Gucci Mane - The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted

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When he and his producers stay in their lanes, Mayor Gucci can serve his faithful constituents with the anthems that fuel their every day lives (or weekends).

With last year's The State vs. Radric Davis proving that Gucci Mane could translate his street stardom into making a commercially viable release, the groundwork for the trilogy was set. Whereas Gucci was incarcerated during the 2009 release in one of Rap's more fitting album titles, this year, the Brick Squad 1017 leader is out and diversifying. Like his first installment, The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted is a big budget, guest-heavy release that distinguishes a Gucci Mane album from his endless supply of mixtapes. However, the Atlanta, Georgia mainstay still has yet to show the mainstream what the streets have been pointing out for the last five years.

Gucci Mane plays to his strengths: deceptively simple production, catchy hooks, and playful flows and adlibs. Aside from the brawny basslines of “Weirdo,” southern heavyweights Drumma Boy and Zaytoven disappoint with formulaic beats that seem to rely on Gucci Mane's charisma instead of being able to contribute to the song. Fortunately, lesser-known producer collaborators—DJ B-Do and Joey French, and Schife and OhZee—outshine their reputable counterparts on the Bun B-featured “Lil Friend” and “Making Love To The Money” with trunk-rattling percussion and busty horns and organs. Even Swizz Beatz uses “Gucci Time” to showcase a paced adrenaline shot that complements Gucci's simplicity without falling victim to it. As far as the rhymes go, Gucci's song concepts are trite at best: “Making Love To the Money” and “Brand New” are about exactly what their titles imply. But his fun, infectious hooks guarantee singalongs in clubs and whips nationwide; those leary of the repetitive subject matter may enjoy the songs in limited doses at parties or in “shuffle” mode with the rest of their music library.

But some may check The Appeal based on Gucci's comments during a press conference after leaving prison this past May, in which he claimed that the Rap game needed “substance” and that he would provide it. Only one song does this, but it does so brilliantly. On “Grown Man” Gucci closes the album by matching Jim Jonsin's synthy winner and Estelle's triumphant hook with honest verses that lament fallen or imprisoned loved ones, admit wrong and pushes to move on. But other attempted change-ups fall short. “ODog” shows promise with a layered, pensive Inkredibles backdrop and a defiant Wyclef Jean chorus that beams success despite prison setbacks and stereotypes, but Gucci's verses don't stray from the usual flossing and chick-snatching. And “Remember When” the trite Ray J-assisted attempt at female seduction, is weighed down with lines like, “We go together like hamburgers and french fries.”

The Appeal doesn't go too far left to make Gucci Mane's detractors change their minds, and it doesn't go too far right to make his fans love him anymore than they already do. When he stays in his lane and makes his producers stay with him, Mayor Gucci can serve his faithful constituents with the anthems that fuel their every day lives (or at least weekends). But when he doesn't have all his cylinders running, the results are disappointing at best and catastrophic at worst. Either way, he begins and ends the disc as Georgia's Most Wanted: for the career electric chair by his detractors, and for hood mayor by his disciples.


  • SWIM Records

    Not his best work, but as a whole, a very enjoyable album. Some serious bangers.

  • SavageLLife

    Mayor Gucci is the most commercial thug in the industry, In real life, he doesn't smoke weed or drink alcohol....I find it hard to take these entertainers at face value when they're influencing the lifestyles of kids, teens, and dumb ass adults who wanna live like this. However, I respect his mind I presskits are the truth if any independent artist out there wants a visual masterpiece to precede their artistry.

    • Austin

      Were u high when you wrote this cuz Gucci does all of the sutuff u just said he didnt do. All though Gucci has done some bad stuff in his life hes still on of the best rappers and all ways will be.

  • lil baby

    wats up des yo girl lil baby homi let me tell ya i just wont yall 2 here me rapp and stuff like dat so i just hope dat i can get a reply from yall.please ive been rappin 4 a long time i can go hard hommi i can kill it burh real talk.i got niggs sayin i wont b des i wint b dat but ope i canbecome wat i really wonna b so com on wit it burh can u please help me out askin wit all my heart urh real talk so just huk yo girl lil baby up in da email just gone do #1 rapper is gucci mane real talk nd da 2nd iz flocka nd 3rd lil gone let me kno wat it do just huk me up.PEACE OUT PLAYA

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    all da songs on here i heard b4 da album evn came out xcept only 2 songs n dat was brand new n odog dat odog shit was wack brand new was da best song on da hole album he fucked up on dis 1 his still dat nigguh but dam

  • oli

    gucci shit is hard. i like haterade. Brick Squad is making a movie, if you like the team go to the reviews for flockaveli and post. his album was hard too.

  • luckylibra

    best album. this album is right next to rick ross album.

  • Anonymous

    fuck gucci. commercial ass gimmick rapper


    ITS GUCCI! say what u want but drive past the club wit the system on blast and you gunna cause a scene. keep doing ur thing gucci you the best rite now

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha wow man fuck the south haha. I'm sooooo glad I listen to Japanese hip hop cuz them asian niggas cherish hip hop way more than these coons ever here in the states. They got better beats and way better flows.  I'm not even going to listen to this piece of nigger shit haha!! You guys can have but it's not for me. God this shit it is just so fucking funny this is what my race listens to now haha!!! Well time to listen to my SOUL'd OUT music haha!!!

  • knox

    This CD went hard...i think its one of the best of the summer..Gucci showed a shit load of improvement..on some real shit...more than anybody in the rap game...Bun B CD went hard to...this is street shit...fuck what anybodys talkn about..if anybody should get props its GUCCI...BURRR.....

  • Mattjeezy

    ITs actaully not bad at all!

  • ass

    Fuck all you haters if you dont like it don't even bother shit about it faggs.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane sucks! that's all i got to say

  • Anonymous

    What it gonna be??? SONGS hard as fuck. I had to replay it a few times. This album is pretty solid. I think he could of put a few more songs on it. Keep puttin it out though. BURRR burRRR

  • tibedo

    This nigga is "S" on his chest Super Wack!!! To me he represents all the problems with this hip-hop shit I love and grew up on. He disrespects his fans by not even giving ya'll a full listenable album just a couple of radio singles to keep his paper flowing and ya'll eat this shit up. Get out this industry box people!! You not choosing what you wanna hear, its being picked for you. Whats the message? Lemonade? No substance whatsoever. God this shit is eating at me. Fuck the radio and the niggas that love it.



    • Anonymous

      MAN STFU. Know one is 'hatin' that's just a word these wack ass rappers like gucci and wayne use as an excuse for the hate they get cos the real hip hop heads know there wack not cos there 'hatin' for no reason. these types are WACK thats why they get hate

  • dninc

    The Album was real garbage, i was kinda into Gooch then he started to fall off, he's falling out of his realm, tryin to get commercial, way too watered down for real street nigga'z i couldn't even mix this in a club, i like 1 song off this whole thing and the rest just sound like something he pulled out of toilet water.

  • Theo Odoemene

    Kanye West ft. Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie & G.O.O.D. Music -- Christian Dior Denim Flow


    THIS IS THE WACKEST CD EVER MADE . garbage it all sounds the fucking same .

  • Corey Michael Lake

    This album was pretty legit

  • Coolin

    Let's wait and see how many Hot 100's there are on this album. I am thinking 4 - 5 with Remember When, Haterade, Party Animal, throw in a few others that could possibly be and Gucci Time which should not have been his lead single let alone a single at all. You can talk shit on this comment but, time will tell.

  • danksmoke

    All the songs and beats sound the same . 1 ok song with wyclef . the rest is weakness . weak beats


    Ain't no Nas, MF Doom, Talib Kweli,Styles P, Eminem, no Jay z a KRS ONE or a Rae. I like the this album! Anthems

  • fats domino

    worst rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 905

    I've seen you guys give albums that are 4 times better than this a 3.5 and you gave this a 3, y'all need to review better.

  • T

    gucci's good, but he's just like em when it comes to repeating shit, all his songs sound the same to me. i give it a 3/5

  • CoryfuccahaterHall

    LIKe yea da joint good an all but mr zone 6, ferrari music, and jewelry selection all go harder den dis. I mean come on Gucci zaytoven is ya dr dre go back to da late 07 08 swagg that shyt fuckin GO! get back on ya gangsta shyyt fuck pop swaggg that shyt neva last, people like Master P,scarface, UGK (RIP PIMP C), Ice cube dey gonna b 4 eva

    • MizzMillionz

      Gucci basicly made dis cd for da ppl dat dont really listen to him. He out the traxx out that the world wudd like...yes his mixxtapez were off da chain but like wudd white people actually go buy his album if for example "Socialite", "Get Up Off Me", "Block party" Or "Electricity"...All da traxx are hot but like if they woulda went on da album ppl wudda be like what iz dissss...I believe he wants to cater 2 everyone not jus da black fanz who kno hiz style and been jammin 2 him since time. He want new fanz he don't wanna stick witt da same onez Specially since he jus came outta jail...he wanna put out a gudd look. He kant go to HARDDDD....Either way da album I loved it n u can tell every tracc hiz been remasted n it soundz so nice. I love GUCCI MANE...So Much Luvv from ur gurl Mizz Millionz *Muah* Ppl Hit Up ya Gurl On Twittah Follow Me

    • BRRRR

      Nigga, the first song is based on Scarface quotes. Gucci still heavy in the streets. The retail shit don't sound like the mixtapes, it just don't.


    Like it or not, Gucci is one of the ten most popular rappers in the world right now. Keep hating, faggots.

    • Chadwick B

      Kush is my cologne chopped and screwed! is the shit...still bump that to this day. Gucci is cool, but Im still rolling with the legends like UGK, Eightball MJG, Face, E40, and Outkast. They just have more substance in my opinion.

    • lonestar_playa

      damn............niggaz iz checkin fo' popularity now instead of lyrics? smh.........where the real hip hop fans gone?

    • datniggaace

      In the world? lol keep dreaming

  • Eciti

    The main strength of Gucci is beats, hook. That's all. But this one better than previous album

  • Rhetoricjams

    just wanted to shout out a different part of the album: the r n b songs on this album are DRASTICALLY better than "the state vs radric davis" Gucci's shown a lot of maturity in the past 2 years I'd say. Also, anyone think WEIRDO deserves a gorilla zoe remix?

  • Robert

    burr its good buy it gotm a lil bit of a diff sound but its good shit

  • RyanG

    Ay buy the appeal dats da shid my nigga Gucci took da fuck off. BRAND NEW dats my shid-Gs up$$$

  • Bubu K

    Gucci iz not the best but he did his thing... He got sum raw beats on there too.. 3 stars

  • Bubu K

    Gucci iz not the best but he did his thing... Hegot sum raw beats on there too.. 3 stars

  • QY



    Im a gucci fan but, this shit is weak. Only like 4 songs. Zaytoven is overated to, making them simpla ass lame beats (excluding trap or die 2). TM103 is gonna blow this out the water

    • MrMalik

      Couldn't agree more. Especially when it comes to Zaytoven, my gawd! Even though Zay's tracks made Gucci's sound, Gucci done lost his inner trap nigga.

  • Bangerfield

    Gucci. epic failure saving hip hop 1 day at a time

  • Coolin

    This is just as good if not better than The State vs. Radric Davis. The first Zaytoven track is one of the best, don't listen to this guys review in that regard. All but two songs are definitely playable many times over. Good job Gucci!

  • Kevin Bibbs

    This is a good review everything he said was true. This album won't gain Gucci any new fans and it won't lose him his normal fanbase. This album doesn't have much replay value for me. 'Making Love To The Money' is a good song but I heard it already on one of Gucci's mixtapes. I would grade this album a 3 stars as well. Grade C. It's like when Gucci is in his zone on a beat he gives you a good record but when he's not in his zone it's not a bad record it's a TERRIBLE one. Other than that... expect to hear 'Brand New' in numerous cars this fall/winter expect to hear 'It's Alive' in the clubs next single should be 'Haterade'

  • Robert Laryea

    how??? i mean how in the complete fiery heat in blazing HELL did this get better than ice cube cd or equivalent to the krs and true master???? im not going to rate it because im not a gucci fan but...

  • King Royce

    i can`t stand him!!! wack!

  • MrGottaGetIt919

    The album is hot! Gucci! Burr!

  • ms. gucci

    i think he out did himself this time. this is one that you could sit and listen to from beginning to end over and over again. good job gucci. yeahhhhhh love ya

  • 718rob

    I'm checking for Waka. Gucci is played out.

  • ATLien

    just what u would expect from gucci.