KRS-One: Black President "Doesn't Matter"

KRS-One recently opened up about the Obama administration, and why having a black president "doesn't matter" in 2009.

While the majority of Hip Hop is singing the praises of President Barack Obama, KRS-One [click to read] is simply not convinced that Obama represents


  • U-N-I B GODZ

    for everyone that was hating on KRS-One: u still think Obama brought change? U still think he's any different than Bush? More people have been deported in Obama's term than in W's two terms, the NDAA is gonna be passed only after it includes u.s. citizens. Private interest still grow, Troy Davis was still murdered by the state without fair trial. Cops tore down public protest demanding fair treatment. Soldiers were moved from Iraq to Afganistan, Guantanemo is still open, the ADX in Colorado is still growing holding political prisoners for life. and so on. KRS-One was right and all yall haters couldnt take knowledge then just like you run away from the sting of truth now.

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