Days Of The New Singer Reveals Past On Nicole Scherzinger

Travis Meeks was one of the first people to work with The Pussycat Doll, says she's not who she seems today.

As Told To Jonathan Hay

Many know her as the sultry front-woman of The Pussycat Dolls, but Nicole Scherzinger's quiet-as-kept career began on Kentucky band Days of The New's 1999 sophomore album, commonly referred to as "the green album" on Geffen Records. Lead singer and band leader Travis "Maestro" Meeks told HipHopDX, "I was looking for a female vocalist that could execute and
deliver some more world/operatic textures and sounds in approach to
the composition of the [Green] album

As fate would have it, a college-aged Scherzinger would record the vocals and allegedly hit the road with the platinum-selling band responsible for such hits as "Touch, Peel and Stand" and "The Down Town." Meeks continues, "So I hired
her. I hired her to record the [album] and I
wrote [all] the parts for her and she sung backup pretty much on one,
two, three, four, five, six


  • darin8r

    Screw all of you haters. Travis is just being honest. You deserve no apologies if you don't have the capacity to understand that autotune -makes- people famous. Nicole probably was an otherwise talented singer (back then), and now she adapted her image, and compromised her true identity and individuality, as so many famous artists have to do. But to knock on Travis for speaking the truth, and saying it, is just ridiculous. Travis Meeks is far more talented than the vast majority of all those fake persona's and "artists" that have been created by a bunch of suits in a boardroom, not because they had genuine appeal, but because they knew they could make them money. Its one thing that you shitheads are too fucking stupid to realize that. But it's another when you try to insult a genuine, talented artist who has chosen to give you his perspective with respect to another artist. He didn't insult her. He said he thought she didn't know much about music. And he said he had a crush on her, and that she was a really kind person, and he didn't ask her to collaborate, he said he'd like to if she wanted. Travis Meeks is the best. His music is incredible. I love you Travis! Fuck all the sheeple. I love your art!

  • Chris Ward

    Hahaha, lol at all the people bitching about Travis Meeks. Have you actually heard any of his work? He is a fucking GENIUS. The "Green" album that features Nicole is an absolute masterpiece and the way her voice fits with his is part of that. I'd love it if he made another album with her. I think to say that he's trying to sell a record based on one hard to find net article is a bit rich. He could do all sorts of stuff if he wanted to do that, but Travis Meeks is all about the music, not the fame or the celebrity or the money. Just listen to his stuff and you'll understand.

  • vanessa

    who the hell is this guy? it sounds like some lame guy from a unkown band who THINKS he got with Nicole. Like he convinced himself that they were an item. He sounds like a woman on pms.

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