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There are some missteps here (using

Rhymesayers Entertainment may have raised eyebrows when it announced the Jake One and Freeway collaborative project The Stimulus Package, frankly because it is seemingly a case of two different worlds colliding. Free, who rose from North Philadelphia’s badlands to Roc-A-Fella stardom is matched with renowned Seattle beatsmith Jake One on RSE, one of the more respected and successful outfits in Independent Rap. The house that Atmosphere built offered shelter to Philly Freezer after his Def Jam departure. As odd as that may seem, it is this type of pairing that sometimes brings out the most creative art in musicians.

More than 30 seconds into the album, Beanie Sigel notices that Freeway hasn’t said a word yet. “Yeah, I know,” he replies. “I just wanted to let the beat breathe for a minute.” It is that type of mutual respect and chemistry that allows this album to build and it shows that the pairing isn’t odd at all. In fact, the producer and emcee complement one another well throughout the album’s 15 cuts. Jake provides what Free is used to: Soul-based tracks that are wet concrete to make anthems (“Throw Your Hands Up,” “One Foot In”). But, he also offers more mellow beats (“Never Gonna Change,” “One Thing” , and “Free People”) that allow Free to show range. That variety in Uno’s production broadens as he channels Mannie Fresh on “Follow My Moves” and in “Sho’ Nuff,” inspired by southern Hip Hop to complement Bun B’s presence. Free and Jake also use classic Lench Mob production as a muse for the Young Chris-assisted “Microphone Killa.” Through all of this, Stimulus Package rarely loses cohesion, a mark of Jake One’s excellent production and Free’s improved delivery.

That development lends itself to a better experience. Where Freeway has almost always used his voice as an instrument, he now does it with more freedom and more to say over Jake’s concentrated production. This is exemplified by “The Product,” where Free discusses addiction cleverly. “I promise you when you’re done, there’s more product to come. I even supply coppers and doctors and ball players, a few politicians, some Jews, a few Christians. I even got some Muslims off their deen. I’m mean”). Flow-wise, he holds his own next to longtime partner Beanie Sigel, over Bun B’s tempo and in Raekwon’s kitchen. Moreover, he shows that part of his lyrical charm lies in his tangible verses, which he demonstrates on “Money.” Here he rhymes about trying times with a personal touch. “Now, it’s a recession and I’m stressin’…I’m not trying to be a working man. I’m sure not trying to do carpentry like my pops. Big pain in the bottom of his back and it be hurting him.” Sure, the flow is as precise as ever but his lyrics add depth to the equation making this effort worth a few more spins. At the same time, this song feels a bit misplaced when it is a few songs after "Follow My Moves," a Birdman-assisted song that acts as if there's no recession at all. More than his previous two albums, Free seems consumed with thoughts about sex. While The Stimulus Package has some great commentary on Hip Hop and economic matters, it's also filled with countless juxtaposed references to oral sex and girlfriend thievery.

By the end of the album, it’s no surprise that these two teamed up for a whole project. After their chemistry in the past (see Jake One’s “The Truth” off 2008’s White Van Music) it seems they carried it over effortlessly. There are some missteps here (using “Hokey Pokey” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as lyrical references from children's songs), but it is forgiven for its highlights as Free lets loose over some of Jake One’s most inspired beats. The two collaborate in a way that will allow their respective fan bases to rejoice, while giving new ears something to applaud. Two worlds may have collided on Stimulus Package but the result is one that is beneficial for both.   


  • Nathan

    OK. This is Hip-Hop. Good beats with a good MC. I am glad to see there are still artists making real hip-hop that can reach the mainstream a little. I am so sick of pop music being passed off as hip-hop (Lil Wayne, Drake, TI, Kid Cudi, even B.o.B.). I know hip-hop is out there, it is just getting hard to find because so much pop is being labelled hip-hop that you now have to weed through the crap to find the gems.

  • Anonymous

    Straight fire one of 2010's best Ignore the unique voice freeway's a dope lyricist! Check out that Raekwon collab it's classic shit Soul beats are just as good jake one's a beast on the borads!!!

  • bigmike88

    this album is dope , from Intro to outro maybe 1 or 2 songs that are average but the rest is smooth as hell

  • best album of the flippin year

    AMAZING ALBUM!!!! HOW THE EFF can hiphopdx give this only a 3.5????? this site is so stupid......

    • Chicago's Ugliest

      Because Free sounds like he's going to cry every time he tries to rap like a hardass. And when he's not trying to be hard, he staggers on the beat like a drunk on the dancefloor. This album was 2/5 at best... maybe 3/5 for Jake One's beats.

  • Stromya

    beat on free people is beautiful, reminds me of i tried/leaning on you by geto boys. one thing, one foot in and know what i mean are banging tunes.

  • Stromya

    sick album, straightup

  • LAfine

  • Symphony Sounds

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  • amaru

    damn dis shit is dope nearly classic status

  • Steve Rio

    This album deserves a lot more than 3.5 / 5.. This is one of the better albums to come out in years. Consistent, quality, and Free has definitely improved in the last couple years. I was kinda shocked to see it get a 3.5 while the reviewer was saying pretty much all positive comments. weird

  • big braveheart

    Great album! Dope beats and rhymes. Free on top of his game and Jake One's beats compliment him perfectly. I'd give the lp a 4.5 rating definitely. Not a bad track on here and every track is amazing, just listen to Free's flow and the beat on ' Never Gonna Change ' - classic!! Other stand-outs are ' One Foot In', 'Know What I Mean' and 'Sho Nuff' with Bun B is dope as hell! Buy this album and listen to near perfection, great stuff!!

  • Magicman

    Freeway still can't rhyme, Jake one did his thing though

  • MH13

    Sick album!..this will be one of the top five of the year..even the song with Birdman was had that vintage cash money feel to it

  • tdot1987

    ALBUM IS DOPE! This reviewer is way too over-critical on a sick ass album. This is what rap's been missing for me. Grimy ass flow over smoothe beats. There is too much candy coating that ruins the music for me. This album is a definite buy. Rhymesayers is killing the game right now when it comes to quality.

  • CWill

    Holy fuckloads batman... this one right here get 2 thumbs up!

  • ReemzJusChillin28

    Real Smooth Yooo.. Free Always Been One Of My Favorites.. He Spits Like Free N Nobody Else.. Now A days Everyone Sound The Same.. Nobody Spits Like Him.. The intro Beat is Crazy..

  • ish young'n hor

    not better than previous shit

  • Humboldt805LA

    sick album Jake: 5 stars Free: 4 stars, but still real dope

  • Bonix

    Jake One = pure beast on boards....I never really mess with Free but he comes correct on here. Hopefully people peep the user rating.

  • B jezzy

    this shit is madd hot im fuckin up 618 in the moring got dam i need a fuck L TO THIS SHIT

  • Drucifer1983

    I liked it, Freeway always been one of my underdog favorites, His voice and flow is unique as hell, and Jake one did his thing, I musta been sleeping on this dude but the beats on here opened my eyes up a little, I'ma start checkin for his other work.

  • brazy

    comin from a wu fan. thsi album is the shiiiiit. fuck whoever reviewed this joint. solid. one step backwards from cl2 bt nothing else surpases this album.

  • monkeyjono

    Flawless classic!

  • Darkness

    This album is solid. Great Production. I can see me rocking this for quite some time. Best album of '10 so far. I also feel it was unfairly rated by the author of this review.

  • dibs

    ..Album is a solid Effort ..a clear case of an artist taking moving his career foward ..Instead of crying about what another man didnt give hime..Jake one and freeway have mad chemistry ..Pick up the album or buy it on itunes

  • Stanley Roper

    Dope album. Shoulda cut it down to 10-12 tracks. Could've been a classic. Overall though, there's some great stuff to hear. Track with Raekwon is off tha hook. Jake One...keep doing yer thing. Keep makin' that white van music playa. (hope ca$h money doesn't ruin Philly Freezer...we'll see.)

  • yankfan6

    Album is dope complete listen through. Cant give anything really 5/5 nowadays but this sure is close 4.5/5

  • nemesisb3

    rating says it all.. Bout time a great record comes out!!!!~

  • MisterM

    I can not believe you guys gave this cd a 3.5! This is one of the best hiphop cd's to come out the last 4 years en you guys don't even see it. Why?? You must ask yourself!!

  • dx crazy

    I dont know how you give it only a 3.5. Its better than damn near everything that has come out in the last 3 years.

  • S-Ro

    Forgot to Rate!!!! Bam!

  • S-Ro

    This album is Awesome. It's definitely worth at least a 4.... maybe even 4.5... The review coulda been better....This gets a 3.5 and Galactic gets a 4? Come on. Fresh Beats, hot lyrics? Free and Jake come on Point! I'd pay money for this!!!



  • intelligentRebelLion

    Make sure to look for TRUTHLiVE!! His debut album PATIENCE produced entirely by JAKE ONE out this spring- -->>INTELLIGENTREBELLION.ORG

  • Samuel

    Album is pure fire!!! fuck whoever wrote this review

  • moon1483

    Great album, cop it. 10 bills at best buy. Probably a 4.5 but it gets a five for freshness and mc/ producer colab

  • Spank Delux

    This album is almost perfect! The only misstep is that song featuring Baby! Everything else is PERFECT! I LOVE "Never gonna change"!!!!!!!!!! Free's flow is top 5 dead or alive! Most distinct, most creative

  • Drewcifer

    This album is dope from start to finish. Jake One kills every beat and Freeway sounds great over this type of production. IMO, this album deserves a minimum of a 4 for me to even take your review seriously. This reviewer needs to listen again and change the score... 4 or 4.5 would have been far more accurate!

  • JO

    dunno how the fuck the carter 3 doesnt get any shit for nursery references being used but this album does. this is a bangin album fuck what anybody says.

  • don shitto

    Very good album after bumpin this for 2 hours straight in my car it is a solid 4,5!jake one is a beast with those beats and freeway flows just too dope.

  • A4L

    I like this album. After hearing it twice i would give it a 4/5

  • ollie

    the streets is fed up....of an anticipated album by definition being reviewed as a 3 and a half; a.k.a dx shrugs its shoulders and throws an album into the 'should've been more intelligent to review it' pile

  • Birdman go hard

    Birdman go hard..he grind harder than all them new "trap" rappers....them other fucks too busy keyboard banging than writing n recording....Birdman record on his yacht while out at sea....who do that?


    Jake's beats on here are incredible. I really like the chemistry here between producer and the mc. Freeway has some good rhymes. I do not think the Follow My Moves track should have been put on here though. Birdman is just straight trash, why would Jake One and Freeway let that happen. What is RSE thinking letting Birdman on an album like this???? Damn that is a fail, but besides that little mistake the rest of the songs are GREAT Hip-HOP!

    • AdubC

      Freeway is signed to Cash Money too. Probably why Birdshit is on the album. Still, the track is listenable with him on it.

  • I Just Don't Know

    I agree w/ a lot of what people are saying here. This album is a four at least, yet you gave it a 3.5 cuz why? You don't even say why. It's a fantastic album. Step your game up DX

  • harris89

    this album is SUPER fucking dope

  • John Cochran

    Quick question, why can't yall just give an album a 4 or 5? Everything gets a 3.5. Reading the review you'd think it would at least be a 4. This site's articles and reviews have fallen off in the past few months

  • Cash Mo

    Pure dope! Really cool album just got my copy today and that track one foot in just been bumpin allday!

  • Chris W617

    Shit is crazy first Allison Stewart now this. Man this shit aight the 'Post' this shit is a 5

  • liger05

    I would give it 4 stars. its a dope album. Where is the melatonin majik review?

    • Cultures Clothing Co.

      Melatonin Magik is an amazing album that gets no love. Canibus & Co. really put together an amazing album. Outside of the review I did for my magazine, I haven't seen very many reviews of it yet. I'll give this album a listen to. I'm not the biggest Freeway fan, but I'll def check it out to see if its any good. It's been geting good reviews.

  • JonesyBeats

    How can you rate this 3.5? when everything you said in the review was good? this album is one the best releases i've heard in the past 5 years

  • AdubC

    This reviewer (Andres Tardio) is WACK! When Beanie Sigel says, “Yeah, I know, I just wanted to let the beat breathe for a minute.” he was taking a jab at Jay-Z! Jay said the same thing on 'Black Republicans' with Nas. And for that matter, Andres gave this dope album a 3 1/2 out of 5...what?!?! Clean your ears out homie!!!

    • AdubC

      This reviewer (Andres Tardio) is WACK! When Beanie Sigel says, "Yeah, I know, I just wanted to let the beat breathe for a minute." he was taking a jab at Jay-Z! Jay said the same thing on 'Black Republicans' with Nas. It had nothing to do with paying respect or chemistry. And for that matter, Andres gave this dope album a 3 1/2 out of 5...what?!?! Clean your ears out homie!!! 5/5!!!

  • Brizz

    Mad high expectations met, free and jake delivered and dx can suck a phat one for rating this 3,5. You must pay to rate higher i guess couse this is not a fukkin 3,5. BIG props to free&jake for giving us a insane album, best i heard in a long time. Peace.

  • nixnox

    5/5 - FreeWay and Jake One did their thing on this joint...fuck the haters...

  • King0fEveryone

    Yeah to be honest, its really not cool to give this album the same rating as gucci mane...serious, guys... If thiw is not at least a 4, i dont know...

  • Jsteady243

    Been waitin on this for over a year now...i wasnt disapointed. Fuck a 3.5 give it a 5.5.

  • squeez

    dope! great album..real hip-hop

  • dashboard

    this album is crazy the outro is on repeat now

  • Sickamore

    3.5 is unsulting; however, it depends what the criteria is being used by the reviewer. Honestly, this is one of the best albums I've hear in a minute. The combination of Jake and Free is interesting and works very well. Keep in mind, you dont see too many artists stick with one producer for the entire album either....this is rare and the concoction turned out to be a success...raise you glasses y'all and celebrate good music!

  • C.

    Def. like Jake One, Freeway is cool enough but def. not excited to hear a release of his. I would be way more hyped if this was Jake & Sigel project. I like every beat on this album just not every song.

  • The_Young_Guru

    Seriously 3.5 you dudes need to clean our your ears. Are we even listening to the same album. C'mon son get the fk outta here with this lame ass review. This album is a fkn classic...especially considering the trash that's being released now a days.

  • Boom Bye Yeah

    This is his worst album of the three, but still a much better project than any other rap album i heard this year including strong arm steady and statik selektah.

  • heflys

    I keep asking myself, "why the fuck do I bother to keep coming here"? You fuckers give good albums a 3.5 (every damn time) even though you essentially claim the album is damn near flawless, and possesses only a "few missteps." But let it be some bullshit from a popular/mainstream artist filled with cliche club anthems. I guarantee it'll get slapped with a 4 or 5. Hell, you bastards gave Gucci Mane the same score as this shit. Plus, you review fucking R&B albums. This site is a fucking joke.

  • Deebo Detroit

    man they give every album a 3.5

  • Alteez

    Is it just me, or should the score on this album be higher based on the review? I'm pretty sure this album is way better than a 3.5. At least a 4. What emcee doesn't rhyme about sex?

  • H-DUB

    dope album, jake did a great job!