Dilla's Estate Threatened By Bootlegging

An LA Weekly report reveals Internet piracy is causing serious damage to the legacy, and debt J Dilla left behind.

When Fan-Tas-Tic Vol. 1 was released in 1996, few people familiar with the fickle nature of the music industry could have predicted the impact it would make. Twelve years later, the album serves as a major milestone in the legacy of one of Hip Hop's most heralded producers, J Dilla. After his death in 2006, the man born James Yancey left behind a catalogue which cemented him in the pantheon of great producers. He also left behind what the executor of estate says is a "six-figure IRS debt and few tangible assets." While the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Dilla's death are not unique to the Hip Hop world, the mounting problems trying to fix them are.

"The problem is that Dilla was friendly with a lot of people," Arthur Erk tells LA Weekly. Erk, who serves as the executor of Dilla's estate, says copyright infringement is the number one threat to the estate. "There have been dozens of bootleg situations we


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