Immortal Technique Explains Differences Between Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea

Immortal Technique says he "can't see Iggy Azalea overtaking Nicki Minaj," would choose Nicki in a battle.

According to Harlem, New York rapper Immortal Technique, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj shouldn’t be pitted against one another because they aren’t “competing for the same exact spot.” He also added that both artists are in their own lane with different fanbases.

Technique did reveal that if Iggy and Nicki were to ever battle he would choose Nicki as the victor. After commenting on a hypothetical battle between the two, he then spoke on what he feels is the biggest problem people have with Iggy Azalea.

According to Tech, a great deal of the criticism aimed at Iggy comes from people who say she doesn’t rap like she talks.

“I think that in this scenario I can’t see Iggy Azalea overtaking Nicki Minaj,” Immortal Technique said during an interview with Vlad TV. “I mean, I could see her having success in her own lane. But I don’t even think they should be competing over that. Not that I listen to a lot of their music, but I’ve heard a couple of songs from each and they’re different artists. It’s not like they’re competing for the same exact spot. They have a different fanbase. I think it just—It’s silly to think that a person should be worried about someone else simply coming for their spot unless we’re talking about someone actually confronting them for stealing material…It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a female battle. Maybe that’s what Hip Hop needs…If they battled I would choose Nicki Minaj to be the winner. I’ve heard people criticize her [Iggy Azalea] because they say she don’t rap like she talks. But who raps like they talk? Very few people…I would say that the people who don’t like Iggy Azalea’s biggest criticisms over her are that she talks regular like an Australian person and then almost sounds like a caricature of a black person when she’s rapping.”

Prior to speaking on Nicki Minaj versus Iggy Azalea, Technique offered his thoughts on Nicki’s newly-released “Anaconda” music video. He stated that “sex sells” and shared his belief that there’s a lack of diversity when it concerns what women “do in the mainstream.”

“Obviously, we know sex sells…I can’t say something bad about somebody I really don’t know,” he said. “I would just say that in terms of women that are emcees I think that we suffer from a lack of diversity in what they do in the mainstream. The same way we suffer from a lack of diversity from what we hear from the fellas as well…That’s not something we can just blame the women for. That’s bullshit. Whenever I hear people ‘Oh, well these girls they just rap about fuckin.’ Well, I can say the same thing about people that rap about trapping. You know what I mean? What’s the point? ‘Okay, cool. I know you hustled that, but guess what, my nigga? I’m not really that proud of you because drugs sell themselves.’”

Immortal Technique’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.



  • Anonymous

    Why did they waste this niggas time asking him his DUMB SHIT. ask him about Palestine, or Syria VladTV WTF ??????

  • Uptown

    It's not only that Iggy mocks black people that people hate, she also sucks. Has anyone ever listened to her words? She say's some of the dumbest crap to ever make it. AND It is obvious she doesn't write most of the extreme ebonic statements! Obviously this dude hasn't. How can he speak on someone he really never listened to? Also, No other race cares about black appropriation but blacks. This guy is hispanic right? Hispanic always go to the right on issues. This dude is being politically correct, nothing Immortal about that. Just another dude sparing himself to not offend the white people.

    • Young Guwop

      Tech is Afro-Peruvian.

    • Anonymous

      Been saying this for year. Fuck this black/brown love shit, these sp1cs don't love me and I don't love 'em either. We don't be talking shit about their "issues" so they have no say in black issues

  • d tach

    Nothing but another media tactic using one of the oldest techniques ever known to humans...... divide and conquer The women are pitted against each other instead of displaying unity, their model-esque looks separate them from their consumers as a prototype of "success" and cause jealousy (sex sells), and the American patented black vs white scenario. When will you all see this for what it is is the question because it's a decades old tactic. Let's not forget this is supposed to be the "colorblind" era.

  • rideonemfz09

    Best statement ive read all week: " Im not really that proud of you because drugs sell themselves. Spot on! The key to being successful, like any business, is create a market, or be different. Standing in your building selling crack just means you were the most convenient to that crack head at the time. Nothing to brag about.

  • Brad

    Of all the things you could ask Immortal Technique about, this is it? Wow.

  • DrewDown91

    The Middle Passage might as well be Detox. I'll never understand why dude takes half a decade for each release. Apparently "Martyr" was pretty good so I'm a peep that. Only battle I want to see between Iggy and Nicki is a twerk off. Maybe a blowjob battle. Keep rapping for the kids.

  • recordpusher

    But what does Lord Jamar say?

  • realzee

    a lot of the people loosely throwing around "white" and "black" around these boards are obviously trying to stir up hatred in the rap community and I wouldn't be surprised if many of the more extreme comments on this site were in fact written by one very disturbed individual.

  • anonymous

    Why does hhdx talk this dude up like he's some sort of genius? Every time he's got somethin to say he's right up on the front page even though he's irrelevant musically. I guess being literate and being able to actually complete sentences makes you Einstein in the hip hop culture.

  • JO

    FUck both Nicki and Iggy. Immortal Technique dont talk about these dumbass rappers. Talk about your next project.

  • Anonymous

    vlad cant help himself with these dumbass questions yo... lol

  • Anonymous

    nicky minaj is wack!!! Remy will murder her!!! She's a popstar just like Drake. They aint lyrical genius!!!

  • PAhiphopFAN

    WTF is this shit?!! I don't wanna hear Immortal speak on pop shit! I wanna hear about his next project, or his movement and political opinions. That pic says it all, like, "Why am I doing this?"

  • Lyonel

    "I cant say something bad about somebody I really dont know" Is this his catchphrase or something? Like 50 Cent and "actual/actually"??? But on another note: fuck both Nicki and Iggy

  • IROC

    Wont be long be for Nicki Nasty be on pole at some strip club and doing porno as for Iggy trailor trash she will be hooked on meth and whoring for dollars on the streets in LA soon

  • Anonymous

    Who raps like they talk~ How is he going to say that person A is going to beat person B when nothing is known until it happens. Shit changes on a second by second basis in the real world. Iggy might just have brass tits and take down Roman and Nik nik.

  • Dniz

    The media will always try to create some stupid bullshit to promote these wack artists on a record deal who need this bullshit to sell records. Give me rugged man, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique and any music whatsoever that can prove me worth listening to instead of this "oh listen to this this is popular right now" music. I don't say popular music isn't good music, but lately u see artists get promoted for their appearance or their behavior outside of the music instead of the music itself & then people call them artists...

  • Anonymous

    it always takes a damaged trashy broken goods woman to be popular in rap. if nicki or iggy just approached me on the street with no fame i would be disgusted by them not attracted

  • Anonymous

    One's black. The other's white. Next.

  • richard

    The title says Nick Minaj

  • drake runs rao

    who gives a fuck what this irrelevent unsucessfull no body has to say besides his emo 13 year old white kid fan base

    • Anonymous

      immortal technique jumped the shark after that 3rd world album. his fanbase is a bunch of white rap nerds who call themselves "rap purists" even though they are 18 years old. plus, he's a fucking midget. who raps behind the beat. turrible.

    • Miguel

      Unsuccessful? Are you shitting me? Really, he's multiplatinum and has donated so much money to humanitarian values, seems to me you don't know who Immortal Technique really is. He has to be one of the most successful artists in the fact that he has NEVER had to sensor what he says on a record, nor has he ever sold out, unlike the "artists" you most likely listen to on the regular. Check yourself before you wreck yourself dude.

    • David

      Uuuh, considering where he has come from, he is really successful.

    • kevbot

      hes probably the most successful independent artist out there, not talking about independent labels or crap either. for selling online or word of mouth this guy is everywhere and making 100% profit. go listen to the pop station some more

  • Don

    " Ive heard people criticize her [Iggy Azalea] because they say she dont rap like she talks. But who raps like they talk?" A lot of people. Curren$y, Kendrick, Danny Brown...hell, even Drake.

    • J dirty

      Danny Brown dont rap like he talks...half the time he hits em with that high voice.

    • the nigga thats lowkey the realist guy in town, you already know B!

      Inmortal technique always fakes hi's voice just like that fag RA, smfh they trying to sound black n shit

    • Anonymous

      Nah, Drake is just as bad. Look up his appearance on "Punk'd" or damn near any interview he does and compare it to his rapping voice.

    • Riley

      I got to agree wit you man. Most rappers won't completely change their voice when they on the mic. Iggy tries so hard to be black when she raps that it's embarrassing to listen to

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