Immortal Technique On Police Brutality: "You Gotta Meet The Man In Order To End This"

Immortal Technique says those in New York City are "incredibly pacified people."

Harlem, New York rapper Immortal Technique addressed police brutality and the death of Eric Garner during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. He began his conversation by addressing what he feels is a lack of respect for human life among police officers.

Tech went on to reveal that he doesn’t hate all cops, but did state that something needs to be done in regards to the aggressive manner of some police officers. An aggression he says sometimes stems from their egos being hurt.

“It’s just very sad that you see that there are people who have no respect for human life,” Immortal Technique said. “Maybe because they’ve been desensitized to it over the years of this. And I’m not—It’s sad because I probably sound like I hate all cops in this interview, but I really don’t. I can’t hate people I don’t know or that I’ve never met. But I definitely do understand more than other people how to traverse the roads of discussion with them. Because they obviously, in my experience, get very aggressive very quickly. They’ll arrest you just because you hurt their ego. You could break the law and they’ll let you walk away, but if you hurt their ego they’ll arrest you or they’ll hurt you or they’ll fuck with you. And that’s something that needs to be dealt with. There needs to be some kind of protocol to check somebody’s pride.”

Similar to Cam’ron, who recently shared his belief that New York City is “soft” when it concerns police brutality, Tech referred to those in his city as “incredibly pacified people.” He attributed that particular trait to the number of distractions present in the city.

Prior to speaking on the residents of New York City’s reaction to police brutality, the rapper revealed that the last thing the city wants is for the Eric Garner incident to go to court.

“If I followed the city’s playbook I’d know that they’re gonna send a highball number to the family,” he said. “They don’t want to go to court. They don’t want to see court. The last time they had a real incident like that was Diallo. They don’t want the city to force them to find a cop guilty or not guilty. Both are a bad look for them. With the cops found not guilty they’ll be severe protests in the streets because of Ferguson. Because of any other incident that’ll show up from now until then here in New York. New Yorkers are definitely fed up, but they’re also an incredibly pacified people. You gotta understand how many distractions there are in the city. For us to be ultimately focused on that and stay focused on that. Think about how many people just died in Gaza. And now this. And that’s completely at the back of the news cycle.”

Lastly, Immortal Technique stated that the police are merely “the first line of defense” and are “foot soldiers” for someone much higher up.

“We don’t realize that those gatekeepers of government are who the police worship now,” Tech said. “Those are the people we really have a problem with. The police are just the first line of defense. They’re foot soldiers in the war. You know? But if you keep fighting the soldiers you gotta bomb the chief. You gotta meet the man in order to end this. You can’t just keep arguing with the pawns. You gon’ have to checkmate the king at some point…You have to find out who controls those strings that give the police their budget.”



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  • Anonymous

    wheres the middle passage?

  • 1

    Eye for an eye. Most people will only understand what they're doing if done to them theirselves. People will understand when they feel it. What's wrong with what he's doing? What is he doing wrong? Shedding light? Sharing insight? All y'all keep sleeping. You think life is all about yourself cause it's your life. Keep smoking, drinking, partying, selling and/or using drugs. If your parents thought the same way you wouldn't be here or just because of that reason you are here (as the result of an accident). Try to contribute or atleast educate yourself. WTF are you gonna teach your kids? It's your responsibility. It's your job not only the teacher's. You should be their teacher (too). They're your kids, right? You will only get so far in the dark. The light is hard to swallow for these dwellers. Ignorance is 'bliss'.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, people always have something to complain about (not talking about IT's topic, talking about the commentators here). If y'all won the lotto, y'all would complain about the taxes that come with it.

    • Anonymous

      most of these commenters are kids, still need their parents permission to leave the house or kids in the mind, they are programmed to be consumers and don't question the man in charge we call them USEFUL EATERS

  • DesmondRodriguez

    WHAT? I seen technique lead people, and follow demonstrations with black, brown and every color on the West Coast I saw he was working in a prison out there. Mostly mexicans and blacks. But it made me think how racist are YOU !?!?!?!? If this country needs change don't white people need to change too, all white people aren't rich and oppressive lots are working class who live in the hood like us, dude You're probably not even black and you are here talking about white fans in 2014? LMAO Are you old bruh like 38? You gotta be old man. Or too young to know shit. no one gives a fuck about that in 2014. he sold out house of blues 1000 people. mostly brown people there, but does that matter man? How sad is that? Tech said this government is only testing this on us is what hes saying. they next. he's waking people up. Ya'll over here MAD AT THIS NIKKA for acting to wake people up??? suck my dick nh call girl...callbooss... whatever I don't think he's jesus but he sure as hell knows more about politics and life than you imo

  • Anonymous

    This nigga real as fuck!!

  • anonymous

    He actually has done a lot of public service. besides volunteering and protesting here in the states for a number of causes he has built an orphanage in Afghanistan. what have any of you done to help out? quit hating for the sake of hating.

  • West_Coast_G

    all you ladies commenting on this sound retarded.

  • Anonymous

    Immortal Technique talks like Malcolm X when his entire audience is made up of White College kids walking around in flip flops, eating granola and acting like their changing the world because they tweets some whiny shit about the government and blast Immortal Technique records at full volume until their parents knock on the door and tell them to turn that bullshit down.

  • CAL Boss

    This nigga was always overrated. He reminds me of that high and drunk ass uncle who thinks he's a fuckin genius about politics and socioeconomics. Fuck this fake fuck nigga.

  • Anonymous

    For real... this nigga takes himself WAY too seriously. Acting like he's a freedom fighter out there in the Gaza Strip, homie you ain't about that life, just stay in your fucking lane

    • Anonymous

      Yeah heaven forbid someone talks with some sense about things we should be paying attention too, he's right they should stop making this such a police matter, most cops aren't dicks and don't just shoot people. If your an asshole your an asshole, white black whatever. They need change at the top before you can ever expect things to change on the bottom

    • Mike

      He's actually making a lot of senseIt was police brutality done on the victim (choking him to death), and by you saying that he takes himself to seriously on that matter shows me how dumb & blind you really are. He's an activist and great conscious rapper you should listen more to the content of his songs instead of being a dumb house pet!

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