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If BTNH over a different type of backdrop (thus providing more variety to their catalog) is what a listener was after, then Uni-5 will be satisfying. If someone wants another taste of Creepin on ah Come Up, the group's latest will only feel average in com

It’s sometimes hard to believe that 15 years have passed since Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s 1995 masterpiece album E. 1999 Eternal. What may be even more shocking is what the group has endured within that decade and a half. Amidst label disputes and changing sounds, the group was plagued with various issues that kept them apart, including the almost decade-long incarceration of member Flesh-N-Bone. Therefore the long-awaited album when the whole group could come together as one again, picking up where Strength & Loyalty left off sonically, in Uni-5: The World’s Enemy.

Thankfully, Uni-5 is more of a Cypress Hill type of comeback than the Shyne variety, and even after all this time, the Bone Thugs members have maintained their signature sound. In fact, they still sound almost identical to when they first came out. The rapid speed of delivery and the harmonizing of their borderline R&B pseudo-singing is still intact to the point that listeners will be convinced that the quintet’s vocal cords haven’t aged a bit. What has changed, on the other hand, is their longtime producer DJ U-Neek’s production style. Although many of the songs still have that chill, let-me-smoke-to-this vibe, the majority of the tracks sound radio-ready for 2010’s musical market. “Wanna Be” boasts a catchy hook, with lyrics about people chasing fame, living the fast life, and lines such as “Take the money and the toys niggas still human beings, and all of that ain’t jack if you ain’t got the respect / 'Cause a real superstar know how to double them checks,” that may be ready for a pitch to Hot 97. Towards the end of Uni-5, the heavily Pop-influenced “Gone” , featuring Ricco Barrino, sounds like it could even cross genres into the radar of the diehard Top 40 listeners. Straying from their usual instrumental style, uptempo high hats accentuate a melodic piano line while the group waxes poetic about leaving things behind to make positive growth happen in their lives.

On the downside, as time naturally ages people they tend to slow down, and so does Uni-5 after the first few tracks. Perhaps after all these years the members lost some of their energy, and at times the overall tone of the album starts to feel too relaxing, to the point that it would be easy for a listener to lose interest or get distracted. The acoustic guitar is somewhat akin to a lullaby on “Pay What They Owe” , which classifies the track as one that most likely won’t be remembered for too long after listening to the LP.

It could be argued that the production choice is what sets the 2010 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony apart from the mid '90s version of the Thugs, since as far as an acapella is concerned, they sound just as they did when they left the forefront of the scene and began doing solo ventures or stints in the pen. Depending on one’s viewpoint, this could be a negative or a positive. If BTNH over a different type of backdrop (thus providing more variety to their catalog) is what a listener was after, then Uni-5 will be satisfying. If someone wants another taste of Creepin on ah Come Up, the group’s latest will only feel average in comparison.


  • jacob

    I would have to agree that this not their best alblum. but bone thugs n harmony have always sang about what as going in their lives. this album is no different, let me remind of a few of their past songs that are almost the same as this album, tha crossroads, home, change the world, if i could teach world, and crossroads. I have been listening to this group for 16 years. I have always found that when they put out an album it has some relation to what I am going through at that time. much love to bone thugs and hope you can keep rap alive cuz rap and rap anymore and music ain't music anymore.

  • mass

    the best of bone aight

  • Torre Sims

    solid album, with great lyrics. just not engaging enough...

  • RandomFollowa

    Well I liked it, 3.75/5

  • jrmitch

    Man these boys are still jamming, their devoting their talents to something greater. Alot of cats are way to lame to get it..That why their called LAME. To bad these hater will catch on in about 2 years or 2 albums from now when everyone gives them premission..Keep doing ya thang B.O.N.E. I been riding with ya for years.Real trendsetters set the pace of the game not follow what's been laid out...The album is doing it's job and sticking to the title "THE WORLD'S ENEMY"....Keep Mashin"


    Sounds mad whack. Time to retire.

  • dlordmagic

    Been a hardcore bone fan since day one. Got every album in my possession (including solo and side projects). Uni 5 is the best of the bunch. This is the first album since Art of War that I have listened to over and over again and not got tired of listenin to. Ive read most of the reviews and what i find amazing is they are getting the same criticisms that E1999 got. It wasnt near as hard as Creepin on A Come Up was. These guys have never been strictly a rap group. They have always been about mixing and matching styles of music. Even Faces of Death has that albeit on very low production values. BTNH Resurrection is the low point (and I stll think that was a good album). It would be interesting if the they did a full on gospel album

  • DC1

    I'm glad I didn't post a comment after listening thru once, as I'd have given it a 1. But it's grown on me. Wouldn't put it at the top of the list, but certainly not at the bottom (ever listen to Thug Stories???). For those expecting E. 1999 Part 2 (me!), those days are done. But that doesn't mean the band is! I'm glad to see them continuing to reinvent themselves. For those who say they've sold out, you couldn't be more wrong. They've always had a unique sound and always will. They've simply grown up more.

  • dubV81

    terrible......bone thugs have been shit since eazy E guessing he wrote everything for them....they will never make an album near as good as E99 again....they should just give it up

    • DKoloff1118

      Your and idiot plain and simple. Eazy didn't even write for himself how could you ever say he wrote all BONE's stuff?

    • kontro

      wasnt that bad

    • Demi-God

      Yeah one of their weakest albums......oh and to DUBV81 Eazy E didnt write any of his stuff it was all Ice cube and the other members of NWA....except Dre, he dont write either they just have good voices

  • Gods_Son23

    nothing much new from the bone thugs.

  • Fukkyou

    Bone Thugs Foe Life Ni66a

  • jimi

    Pay what they iz a fukn mean song it got da true old skool vibe to it

  • lankaistai

    Bone are being accused of having sold out. I listened to the album, was there any features from kety perry or miley sirus? No, was there a souljahoboy or oj da juice man feature? No!!!!!!!! come on people, cut them some slack, this album is way better than alot of garbage that's been out lately, and yeas it is not their best album, but it gets love from Me. You can't fuck with tracks like rebirth, only God can judge me,facts.......,my life Bone thug fan 4 lyf

  • nalonie1

    i think people are just so use the shot em up, rap or calling women bitches , or about slangen rocks!! in bones last interview they said their new alblum was gona be different then the rest, lyrics, beats everything they also said how much they have grown since back then they have wives, & kids now, they aint doing the same shit they was doing before , i give them mad props for them even being around for 15 yrs!! and still maken music, you got all these wack ass mc's out here that are 1 hit wonders, if you a true btnh fan like me you will support them no matter what !!!

    • jacob

      I agree with this post cuz like i said music ain't music anymore but bone thugs is all about doing something different and always have been. much love waiting for the next one...


    this is bones worst album for sure

  • AJScarface

    Album is da shit, What do you expect coming from BTNH but greatness! Favorite song is "Pay what they owe" Where they use the names of all the members in the chorus !

  • Twinblades

    Great album all the songs are chill plus great flow from all the members. Favorite song off the album ( rebirth).

  • TheBigD

    What the fuck baaad rating....! this is the shit, the lyrics is the SHIT! and the beat is crazzy! this is the best Bone CD!

  • Drake Dilla

    Ive always been into tribe and dilla, and neo soul native tonque music but I remember being a big bone fan back in the day since faces of death when they were on some dark, eerie shit, to one of my fav lps of all time e.1999, to bangin the ish out of art of war thru high school while still listening to alot of underground deep rooted hip hop...But theres something about their melodius singing, fast rhyming and sort of spiritualism that has always grabbed my attention...these guys are in a genre of their own, theres no one out there like them...thats one thing thats of greatness, even tho some of their songs are about busting glocks, bustin caps and stuff, some of the stuff they record is definately cool...I started listening to them again around Strength And Loyalty, and in some way, they still have that spark and Ive actually found myself hearing some of their stuff as of late...I enjoyed S&L, and I like this album as well....their just fun to listen too, without being to crazy, just chill and enjoyable uneek has always been a dope producer to hear Bone on...I believe this album is refreshing and for these guys, they have paid mad dues to still be around today, these guys are pretty dedicated and consistent...from art of war, to btnh ressurrection, minus new thug order and alot of other projects, this album after Strength, has a bit of light in it, and gone are the drama, beefs, and vibes from the past that plaqued their work and projects...I like it.. Just by choice, I think if they dropped another 2 disc lp, they should finally do a song with dr.dre, maybe will iam, neptunes, or pharell, dj uneek.....that would be sick...but this is a great, refreshing collection tracks from someone who liked the old bone, and is more of a underground head, even if this is more r/b, they always had that vibe, and if anyone wants to say their poppy, they are like 50kX sicker than anything out there, f justin bieber..haha....clevelands here to stay, e1999 forever, im P.O.D'd again....

  • Hialeah 95

    Dats my Dawgs, & Fuk who dont like it!!!!


    Im a big Bone fan since way back , but this Cd is there worst for sure . Creepin on ah come up east 1999 eternal art of war ressurection strength & loyalty all better albums Uni 5 is way to pop and soft for Bone , im kinda pissed because i didnt feel but 1 song on the whole album

  • Double A

    Don't get me wrong, I love Bone Thugs but what I loved about them seems to have faded away with each album they put out. There is always like ONE song I like on the whole things. I feel their vibe though just it's not 2010 nor is it what made then legendary.

  • dirtyjerzy

    This album is hot, and HOTTER than any album this year thus far!!! You people need to STOP comparing this album to E. 1999 Eternal OK!! True artists evolve, and they came real from the very begining. Any TRUE Bone fan knows that they have always been spiritual, so if you were expecting the mo murda shoot em up pap pap listen to they old albums. They mastered they flow, evolved, made beautiful tracks See Me Shine, Meet Me In The Sky, My Life, Only God Can Judge Me, Pay What You Owe, Everytime, and Facts Dont Lie!!!!

  • TheCoolest1

    What can I say they are them Bone Thug boyz. I support em 100% all the time and I believe that this album was great! Not their best, but great. Yea they arent always on that thug shit, so what! they are growin up and yet still makin excellent music. how can you fault this album? yea it should have some more tracks on it or several may need to be takin off but overall I think the album is classic. The first time they been together in over a decade and they still doin they thing! GO BUY THE ALBUM, YOU WONT REGRET IT!!

  • timG

    Song is dope, I been on they old shit for a minute. Its hard to top.But Im gonna grab that album. However, my nigga Lazy need to come holla at me bout that shitty ass fade. Next time yall hit The Rave in Miltown hit me up at Peace my niggas...

  • timG

    Song is dope, I been on they old shit for a minute. Its hard to top.But Im gonna grab that album. However, my nigga Lazy need to come holla at me bout that shitty ass fade. Next time yall hit The Rave in Miltown hit me up at Peace my niggas...

  • St Even

    Dope album! Can't believe all the bad ratings....WTF!!!???

    • TLV

      Agree. Its stupid how people expect them to stay the same. BTNH have grown and developed and its a damn shame some fans cant appreciate their perspective. If you want the old shit go listen to the old shit. BTNH built an emotional connection in this album and the reality is some people will get it and some people wont.

  • Jordan Ditri

    When I say I love BTNH, it's an understatement. I followed em since the early days, through all the mixtapes, solo albums and to Uni-5. When I first heard Uni-5, I can't lie, it was not what I expected. One word to define it; soft. But just like many Bone albums, Art of War, Thug World Order, Thug Mentality, THUGS, you can't judge by listening once. You can't even interpret the lyrics clearly at first. You gotta listen more than once. And more than twice to begin to appreciate. Bone isn't 1999 anymore. Bone is matured. Bone has been through it, together and apart. Each member of Bone still brings an individual element to the group, delivered in the form of harmonic rap. They are unique. There is no competition. Krayzie's hooks are untouchable. Close your eyes and feel it. Layzie still wants that paper, and still spits just as raw as as on Thuggish Ruggish Bone. Bizzy Bone's delivery is on another planet. There's no emcee in the world to compare to him. Flesh's chill flow hasn't been heard in days, it's clean, melodic and Bone isn't bone without Flesh's tongue. And after hearing about Layzie's paper chasin' ventures, Krayzie's sick-as-fukk flow everytime, Bizzy rips it, Flesh blows you away, then Wish comes, and in a way, sums it all up, puts in in perspective, and it ends with that bad ass hook again. You want E.1999 shit, go find the mixtapes. Go find the solo shit. That's the shit ya'll are looking for. If you want crystallized intelligence, something not to sing along with, and something that'll make you THINK, Uni-5 is it. Strength & Loyalty was it. These cats ain't young anymore, they big boys now, with big boy issues. It ain't about the crip rag on the left side (Snoop who was like 40 when he spit that), it's about overcoming. Survival. Conquering. And ultimately Rebirth. Uni-5 pounds the 12's believe it or not. And other drivers still stickin their heads in my car to see what the fuck that is. That's Bone baby! If you listen to that radio shit, and simple-minded garbage, you listen to shallow noise. Learn something. Listen to a tale of survival in a unique and artistic form. Bone Thugs N Harmony! You are the shit. Ain't no competition. Just DON'T STOP MAKING MUSIC! If you're ready for proper management, I'm right here. 4.5 stars because I know the next album will be way sicker. 5 stars for that one. And Chasin The Devil needs to come out! Like last December...Now go listen to that shit again fools, you're obviously confused.


    Man niggas been hatin on me but you gotta agree these dudes is straight wack! i aint even like a single track i wouldnt download it nevermind buyin any one who like this is some ho ass nigas. YM WOULD SHIT ON NIGGAS!!!!!!!!!!

  • mufucka

    This review is terrible.

  • south_miami_heights_305


  • drewcleveland

    their are two sides too bone the rap side and the r&b side of bone. their flow and sound is so versital, and thats what i think creats a marketing nightmar for bone. yes lets make music current and relivant to make money thats their job and way of putting food on the table so dont shame them for that idiots! but taking a step back yes this album doesn't have that mo murda thug luv kind of sound which i also really want badly but it does carry on that crossroads days of or lives if i can teach the world sound with a current sound. so a message to all you closed minded people that only think good music is only about dope beats and guns and bitches and cant name an artist out side of rap. this is a really good ablum their is not a bad song on this album. and my last comment is that they did record like 100 songs!!!!! 100 songs!!!! for this album and said more then ones in different interviews that they plan on droping another cd before the end of the year and theirr are a hand full of songs from those think tank meetings where we heard some thug bone sounding songs which i want really bad too so mabey thats what the next album will sound like and fell that void

    • j-kill513

      i mean no dis respect but i think that think tank shit was an epic fail. i cant see where it help the album at all!! thats what im talkin about they did press conference interviews and everything and then delivered an lack luster album. i got me hype for no reason. dont take it as a bone diss because they still the best group ever just need better people showing them the way

  • walaaaaaaa!

    corperate jesus pimpin crap!

  • BoneBoneBoneBoneBone!

    fell off the game, THIS IS AN RNB ALBUM!

  • BoneBoneBoneBoneBone!

    They lost it bigtiiiime

  • jib

    Sorry but.... it really is wack

  • bonechild

    this dude is crazy, pay what you owe is a bone classic that many will remember, mah nigga stack kills his verse

  • brizza

    i really think its a 4. everyone expects 1999 bone thugs. this is good music (for nowadays). tell me you wouldnt wanna hear bone thugs over dilla....

  • J-kill513

    will people stop making excuses about there getting older and mature and now are making music for adults!!! they dropped a wack album period!!! get over it it happen to wu-tang to outkast, ugk, dogg pound, goodie mob the list keep going!! im a true bone fan and will keep supporting them but the truth is this album is not that good. for this to be 3 years since there last album and the whole uni 5 reunion buzz going on they really drop the ball on this. this should of been the album that seperated them from the other groups i name but instead it made them fall in the same line with them!!! a great group who is at the end of there run and i really hate to say that but it is what it is!!! hopefully im wrong and oringinators will put this group where they deserve to be. but until then i cant really get mad at someone for saying bone is done!!

  • AAV

    ehh, I miss the old Bone, dont really like the production, "Only God Can Judge Me" was dope though.

  • MightyMike27

    I didn't think it was that bad. I Expected worse. Got three or four good tracks. This album isn't as POP as B.O.B's debut but it still not the old Bong. But anyway "My Life" is a classic, fucking love that song. "Everytime" is pretty good too. Better than I expected. I thought it was going to be trash. A lot of you seemed surprise as if you were expecting another "Art Of War" lol.. Better than I expected. B.O.B's album was worse than I expected, I expected that to be a classic but that shyt was way more Pop than this. Some good songs on both albums tho. "My Life" is the only song from this CD that would go on a "Best Of Bone" album. PeaCe!

  • east_atl_zone6

    I know people grow and change and in that the music they make changes but this isn't Bone this is some fucking garbage... E 1999 is the way I want to remember a classic group, not this pop bull shit!!! Two thumbs way the fuck down!!!

    • Anonymous

      @AK-46 Shut the fuck up nigga with your dick riding ass! This group is fucking DOOONNNEEE!!! Their finished, no one gave a fuck about them since 2000. tHey fell off, get used to it

    • AK-86

      And two middle fingers way the fuck up. Yes, people do grow and change, exactly what they did. And yes, it is in touch with current times. How are you really an artist if you paint the same painting 10 times? Mo murda doesn't apply to your life, I'm almost positive. Otherwise, why would you be on the internet searching for places to bring artists down? Not too thuggish ruggish-like to me. Not every other word has to be Fuck, or a derivative. Now you may have grown up poor, had even a little bit of success in one sense or another, but it really seems like you are too closed minded to realize that the thugs from 1993-94 have grown up. It's really a shame too, I hope you are just too young to realize that. Now, I understand that people don't like an album, but this message isn't just to you, but to all the negative responses. It's not pop, it's a reality check to the majority of the people who listen to the music...Struggle. Just has current-type production. Everyone deals with struggle, and has felt like an enemy to the world at one point or another. NONE of you muthafuckas are murderers. Guarantee it. Don't like the new shit? Find a new rap group. It's easy. I like Young Money too, but look at the way Lil' Wayne's sound has changed since "Lights Out". Perfect example. Now, with all that said, for the maturity, wisdom and everything they have gained, It is a little short, so I have to give it 4/5 stars. Other than that though, great album. It's people like you that make tracks like "See Me Shine", make sense. Hate on. Hahaha

  • A.M,


  • fortheloveofmusic

    OK, basically this is further proof that a majority of the people in the rap game are only in it for the money, and im not here to hate on these once musical GENIUSES but ALL 5 members came with a unmotivated pop chart flow AND CHEESY BRITNEY SPEARS PRODUCTION from the once Favorited DJ U-NEEK, and to tell the truth i wouldnt be suprised if i saw a timberland-esque 'ft miley cyrus' on their album this is just truly not the music they intended to do, you can tell! Its shitty pressure from corporate record labels to sell big and include no substance, apart from these issues i have one BIG BIG BIG BIG concern that none of these so called 'HARDCORE BONE FANS' succeed to mention in their reviews.............! THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SMOKERS TUNE ON THEIR LAST TWO OFFICIAL ALBUMS!!!!!!!!!!! (that deserved a line by itself) THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SMOKERS TUNE ON THEIR LAST TWO OFFICIAL ALBUMS!!!!!!!!!!! (that deserved a line by itself, it really did) Accept it people, they sold out good and proper.... is sad, but its human nature to meet hard facts with extreme denial before it can be truly accepted as truth.... they sold out! And to all those stupid single minded sheep of the mainstream, that said such GREAT quotes as: ''Don't expect old B.O.N.E, just move on with the times as they have done'' ''There sound is very original and I'm glad they are making relevant music'' ''If you expected the same old East 1999, Buddah Lova, Mr. Quiga type Bone from the old days, well you haven't grown up'' And not to forget... ''its nice they are changing with the times and are making grown up music '' Think about what you are saying people!!!!!!!! what times DO we live in and how have they changed??? Have they changed for the better? better for hip hop???? Really? and to the stupid puppets of the mainstream talking about ''THEY ARE NOW MAKING GROWN UP MUSIC'' think about the TYPICAL type of person who would buy THIS type of album AND strength and loyalty TYPE (a 15 year old girl if you cant work that out by yourself, target market folks!) and the type of person who would buy east 1999 type THEN tell me this is grown folks music, stupid! and again to address that point from a different angle so theres no arguments about this... RAEKWON ONLY BUILT FOR CUBAN LINKS 2!....Proof that you can still make an album with the amazing sound, concept, loyalty to the people who support you (fans), critical appeal and originality of your major success and not have to sell out like these pathetic corporate puppets. Im sorry i had to tell the truth bone fans but i think we both know it's the end of the road here, i wish it wasn't but they dug their own grave when they turned their back on their fans, ill still bump their best tunes forever though!!!!!!!!!!!! SALUTE!

    • jac

      one thing i can respect about people's opinions and reviews when it comes to reviewing bone; is that they at least give a reason for their rating and at least they make sence most of the time in why they chose to rate the way they did. in some cases i agree due to the fact that bone has changed their style a lil bit. im not saying they need to rap about guns and shit. the shit they talk about now is perfect. i just wish their tone was a lil more along the lines of the shit they used to drop in the early 90's. they need a lil variety and mixture with whats hot and with whats bone. they just completly changed now.

  • karl uzice

    big bone thugs fan.but this album is rediculous. i wud even class strenght and loyalty better than this.whats with all the auto tune shit.dats not bone as i remember. they better turn shit around faily not sayin they are shit. they spit fire. universal and pay what u owe r the closest thing to bone on the album. but everything else is lets face it kind of gay. mayb its dj uneeks falt with the gay stuff on the album. where is determination on the album. i heard the snippet but its nowhere on the album


    it's really fantastic album... good songs... really happy to see all members are back together..i'm a fan of BTNH since long time... i'm from indonesia.. i see many ppl here love BTNH...i hope they gonna make a video clip for "Wanna Be" .... Bone thugs 4 life...

  • uncleluke23

    It was a pretty solid album. Some of the songs sounded better than I thought. If you were expecting that thuggish ruggish bone sound this is not the album for you. People need to understand that artists evolve over time. People criticize south rappers all the time for sounding the same so it shouldn't be no different for bone. The album does sound very relaxing except a couple of the songs. Im pretty sure all those other songs are going to be on their next album The Originators. All those songs sound like they should be on that album. My top 3 off the album in no order are See Me Shine, Only God Can Judge Me and My Life!

  • Marc Verbalist N(facebook) VERBALIST AIRPLANES REMIXX!!!

  • DKoloff1118

    Ok I really love this album. It's so sad to see so many simple minded people call themselves BONE fans, yet compare everything to E.99. This album was sick, yes at some times they sounded a bit off key and some of the mixing/production was weak. All that said it's a very grown up album that has amazing songs. I agree they should have taken out the skits for some of the "cut" songs. All you haters and fake ass fans are nuts. BONE the greatest and they are gonna make more masterpieces. And to everybody hating on Bizzy, your crazy he shines in every song.

  • zay97

    man dis cd iz buttt dis aint thugish ruggish dis aint bone dis fake bone it lke they was in the studio huggin cuz they happy they back together

  • gfk

    great review. and as a die-hard bone fan, i can only agree 100% with the review. But in my opinion pay what you owe was a high point on the album. I've come to the conclusion that bone is no longer really interested in making quality albums because they know their fan base will be please with anything they drop. They are out to put food on the table with the talent they have and will make masterpiece music; but only mediocre albums from this point. That was the case with this project. They had a ton of classic songs, but only chose to use few of them and plague it with radio tunes for new listeners. That was my feel about it. Regardless I will always support them and their solo joints because I know for a fact when they do their solo joints and mixtapes they will not be worried about pleasing media and radio. They will always be Bone from now till the end, but they are grown now and are only concerned about looking after their families.Whatever they do from this point on will be a surprise. Don't count these guys out because they will continue to make classics

  • BoneFan

    Just incase you guys havent heard Bone recorded 100 tracks for this album and they did say a couple interviews that they will be droping another new album by the end of this year!! Cant wait and maybe it has a little more of what some of the other fans are looking forward to hearing. No matter what I think all the true loyal Bone fans should keep supporting them and their music.

  • M.O.D

    I think the album is very good as far as lyrics, concepts, production, cohesiveness. I do wish there was more songs on there, because before the album came out I listened to the think thank live footage songs, the fixtape and track previews everyday and I thought at 90% of them songs would be on the album. But Warner Bros put them on a budget I don't ahve a problem with Warner Bros but they should have gave them a littke more control and allowed at least 18 tracks on the album. Innovation, Debt To Society, Murda On U, Gangsta's Glory,Cradle To the Grave,Spread The Love,My Street Blues,

  • BoneFan

    The album is the shit and hell yeah I agree is way better than everything that is getting put out on the radio now that is disapointing. Ive been a fan since Creeping on a Come Up and I appreciate good music when I hear it Bone always keeps it different and new. Who wants to hear the same thing over and over, or all the songs from the socalled 'rappers' that all they talk about is what they think of females! I never heard a song from Bone that disrespects females the way everyone else does. Bone always keeps it real talking about life and this new album shows how much they have matured. I got a chance to meet them and they are so down to earth! They stay true to eachother things happend and they go thru the ups and downs, but who dosent? I also respect the fact that when Flesh was incarcerated they never left him out of any song they always brought his name up as a Bone member even if he wasnt there!! Much Love for that! I love the new album and I recomended to ANYONE that likes to listen to new and different not like the what they call music thats on the radio or on tv like 106 and park, I saw the videos on there its sad!! So everyone that wants to hate on Bone are just jelouse that they will always be number 1!!! BONE THUGS FOR LIFE!!!!!

  • Pule from South Africa

    With age comes a lot of things that 1 shold consider when rating/commenting on the style of delivery. Looking at the current offering from Bone Thugs: the only downside is that an album/cd is 80mins long, it would've been not a bad idea if the album came with a bonus cd to compensate for some of the song that were released but never made it to the final selection.

  • E.S.S Hip Hop

    They've grown up and matured, and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed. Some artists don't do well when they've been in the game for a long time and then try something different, but Bone did it right. They only downside is the lack of tracks. So many songs have come out but never made it on the album.

  • se7enstacks

    I love the album, I've been a fan since '93 and I feel this album is dope as hell, it was different from their other albums but then again all their albums have been different from the ones before. This album to me was on a spiritual side more than anything else. If a nigga can't feel that then it is what it is. But the album is dope to me.

  • ~eaze

    this album is different n fresher than any other crap thats put out nowadays

  • egb

    This cd is one of the best out right now, People are complaining about BONE being to pop. If you just listen to the album its very creative. All Bone cds never sound the same which is a good thing. If you compare lyrics with most rappers Bone wins hands down. I glad the hear all them together again, And all Bone fans should cop a least 3cds of this classic album. Can't wait to hear more from the Best RAP GROUP IN THE WORLD! thanks Bone.

  • J-kill513

    im a huge bone fan. i think e99 was one of the best rap albums ever and if Art of War was cut down to one album of all the dope tracks you can throw that on the list also. btnh resurrection and strength and loyalty were dope as well. i always said there wackest album that took them out of the circle in the hood was THUG WORLD ORDER until they dropped this shit!!!! what were they thinking? there had to be another person behind the scenes telling them how this album should sound because i know my boys did not listen to this whole album and thought it was nice!!! its cool there are moments where you here the classic sound but only god can judge me, everytime, meet me in the sky, and maybe facts dont lie i would of left on the album. even with facts dont lie the track sound stale and layzie came wack but at least it had energy!!! this was suppose to be the album where all 5 members were back with something to prove but strength and loyalty was better then this with only 3 members. dont get me wrong bone have inspired me since the 7th grade but this is not what expected!!! oh yea i also think krayzie first solo thug mentality would of been a classic if it was cut down to one solid album i use to bang that heavy!!! i hope they get it together on originators

  • James_408

    try to look at it like this. What if this is just the start of what's to come in future Bone albums featuring all 5 members?

  • James_408

    try to look at it like this. What if this is just the start of what's to come in future Bone albums featuring all 5 members?

  • struktur11

    Biggest Bone fan ever here, and this fool hit it right on the head. Rebirth is the best song on this album, Krazie's verse is the shit, but that's it, they need to go back to the roots, along with DJ U-Neek and find their heart and soul again. Layzie, and Wish don't bring it like they have in the past, I dunno what is wrong or if they are trying to conform to try to bring in new fans, but this is killin it for all their old and true fans. Strength and Loyalty was way better than this, and it only had 3 members, if Bizzy and Flesh would of been on S&L it would of been a masterpeice. The beats from E.1999 was part of what made that album the best album in Hip Hop history. I'm not saying the beats are bad but something is definitely missing, they sound so seperate, back in the days they all flowed together perfect, now each one just does his verse and thats it. Bring back MR. RIP, Straight Jacket Ni**A, Lethatface, 5th dog, and #1 Assasin. Very disappointed with the album. I understand that the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony I grew up listening to is long gone, but some of these songs are just plain boring and hard to listen to. "Creepin On Ah Come Up" was the first rap tape I ever bought, so Bone holds a special place in my musical history. I have continued to buy every album (group, solo, Mo' Thugs and even the collabo ones) and have defended their changing style ever since BTNHResurrection, which is when I could really tell they started shifting their sounds. I listened to the album the day I bought it and I haven't gone back to but two songs ("Universe" and "Facts Don't Lie"). While I also liked "Rebirth" alot, the rest of the album is just plain monotonous. The review above said it best because I really got bored with damn near every song. I give it a three out of five, with one of those stars coming simply from the fact that Bone Thugs is my favorite group and they deserve the extra star

  • MrWillDoIt

    Bone has certainly evolved and this is a solid album. However, although I know that their edge isn't gone, it's certainly missing here. What's always made Bone unique, was not the rapid fire flows, but rather their ability to deliver beautiful melodies while pitching hardcore content. THAT's what's missing on this album. Bone Thugs should be careful not to mature to the point that they create purely socially conscious music.....that would misrepresent their artistic abilities and alienate many fans. L-Burna829 of MrWill of

  • skeetskeet

    Albume is on another album!!! People need to just accept that it aint about shootem up pap pap!!!!! Its straight Fire!!!!!

  • P $

    I'm really tryin wit this one.. I LOVE Bone.. for sure my fav group of all time and IMO creepin on ah come up and e1999 are the best albums ever made period. I got extremely excited when I heard about the reunion album.. i was let down though.. rebirth is alright.. facts don't lie is tight.. see me shine is alright.. wtf is the rest of it?? i understand time has past and they no longer young men but this isn't thuggish ruggish bone.. this is midlife crisis bone..

  • bdubb

    EVOLUTION. Bone is bone, Breakup ta Makeup. Bottom line is this is musically superior to many of the bone albums. The concepts, beats and verses are sewn up tight on most of the album with everybody carrying their respective weight. "Universe" is a nice tune and points out bone's versatility and intelligence in their musical concepts. I think the last minute changes made to a couple of the songs and tracklist could go either way, but they let the most vocal fans decide what they wanted to hear and that's what they delivered. Big=Ups & God Bless Bone Thugs N Harmony.

    • krayziebytheflesh

      I was let down by this new album it has to grow on me but that's not going to happen what happened to the song with michael jackson and the d.o.a remix if them songs was on here it would at least be worth a second listen. I miss the old bone...

  • Ibaker

    Better than the other garbage that is out there!

  • jpipe

    Rebirth - for some reason they mixed flesh & bizzy verses off beat. See Me Shine - for some reason they changed it & it don't have the energy it had on previsouly released version Only God Can Judge Me - no complaints Wanna Be - the message in the song is on point but the sound of the sound IS NOT BTNH. It sounds more like flo rida My Life - probably best song on the cd Everytime - good song I'm Gone - cross over track Meet Me In The Sky - real good song Universe - love how they came but it's a hit or miss Pay What You Owe - shouldve been the single Facts Don't Lie - solid track

    • jpipe

      over all it's a good album but is you were to hear the cut tracks like debt to society, determination, cradle to the grave, innovation, what have we done, game aint ready 2, murder on you, spread the love, or eazy e you would be highly disappointed in this album

  • Phil99

    Not a very good review. The reviewer dows not go into depth about this album at all. As someone who's been listening to Bone since 94 I can tell you for certian that Bone made a really solid record with this one. There are only a few weak moments on the entire album. The reviewer states - "they still sound almost identical to when they first came out" - well this couldn't be further from the truth. They still have a rapid fire flow but they sound nothing like they did back in the day. Not only has the subject matter changed and matured but they've actually mastered their style and improved on it. Nearly every verse on the album is top notch The reviewer also states - "the majority of the tracks sound radio-ready for 2010’s musical market" - Again, not true. Only 2 - 4 out of 11 songs really fall into this category. Definitely not a majority. Although the score isn't too far from what I'd give it the reviewer didn't even mention some golden moment on the album. There is literally no mention of any good songs in this review yet you gave it 3.5. My Life is one of the most classic Bone tracks in years. Meet Me In The Sky, Universe, Fact's Don't Lie, Pay What They Owe, Only God Can Judge Me, See Me Shine and Rebirth are all really solid tracks. Bone is on top of their game with some of these songs and touching on some of the best moments of Bone's career in the last 10 years or so. Anyone who likes BTNH or is interested in some good music should pick it up ASAP. We need more stuff like this in Hip Hop.

  • Quinn Jones

    Bone did their thig on this whole cd, they are not kids anymore they are grown men and if this is just anexample of where they are going,i'm on that ride with them,it's time for rap to grow up, these are our artist and the key word is art, so let them grow or one day all of this art will die( and we'll be talking about do you remember him or her), stop being a critic and enjoy life and all this great music that these ARTIST are blessing us with.

  • cardan

    the skits are the worst thing about this album. take that bullsh!t off and put a couple hard tracks on and it would be near classic.

  • BIG 3

    I've been a fan of Bone ever since I heard Layzie's verse on Thuggish Ruggish Bone. I go all the albums, plus the solo stuff of Layzie, Krayzie and Flesh. Still need to get hold of Bizzie's. Even so, I'll try be objective on this. Bone still sound like Bone: the beats have been updated, but the raps are pretty much the same. Whether or not that actually works is up for debate. My personal opinion is that the raps are still as tight as ever on this album, especially on Rebirth, though most of the songs lack something. The beats are solid, as are Bone's verses, but something just aint there. Maybe they just mellowed out...

  • jbonez

    i think that all the feedback seems to b mixed frum bad to good my opinion they r styll dem same thugs outa clevland n they minds n visions of life have changed so they style n lyrics changed up im styll vibin 2 the new album uni5 its all i bump besides music i make they did their thing n i give em props jus they need to keep bizzy in the group n resolve them issues bizzy need to step up n think bout wats good for the group not they indivual crareers thats seprate from the bone career n shuld b attended wit a different mind state n paths for it krayzie bone still the illest props thou great album

  • Harry The Hat

    Not up to par with Strength & Loyalty. How about Bizzy Bone doesn't even have liner notes? All that "Unified" bullshit, Bizzy should be ASHAMED of himself for fucking that up for a few simple dollars.

  • Matt513

    Krazie Bone is the only one that hasn't fallen off........... I hope he leaves the rest of them off his CD thats coming out later this year. Their sounds just no longer blend......... Bizzy raps 5x louder than all of them on "meet me in the sky" it all sounds horrible. Rebirth, See me Shine, and Facts don't lie are the ONLY tracks worth anything.

  • Matt513

    THIS SHIT IS WACK! I downloaded it for free and feel ripped off just for the time I lost listening to it.

  • Nick CW

    Very disappointed with the album. I understand that the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony I grew up listening to is long gone, but some of these songs are just plain boring and hard to listen to. "Creepin On Ah Come Up" was the first rap tape I ever bought, so Bone holds a special place in my musical history. I have continued to buy every album (group, solo, Mo' Thugs and even the collabo ones) and have defended their changing style ever since BTNHResurrection, which is when I could really tell they started shifting their sounds. I listened to the album the day I bought it and I haven't gone back to but two songs ("Universe" and "Facts Don't Lie"). While I also liked "Rebirth" alot, the rest of the album is just plain monotonous. The review above said it best because I really got bored with damn near every song. I give it a three out of five, with one of those stars coming simply from the fact that Bone Thugs is my favorite group and they deserve the extra star.

  • buckeyewu

    I can't rate it just yet, I have to hear it. Judging by their mix tapes, I'm sure it will be decent but I'm curious to hear what songs they picked.

  • wouzi