As a part of one of Hip-Hop’s most revered acts, Eric B. has proven longevity and legacy are two attributes that suit him well. Now, with Eric B. Music Group, he is hoping to provide these same characteristics to a new generation of rap fans.

“My goal is to build a Twenty First Century MotownMotown was a production line that delivered on the highest quality product over and over,” Eric B. explained to Billboard recently. Continuing on, he stated, “Product with Motown name is still viable ten, fifteen years after its release. Most of the hits made a decade ago are still playing on the radio airwaves today.”

The first album (still untitled) to be released under Eric B. Music Group will heavily feature Avion, a rapper who balances his Miami influences with the street knowledge of his New York roots. Adamantly, Eric B. professed his excitement to unleash Avion to the public.

“I did this album with ‘A’ because I enjoy working with great musicians…Avion is an exception. I truly enjoyed making this project.” The first single, “Hit The Floor,” which also features Jadakiss on the hook, is working its way around radio mix shows and clubs nationwide. A video for “Hit The Floor” is expected to drop in March, with the album releasing soon after. At this time, he has yet to find a distributor for the album, but offers are allegedly plentiful.

Along with the new album, Eric B. and his Special Projects division of Eric B. Music Group are working on a deal to release a feature film, as well as a chain of night club events that are being described as “luxurious, private, mature and intimate.” The first of these shows will debut during the 51st Grammy Awards weekend, with VIP tickets expected to cost around $250.