Jay Rock Talks "Follow Me Home," Free Mixtape Download

DX gives Jay Rock five minutes to sell you on the sequel to his, "Coming 2 A Hood Near You" mixtape.

Record industry types are deathly afraid of phrases like "implode" and "collapse." So we'll simply state the facts. After

peaking in 2000, the music industry's sales are doing a swan dive reminiscent of that US Airways plane which ended up in the

Hudson River last week. While most people laugh at the idea of paying $15 for a CD, they will gladly take a free mixtape. At

any given time you can hit various places on the Internet--such as HipHopDX's Mixtape section [click to view]--and get access to

any mixtape you want.

Since HipHopDX is co-sponsoring a free download of Jay Rock's DJ Noodles-assisted mixtape, Coming 2 A Hood Near You (Part 2) [click to listen], it probably sounds transparent for us to list all of the reasons why you should check it out, right? We figured so too. So before the free download is available on February 3, Jay himself is here to tell you why you should use some of your precious bandwith on him as opposed to adding more porn to your hard drive.

HipHopDX: So, let's cut to the chase. You've got the floor. What separates Coming Soon 2 A Hood Near You (Part 2) from the other 300
mixtapes that will get released next week?

Jay Rock: This Coming Soon 2 A Hood Near You is the second a part of a journey to the album Follow Me Home. It


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