Madlib  - Madlib Medicine Show No. 3: Beat Konducta In Africa

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It isn’t very often that a producer is willing to, or even capable of, releasing a 12-disc instrumental series that is of consistent quality and varying influence. But here we have Madlib, trying to do just that. With his third entry in the “Medicine Show” series, Beat Konducta in Africa draws its sounds from – you guessed it – African music dating back to the '70s.

Comprised of samples borrowed from African Funk, Rock, Afrobeat, and some more obscure origins Beat Konducta in Africa is essentially a trip through a few of Madlib’s countless crates. “Afritronic Pt. 2” is a funked-out collusion of chants and keyboards, while “Red Black and Green Showcase” teases with a Hip Hop vocal sample over a distant horn loop. “Kanika” provides insight as to where Boom Bap may have originated, and “The Show (Inner View)” is African Rock & Roll. Aside from chopping and mixing the samples, it sounds as though Madlib touches up various qualities on most, if not all on the tracks. As an example, there’s no mistaking the added thumping bass on “Freedom Play.” Theses added qualities serve to accentuate the existing music, and fortunately do not overpower it.

There is more to this album than just Madlib’s instrumentals. There’s a sense of tongue planted firmly in cheek when the Beat Konducta makes use of samples from a narrator of what sounds like an apologist American documentary about Africa for elementary school students. “Yafeu” juxtaposes the narrations with an African chant highlighted by varying percussions and whistles. Madlib provides more food for thought with “Blackfire,” as it uses vocal clips that offer a critical view of the western world’s use of African music. Is it with self-deprecation that Madlib includes vignettes that refer to his craft as “musical masturbation,” or does he count himself among those who promote authenticity?

As an overall package, Beat Konducta is very cohesive – an astounding feat given that it spans 43 tracks. Every track purposely has a “made-in-the-garage” feeling that you might find on an early Wu-Tang cut, which serves the samples well. A pristine and mastered version of this album would be counterintuitive given its content. What is presented here is a window into African music of the past 30 years – one that provides a very versatile listening experience.

Given the ever-changing sound of the 78-minute album, it is excellent background music that’ll keep the head nodding. But heads that are looking to give the record a closer spin will find hidden lessons, and B-boys will have a blast trying to pick out masterfully-flipped samples (even Dave Chappelle is thrown in there, somewhere). The flexibility of this release is what makes it a great addition to any music fan’s collection.

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  • steveweve

    i think everyone needs to realize that this isn't even a hip-hop album, this is practically a mix of his records from african artists

  • AJScarface

    Madlib the shit, but needs someone to drop some lyrics on his shit. Whole album is jus beats. some is good but most are garbage!

  • A.N.T.

    It's dope... PERIOD! Though I'm slightly new to Mad I caught up quick. For him to make 12 albums in a year is a strong feat in itself and to me this might as well be another addition to the Beat Konducta Volumes (7-8, perhaps). Much love from Detroit... I'm waiting on Medicine Show #5!

  • unique osmosis

    how can like jdilla and not like madlib?????? i never understood that one

  • Gonzalo777Poetic

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  • slickrickrowse

    100 blunts a day hahahaha get em Madlib! This whole joint is sick to listen through and through.


    First of all: Stop that anti semitic shit in here. It doesnt matter if hes black or white, if his name is kuperstein or brown, a nerds a nerd. In the first way you have to feel the music and I feel Libs kind of it. sry for my bad english.

  • SlashiusSlay

    OK, for real? I'm honestly sick and tired of motherfuckers hating on ANY reviewer who gives an album a 3.5. Does it happen a lot of hiphopdx? Sure! A 3.5 dictates that an album is dope, but nothing spectacular. Could some of those albums perhaps have been bumped up to a 4? Sure! Were some of them maybe more deserving of a 3? Of course! But it's none of my business, and nor should it be any of yours. To be honest, I personally think that anything DX gives a 3 or higher to is worth taking a listen and forming your own opinion on. Especially if you've never heard of the artist/group/band. Don't hate and immediately jump on the "Oh Look! Another 3.5." bandwagon. It just makes you look like a punk and brings absolutely NOTHING worthwhile to the table. Madlib: Beat Konducta In Africa gets a VERY enthusiastic 3.5 from me. Why? Because while I didn't think it was quite on par with the original Beat Konducta series, it is 40+ tracks of pure blunted(?)/conscious digging and definitely a good long lesson in how to flip and combine samples to make something completely different and/or intriguing.

    • SnapCracklePop

      HAHAHAHAHA O lord, I think we one of those "Little Wayne is the greatest rapper alive" types trying to comment. Please stop trying, saying "nobody like you" is like saying I have a mental disability pity me. With that said I don't think I can possibly make fun of you further, for fear of your brain exploding from remotely intellectual conversation

    • Lil

      shut up bitch you must be the one reviewing this motherfuckers nobody like you nigguh

    • IFRTRE

      I disagree my friend. Do alot of albums ultimately deserve 3.5 stars? Arguably. However when 95% and as of late 99.7% of the albums reviewed on this site receive 3.5 stars then you have to wonder what's going on. Doesn't make sense. And I say that without hating on this artist or the other. I try to ignore the number if stars they give and just read the review but its still annoying

  • C.

    never really been a big fan. like a few of his joint when he cleans up the sound & gets dope emcee's over the production.

  • dopedoutbeat

    solid stuff, but not madlibs best work

  • kush nap

    first of all how you gonna review a beat CD you fuckin morons. either the beats is hot, or they not. in this case, the beats is hot. hip hop dx reviewer probably a corny white boy from seattle that knows nothing about africa. these beats are funky as hell. funked out. madlib smoke about 100 blunts a day and drops beats like this in his sleep. yo dx let me review these rap albums yall dont even need to pay me. i got love for this shit.

    • Kushiest Nap

      Sup Guise, so I heard we were hating on some kid who enjoys African Funk beats. I do believe he is having a Kush Nap (LOLOLOLOL Hot damn how did I think of this shit) right now, so please don't make anymore fun of him. At lease let him sober up before you make him feel like less of a man.

    • Kush Nap is an ignorant faggot

      Does it really matter if the reviewer is a white boy?! Or if he's asian, spanish, polish, etc.?!! Music is music and everyone has their opinions. If you dont like the reviews, then go to Hip Hop DX is the best hip-hop site period. Maybe if you stopped smokin that kush for once you wouldnt be so fuckin retarded.

    • kush nap

      omg what a witty joke. smoke more kush and take a nap? i think i will you fucking fairy. yall showing love to a hip hop reviewer with the last name kuperstein, nuff said. hes corny kid from the burbs reviewing instrumental hip hop music on a rigid number system. i fucking hate you "hip hop journalists" that dont make music, its so fucking obvious when you read these kids reviews. they dont got a clue what goes into the creative process. they just cross their legs and pick it apart like the movie of the week. nerds have infiltrated hip hop, kuperstein needs to resign for the sake of hip hop.

    • bsmoov

      Yo Kush Nap. Even though its a beat CD. It's a CD with hip hop beats. It's still music. Hip Hop DX reviews hip hop music. Duhhhhh. Big Shout out to the reviewer Slava Kuperstein and Hip Hop DX. This is the rawest and dopest Hip Hop site around period!!!Go smoke some more Kush and take a Nap.

    • BlaqINK

      lmfao "Great Strategy"

    • DX Fam A Lam

      Yeah, diss us for a job. Great strategy.

  • hiphopscout

  • ThaDrizzle

    WOW 3.5 what a surprise . . . .

  • G-Sus

    Madlib is the best. Food for the ears and the spirit !!

  • PeopleWithOutShoes

    3.5 ? Slava Kuperstein

  • junMaf*ckin

    Madlib Gets It IN!