Tony Yayo Says G-Unit Stays Beating Up Rappers

In a new video blog, Tony Yayo states that G-Unit will "beat the shit out your favorite rapper."

In a ThisIs50 vlog published last week, G-Unit member Tony Yayo had a few choices words for “your favorite rapper.” While at a New York City Popeyes with Young Buck, Kidd Kidd, and his lawyer, Yayo informed those watching that G-Unit continues to beat up and take jewelry from rappers.

“You know, G-Unit we stay beating niggas up, rappers up,” Yayo said. “So, I mean, you gotta keep your lawyer with you, man. Shout out to Young Buck…You know The Unit [will] beat the shit out your favorite rapper. Take your jewelry, whatever. We still got money. But we keep it positive…Like I said, shout out to 50, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Kidd Kidd. G-Unit World, nigga.”

Yayo’s comments come weeks after former G-Unit affiliate Slowbucks was beat up and robbed of his chain during G-Unit’s reunion performance at Summer Jam. The incident even resulted in Slow launching his own investigation into the matter.

During a press conference held in June, Slowbucks’ lawyer addressed the altercation and what the rapper felt was an attack on his brand.

“He was jumped by a bunch of guys that had one thing in mind, to try to hurt his brand,” his lawyer said. “They know he is the founder of Slowbucks, the #1 urban brand on the rise today. They want to hurt that brand and they are trying to hurt that brand. We are going to put an end to that. We’re here, I’m a trademark attorney, I’m a copyright attorney and I fight unfair competition.”

Additionally, Tony Yayo recently denied claims that he ran during a physical altercation between Fredro Starr and 50 Cent. In a tweet sent on August 1, the G-Unit lyricist stated that he was locked up when the alleged encounter between 50 and Fredro took place.

The ThisIs50 vlog featuring Tony Yayo can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    "Did John Gotti handle his business?" Are you seriously comparing a real life crime figure to a mumbling rapper? Gotti was being watched 24/7 by the Feds. It wasn't like he could beat someone to death then go eat at Chili's. 50 is just an entertainer who hasn't been in the spotlight for the past 5 years. He should be handling his own beef instead of baiting people into meeting him places where his uneducated homies are waiting.

  • Anonymous

    "well as anyone else know 50 cent could beat up gunplay, ja rule, slowbucks, fredo starr, and the majority of these industry niggas up on his own dude " Ja Rule whooped his ass, and had his homie stab him. No revenge was ever attempted. You sure your hero is capable?

  • Big Gucci The Ruler

    Big Gucci also stay beating up niggas with bear bottles. Big gucci kills niggas too so he is superior to these fake thugs. Once u kill u are elevated to the upper echelon of real niggas.

  • Dick Butt

    Now that yayo has a crew to hide behind, hes gonna start running his mouth again. Typical clown

  • Anonymous

    Why people always calling each other rats but NEVER produce the paperwork in which clearly shows that you had a hand in some one getting locked up. I mean to me on of the biggest stories that has no paperwork is Young Jeezy....The whole BMF crew even females got time behind bars and Jeezy did not serve a day from that case in which they had more paperwork on Jeezy then anyone IF 50 or any one from G unit is a "RAT" where is the paper work from the case other then you just hating. I mean Jimmy Henchmen exposed Al Sharpton, and a lot of people...SO WHERE IS THAT paperwork

    • pops

      irv gotti exposed them 50stan u not watch beef, o wat u gonna say its fake, al mad coz lil ja rule beat 50's big steriod ass!!50 hasnt even responed to what ja said in his book, god damn but the truth hurts..say anything bout 50 snitch or gay unit 50STAN ON HERE GOES MAD LOL smh

    • Anonymous

      Jimmy Rosemond himself got exposed for being a federal informant in the 90s getting numerous brothers locked up to save his own ass. Ironic how he was the brains behind Stop Snitching, Stop Lying...

  • Anonymous

    i fucks wit yayo . pause..

  • Anonymous

    More 40 yr olds acting like children, way to progress and grow as a human being yo

  • marshall

    yeah yayo you rat we believe you just like wen that midget ja rule beat 50 up all you boys ran away scared of the inc

  • Anonymous

    niggas wild cause the police got they back...fuck outta here...

  • Anonymous

    if niggas so real how the sherriffs n shit watching niggas cribs n u can't even be on the block

  • Anonymous

    go to #FERGUSON and beat some racists Yayo you fucking moron

  • gunit we in here

    as crazy as he sounds its actually true. g unit the only real rappers in the industry that stay on they bully shit. 50 cent is the last real living street gangsta for real man, after him there's no one that did it like him. a true street hustler turned boss turned multi millionare. i fux with gunit fuck these other bum ass studio gangstas i love when 50 and gunit beat people up makes my day lol

  • barry

    My favourite rappers are King Sun & Freddie Foxxx!

  • Anonymous

    can't grow out of his ignorance.

  • Gbeg

    I wish I could somehow let him know Raekwon is my favourite.. and see if he still would keep his word. Watch the Unit flee for the Wu.

    • Anonymous

      no one is afraid of raekwons old overweight ass except joe buddens

    • POPE

      50 approached ghost years ago about something he said and ghost said nah it wasn't him. 50 said i guess it was tony starks then. wu is a dope cfrew dont get me wrong but theyre a bunch of dust smokers.

  • IROC

    Tony Yayo is the worst rapper in the crew , and he look like a crack , Crack head moment

  • Anonymous

    "we stay beating niggas up" "we keep it positive" stupid ass...


    Mayo is right. Who gonna challenge em thats out right now? All these new niggas weak as hell

  • Anonymous

    50's nameless goons handle the attacks, not Banks, Buck Bitch, or Tony Cheerleader.

    • T

      Lol this dude scholar stay takin L's

    • @2nd Anon (aka scholar)

      I never said they wouldnt beat up those clowns u jus mentioned, queer. I said dont make a comparison between some entertainers and a real mafia Boss...........faggot. Now get 50 dick out ya throat boy.

    • scholar

      ^^^ 2nd anon was only saying when u a boss u don't go and handle shit on ur own. u know as well as anyone else know 50 cent could beat up gunplay, ja rule, slowbucks, fredo starr, and the majority of these industry niggas up on his own dude is a fkn beast who gives no fucks. now take rick ross titties out ya mouth fkn pussy

    • @2nd Anon

      Are u really trying to make some kind of comparison between John Gotti and a Gay-Unit member??? ROFL what a faggot.

    • Anonymous

      Did John Gotti handle his business? Or did he let his Capos and street soldiers put in the work and take the risk?

  • Anonymous

    Tony Yayo challenged Angie Martinez the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge do you think she will acknowledge his existence?

  • Anonymous

    Another example of rappers snitching on themselves!

  • Bikeclef

    Gunplay is no one's favorite rapper doe

  • G-Unity

    Shout outs to Ja Rule, Gunplay chain, Slowbucks rat ass, ol snitchin Jimmy Henchman and ofcourse Fredro Starr. R.I.P Lodi Mack and Michael Brown.

  • Anonymous

    It's funny to see yayo acting all arrogant when he was crying cause 50 didn't want to be his friend 2 months ago. Cant wait to see his reaction after 50 stops talking to him again when the gunit album flops. lol

  • Anonymous

    Yup some random backround extra does the work then take the credit...sure

  • Anonymous

    I just watched Yayo, Buck and Banks all do that dumb ass ice bucket challenge. Young Buck called out Lil Boosie to do it.

  • Anonymous

    I want Popeyes now. Fuck Wingstop, Officer Ricky out here chargin brothers $6.69 for 6 wings, no fries or drink!

  • Dumb Ass

    LMFAO!! ---> "You know The Unit [will] beat the shit out your favorite rapper. Take your jewelry, whatever. We still got money. But we keep it positive"

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