Sene & Blu - A Day Late & A Dollar Short

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The album rides all the way through, and many of the long players that have come out recently cannot claim the same distinction. However, sometimes Blu

The modern era of Hip Hop has provided the interesting revolution of bi-coastal music. Sure, ages past have had pairs and groups who have sat together side by side in the studio piecing out each snap of the snare and each bar of the 16, but it required a lot of work to get the sync that local acts acquired through passing on the same block. Within the last few years, the power of growing Internet speeds and the ever-increasing use of software to manipulate sound have brought different acts to try new things.




  • DS

    yo this shit is dope as fuck, 3 star, gtfoh

  • ChiTappin

    Music is not a sport people, we all have opinions & how can anyones be right or wrong? It just depends.. But.. In MY opinion, yea.. Mr. Adam Thomas & many of y'all are either hatin, trippin or both.. Jazz & Hip Hop are my personal favorite genres though I'm constantly appreciating new music of many different genres, especially those undefined.. With that said, this is one of the better hip hop albums I've come across.. Fuck if "Sene sounds like Blu & Blu sounds like Exile".. I hear a stupidly original album from a duo to match MF Doom & Madlibs synergy.. Compared to all the other bull shit music that's floating around this "hip hop" genre on the radio, I'd go as far as to put this in my top 10 hip hop albums of the past decade.. As for Mr. Thomas asking "Do you see yourself listening to this 15 years from now?" If I'm still around in 15 years & come across this album in my iTunes or wherever I keep my music it that point.. I'm going to bump the FUCK out this album! SA

  • Bruce

    As far as marketing, sure, you can talk about production. Whine about what apparent flaws this music has. However, given that it is a progressive hip hop record I don't believe it is fare to give a lame review based on a diagnosis of apparent flaws in the music. How much can a writer know about what went into an album, and sure it is his place for opinion, but give a review, not a critique based on individual taste. What made this person the 'shrink' of music or hip hop? Saying things like the beats over prower the mc. Not only is this a boring and mundane review, but I bet he was already decided when he glanced over the album cover. Today people bitch about music, an art form, but I'll just bitch about people and this garbage about "cutting the conceptual fat," I wonder where he stole that from. Look, fuck this condescending form KRS1 said it best mutherfucker "a dope MC, is a dope mc" and without that you wouldn't even have a job homie.