Flavor Flav Loses Virginity At Six Years Old?

In an interesting interview, Flavor Flav reveals that he was just six years old when he lost his virginity.

In a shockingly candid interview with Complex Magazine this week, Public Enemy hype man/activist turned reality show star Flavor Flav discloses some eyebrow-raising answers to Complex's admittedly "offbeat" line of questions, including tales of childhood pranks of eating boogers and dog feces, as well as losing his virginity at age six:

Complex: So what's the best trick you ever played on someone?

Flavor Flav: The best trick I ever played on someone was putting tacks on my teacher's seat, and when she came to chase me out the class I had a string over the door, I jumped over the string, and she tripped over it and fell in the hallway. She fucked her face on the wall.

Complex: How much trouble you get in for that one?

Flavor Flav: Honestly, I got suspended for three weeks. And my mom beat me when I got home.

Complex: What was the worst trick someone ever played on you?

Flavor Flav: Umm, the worst trick someone ever played on me was when someone put a booger in my hamburger and I ate it.

Complex: How you find out?

Flavor Flav: Nah, I'll tell you the truth okay


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