Little Brother Finally Intelligent Enough For BET?

After being coined "Too Intelligent" for BET, Phonte finally will get his chance to shine on Black Entertainment Television.

It's been the rumor that wouldn't go away. Critically acclaimed hip hop duo, Little Brother, was coined as "too intelligent" for BET. Many may recall the "Lovin It" video - from Little Brother's sophomore LP titled The Minstrel Show - was rumored to not fit their audience's demographic and was in turned called "too intelligent" to be aired on the network. It's an ugly rumor that the network hasn't been able to shake.

But now 1/2 of the group, Phonte, has been asked to participate in the BET Hip Hop Awards that take place in Atlanta on October 13th (and will air on the network October 17th). Phonte will be featured in the "ciphers" that take place during the award show. Last year, the "ciphers" featured Lupe Fiasco, Remy Ma, Saigon, Sway, Styles P and Rhymefest.

Steven Hill, Executive Vice President of Music & Talent, spoke on the Little Brother issue and Phonte's inclusion in the award show.


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