Lil Wayne Explains Mixtape Diss & Still Calls Out Deejays

After dissing the mixtape scene earlier this week, Lil Wayne appeared on DJ Drama's show to better explain.

After Lil



  • Kid

    Now I know tensions are high, but on the real, calm the fuck down. Let me tell you what's good. I respect Wayne only because I read up on him and he's a smart cat. Plus he has the ability to do real shit, BUT at the same time, all the stuff that you hear on the radio is honestly not anything to be heard. This is from the heart, for real, he knows legit Hip Hop, he just chooses to do what makes gwap. So don't jump on Corywhat2 for saying what he did, cuz he's right in a way, if you REALLY dig below the surface, you WILL be able to find more skilled emcees that devote their souls to the music without recognition. I'm not "hating" like I said, Wayne get's SOME respect on my part, but yall niggas need to get into a true Hip Hop mind state instead of talking shit on the internet...

  • EkThaKing

    Fuck you cory you faggot, ain't nobody better than wayne, and if you disagree you obviously dont know rap or respect any clever shit anybody says on a verse.

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