E-40 Creates "40 Water" Health Drink

50 Cent is no longer the only rapper with a health drink, as E-40 celebrates 20 years in the game.

On November 15, E-40 will be celebrating his 40th birthday with a birthday party inside Caesar's Forum Shops at The Poetry Nightclub. In preparation for the bash, the Vallejo, California born rapper announced his burgeoning health drink, 40 Water.

Although his rap moniker reportedly comes from an ability in his youth to "empty a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor," according to The Ego Trip Book of Rap Lists, E-40 will collaborate with the New York-based company on 40 Water, the flavor named after one of Earl Stevens' many nicknames. "Rapping brought me into the entertainment game, once I got in my eyes got bigger. As a business man I get the best of both worlds and the privileges of working and reaping the benefits at the best time in my career,


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