Chris Brown Issues Statement Regarding Suge Knight Shooting, Cooperating With Investigation

Through a rep, Chris Brown says he is going to continue to cooperate with the Suge Knight shooting investigation.

Chris Brown has issued a statement through a representative regarding the Sunday (August 24) shooting of Suge Knight at a party hosted by the singer in at the 1OAK nightclub in West Hollywood, California. 

"Chris hosted an event in Los Angeles last night to celebrate the upcoming release of his album X, during which an incident occurred," Brown's rep told Billboard. "This incident did not involve Chris; he was merely the host of the event. He has and will continue to cooperate with the investigation."

Police have been investigating gang rivalry as a possible motive behind the shooting. 

Brown isn't the only one to comment on the incident.

West Hollywood's mayor, John D'Amico, also released a statement regarding the Suge Knight shooting. It can be seen here

For more on Suge Knight, view the clip below.


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  • Anonymous

    Who is he telling on geniuses? I believe he's on probation too. If you throw an event and a shooting or something violent happens and police get involved you're also liable. he has to let them know it has nothing to do with it. he's no there searching for clues.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    ' He pretends to be Gansta until things get real. Than he stops playing and wants to go home .

  • crazy p

    I read these comments and people are calling chris brown a snitch..How can he be a snitch,the only thing he tell the police is he was doing his job,which was hosting a that means he was on stage most likely,when he heard shots,most likely he ran for cover , rather than trying to get a look at the shooter...

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute... this nigga is telling? Lmao and niggas still call him "Bhris Brown" Smh I swear you piru niggas are the fakest

  • Anonymous

    chris brow is mentally il so he will be fine

  • Anonymous

    Chris didn't comment, it was his rep...

    • Anonymous

      speaking on his behalf to tell the whole world this piru gang member is fully co-operating with the investigation

  • Anonymous

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  • Super Nigga

    No, Chris, you're going to get your Fruit Piru card revoked :(

  • teiiy y addy

    Suge straight ate them bullets...5 bullets to the stomach and he still walked out on his own plus one more bullet...yeah he goin be looking for chris for sum answers when he get out of stable condition.

  • San Diego Negro

    So he's tellin? What happened to all that set throwing he was doing? I guess niggas are hard until shit gets real. Then they wanna be a junior detective and shit.

    • CAL Boss

      Gonna have to agree with mah nigga SanDiego. Nigga knows how it works on the street level.

    • SanDiegoNegroDos

      Throw up your set and expect to get banged on Accusations? WTF? The kid employs and hangs with known gang members that are documented in the Cal/Gang Node system. That's reason enough to be violated. Combine that with throwing up gang signs how could you NOT get a violation for that? On that street ish you can't disrespect someone elses set and expect to just be left alone, don't work like that out here. Now dude wants to cover his ass by co-operating with the investigation. That's snitching by definition, regardless. I highly doubt his card is getting revoked as he is paying for that security with that hood. They don't want to lose that dough they are getting that helps put food on the table. As far as the judicial system? Dude has gamed and embarrassed it with great lawyers and i'm sure it will continue in his favor. So to you don't be an incredulous idiot. Idiot.

    • Don't Be a Dummy

      he making sure he does nothing that gives the law a reason to lock his ass up relax with the allegations bro

  • Anonymous

    chris brown iz mad bipolar

  • HAHA

    He done fucked up false flagging with real bloods, a blood cooperating with the investigation and implicate niggas on 3 strikes lol Rihanna is laughing at this nigga

  • Anonymous

    bloods arent supposed to co-operate with police.

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