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As it stands, Crunk Rock sounds just like its recording process: disjointed. There's plenty of Crunk, but where's the Rock? The other major musical influences here are electronica and Techno - which is fine - but in order to pull that off, Jon will have t

When recording for Crunk Rock began in 2005, Lil Jon reigned supreme in the commercial Rap world. 2002’s Kings of Crunk and 2004’s Crunk Juice took the world by storm with infectious, hard-hitting production, while smash hits like Ciara’s “Goodies” Fat Joe’s “Lean Back [Remix],” Petey Pablo’s “Freek-a-Leek,” and a little ditty known as Usher’s “Yeah!” kept the gravy train rolling.

When the first single for Crunk Rock, “Snap Yo Fingas,” reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, it seemed inevitable that the former So So Def deejay would continue his unstoppable run – that is, until label politics came into play. The well-documented story of TVT Records’ fall delayed the album a staggering four years – an eternity in music, and in no genre moreso than Hip Hop. Having gone through countless obstacles and iterations, Crunk Rock is finally here, but in what state? With so many delays and interruptions to the recording process, will Jon’s primal production and guttural chants be enough to get him back into fans’ good graces?

Crunk Rock sets things off by revisiting an old favorite, with “Throw It Up Pt. 2.” Pastor Troy is once again along for the ride, and this time Waka Flocka Flame is riding shotgun. The sequel pales in comparison to its epic predecessor thanks to the 2002 version’s killer sampling of “Lux Aeterna,” but it’s incredibly hard-hitting nonetheless, reminding us why we fell in love with Crunk in the first place. “G Walk” doesn’t let up, either, as Soulja Boy and Lil Jon let the listener know to go hard or go home – in furious fashion. Marley brothers Stephen and Damian find their way onto the album via “On De Grind,” which features what has to be one of Lil Jon’s most impressive lyrical outings (and perhaps a veiled Three 6 Mafia diss): “Slumdog millionaire, made it outta nothin’ / Throughout all the Temptation, came up David Ruffin / …somethin’ gotta give, or else I’m takin’ somethin’ /     Super hard, Tony Stark, I got that iron on me / Rastafari, don't make me sic the lion on em / I got killers everywhere, it's the City of God / Now ain't nobody seen shit, it's just a mirage / Sunglasses at night, under the street lights / I ain't missin' no meals, I gots to eat right / I'm on hustle overdose, like that nigga from 'Crank' / Ain't no Oscars, we ain't actors, nobody to thank / Try to stay positive, and never give up / Tryin to keep my head up, but I'm fed up / If some bloodclot change don't come / Then bloodclot pain gon' come.”

Following a brief interlude, “Killas” keeps the ball rolling with the aid of Ice Cube, Game, Elephant Man and Whole Wheat Bread. Putting the first bit of Rock into Crunk Rock, the artists are all at home over the loud, flat percussion and heavy electric guitar – though it’s nauseating to hear an intelligent man like Ice Cube rap “you mothafuckas soft as Gandhi.” “Get In Get Out” is Crunk Rock’s first real misstep, as it proves Lil Jon just isn’t engaging enough to carry a song on his own. It’s a shame, as he wastes a perfectly good off-kilter beat to rap maybe 50 different words over the course of nearly four-and-a-half minutes.
“Outta Your Mind” just ever-so-slighty boasts some Rock influence, but comes out most flat, and quickly becomes tiring. “Ride Da D” tries to recreate the magic of Ying Yang Twins collabo “Get Low,” but doesn’t come remotely close, and the travesty that “Ms. Chocolate” boasts a hilariously lame extended metaphor. Women as candy? So original. The question marks keep rolling in, as the inclusion of “Shots.” A bona fide, the song is no doubt infectious; problem is, it hit airwaves last October, and was featured on LMFAO’s debut, Party Rock.

As it stands, Crunk Rock sounds just like its recording process: disjointed. There’s plenty of Crunk, but where’s the Rock? The other major musical influences here are Electronica and Techno – which is fine – but in order to pull that off, Jon will have to do better than Pleasure P, Shawty Putt, and 3OH!3. And really, that’s the story of any Lil Jon album – it’s only as good as its guests. With the kind of clout Lil Jon has, it’s disappointing he wasn’t able to come up with a better supporting cast (especially given his features in the past), which makes for an equally disappointing album.



  • MusicFan

    Lil Jon is done. This album aint shit compared to Kings of Crunk and Crunk Juice. This album was nothin but a big reach by Jon. Too many delays resulted in too much buzz for the album fading away. Snap yo Fingaz wouldve been the best song on this album but was not included due to the fact that Snap Music is of course dead. On De Grind and Throw It Up Part 2 are the highlights of this album. Killas deserves honorable mention as well. 2/5

  • IVIS187

    Like 4 songs are okay/good

  • Tdotfromdabronx

    I really didn't expect much from this album I mean its lil jon for god sakes I just gave it a listen for the features true story, but anyway it was a lil jon album what more do I need to say...

  • S.o.Sa

    This wasn't real CRUNK like kings of crunk and crunk juice. lil jon was rapping more then anything, Im still a fan of lil jon but if I want rap i will go else where. But Throw it up that was the only real crunk song on the album. Killa, and on de grind where the only real good ones that i liked. The rest was average or just shit.

  • erocx23

    dissapointed because a) its not rock influenced hardly at all like it was originally supposed to be b) lil jon has shown his creativity several instances before so i thought that with so many years to create something, and since there were supposed to be elements from different genres, that he would make himself into rick rubin with this album and make a classic that would change the game. c) to much techno/dance music jon is just following trends now d) the first 4 promotional singles, snap yo fingers act a fool, that baby dont look like me, one more i dont remember, are no where to be found e) theres not even shit on the whole album i can turn way the fuck up in my ride and wile out to unless throw it up 2 should happen to grow on me. Thats the only crunk song on the whole fuckin album. Im so dissapointed i waited patiently since 2006 for this shit his careers finished as far as im concerned crunk is dead and its a hip hop tragedy the mainstream recognition dave chapelle gave him in 04-06 wont be restored as i was anticipating

  • DRE3052

    damn, homie... in high school you was the man, happened to you?





  • Gods_Son23

    Starts off okay but the second half of the album is rubbish. I'm off to play Crunk Rock.

  • weezydawg

    This is good for when your in the club

  • stroydnaire

    Bonkeira, you forgot the period at the end of you sentence. lol

  • Just a man

    At first glance I really have nothing good to say about this album. I do understand that people have grown up on different kinds of hip hop. I can say this album has a decent amount of club banga's but nothing more. I wouldn't be bumping this at home or on the MP3 player unless of course you wan't me to cut out my eardrums. I know I'm making this album sound bad with this review but really it isn't that bad. I just refuse to listen to somthing like "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS" while I'm in the soroundings of my own house, work, small gathering and under the influence of weed. With that said DR JAM summed it up well saying "club only" becuse that;s what it really is. I haven't copped this album but I have given it a listen and it's safe to say if I was cuaght in a club with this bumping out of the speakers the sweat would drip from my balls. But I don't rate my music on what it's like in the club under the influence of alchohol with girls dancing all around me. Becuase in a situation like that Lil Jon could be saying "I eat dicks for breakfast and enjoy anal sex" and I probably wouldn't realise. Lyrics - 1/5 Beats - 3.5/5 Creativity 2/5 Overall - 2/5

  • bow

    havnt heard it but someone answer this ? is it better then crunk juice cause that album was the shit haters dont comment!

  • iBar

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  • CB

    this album should be the first to get negative stars. TRASH!

  • Keith Wegobig

    Peep "Magical Girl" feat Lil Jon coming it. Keith

  • dat rude dude

    i think u people rate all music the same. u mustve forgot theres many different types and genres. if u grew up listenin to lil jon shit it was always fun club crunk fighting music. now this is the reason y hes famous now. but if he strayed away from what he always done then it wouldnt b lil jon. its a cool ass cd to me so...yea

  • Gods_Son23

    Killas is a banger but thats about it.

  • Mattweezy

    hot beats....bad lyrics...wat esle do u expect...the song wit the Game, and the song wit R.Kelly are my favorite

  • hvylobster

    fuck it. there's some good club tracks on it but ill wait for the 12"s (if they still make those)

  • SutterKane

    I havent heard it yet............I always liked Lil Jon production, its simple but effective, shame his Retard adlibs had to come with it most the time I'll check this out eventually I guess, been stuck on Eminem and Rhymefest to tough this week, you know, rappers who can actually rap kinda got my attention for now, I'll tune into the Minstrel show a lil later

  • chrisroman

    wait this album was rated equally with TML...get the fuck out of here lol

  • Young Wacko

    greatest cd of the year this shit kills recovery top five ever 1.lil jon 2.soulja boy mane 4.jim jones 5. oj da juice man

    • junkie

      hahaha he is clearly joking no1 could possibly think that hahahahah made my day

    • willmulathe1st

      this has to be a joke my dude put oj da juiceman in his top five and soulja boy number 2? this nigga is tweaking

  • sheshbesh

    dang what the hell happened to the synths, man?

  • d smith

    this nigga shittier than a babies pamper. i only liked lil john cause he made hard ass beats that nigga cant rap his way out a plastic bag. he trash, been garbage, and always gone be garbage wit his shitty ass.

  • iBar

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  • westpac08


  • buckeyewu

    This shit is as corny as the popcicle colored cover. I was never a Lil John fan but used to respect him for his work that he did with artists like Cube and Too Short. Even the production on Lil Scrappy's 1st joint was hot. I would leave any club that would play this trash.

  • joker081

    Lil jon is fuckin trash how come ppl gonna listen his music... Garbage

  • vargo05

    Dogshit!!!!!!!!!!! Same shitty beats and yelling and not saying a damn thing. Wack ass fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TTB

    wow. lots of internet haters. keep doin what you do, jon!


    so according to DX, Lil Jon is on the same level as Drake. HAHAHAHA

    • jeremiahftw

      they may both have the same rating, but that doesn't mean they're of equal quality or content.

    • jeremiahftw

      No....every album isn't judged by the same standards. I'm not going to judge a kid cudi album the same way I judge a Snoop dogg album.

  • __________________

    i bet a 100 bucks he'll be back again with the same shitty music that only appeals to people who don't listen to real hip-hop. i'll atleast balance out the hate.

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  • ts5000

    this album is kool i like it

  • c red

    i think this album is fire


    good for clubs & partys not for everyday life

  • C.

    other than a club dj who would buy this? i mean would you really listen to any of this on the way to work @ 8am haha me... i like to put in Reflection Eternal "My Life" but im a grown man.. oh way, so is lil jon.

  • Twinblades

    Crunk is dead lil jhon is dead Kanye & Diggy-MO' FTW!!!

  • Cos321

    does this mean lil jon and drake are equivalent rappers hahahahaha

    • Bonkeira

      Dog shit is dog shit, chances are if you're a lil john head, than drake must be like eminem in your book



  • Krazzy-E

    This album is nothing more then a piece of shit. Who the fuck listens to this wack ass garbage anyway? Lil Johns music is for those fat caveman lookin bitches at the club, and the homo skinny jean wearin dick heads buyin those bitches drinks. If I hear this album bumpin in someones ride I will slap that mother fucker silly.

  • trly yrz

    First three tracks go hard, but I wanted Rock. Reviewer said.

  • DXXXhoe

    Mylene is a caveman

  • Bonkeira

    Lil John is a detrement, along with all those other uneducated, stupid, top forty chasin faggets, to hiphop. Do the knowledge, hiphop is about originality. Other than his "YEEEEAAAH!" and his "OOOHKAAAAY", name something unique he's brought to the table, in his entire career. Lil John is the Sarah Palin of Rap, mediocre in his entirety. Fuck him, and fuck the media for only showcasing bubble gum bullshit like this. P.S. Drake Sucks Balls


      Fuck lil john, he aint shit. Yo bizness....make me a motha fuckin sandwich will ya

    • fodadough

      this isnt quite bubble gum but it isnt as hard as the other stuff on his album. he isnt claiming to be real hip hop so leave this cat alone. he is good at what he does and that is making club music. this one might not appeal to americans as much as it will to people from across the globe. its got an international feel to it. and the marketing for this thing sucked. he would have move way more units if the marketing was good. he has a few top 40 hits on there for sure.

    • Bonkeira

      ThA BIZZNESS? what "BIZZNESS" are you actually in? Sucking dick for bus fare and skipping home? So i spelt detriment wrong, im pretty sure it wasn't in your vocabulary until you googled it yesterday


      this album can only be a let down if u had high expectations for it, and if u had high expectations for this then u need to kill urself so therefore Lil Jon will only have 1 fan left (hint: it's His Mom!)

    • tha bizness

      "Lil John is a detrement, along with all those other uneducated, stupid, top forty chasin faggets, to hiphop. Do the knowledge, hiphop is about originality." Dude, YOU'RE uneducated. Understand basic grammar and spelling and maybe you can start calling other people uneducated. lol....but yeahh this album kind of was a let down.

    • Grabeklis

      So true. But to be honest i liked, that shots song.

    • Bonkeira

      he still get's more airtime

    • robb323

      nigga this shit only sold 9k first week no-one is showcasing lil jon anymore