What should have been a night of celebration turned into a one of total mayhem tonight in Harlem where hundreds of people turned out for the Tenth Annual Mixtape Awards.

Doors were closed while many people still stood outside in the cold, confused as to why they weren’t allowed in; some having stood outside for over two hours. There was a heavy police presence outside The Harlem Apollo as the NYPD tried to control lines that were getting out of control. But inside it was no better as the crowd was very disgruntled at Clinton Sparks winning Best Club DJ award.

The Mixtape Awards of 2006 was the first to be held since Justo Faison’s untimely death last year in a car accident. He founded the awards in order to give DJ’s the recognition he believed they desereved, but after last night’s debacle the man who did so much for the mixtape community is probably turning in his grave.

“Then you wonder why the BET Hip-Hop Awards was in Atlanta,” said Luv Bug Starski to the predominantly New York crowd after the somewhat unruly heckled award winners and failed to give up a moment of silence for the legacy of Justo Faison.

There are mixed reports as to why the event was actually closed down but a scuffle between G-Unit and Dipset may have contributed to the event ending so suddenly.

Check out the pictures to the event here!

HipHopDx.com would like to retract earlier reports implying that trouble that ended the Tenth Annual Mixtape Awards was actually anything to do with Dipset and G Unit. There had been a heated argument at the door between Tony Yayo and Jimmy Henchman, actually of Tzar Entertainment, as the lack of organization had industry execs, DJs and artists standing out in the cold and needless to say on a cold Harlem night people were tried and tested. Inside the auditorium however there had been a fight between Agallah, who is Byrdgang affiliated and a Harlem rapper called Shady Ray. HipHopDX.com would like to apologize for any speculative reporting on this unfortunate event.