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Green Ghost feels both rushed and more like a mixtape than a full album. Still, P manages to wreck house over Lantern and company

It’s funny how the Hip Hop industry works in cycles. Just a few years ago, fans were paralyzed with the fear that their favorite New York emcee would flip the script and pledge allegiance to the mighty south. Nowadays, while such geographic pandering still drives the industry, more and more of the city’s finest are returning to that New York state of mind.
Perhaps the one rapper in recent history to keep New Yitty’s music alive is D-Block heavyweight Styles P. And on his latest release The Green Ghost Project, he and partner in crime DJ Green Lantern do just that – to an extent, of course. While the album finds the Yonkers brawler hitting hard with his trademark blend of gritty lyricism and insightfully conscious moments, Green Ghost feels both rushed and more like a mixtape than a full album. Still, P manages to wreck house over Lantern and company’s hard-hitting production, turning what could have been merely average material into the Timberland boot stomp that modern Hip Hop so sorely needs.

Styles has always been undercut as the L.O.X.’s most versatile emcee, and while Green Ghost isn’t his strongest work as an emcee, it’s clear indication of the immense talent which he possesses.  Cuts like “Send A Kite” and “Born In These Streets” find the Ghost reflecting on the streets with an unflinching eye, eschewing no detail or emotion. It’s exactly this undiscriminating lyricism that makes Styles such a worthy rapper. On the latter of the two songs, Styles spits with his trademark stunted cadence, “And I tried to play a positive role / But I was broke, so it was logic I stole / When you fuck with real niggas, it’s an honor to roll / Six million ways to die, must the llama I hold?” It’s impossible to pigeonhole Holiday Styles in any set position, and that’s exactly what makes him so exciting an emcee
The album proves far less consistent than the emcee that drives it forward. It’s a decidedly hardbody affair, rife with loud, eardrum shattering tracks about the streets and its numerous vices. To some , it may seem shallow or trite material, but at the end of the day, Styles can mine gold from even the most tapped of lyrical mines. Cuts like “Invasion” with Junior Reid and Jadakiss, “Time Will Tell” with Raekwon and the skulking and venomous “Make Millions From Entertainment” find the Ghost with guns out and ready for war. Other cuts like “Pablo Doe” and “Real Ghostly” follow in similar fashion but to a less successful degree, and even though the M.O.P.-featured “Bang Time” is recycled from the Brownsville duo’s recent Foundation, the song is good enough that it’s no harm, no foul. But it’s not all guns and glory for the Ghost, however. Tracks like “Nothing to Lose” and “Callin’ Me” with Tre Williams find Styles in a more introspective state, reflecting upon the streets that made him.
Despite it’s numerous gems, The Green Ghost is not without its numerous shortcomings. “That’s Me” featuring S.I. and “Double Trouble” with Sheek Louch prove overly redundant in the company of bangers like “Invasion,” while other songs like “Pretty Little Thing” and “Shadows” fail to evoke the same level of excellence like “Send A Kite” and “Born In These Streets.” Overall, Green Ghost’s major flaw is that it lacks cohesion, feeling more like a mixtape’s collection of songs than an actual album.
Green Ghost’s production, handled primarily by Green Lantern, is unrepentantly loud. Green Lantern’s thematic “Nothing To Lose” sets the tone for the album, making ample room for the skulking synths of “Invasion” and the gunshot explosiveness of “Bang Time.” Unfortunately, Lantern stays grounded in loudness, making his production credits on the album enjoyable, but static. It’s producer like The Alchemist (“Make Millions From Entertainment”), Buckwild (“Time Will Tell”) , Poobs (“Born in the Streets”) and Scram Jones (“Callin’ Me”) who change the album’s pace with sonically unique. On the other end of the production spectrum, too many of Styles’ rhymes are outfitted with fairly flaacid and almost unlistenable cuts from Statik Selektah (“Shadows”), Dutchez Beats (“Real Ghostly”) and Vinny Idol (“Legal Money”).
This album is a loud and cheap thrill, with enough bumper-shaking cuts to deserve play in the whip. At the same token, we’ve seen Styles P produced better realized albums (A Gangsta & A Gentleman), and while Green Ghost is far from bad, it pales in comparison to what fans know the Ghost can produce.


  • SP is SICK

    SP top five dead or alive .... this shit is FIRE the def. of rap.

  • Yeh Yeh

    Go fuck urselfs, shadows is the hardest track ever, u fuckin idiots

  • LAfine

  • StuntMan

    These reviews dont mean shit. Classic hiphop right here. styles top 5 dead or alive. "shadows" and "callin me". These fags need that in ya mp3 player for real.

  • StuntMan

    These reviews dont mean shit. Classic hiphop right here. styles top 5 dead or alive. "shadows" and "callin me". These faggots need that in ya mp3 player for real.

  • Rooney420

    yo fuck all these whack ass reviews who ever hiphopdx is callin to make these they never kno shit but you gon give young money a good review but dont give this or the microphone feind a good review fuck these reviews

  • Truking3

    D Block... Two guns up... Shadows is my ish... Real Ghostly... put me in that zone... Born In These Streets is the story of my life... S.P better than your top 5


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  • John Cochran

    My favorite album of the new year so far. Although Jada may be the face of D Block, Styles does better albums. I don't agree completly with the review, Shadows and Pretty Little thing are my favorite joints off the project. The Lox are better at mixtapes than albums, especailly Jada, but when they deliver an album that feels like a mixtape to stay in thier element, they're judged for that too. What do you want, he gave his fans what they wanted.

  • nixnox

    Dope album from beginning to end...

  • hiphoppurist

    "fuck niggaz never bothered me favorite four words; this is a robbery" dope shit...

  • Deebo Detroit

    i liked this album, to be honest i thought shadows and real ghostly were dope but it was a fair review.

  • StuntMan Mic


  • StuntMan Mic


  • StuntMan Mic

    Hardest Ever. Sick Album Copped the shit first day it came out and its still in my cd player in the whip. "Its the Ghost Brotha, Get Treated like a big bag of weed and get motherfuckin smoke brotha"

  • MusicFiend

    Styles P and Green Lantern doing what they do best

  • gr8515


  • moh112

    it's a good album. strong arm steady is better though.

  • ysenoj

    Not that brilliant to me.

  • realtalk82

    ok I liked "Shadows" thats one dopeass record. This album real street hiphop and a good listen,Styles P and Green Lantern can't go wrong here. Review is a little shy though

  • IneptIan

    5 Xs. Lots of good songs, a few ok. If you like Styles you wont be disappointed.

  • ParisCity

    Nice album, the best of 2010 so far (my opinion). Beats are pretty dope on this album and Ghost kills it as usual. I think he's the best to rep NYC nowadays and with the years he's become even better than Jada! Keep spittin that truth P... Ps: It has nothing to do with tha review but congratulations to the Saints 4 their victory in their first Superbowl!

  • kpanilaryea28

    here yall go again not giving full credit. this is a solid four cmon hiphopdx!

  • rkonmd

    This is a very consistent, well put together project. Styles P. is one of the few rappers that can pull off the hardcore shit without sounding like a fake ass studio gangsta. Lyrics, production are both on point. 4.25/5.

  • spense

    here goes that 3 pack of DJ Spen$e freestyles, in order; Chain Swang, Nov. 18th, Satisfy You. All freestyles off the top of the dome as usual.... ..... .....

  • Kokokok

    "just watch the video and you'll know what i mean. " Lol, that track is nothing like the rest of the tape. And this shit is banging, fuck what you heard. Hard beats, hard raps.

  • GhostInTheMachine

    if the reviewer knew anything then it would be that this is not an album styles said its a mixtape/album i bought it and the shit goes hard how he can say shadows is not a great track has me scratching my head when its the best track on the album go read the review on they know a lot more than this idiot go buy this shit you wont be dissapointed D-Block ALL DAY

  • Boom Bye Yeah

    I don't think there's a better, active three-rapper group in hiphop then D-Block. I'd urge people to buy his first three albums before this though. just watch the video and you'll know what i mean.

  • junclassical

    Im interested in hearing this. Figure the beats bang. I been saying Styles is better than Jada since The BadBoy Family Mixtape in 97