth. However, when the aforementioned line is one of the more clever lyrical moments on the LP, one has to worry.  

Though The DeAndre’s Way only has 10 tracks, it feels as if it has four or five too many. Between the successful singles like “Pretty Boy Swag” and the soon to be charted moments like “First Day of School” sees plenty of tracks that have no business being released through a major label. While Soulja is absolutely a star, he still hasn’t delivered a concrete answer as to why. Much like Bow Wow, he’s hit a pivotal age where his once teenage fans are maturing and he has to decide how to grow with them. On efforts like “Mean Mug” it’s clear he’s still unsure what that looks like. It’s a difficult formula that few rappers have crafted successfully, and as for Soulja, the verdict is still out.



  • brandon alexis

    i thought the album was great.

  • Chong Wang

    How's this garbage getting a 2 when LASERS got a 2.5?

  • Mean Mug

    could have been decent, only because of 50, but the hook ruined. I forgot this CD even came out, so did the rest of the world i guess haha

  • Vlp Lupe E

    Haha poor Solja dude! Haha!! Dude is hustlin' but damm

  • Chupps

    How did this get over 1 star? Reviewer hand slipped.

  • sambaq


  • Jessie James

    I don't see how this fag is rich.. really what did he do? Noone likes his shit if I could vote 0 stars i would

  • Memphis

    Soulja was not properly advised on his career and lost his way, especially when he totally disrespected a Rap Legend - matter what you have to reap what you sow...and karma is around the corner for us all...just bcareful whatcha do...always...but I wish the best for him, Happy new year to all and to all a good night.

  • David Nyambi

    This clown can suck a dick -1 stars

  • Mr. Tibbs

    This shit is garbage. I didn't think that I would find a CD worst than Waka Flaka Lame. But this shit right here, this shit right here, man this shit is hot garbage. What happened to depth? What happened to quality music? J-Live is that shit homey(plug).

  • Obama

    Garbage! Souja Faggot!

  • soulja boy himself


    • RealHipHop

      Boy sit down. This album sucks just like the last two albums. Don't you DARE say that this album is a classic because it's not. There's nothimg classic about it.

  • Tony Sims

    stay on ya grind bro its alot empty pockets out there.

  • Atl2Trill

    Who are the 9 people who gave this coon a perfect rating for this piece of shit??? Go kill ya self right now. Soulja Boy is an ignorant waste of life.

  • Anonymous

    why put this in stores, really why bother....good lord this is by far, hands down gotta be the worst/funniest album in hip hop history hahahaha...1/5 for makin me laugh

  • Anonymous

    lmao the deandre way is continuing to make this garbage...wut kills me is i think he is actually trying to spit sum shit and is totally incapable. party like a rockstar hit'm wit the hot bars, i understand the fans supply n demand conquer n command wtf hahahaha



  • Dante Phaatz Hagerman

    aaaaahahahahahahaha!!!!! This is soooooo baaaaad... Somebody save me... I'm from the South and I'm surrounded by dumb shit like this!!!!

  • Soujla Flop

    AHAHAHAHAHA~!!! Soulja Boy FLOPPED! oooh maaan, now THIS is music to my ears, not that garbage he puts out...hahahaha~!! Times like this, I still feel hope for Hiphop. He needs to make a new song with a catchy hook "Show em how to Flop" with a new dance, call it the FLOP. AHAHAHAHAHHHAAAA~!!!

  • Live

    I fucks wit it. I dont no why everybody hating on dude casue at least he spit that real. I fuck wit it cause i dont listen to nobody that be frauding my nigga GMFB get money fuck bitches and thats what he rap about. No-swag-having no-bitch-getting no-money-getting niggas could never dig it. They try to say Jeezy was wack too cause he talk that trap shit. They spit that real tho.... If u dont live it u cant relate

    • Vincent Salamatino

      Did you just say Soulja Boy spit that real? WTF? Hold Up Pause....Is This Soulja?...Man Let Soulja come to North Philly thinking he real he'll get his shit taken faster then Chingy did here...

    • STFU

      SO how does bein g real make you talented?? I got a cousin doin 17 years for shotting somebody..........And guess what, he cant rap for shit STFU

  • Chupps

    one of the worst albums this year has to offer. someone should do a list and not miss him out

  • Rich

    people with money and jobs will not buy this wack sh-- no more. The paying economy will not support certain forms of hip hop no more, and with this wack album, I can't blame them. You're a young adult and your writing skills sounds quite ignorant and basic. I wish most rappers would just listen to themselves. I listen to souljah boy(exactly what he is.. a boy), and others and I realize that there's a vast majority of america that sounds like that on a daily basis... no wonder we are damn near last in every educational and technical category in the world... damn shame

  • dumbsmart

    Good job not even going double foam your 1st week you garbage ass nursery rhymer. Guess ppl wised up to your stupidity. Twas a monumental day in hip-hop (and all music for that matter) indeed

  • Hapnappy

    You did 14k your first week! Bet your glad you went and got that remote control diamond necklace, huh homie? Hopefully your dumb ass can bring it back to the store cause your going belly up and now with all those fruity ass face tattoos you can't even try and be a D list movie star. You can't do a damn thing anymore homie! Hope you enjoyed the ride while it lasted cause you're on the way to being a has been. One of those dumb ass niggas we see years later on VH1 with a 2 minute slot on "1 or 2 hit wonders from the 2000's" I mean you on a major and pushed 14K in your first week!!!! Thats some sorry ass shit and i pray that you stay far away from any computer so you cant read the blogs cause you might kill ya self after you watch all the clowning you're about to get from people all over the internet universe, the radio, tv, and the list goes on. You suck and this is one of the last times I hope I ever have to see one of your corny ass worthless cd's reviewed on any websites in the future! Now go try and scrub those goofy ass face tattoos off and hope you can get a job someplace outside of porno when your 30!!!

  • Steven Ireland

    Fuck this nigger! Cuz he aint no nigga with this shit! This album about to go 3xAir lol! Thank god I listen to japanese rap cuz my people slippin AK-69>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soulja Bitch lol!

  • SixStar General

    Soulja Boy relies on catchy hooks and good beats. "Crank Dat" brought him spotlight and all but his music is a shame. What REAL lover of Hiphop would consider music like this being in the business. And 50, I understand this was a GREAT business deal, but you shouldn't feel happy no matter the amount you made by collaborating with someone so low on the scale. There is a place for this music, a whole other genre. You see, there is hip hop and real music that requires talent, and then there is shit like this. The media needs to come up with a name and enforce it. Put this shit in its place and bring real talented artists into play. Because leading people along making them think artists like this are a contribution to hip hop is a unfortunate mistake that should have never been made. There isn't a button to give this a negative or a 0, So I give it a 1. Man DX or any sit out there, Give me a job showing the way things need to be done. Six * G and I'm out. Go cop a album that took talent, Peace.

  • FRoSTYtheSNoWMaN

    I can't believe I even clicked to read this review and actually listened to a few songs. I'm officially nauseous.

  • theyschools

    how is this garbage flirting with a 2 rating

  • What a Fag this "Boy" is...

    My name is souljah boy and im a complete music sucks...but most of all...i like sucking dick...i suck at making good music...ill just stick to smoking pole now...sorry gay

  • hellrazor

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. this piece of shit sold 13K on its first week of release!!!! that proved that he aint nothing but a fuckin joke

  • Biggest T.I. Fan


  • Avontez Phonso' Tyler

    Soulja Boy not completely wack tho, he just dont know how to use what he got, cuz some of his mixtape songs were fire.. he gotta realize he aint a kid no more and step it up

    • Vincent Salamatino

      What? GTFOH!!! Name one fuccin song....Gimme some of the bars post them...I bet after you actually write down his lyrics you're gonna feel like a retard and end up deleting them

  • L@sers

    Soulja's career was over the moment he took a shot at Lupe. SLR nuff said.

  • YungRay

    Worst rappers 1 Soulja Boy 2 Waka Floka

  • deck4

    Wiggity wiggity wack son . STOP RAPPING AND STOP MAKING ALBUMS SOULJA BOY . Please

  • unknown

    o man he sucks balls.. an now he trynna sing? STOP!!! his rhymes are about as deep as a kiddie pool. He tries to have punch lines and metaphors like weezy or drake but he doesnt come close. he dont even rap on beat it always sounds like he goin faster then the beat

    • randy

      swear you right, this nigga be off as hell like he always be off beat its like he record a rap then they make the beat and try an fit it to his wack raps

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap this is some garbage. Hope he sells like two copies, and get the fuck outta this game.

  • Bob

    Album sucks but i rate highly cus i like him as a artist show support

    • Ronnie Gues?

      are you fuckin kidding me??? you like him as an artist??? he is not an artist he is a fraud!! fuck outta here!!

  • Killalex

    Soulja is still garbage, this shit won't even break 100k, and that's sad when he is as mainstream as you can get.

  • soulja dick

    yeh my baby soulja going tripple plat 1st week fuk ya'll niggas

  • Simple like ABC, 123


  • Troublez

    For starter this nigga is some nursery rhyme muthafucka that cant rap !! and second of all you know your trash when you can only put ten tracks on a cd an call that a album !??!? Hiphop dx the fuck is wrong wit yall reviewing this shit is a disgrace same with dick rida lyrically these guys suck and need to switch to POP thats where they can sing an dance to there faggoty hooks.

  • O

    The Gangrene album is still way better though.

  • O

    @HeyDX LOL, your inability to understand what Soulja Boy means to independent music is rooted in ignorance. This is a man who realized that if he made songs, and merchandise, and marketed it, according to his own home-made formula of advertising and branding, he could make $100,000 dollars. Then he realized if he invested that money into doing that again, he could multiply it by x10. You may not respect his music, it might not be for you, but this is one of the smartest, anti-label authorities there is in the business. I would rather see THAT succeed, than Bad Boy, Def Jam, Interscope, Shady, etc... Also, I am not a big fan of this album, at all. But the homie Andrew Noz put up an "Alternate TrackList" on his website, basically the songs Soulja SHOULD have put on the album. If he had put the album out with Noz's "Alternate Tracklist" it would undeniably have been pretty good. And the "30 Thousand 100 Million" video with Lil B is dope.

    • Steven Ireland

      Lil B is a cock sucking joke you stupid nigger>:( just GTFO!

    • Anonymous

      your talking money is whats rooted by your ignorance its about the fucking music its NOT FOR ANYBODY! say you rather see something so unprogressive then maybe some of the acts over at def jam or some of the acts at shady? you just talking money and your right that shit aint for everyone especially people who live and breathe this shit...

  • Hey DX

    And another thing... I din't know he was the one who put out "Pretty Boy Swag". That's garbage and you're saying the hook is "infectious".. Unless you mean it gives you HIV, you're justifying the shit he puts out. I thought Stevie from Malcom in the Middle put that song out...

  • Hey DX

    You write this article and say, "While Soulja is absolutely a star, he still hasn't delivered a concrete answer as to why." I'll tell you why he's "a star". It's because sites like this are ALWAYS shoving him in our faces. In the weeks leading up to this release I've seen him everywhere on this site. Interviewing him about Not having a cocaine addiction? Give me a break. YOU are the ones who make him a star... So if you don't know, now ya know, nigga

  • ptone814

    i have all of his albums

  • jDOT

    Not wort the words I am typing. How is this an album - CD isn't worth being a coaster.

  • Mike Meraz

    Flod Rida and Soujah Boy? Man DX only reviews the best of the best lmao

    • MrMalik

      While I agree that all artist CDs should be given a chance, both Soulja and Flo have been given two already... FAIL DX Str8 Co- Sign...

  • VOR

    Sometimes I wonder wtf is wrong with this world when this guy probably has more money than 95% of America.

  • Desiderius

    For those neanderthals defending this sambo because of his age...remember Shyheim the Rugged Child (Wu associate) was only 15 when he made his first album. And Nas was only about 19/20 when he recorded Illmatic. This gives no excuse for this kid to be making modern coonery minstrel show music... And to make it worst, HipHopDX gave it a 2?? My God, ya'll have fallin' off seriously. Just bring your blogs back.

  • Al Carlton Jr.

    I know some people are complaining about this actually getting reviewed, but i know some people other than myself just wanted to read a review about a horrible album. I needed the laugh...1 Star

    • hahaha

      totally know wut u mean, i was looking to read a terrible review and got it! lol, love the way the reviewer trashes soulja boy in a 'professional' way. ahhh, good job dx!

  • Anonymous

    Why am I going to be mad at this kid? He's not sitting around for a hand out and he's taking care of his family. Do your thing Soulja, you know your audience and that's smart.

  • B

    Just more nigger rap. Crap.

    • B.

      lol Got a lotta of people here in denial of the niggerdom; "kill yourself", "Did Knaye fuck your mom" -- it's as if you think I'm white. You don't think a black man can call a nigger when he sees it? I work hard to not be a nigger, and niggers like Soulja Boy fuck it up for real niggas like my mans and them.

    • B,

      Yeah...nigger rap IS running the industry, are you PROUD of this?

    • Anonymous

      Nigger rap crap is running the music industry chew on that clown. Did Kanye fuck your mom last night?

  • Anonymous

    this album really hit home. He really did make a personal album. as a young man who is only concerned about fucking bitches and gettin money I can relate to this album. Brilliant stuff the only album that's better is that genius album Kanye made. And if this doesn't sell its because people are still buying Kanye 4.5/5

  • The2DopeNinja


  • The2DopeNinja

    With all the power I can muster up through my hate for Soulja Boy I GIVE THIS A ONE STAR!!!! sadly all those retarded ass kids are gonna buy this garbage ass album...smh

  • Anonymous

    if yall like this niggas beats then check out lemme know what you think hiphopdx

  • TheMTTakeover


  • Soljaaa

    Best album of 2010... 500k first week...

  • rain

    you guys are trippin, yeah he's an horrible rapper but he can make some good ass songs here and there. He's just young and makes stupid choices like the comments against lupe and fab. I respect him on how he made it through the internet, I think it's an inspiring story actually.

    • Anonymous

      inprising story doesn't make good music. three albums and most of the songs sound like they were recycled fron the last 2.

  • D!z

    Shame on you niggas that gave him a rating

  • B-Easy made me do it

    Off with his head...

  • Moses Esan

    From watching the video above, I think the hype about Soulja Boy is more about how he made it all by himself from a small age. Which to be honest i respect him for.

  • Moses Esan

    * For the past few days have been trying to come up with a solution for Hip-Hop.

  • Moses Esan

    For the past few days have been trying to come up for a solution for Hip-Hop. What we have to do is create a whole new genre for this so called rappers, a genre that has no connection to hip-hop whatsoever. Soulja Boy and everyone in his camp. Gucci Man and everyonee in his camp. Wacka Flacka Whatever and everyone in his camp. And all those rappers bringing shame to Hip-Hop. Long Live Hip-Hop.

  • Anonymous

    solja boy is mc hammer looool

  • noid

    DX why would you even review an album like this? Review the new Damu the Fudgemunk joint or something worth listening to.

  • MP

    I would give no stars if it would register as no stars. One star is too much in my opinion. Anyone whop listens to [and enjoys] this guys music is either 8 years old or gay, bottom line...

  • quibble

    Mostly boring, shallow, and childish lyrics. 3 songs I liked.

  • Monroe

    Alright so I copped the cd after thinkin about it and it was fucking horrible. Touchdown is prob the best one even on that cd. Mean mug is decent but horrible production. LiL b AND Arab suck so fucken bad on that 30 thousand 100 million song. Soulja boy got swag but he suckkkk at freestyling he needs to stay off the freestyling and just do his shit.

  • Real Hip Hop

    You really need to have a 0 star for non-talented jerk offs like Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy has no skills whatsoever!

  • Jonathan Alexander Cooper

    Worst rapper ever.

  • RyanGrantDareal25

    While Soulja is absolutely a star, he still hasn't delivered a concrete answer as to why. Neither has anybody else with two functionally audible ears and a brain. Funniest shit ever.

  • Anonymous

    Why even bother reviewing these albums?

  • Edi Kajmolli

    why cant this coon just get hit by lighting and die? he got all these tattoos like he thinks hes hard now or something fuck you soulja boy i wish you would just die

  • SpikeyJamez

    Look am sorry, but I am very busy right now checking out Copywrite, Themselves (Dose One & Jel), El-P, JFK (Grayskul), Gangrene (Oh No & The Alchemist), Truthlive, Vinnie Paz, The Grouch & Eligh, Zion I, Aesop Rock, Cage, Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Diabolic, Grieves, Ill Bill, Sabac Red, DJ-JS1, DJ Krush, Nujabes (R.I.P.), Eyedea (R.I.P.), Rob Sonic, Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence, Murs, Mr. Lif, Q-Unique, Prefuse 73, Dabrye, Qwel (Typical Cats Crew), Ugly Duckling (Andy, Dizzy & Young Einstein), People Under The Stairs (Thes One & Double K), Odd Nosdam, MF Grimm, LMNO (The Visionaries Crew), Kno, Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Finale, Dalek (MC Dalek & Oktopus), Ra Scion (Common Market), Canibus, Esoteric, C-Rayz Walz, Brother Ali, Blue Scholar (Geologic & Sabzi), Black Milk, OC & AG, Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Special Teamz (Edo G, Jaysaun & Slaine), Termanology, Blue Sky Black Death (Kingston & Young God), RJD2, Poison Pen, Immortal Technique, Percee P, DOOM, Statik Selektah, Vakill, Get Busy Committee (Apathy, Ryu & Scoop Deville) (New Single Joint), Casual (New Single Joint), Hudson Mohawks, Samiyam, Flying Lotus, Del The Funky Homosapien, Semi.Official (I Self Devine & DJ Abilities), Hell Razah, Marco Polo, Ruste Juxx, Guilty Simpson, Fashawn, Jake One, J Dilla (R.I.P.), Das Racist, JR & PH7, BK-One, DJ Revolution, DJ Spinna, Slug (Atmosphere), Snowgoons (DJ Illegal & Det), Alias, and other music artists joints. Man, it feels good to get the shit out of my chest just to make fun of Soulja Boy terrible joints.

    • hiphop101

      all i got to say is soulja, wacka, lil b, gucci, oj da juiceman, ying yang twins, arab, jbar,birdman, chingy, nelly, mc hammer, tony yayo, mike jones, ja rule, jim jones, bow wow,j kwon,lil zane, yung berg,plies,swaty lo,nicki manaj, lil twist, da new boyz.....would murk all!!!!!!!! dem niggas song wise

    • Cultures Clothing

      @Spikey James I like pretty much every single MC/Group that you named. Good taste dude. Props for listing Canibus, Blue Scholars, Greyskul, RA Scion, etc. You forgot Macklemore though...he's really dope as well. And Panacea is a good group for you to check out if you haven't heard of them. P.S. I'm not hating, because Soulja Boy's just somebody's dumb ass little cousin somewhere lol...definitely not hating on his success, but this album really is is pretty much everything in his catalog.

    • Moses Esan

      That's one long ass list. Good Job Man.

    • noid

      yo SpikeyJames nice list man. If you dig Krush & RJD2 you should check out IV the Polymath. His instrumental albums are really dope. Just started listening to him this summer.

    • SpikeyJamez

      Especially the DJ's, they are freaking ill.

    • SpikeyJamez

      Your response just isn't right bro like are you really serious about this? I wrote everything down from scratch and I didn't even copy and paste in the first place. And come on? you know there is over a 100 and possibly more 200 MC's making good music that we never heard, so really dude, wheres the common sense? Beside aren't we as a human being suppose to be about exploring of many different people of different culture, interest, perception and ideology in order to enhance our intellectuality? Seriously your comment is very suspicious and am very insecure about it. Either way, am just gonna keep exploring music and enjoy it.

    • 123456789



    Fuck this nigger, someone needs to lynch his little cocky ass.

  • Nope

    Trash. I listened thru and thru sadly....I wish I could get those 52 mins back.

  • Anonymous

    complete trash. waste of everybodies time, and still no idea who actually would ever buy one of soulja boys album, and have never found anyone who has. waste of my time even postin on this shit.

  • k

    I wonder how much he will sell lol. Im an 18 year old rapper been in love with the music forever check me out looking for some feed back on my first released song and/or

  • PeaceKeeper

    Really don't understand why people keep buying this crap...

    • SpikeyJamez

      Because people are fucking stupid, why? because America support less on education. Once again my friend, this is a common sense that we are witnessing.

  • the.watcher

    Wack ass bullshit. If I could give this a 0 Star rating, I would.

  • kong 4

    albums sales now have nothing to do with it a good album or not but it's a popularity contest

  • HÃ¥vard Krosby

    it is goood ;)

  • The Professor

    Listen to Illmatic Instead.