Prodigy Takes Shot at Hell Rell, Rick Ross In Letter

Prodigy names his favorite emcees, but takes jabs at Hell Rell and Rick Ross in a new letter from prison.

Prodigy has been doing a lot of writing since he went to prison, but don’t look for the material to wind up on his next album. In another letter written by one half of Mobb Deep, Prodigy tackles the issue of the greatest rapper of all time and names his 40 favorite rappers.

He begins the three page opus by stating that he doesn’t believe there is a such thing as a “best rapper.”

“There are too many great rappers,”Prodigy writes. “There is no greatest rapper ever.”

Prodigy then goes on to take a not so subliminal shot at Hell Rell and Rick Ross.

“You got people who actually think Hell Rell is a good rapper. There’s people who get the chills when they hear Rick Ross, like he’s something special.”

The conclusion of the letter finds Prodigy naming his 40 favorites—in no particular order of course. LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, and Rakim all make the list. In addition, Prodigy also places Three 6 Mafia, TI, and Kanye West on his list as well.

To read the letter in its entirety, click here.



  • bruddas pecknizz

    thafakestninja | Mar 09, 2009 07:06 AMyo listening to this nigga talk about his top 40 rappers is like listenin to delroy lindo talk about his favorite fucking actors...b-list ass niggas man... loool i love dat real talk........ LOL | Mar 09, 2009 12:11 AMLOL @ you idiots criticizing other people's top lists. Here's the shock of your life, someone's personal top list means that in their opinion, this is who they take. So when Eazy E, Lupe, Wu-Tang don't make it, there's no reason for you to act like a bitch. Buncha overopinionated assholes is what you all are ...loool i love dat real talk........ fuck niggaz | Mar 09, 2009 12:38 AMeverybody cut the shit...these top rappers list are a joke. they should jus called favorite rappers list cuz these ppls reasonin for their list is corny and there will neva be the ultimate "greatest rapper of all time" becuz everybody has an opinion on wat aspects constitute a great rapper. so everybody jus shut up and keep ya bullshit list to urselves cuz aside from u, nobody will give 2 shits about ya bullshit lists.....loool i love dat real talk raakim man | Mar 09, 2009 02:01 AMi love how he put 36 mafia on that list but like they are any better than ross come on im not even a fan of ross but 36 mafia is beyond whack and anyone can name 20 rappers better tahn those clowns who all live in teh same damn house broke mother fuckers ...aaahhh shit u hard ma brudda,caus even though its not important who is on his list,or even the list itself,NOBODY SHOULD PUT 3 6 MAFFIA IN ANYKINDA rap list...thank u.....jus reminds everybody 2pac was cussin dis guy like a common clown because he is a COMMON CLOWN....big man ting

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