Immortal Technique Pens Letter To Afghanistan Orphanage

Immortal Technique joins non-profit human rights organization to build orphanage and clinic in Kabul.

This afternoon, rapper and revolutionary Immortal Technique supplied HipHopDX with his recent letter to followers and interested parties, confirming his plans to build an orphanage and clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan. The letter is posted below:

"I made the people of the world a promise. Not the music world, not the subdivision of Hip Hop, not the 4th Branch, and not the 3rd World underground. I made the world a promise. I told people that on June 24ththe
Green Light would be given. I know that people who believe in
Revolution are naturally cynical. They expect their leaders to be
flawless and almost take pride in finding the subtle or blatantly
obvious hypocrisy in those they idolize. That is why I never wanted to
be worshipped or followed blindly.
I know it is hard to trust anyone and anything in this
life, you feel better when you don't because you feel like you are no
longer as vulnerable. But I am a man of my word and I have never let
other people's insecurities and self-image dictate my course of action.
I gave my word that there would be a serious mission on June 24th.
Some of you just thought that was just the release of an album, which
it is partly. But it is really so much more than that for me and for
the eternal struggle.
The time has come for me to announce the first stage
of "Project Green Light." It is the first stage of one of many projects
but an important one that I will dedicate myself to completing. I am
always contacted by different organizations who reach out to me
personally and ask me to fight along side with them in their struggle.
I have done so with immigrant groups, youth detention centers, with
those organizing against police brutality, gang workshops, funding
children's hospitals in Palestine and of course our fight to try and
preserve the South Central Farm. So once again I am here to answer the
call of my brothers and sisters, whether it comes from across the
street or across the ocean.
I have decided to partner with a Non


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