Gillie Da Kid Taunts Soulja Boy, Signs $1 Million Contract To Fight Him

Exclusive: "I was gonna beat the breaks off you for free, but now I'm getting a check," Gillie Da Kid says. "This the easiest money I ever got in my life."

After exchanging insults via social media, Gillie Da Kid and Soulja Boy have been offered $1 million to fight in a boxing match. Gillie Da Kid has accepted the offer. 

“I’m ready,” Gillie Da Kid says during an interview with Who?Mag TV that is premiering on HipHopDX. "I’m gonna beat the breaks off this nigga. I would’a be the breaks off you for free, nigga. I was gonna beat the breaks off you for free, but now I’m getting a check. This the easiest money I ever got in my life.”

The rift between the two rappers stems from when Gillie made an Instagram post mocking Soulja's recent transgressions regarding jewelry he owns that may be fake. "N I Got 1 N I'm Lookin 4 U Niggaz!!!! #HideNseek #Ctfuuu #ImaCatchUniggaz #souljaboyassniggaz," was the caption of the post that originally caught the Chicago native's attention. He then retaliated with a tweet saying he'd "slap the shit" out of Gillie. 

On August 11, Soulja Boy sent a series of Tweets threatening Gillie Da Kid. The tweets have since been removed, but a screenshot of some of the tweets is below.

In the Who?Mag TV video in which he accepts the $1 million purse to fight Soulja Boy, which would net the winner $750,000 and the loser $250,000, Gilie Da Kid says he doesn’t care if Floyd Mayweather, Sr. trained Soulja Boy.

“I don’t give a fuck who you get to train you, boy,” Gillie Da Kid says. "That ain’t gonna help you. Do you realize that training don’t mean nothing when there’s another grown man standing in front of you throwing bombs? Hurry up and sign this contract, boy, so I can beat the brakes off your pussy-ass."



  • Anonymous

    The interesting thing is the winner gets to fight Drake in a flower garden.

  • fry

    Also, I would like say "Fuck you" to all of you in the world for making souljer boi famous

  • fry

    What the fuck is a tunechi? Are you saying it like "Turn-key" Are you saying "Toon - eh - chee"? Why are people still talking about little wayne? The fad is looong gone

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    This will be the only time ever in my life that I will actually root for Soulja Boy. They're both fuckin' clowns, obviously. But at least Soulja Boy is young and stupid, which warrants SOME of his stupidity. Gillie is 35-40 years old, and supposed to be some respected 'street nigga', yet he's lowering himself to this buffoonery. Go write a rhyme nigga, you ain't even got an album under your belt and you actin' like some big shot. All this over some fuckin' jewelry. I hope these niggas both embarrass themselves so they can disappear forever.

  • CAL Boss

    Both these niggas are bitches, but I'd still watch that shit anyway. At the end of the third round, empty guns are thrown into the ring, then bullets last. Niggas will have to grab shit and load it before shooting the fuck outta each other! That's the shit!

  • chuckB

    They should battle then box that would be dope...

  • Anonymous

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  • yourdad

    Hahaha, I can't either one of these morons but souljah boy fucked him up with those posts. Seriously though, wtf is gillie the kid

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  • Anonymous

    wow a 40 yr old vs a 20 sumthin yr old... lose lose situation for gillie no matter the outcome...

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    they both are irrelevant to real hip hop world

  • Anonymous

    gillie the squid 44 years old lookin like a crackhead with aids he need to stfu. when u talk that much shit but only weigh 135 lbs u can get ur ass smoked easy. i dont fuck with soulja but i bet u got jus as many goons as gilly. this shit is just stupid gillie u a clown boy

    • Anonymous

      He's just commenting on the article......relax pigeon

    • Anonymous

      He just stated an opinion on how he felt about the article haha you sound dumb af acting like he just wrote a research paper on it

    • SMFH

      Gillie is a loser, Soulja Boy is a loser...and most importantly YOU are a loser for obsessing over this shit like a teenage girl over the Kardashians

  • Mart

    Gillie got this on som streetshit. Fight!

  • Anonymous

    That last screen shot is from which is NO WHERE near accrate or correct it has a lot of info wrong or left out

  • Anonymous

    Gillie Da Kid is highly overrate, French Montana would destroy in a battle.

  • greg kelly

    I think we all know soulja boy is going to decline....hes excuse will be he aint worried bout no million because hes worth over 20 lol

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