Mark Ronson Signs D.C. Rapper Wale

Having just gone gold with his album, Mark Ronson is putting Washington DC on the rap map with Wale.

Mark Ronson, the acclaimed producer and deejay, has signed another rapper to join Rhymefest at his Allido Records imprint. Washington D.C. area rapper Wale inked with Ronson, who said, "I don't get excited by a lot of new artists. I just heard his shit and I freaked out. He's gonna be the first dude from DC who's gonna be big and do it, that's really exciting." After Rhymefest waited nearly three years to release his Blue Collar debut, Ronson promises faster action with his new signee, "Artists like Wale, we marry up to a major [label]. I expect a single by the end of the year to get out there, and then the album in April."

Ronson's own album, Version, has just reached gold status, having sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. The effort features the former Roc-A-Fella affiliate's own interpretations of songs from bands including Coldplay, The Smiths and



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