Lil Jon Makes Crunk Rock

People wondered what happened to Lil Jon after "Snap Yo Fingers" dropped. Now Jon tells the story of his little spat with TVT and his upcoming Crunk Rock album.

Lil Jon fans were pleased when Snap Yo Fingers was released.The song, which followed a recent trend of "snap music" became a mainstream hit. Then came the confusion. Lil Jon didn't follow up that successful track with an album.
Why not?
dropped 'Snap Yo Fingers' because I was going through the drama with
TVT Records, and I wanted to show people that I didn't go anywhere,"
Lil Jon recently told Billboard.
"TVT and I eventually settled our differences. So I was caught between
a rock and a hard place, because it was really the first single for
'Crunk Rock.' So it was either promote the record for a nice look in
the marketplace, or we don't do anything and start from scratch when I
do put my record out."
Now, the producer


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