With The Best Of Both Worlds two of urban music's elite have came together in partnership to create a epic collaboration on paper. Jay-Z and R. Kelly have the dubious task in manufacturing album that will have to cater to listeners of both musical genres. While both man as we speak are marked into much social controversy, they still remain as the flag bearers of their respective worlds.

It is no question that both men collectively as team raise the bar of quality in urban music. Both men possess solid musical portfolio of hits and a large fan base that any politician would applaud. These men individually are great talents, knowing their respective limitations and waiving their proverbial mainstream popularity in all forms of viewing media. They also feed off each other with scintillating melodies, energetic tempos and eccentric beat selection. Based on the previous collaborations on intriguing chart toppers "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" and "Fiesta".

Some tracks to lock your ears to would be compelling "Get This Money", a interpolated effort with "Honey" and the dance floor cut "Shake Ya Body" with femme fatale Lil' Kim. However the clear-cut track that you would have to adjust your mindset to, would be the socially minded "It Ain't Personal". Where these two talents engaged a thought-provoking tale about how there stardom and lifestyle destroyed some of their personal relationships.

After earful, you will notice a few disappointments to The Best of Both Worlds. Of course, this album displays the on-going trend of ego-trippin and flamboyant vibrato. When your hear the song "Green Light" it comes off comical, but both men extremely embarrassed themselves with self-reflection and narcissism. In addition, the album creates a combustible format with the unpleasing songs called "Pussy" featuring lackluster lyrics of Devin The Dude and the album filler called "Shorty".

In the end, R.Kelly and Jay-Z establish good album, not the outstanding effort that I was expecting. With Jigga's verbal squabbles with other jealous vocalists and Kelly's legal problems, it leads you wonder if these two stars release this compilation too early or too late.