C-Murder Sentenced To Life In Prison

The official sentencing was given today, with no chance of parole for the onetime No Limit star.

Corey "C-Murder" Miller was officially sentenced to life in prison today after Tuesday's guilty verdict [click to read] for shooting and killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a nightclub in 2002. In addition to the life sentence, Miller will have no option of parole.  

Miller's attorney, Ron Rokosky, requested a retrial on the grounds that the jury may have been pressured to come to a quick verdict, but the motion was rejected by Judge Hans Liljeberg. Bound in chains, Miller entered the court today with his lawyer who motioned to bow out as the rapper's representation, due to the fact that Miller was unable to pay legal fees.

plans to appeal the guilty verdict, although the time frame of such a motion is not clear. 


  • Anonymous

    fuck errone whos talkin down and about C Murder free C Murder

  • Micheal

    Just like my nigga jay-z says bieng in the project hallway all day is stupid to me if your a gangster this is how you prove it to me, What the fuck is wrong with this nigga he did 10 year in prison for attemted murder and now this you kill a boy you stupid asshole now where going to see how gangster you are in prison for life you asshole.

    • Anonymous

      hey shout the hell up cause C murder is the best rapper still in the game and he always talked about real shit listen to the words to his songs stupit free C murder

  • Anonymous

    listen to u idiots he murdered a 16 year old kid an yal supporting that. stupid idiots if that was your kid dead for no reason bet ya wouldn feel the same way. seriously people.

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